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Sadda Haq 20th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Raghu says ask him what he was doing. Raghu shows the engine and says he was maniplulating the configuration of engine. randhir grasps his shoulder and says i was repairing it. Agarwal says no fights on the floor. sanyu says don’t be mad at raghu papa. randhir says what you mean? sanyu says i was so stupid to trust you. you can do anything for your ego. You should never be trusted. You can never change, randhir says he is lying. There was some problem in engine. sanyu says i tested it yesterday. you can hurt anyone to kick sanyu out of factory. to break my dreams. Vikram says randhir get out. randhir leaves. workers comes and tells agarwal delegates are coming. sanyu says to raghu we have to repair this engine before they start checking.

Vidushi recalls how parth was worried

for arpita. She says he was not even jealous when i danced with sahil. He can’t ignore me like this. She goes out of her room, someone with hoddie clambers in parth’s room, he is about to shoot parth. Vidushi is jumps in. She sees the man and faints with fear. Parth comes and hits the man, he runs. Parth says vidushi get up. He picks her up.

delegates arrive, agarwal takes them to cabin. Delegate says we are unsure about the news we heard about your factory, we need to see the floor asap. The delegates meet sanyu and say there is she, you genius daughter. Delegate says these women on the floor? sanyu says we had to achieve the target so we hired them. he says so they work here? sanyu says they work here at night, they are wives of workers. Delegate says you daughter is a mastermind she always impresses us. Agarwal says Mr. Vikram will demonstrate the engine for you. Delegate says i think one of these workers should demonstrate it. sanyu comes forward. She explains it well.

Parth says they are attacking me again and again i have to be careful. vIdushi gets up and hugs parth she says thank God you are fine. But who is your enemy? Parth says all the people who are playing this drug racket in college. I am so close to catch them. I will figure out who is in it. Vidushi says why are you risking your life. you should not get into it. parth says i am not like you, i wont stay quite. but you have to stay quite don’t tell anyone. He leaves.

Parth comes to CCTV room and takes a disk from there. He couldn’t find anything He says this means he is manipulating CCTV footage every night.

Delegate says very nice sanyyu. I thought your company was doomed after those news, but you and your daughter have handled it very well. When will we see first batch of our cars, sanyu says it will be ready in one week. Agarwal says lets go to my cabin.

Randhir says i was so mad to feel sympathy for sanyu. i changed myself for her, and she insulted me in front of everyone, i will be your enemy like you want me to. Parth locks all the cctv cameras and places a camera under a bench, that faces cctv room.

sanyu goes to agarwal and says they are the workers who have saved the factory. We can’t fire them, to continue production. if you think you don’t want to see them on floor, you can make them work on weekends. Agarwal says okay, do what you want. He says vikram take care of it all. Sujata says don’t worry sir we wont disappoint you. sanyu says thank you papa. Agarwal says what should i do to her.

sanyu comes back to college. Randhir sees her. He grasps her and says what were you saying? sanyu says leave me. he says you said i shouldn’t be trusted. sanyu says yes i was a fool to trust you so many trust. Randhir says you can never appreciate me. sanyu says what should i appreciate you for? randhir says i was about to ruin your meeting with investors but when i heard agarwal being unfair with you, i said no to my plan. sanyu says so your repaired the machine your ruined? you are telling me your cheap plans? that you stopped for some reasons? i have no place for you in my life. you have lost it all.

Agarwal tells someone on call the meeting was so good, we will get first batch of cars ready in one week. Anju says the people who questioned the factory will come to invest in out factory. anju says you were in hospital, factory was saved but why are you still tensed? He stands up and leaves.

Randhir recalls what sanyu said. Agarwal calls randhir. agarwal says you couldn’t do anything but i still give you a last chance. randhir says she saved your factory still you wanna kick her out. agarwal says tell me will you do it or not? Randhir says i wil do it one last final time. Agarwal says i hope you will do it this time. randhir says i am sorry sanyu i will keep creating problems for you.

Arpota comes to sanyu and says can i disturb you? She tells her everything. sanyu says my studies are disturbed due to internship. arpita says what are you dreams after engineering? sanyu says to make my dad proud. arpita says what about dream team? sanyu says its on second priority i will win the trophy. arpita says what if you have to make a team with randhir? SAnyu says i and randhi can’t be in any team together.

VIdushi is looking for parth. PArth is watching the video, he sees rana coming out of the room. parth says i knew i. Vidushi comes in the hall. she says where are you going? to fight with them? you know how dangerous they are. i care about your life, parth says i don’t care about anything. she says please stay calm. focus on internship. parth says i am not selfish like you i will solve this matter.

Scene 2
Next morning, randhir stops his bike in front of sanyu. sanyu says you wont come to my factory. He says you are not the owner i will go there until i am done with my internship. agarwal says to worker rnadhir will work here. vikram says what will we say to workers? Agarwal says tells the, its management’s decision. vkram says i don’t get this.

Vikram sayys to all the interns you will do this final task. you have to give suggestions for this car, whoever comes with the best will win this. Sanyu says in heart this is just a task for me, i have promised kunal that he will win this. randhir says in heart all the best for your last task sanyu.

Sanyu goes to agarwal and says sir you know what randhir has done, he harmed tha factory. Agarwal says we need more helping hands. sanyu says you should not trust him . everyone knows his reality. Agarwal says he is an intern he can cause us legal complications. Agarwal says i want your idea to be implemented for our next project. sanyu says thank you for considering me. agarwal says go and think how to impress investors.

Kunal says to raghu i have ot beat sanyu at any cost. I tried hard many times. Raghu says you planned that accident for her? when she touched those wire? Raghu says how can you do this. kunal says that was just a mistake i wont do it again.

yoyo asks aister how are you? She says i feel better now. she says you made this food yourself? He says i made it in my brain and then canteen cook made it for you. rana sees them. Yoyo says i am coming in a moment. Rana says you want to make me your enemy? yoyo says no. Rana says keep an eye on parth. he almost caught nikhil. yoyo says its no easy to sell in college. now. rana says don’t tell me what to do. Cheif says to rana you know our operation is in danger till parth is here. you know he is after you. rana says no, he wont know anything. He can’t do anything. Cheif says why don’t you kill him.

All the interns are working on their plans. randhir says whom are you looking for? SAnyu says why are you smoking in factory? i know what plans you have, but i wont let you be successful. Randhir says what plan? sanyu says i will ruin your plan. he says you will never know what i am doing.

Precap-rana gives a gun to yoyo and says you have to kill parth. Agarwl says to randhir do you plan on doing something or not? Randhir says this time it wont go in vain.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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