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Sadda Haq 20th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhir sees sanyu dancing in the rain. Sanyu comes close, radhir holds her and they dance on ‘kuch kuch hota hai’. Sanyu says you always say i dont make you my priority, i don’t do anything passionately for you. I have done something for you today. He asks what? sanyu turns back and says see yourself. Her caresses her arm and slides her hair. Randhir sees the tattoo on her back. Sanyu turns to him and says I am yours and you are mine. They hug each other.

Scene 2
Next morning, sanyu and randhri are asleep on the mattress in the storeroom. Sanyu looks at randhir sleeping and caresses his face. She gets up and tries to pull her sarri beneath him. Radhir pulls her and says where are you going? She says its morning. Randhir comes over her and says no one will

come here. He is about to kiss her and says now I have to train you. Sanyu says get up and help me cleaning this.
Watchman comes in, sanyu and randhir are done with cleaning. he asks what are you two doing here? sanyu says we are finding machine parts. sanyu says now go to your room. He holds her hand.

Randhir comes to room and hugs the pillow. Parth says its pillow, randhir says i know. Parth says but I am glad you two acted maturely and sorted your issues out. Sanyu needs you. She has a lot of pressures. And her mom. She can’t handle all this alone, she really needs you. You know her better than everyone else.

Sanyu hears a news about a new related to renuka. she comes exciting to randhir. He gets mad.

Sanyu is sitting, tania comes and says you have to express to be happy. never listen to anyone. Why you don’t get bugged. Don’t give so much importance to guys. Don’t give randhir too much attention. sanyu stands up and says I have some important work. Tania says this love story.. she can’t hear anything against him. Sanyu comes to room and sees randhir hitting punching bag, she says i am sorry. I was excited to hear about your mom. When its about a mother i get overwhelmed. I wont ever talk about it again. you can do whatever you want. Randhir hugs her. Sanyu caresses his face. Parth comes in and coughs. Sanyu says i have a board meeting i will see in the evening.

sanyu comes to meeting. A member says its a tough decision. Another says we have to make list of incomplete projects. Agarwal says yes we have to shut the wind energy plant. Ankit says yes we have to scrap it. Sanyu says what exactly it is? They explain her it was a wind energy plant but it couldn’t work. Sanyu says are you sure we should give up on it? Agarwal says we have wasted 10 crore and 15 years on that project. sanyu says we should try to save it. Agarwal says we can’t waste more money on it. And the news of its failure should remain in the room. Agrwal says so with majority votes we are scraping it. sanyu says using my veto power i will keep this decision on hold.

Precap-sanyu comes to office secretly. she shows something to a man. Randhir tells sanyu a news that her companies all data is lost.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. good episode 🙂

  2. Nice epi…sandhir scene was awesome but i missed vidarth scene 🙂 i think ankit is behind the news about the lost date of sanyu’s company…i guess he wants to frame sanuy with it…

    1. Hmmm I too think lyk that may b ankit wants to frame sanyu with it…. Hope rd vil help her out….

  3. Gud episode 🙂

  4. awwww amazing episode love you sandhir

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