Sadda Haq 20th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 20th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Raghu says ask him what he was doing. Raghu shows the engine and says he was maniplulating the configuration of engine. randhir grasps his shoulder and says i was repairing it. Agarwal says no fights on the floor. sanyu says don’t be mad at raghu papa. randhir says what you mean? sanyu says i was so stupid to trust you. you can do anything for your ego. You should never be trusted. You can never change, randhir says he is lying. There was some problem in engine. sanyu says i tested it yesterday. you can hurt anyone to kick sanyu out of factory. to break my dreams. Vikram says randhir get out. randhir leaves. workers comes and tells agarwal delegates are coming. sanyu says to raghu we have to repair this engine before they start checking.

Vidushi recalls how parth was worried

for arpita. She says he was not even jealous when i danced with sahil. He can’t ignore me like this. She goes out of her room, someone with hoddie clambers in parth’s room, he is about to shoot parth. Vidushi is jumps in. She sees the man and faints with fear. Parth comes and hits the man, he runs. Parth says vidushi get up. He picks her up.

delegates arrive, agarwal takes them to cabin. Delegate says we are unsure about the news we heard about your factory, we need to see the floor asap. The delegates meet sanyu and say there is she, you genius daughter. Delegate says these women on the floor? sanyu says we had to achieve the target so we hired them. he says so they work here? sanyu says they work here at night, they are wives of workers. Delegate says you daughter is a mastermind she always impresses us. Agarwal says Mr. Vikram will demonstrate the engine for you. Delegate says i think one of these workers should demonstrate it. sanyu comes forward. She explains it well.

Parth says they are attacking me again and again i have to be careful. vIdushi gets up and hugs parth she says thank God you are fine. But who is your enemy? Parth says all the people who are playing this drug racket in college. I am so close to catch them. I will figure out who is in it. Vidushi says why are you risking your life. you should not get into it. parth says i am not like you, i wont stay quite. but you have to stay quite don’t tell anyone. He leaves.

Parth comes to CCTV room and takes a disk from there. He couldn’t find anything He says this means he is manipulating CCTV footage every night.

Delegate says very nice sanyyu. I thought your company was doomed after those news, but you and your daughter have handled it very well. When will we see first batch of our cars, sanyu says it will be ready in one week. Agarwal says lets go to my cabin.

Randhir says i was so mad to feel sympathy for sanyu. i changed myself for her, and she insulted me in front of everyone, i will be your enemy like you want me to. Parth locks all the cctv cameras and places a camera under a bench, that faces cctv room.

sanyu goes to agarwal and says they are the workers who have saved the factory. We can’t fire them, to continue production. if you think you don’t want to see them on floor, you can make them work on weekends. Agarwal says okay, do what you want. He says vikram take care of it all. Sujata says don’t worry sir we wont disappoint you. sanyu says thank you papa. Agarwal says what should i do to her.

sanyu comes back to college. Randhir sees her. He grasps her and says what were you saying? sanyu says leave me. he says you said i shouldn’t be trusted. sanyu says yes i was a fool to trust you so many trust. Randhir says you can never appreciate me. sanyu says what should i appreciate you for? randhir says i was about to ruin your meeting with investors but when i heard agarwal being unfair with you, i said no to my plan. sanyu says so your repaired the machine your ruined? you are telling me your cheap plans? that you stopped for some reasons? i have no place for you in my life. you have lost it all.

Agarwal tells someone on call the meeting was so good, we will get first batch of cars ready in one week. Anju says the people who questioned the factory will come to invest in out factory. anju says you were in hospital, factory was saved but why are you still tensed? He stands up and leaves.

Randhir recalls what sanyu said. Agarwal calls randhir. agarwal says you couldn’t do anything but i still give you a last chance. randhir says she saved your factory still you wanna kick her out. agarwal says tell me will you do it or not? Randhir says i wil do it one last final time. Agarwal says i hope you will do it this time. randhir says i am sorry sanyu i will keep creating problems for you.

Arpota comes to sanyu and says can i disturb you? She tells her everything. sanyu says my studies are disturbed due to internship. arpita says what are you dreams after engineering? sanyu says to make my dad proud. arpita says what about dream team? sanyu says its on second priority i will win the trophy. arpita says what if you have to make a team with randhir? SAnyu says i and randhi can’t be in any team together.

VIdushi is looking for parth. PArth is watching the video, he sees rana coming out of the room. parth says i knew i. Vidushi comes in the hall. she says where are you going? to fight with them? you know how dangerous they are. i care about your life, parth says i don’t care about anything. she says please stay calm. focus on internship. parth says i am not selfish like you i will solve this matter.

Scene 2
Next morning, randhir stops his bike in front of sanyu. sanyu says you wont come to my factory. He says you are not the owner i will go there until i am done with my internship. agarwal says to worker rnadhir will work here. vikram says what will we say to workers? Agarwal says tells the, its management’s decision. vkram says i don’t get this.

Vikram sayys to all the interns you will do this final task. you have to give suggestions for this car, whoever comes with the best will win this. Sanyu says in heart this is just a task for me, i have promised kunal that he will win this. randhir says in heart all the best for your last task sanyu.

Sanyu goes to agarwal and says sir you know what randhir has done, he harmed tha factory. Agarwal says we need more helping hands. sanyu says you should not trust him . everyone knows his reality. Agarwal says he is an intern he can cause us legal complications. Agarwal says i want your idea to be implemented for our next project. sanyu says thank you for considering me. agarwal says go and think how to impress investors.

Kunal says to raghu i have ot beat sanyu at any cost. I tried hard many times. Raghu says you planned that accident for her? when she touched those wire? Raghu says how can you do this. kunal says that was just a mistake i wont do it again.

yoyo asks aister how are you? She says i feel better now. she says you made this food yourself? He says i made it in my brain and then canteen cook made it for you. rana sees them. Yoyo says i am coming in a moment. Rana says you want to make me your enemy? yoyo says no. Rana says keep an eye on parth. he almost caught nikhil. yoyo says its no easy to sell in college. now. rana says don’t tell me what to do. Cheif says to rana you know our operation is in danger till parth is here. you know he is after you. rana says no, he wont know anything. He can’t do anything. Cheif says why don’t you kill him.

All the interns are working on their plans. randhir says whom are you looking for? SAnyu says why are you smoking in factory? i know what plans you have, but i wont let you be successful. Randhir says what plan? sanyu says i will ruin your plan. he says you will never know what i am doing.

Precap-rana gives a gun to yoyo and says you have to kill parth. Agarwl says to randhir do you plan on doing something or not? Randhir says this time it wont go in vain.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Saddahaq sucks

    Award function continues…………………………………………………….
    As far now we saw Chinky winnin Best TU comedy piece award
    and shazana winning Best TU cock figther award.
    Lets continue wit d TU awards.

  2. Aisha

    Hi all …. Any oldie goldie here ???? Noopur di , afra di , shraddha di , gc di, samairaa di , mr. India n any1 ???? I just wanna ask u something noopur di n gc di , r u guys angry /upset with me ??? Cuz u both never talk with me …. I feel alone ya … If u both r then sorry n if not then also sorry …okay bye …. Will come later …. N in case u both don’t know i luv u both … Bye

  3. [email protected] changer

    @Aisha ..mai tumse upst/angry q hogi dear….
    m nt angry wid u..

  4. Haan aishu
    Main toh abhi kuch dinn se online nhi hu
    Ws busy
    N still am…
    But certainly not angry!
    Aur gc di bhi nhi
    Woh hongi toh mujhse. Tujhse kyun??
    Hiiii gc di
    Aap kyese ho??

  5. [email protected] changer

    m fine……..
    and aisha luv u na keh….coz jo log ye kehte hai na they r the one who hurts us more..:-(

  6. Love the show but nowadays randhir aur sanyu Ki illogical fight. Irritates us please jaldi se patch up ho jaye ‘ye kya kar rahe tusssi ladai jhagda maaf karo. Gandhi ji ko yaad karo”………..

  7. afra

    Hi buddies!!!!
    ab ye aur bhi confusing hota jaara ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™
    every single shot par rd ke behaviour ko change kyun karre???

  8. afra

    Aisha yaar ek badi prblm hai
    jab tum aati ho tab hum nahi rehte aur jab hum aate hai tab tum nai rehti ๐Ÿ™

  9. afra

    ab aur nahi!!!
    hum chup hai iska matlab ye nahi ki tum kuch bhi keh sakte!!!!
    i thought not to reply but cant stop

  10. Max

    And tat b*t*h aisha tld she wil kick queen. bloddy b*t*h aisha he dare u. i coulnt say anythin cauz queen was der tat tym.

  11. Max

    Hey afra b*t*h disliking shazu comment. dis is d diff bw u nd queen. u tld bad abt hr nd she is askin sry. u b*t*h

  12. afra

    kuch to sikho Max
    iske liye tum utna hyper horahe ho she is askn sry on behalf of u
    mai to isse gussa hi nahi hun, bas bata rahi thi ki not to use abusive words
    thats all
    n Queen keep it up yaar. Aur tumhe ye sab kehneki koi zarurat nahi hai
    hey Shazu wait, kya maine tumhe kuch kaha??? according to wat dey r sayn

  13. Max

    ur right shazu afra didnt say it 2 u bt 2 queen. na tat b*t*h aisha tld she wil beat u hard .na say d truth dear.

  14. Shazana(cute princess)

    Agar queen ki insult ho raha to uske peeche tum ho max. Tu ye baat kabi nahi samaj sakta. itz waste speakin 2u. bye

  15. Oldies ko abusive words use krni padti hain jab aap jyese log aate hain. Warna koi oldie yesi ghirauni harkat nhi karega
    Aur max, aapko jo bolna hain, jo jhagada karna hain plz stick to ur topic. Aishu ko bichme mat ghasito.
    Aur behtar yehi hoga k aap v chale jao, coz aapki queen TU chod chuko hain

  16. Max

    S roop. evrybdy knw im bad. bt dnt act as gud lyk hr. advice karne liye bi todi aukaat chahiye na. Ab deko sirf commnt dislyk kar rahi h!! baat karne ke liye kuch bi nahi na.

  17. Max

    S roop dis is wt i hate? nd dis oldies wil insult newbies. so tat only i gave sum dose. special dose is given 4 noopur cauz she is havin cancer na?? LOL

  18. Roop

    Anyway @nopor you have great self confidence because you still there. Hats off to you. Keep it up.
    Byeee ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Max

    Self confidence is der 4 peopl who r singl personality bt she is doubl standard roop. She is shameless tats al. Bye roop

  20. Max

    Noopur im rich nd kind heartd persn. Agar tumari illaj ke liye paise chahiye to de sakta hu aur kabi kabi aise dose de sakta hu. which u want paisa r dose. u decide dear??

  21. [email protected] changer

    guyz stop it now..aap log phir se shuru hogye…..
    @max its my request..plz stop abusing yar…

  22. Hi gc di
    Max, roop and all others,
    I dont really c d urgency 2 give u any explanation right now
    That day whoever was there i gave rhem an explanation fr my disguatinf actions
    And i told everything to gc di
    And she has 4given me
    Even if she is not feeling like talking to me, which i can understand
    And u may happily continue with your tirade, i dont mind

  23. Max n group ko chodke jo interested hain, plz channel the discussion here-
    ~~~~~~~SPOILERS-may or may not b true~~~~~~~~~~(meera di style)
    Mon:Sanyunkta and the other interns are told to give their design inputs and create a presentation as part of their final project.

    Tue:Yoyo’s girlfriend is kidnapped and Rana tells him to kill Parth.

    Wed:Sanyunkta creates an intelligent seat belt mechanism that monitors the speed of the car and relates it to the heartbeat of passenger.

    Thurs:Sanyunkta confronts Vardhan about her admission being revoked.

    Friday: Vidhushi forces Sanyunkta to go for a party to celebrate her last day in college. Parth and Yoyo plan to gather evidence against Rana.
    Weird….especially friday. LAST DAY?????

  24. Aisha

    Hi all ! M back from school …noopur di what do u mean by last day ??? Is sanyu gonna die ??? Or serial will end ??? Hi gc di n afra di …

  25. Max

    S b*t*h aisha im der. supprtin 4 oldies. Wt noopur is havin cancer na? jaa ilaaj karo!! aur tumri illaj main karvaunga.

  26. Max

    Aisha wre ru dear?? cum nw fight. Wt u wre sayin 2 queen on tat day dnt say abt afra di nd u wil beat queen. Tu nagi saali queen ko maregi. On tat only i shld hve strippd u. u b*t*h

  27. Aisha

    I didn’t wanted to give an explanation to such a cheap person but now i guess its necessary …so let me clear all ur doubt dear max … First thing – what do u mean by fighting like come on fight with me ??? R u mental ??? I guess u r .. 2nd thing – why u r soo worrying for noopur di like i’ll give u money for ur cancer treatment ?? Bro u r a psychopath so first go n get a therapy first … N if u don’t have money don’t cry just go in ur society n collect fund for ur treatment cuz i m not gonna waste my money on such a loser n psycho man … Third – don’t u even know what was the exact conversation between me n shazana that day … Shazana said bad about afra di so i just said her that i’ll slap u hard n then shazana said that i ‘ll kick u n all … From where did ur queen or princess or whatever came in between ??? I never said i’ll kick u to ur queen .. Infact SHAZANA said that to me that …AND one thing u tell me when shazana said bad about afra di i scolded her .. N u r blaming me ! But u r doing the same … When i said bad about shazana didn’t u abused me ? So why r u saying me that i only favour OLDIES ??? U r also favouring ur friends only then why not me … N what oldies oldies r u saying ??? The bond we have here is not like urs like one day shazu came , another day u came n u both became supports of each other …. One day queen came , another day u came n u started loving her … N like u i love u i can die for u n all … So die na we give a damn about u go to hell u DUMB -EST person on the earth … Fool

  28. Max

    hey b*t*h noopur only tld she has cancer nd she is goin die aftr sum days. Is she nt mental u fool. Hey bloddy jst writing big speech doenst mean tat ur good. actin rani of d tu. gt lost.

  29. Max

    Wt type of bond ur speakin?? hiding each others mistake is ur bond u b*t*h. so jst shut up. b*t*h. queen doesnt supprt me at al. she points evry bodys mistak nd accpts hr mistake 2. nt lyk u hyocrites donkeyz

  30. Max

    U r supportin afra, bt afra tld sry 2day only. den meanz u wre supprtin wrng persn k. hidin ur mistakes b*t*h

  31. Hey aishu
    Dear just stay away fr now na…
    Even m going
    Yahan in psycos se door rehna hi best hain
    C u in d evening may b?
    Abt 9pm….???
    And darlo plz dont abuse any1
    Toh apme aur unme kya fark?
    They r not worth ur time

  32. Leo

    Hey max don’t tell me what I should do about sanyukta especially not from u n ESPECIALLY iin dis topic hahaha

  33. Leo

    Saying that you are rich won’t make you one n afra n shazana u say u will hit /kick each other just wanted to know how ? Using comments lol

  34. Hey aishu
    If u r reading this
    Lagata hain yeh log ka poore weekend ki plans hain
    Lets just stay away
    And max and co,
    Lemme just tell u one thing, if u r thinking k main tumlog ki cmmnts padhke depress ho jaungi n yaha se chali jaungi, u r highly mistaken
    TU pr mere sabse acche dost mile hain mujhe
    Yahaan se mujhe hatana itna asaan nhi hain
    So u r just wasting ur own time
    But i guess u have nothing better to do
    So u may continue

  35. Leo

    Max saying ur rich isn’t gonna make u one it only gives u satisfaction dat a bunch of nuts on some site will beleive watever u say coz dey don’t have any reason not to enjoy ur stupidity pal
    u just amuse me a lot like a monkey in a ccircus trying to get attention of dat queen

  36. Leo

    Bye angel i know u will read my wishes some day โ™ฅโ™ฅโ™ฅ
    For other if u stop dis gud n if u don’t be even better keeping amusing me monkeys

  37. Aisha

    Ya noopur di i know u will not leave TU … But lets just ignore max n try not to interact with him as much as possible …okay mom is not gonna leave me if i’ll stay here anymore … Bye bye i’ll come later …

  38. Max

    Hey doggies nd b*t*hes just shut ur assholes nd go!!!! Y shld i leave dis site. Hey leo if sanyukta wold hve nt acctd ur love evn ur situation wil b lyk mine. Jst cauz she accptd ur luv ur nt diffrnt k. Kya maine kuch guna kiya kya? so jst ur gutt nd go

  39. Max

    Hey leo evn ur saying luv angel stuffs nd al if i say y u pigs r shouting at me! say 4 tat useless fellow. wen sanyukta ws hre i nvr saw Her BF hre. nw who d hell is he? orderin me gt lost!! u knw i wil nt listn 2 ass lyk u den y ru saying??

  40. Max

    NOOPUR as expectd frm u. cauz ur shamelss k. i dnt hav any issue wit u. u came 4 aishu nd pointd ur mistake. i remembrd ur beautiful memories. i dnt want 2 scld a cancer patient k. jaa dawai khake so jao ya phir yaha aakar oldies goldies baukte yaha rah jao!!

  41. Max

    Al r scoldin me in sch a way tat im doing sumtin wch no one has did it before. Cum on guyz daksh nd roshincool wre hre, nd i think luci nd naina wre also hre.
    Nw leo nd sanyukta r also der. D only diff in my mattr is queen is nt accptin me tats al.uske liye tum log muje bi insult kar rahe ho aur queen ko bi insult kar rahe ho!! Funny hypocrites

  42. Max

    @ROOP u wre right bro!! noopur has ovr confidence. Itna hone bawajud bi yaha aa rahi h. kya kare bro? uski aukaat to bhool gayi na LOL

  43. Max

    Bro itz going beyond limits. typical barbarians kind of [email protected]

  44. C max,
    No one is a hypocrite here.
    Pehle jo v jodis the, especially bhai n sanu di, was mutual. And thats why v supported it
    U cant force any1 to like u na?
    And your queen was distressed bcoz of u
    And thats exactly why v all took her side n hated u
    Coz there r sum ppl who come here, who really have a harmful intention
    U dont. And i know that.
    But the way u speak n abuse, it looks d opposite.
    I know u will pass commentz on me now n tell me to get out and may b also call me a fake saint n all,
    But i wanted to make sure i did all dat ws possible frm my side to make this site a better place
    Plz forgive

  45. Max

    Cum on noopur wen u cn dis site as hospital. i cn do anytin k.
    Bobby u knw sum days bck in dis site dis stupid ws saying she is havin cancer nd wil die aftr sum days LOL dont ask me she ws a comedy item hre da

  46. Max

    Put tat wrdz ijn quotation bro lyk dis ” sympathy seeking” vah vah wt a wrd

  47. AN

    good aur farak padna bhi nahi chahi ye mujhe bas koi bhi fight mein nahi padni hai ! aur jaha tak mein noopur ko jaanti hu wo achi bhi hai bas tumhari tarah nahi hai !!!

  48. Daniel

    Hey will u jerks stop ths shit. y do u discuss ur persnl lives here?? Go n read d clauses. N y do u thrash sm1 who hs sm ailment?? Its u who is hypocrite. makes u look lyk a cheapster dnt know which part of the world u hv cm from. Oh w8 i knw, From HELL. SO JST GO 2 HELL

  49. Max

    wow AN i think u 4gt r u dnt knw may b, Onc Noopur ws lyin tat she has cancer nd she goin die stuffs nd al. i knw it long bck bt i nvr tld cauz i hav no relation wit hr. Bt she strted sayin tat im bad cheap nd al. so i tld. IM no wre intrstd in hr.

  50. Max

    Cum on guyz wen luci nd naina ws expressin their luv nobdy came. Nd im speakin wit a boy in a freindly mannr al against me. DIS is wt calld hypicrism.

  51. Max

    Barking dogs buddy. bt i dnt undrstnd wt persnal we discussd hre? abt noopur i ws sayin whch evry bdy knw it. wt else i tld?

  52. Max

    absolutely i ws lyk tat only buddy. Meanz a flirting kind of??? bt queen broke evrythin in me. my charctr,attitude . breakin dis al ws accptabl. Bt finally she broke my heart whch is wt more painful da

  53. Shazana(cute princess)

    Max pls stop dis. its cauz of u queen is being insultd hre queen is feelin tat al r statrd hatin hr in dis site. dat day also lovya came. she is feelin tat evn oldies strted hatin hr jst cauz of u. its high time max. stp it. pls

  54. Max

    hey shazu plz cool down. dnt wrry abt hypocrites. C al insultin queen cauz she doesnt say anytin 2 them. actually dey wantd 2 insult me. bt dey cant. so dey r goin behind hr. Nd u knw queen is bit familiar 2 al. so al r jealous of hr tatz it, ntin k

  55. Shazana(cute princess)

    wow d mirror image of max is hre. no wondr u both becam frnds in coupl of sec.
    disgustin bobby.

  56. Max

    leo could u plz tel me wen did i speak abt sanyukta.?? C mr 4 al boyz der GF is special. i dnt evn knw hr prorly. y wil i speak abt hr??

  57. Max

    Arey bhai main kabi aisa soch bi nahi sakta? cauz my queen is also incomparable 4 me. so if i tld sumtin lyk tat im sry. ab kush?? ab chodo yeh sab

  58. Bobby

    hey shazu wre ru my baby? daro mat main kuch bi nahi karunga. main tumari taang keech raha tha bas aur kuch nahi ๐Ÿ˜‰

  59. Shazana(cute princess)

    Main kisi se darti nahi hu bobby. im jst ignoring u. if i fight wit u oldies wil cum say dnt make dis site as jung nd all. i dnt care abt wt u say mr.

  60. Max

    Arey mere marzi h?? main kuch bi karunga. Tuje kya farak padta h? u tld abt sanyu nd u. i tld sry if i tld sumthin wrong. nw ur crossin ur limits k. jst sht up

  61. Bobby

    hey bro did u c wt shazu tld? oldies wil cum nd order? Wt d f**k da
    shazu if u want 2 fight wit me u cn fight. its ur decisin dear. who r dey 2 say??
    Isnt it an hilarous joke bro ๐Ÿ˜€ hey max i think oldies r d owners of dis site lol

  62. Max

    Indeed buddy dey behave lyk tat. wt 2 do na? Unko samjana ke liye humare paas tym nahi h aur samajne ke liye unke paas dhimaag bi nahi h LOL ab tu hi bolo hum kya kare bobby.

  63. See agar main chahu toh main bhi tumlog se jhagada karke tumlogon ko apni aukaat dikha sakti hoo
    Arrey mujhe kya tumlog apni aukat bataoge pehle khudko aine me dekho.
    Lekin mai aisa karungi nhi coz i wont go back on wht i said
    And i luv this site
    So plz stop all this
    (as if u wr gonna listen anywayz)

  64. Bobby

    jackass irony bro ๐Ÿ˜€ hey shazu i feel u think a lot in ur lyf! itna mat socho lyf main. aisa kiya to sochti reh jayegi aur zindagi ji nahi paogi :(. liv ur life baby.

  65. Max

    Noopur jst shut ur mouth gt lost. tu beech main kyu aakar sabka mood karab karti ho. Dis is wt bobby i tld na u wil weird things hre. We both r speakin y dey r cumin nd barkin nw

  66. Saddahaq sucks

    Its vry good c dis SH site lyk dis!! none of d other w/u r havin fight lyks dis. I hate Sadda haq nd im happy 2 c fight hre. CUM On guys more fights plsssss

  67. Yeh lo
    Fights yaha pr kam thi na
    Bas iski hi kami reh gayi thi
    Chalo bhai, hamare pyare sh hater ji
    Jud jao jung mein
    Waise bhi iss page ko toh jung k naam qurban kar hi diya hain
    Tum bhi nikaal lo bhadaas
    Chalo come on
    Sh ke khilaf jitni bhadaas hain sab nikal k pheko
    Fir mat boliyo
    K i hate sh
    Main bhi anaab shanaab bake ja rhi hu na?
    I know
    Chalo chodo
    Ok bye
    C u guyz late*gives flying kiss 2 all ‘OLDIE GOLDIES’ (There max! U cant stop me sayin that)

  68. Max

    hey buddy wtsz up da? u wnt missin yestday???
    nd leav abt leo da he is defendin his GF nd prtctin hr. ders ntin wrong da.
    he tld his opinion nd folow it r nt is my decision tatz it

  69. Bobby

    noopur dnt u knw manners baby? lyking a serial r nt lyking it is der choice.
    Did u knw wt is written in the Title of SH! It is “My life My choice” . Tats wt applies hre toooo ๐Ÿ˜€ Max wt a hypocrisy bro? cant witstand it da ๐Ÿ™

  70. Max

    Nice reply dude to tat noopur. bt right advice 2 wrng person da. its al gone gutter.
    Barkin oldies f**kies! no other useful wrk bobby.

  71. afra

    agar kisiko gali dena nahi aata hai to ye site par aajao n its free of cost
    aapko sikhaane me koi kami nahi karenge yahaan ke kuch log ๐Ÿ˜‰

  72. afra

    Aishu am sorry real waala sorry, mujhe to ye bhi nahi pata hai ki mujhko lekar tumhe shazu se fight karna padha hai ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™
    there was totally misunderstanding:
    1st I mistook Queen as Heart-beat(jiske username par heart hai) n i thought its her.
    am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy dear ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ *sobbing* *crying*

  73. Shazana(cute princess)

    max tum bahut galat kar rahe ho. sabke dil ko chot pahunchke tumhe kya kushi milta h!! pls max stp it. IM sry afra, aishu. i cant do anything

  74. afra

    u guys r boys right?????
    so go n watch Cricket World Cup.
    yahaan ladkiyon ki tarah bangles pehenkar jhagda kyun karre?????
    n dont forget to give updates of d matches ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜›

  75. Shazana(cute princess)

    bobby whoevr d hel ur? im least bothrd. ye beech main baat karna band karo.
    Tu max ki recordr ho kya? uske baat ko har baar repeat karte ho? khuke thoughts ya opinions nahi h kya? tu max ko supprt karke tu bi cheap ho rahe ho!!

  76. Max

    If u have doubt tat im a boy afra, u cum 4 a date wit me. I wil prov it dear.
    nd is der any rules tat al boys shld watch match? so just shut ur…… nd go.@afra

  77. Shazana(cute princess)

    Its waste afra. dis was ntin dear. he has tld very worst words 2 queen nd we complained TU. bt no action dey took.

  78. afra

    waise ek baat kehna hai
    do u guys dont have mother or sisters
    agar unke saath koi aisa behave kare to tum kya karoge
    oh i will say that too
    bobby will say ” keep it up bro am enjoying it, da” aur apni battisi dikhayega
    aur Max kahega ” well done bro, keep going”

  79. afra

    am sure u guys wont change if dis happening wid ur sisters too
    its sooo sad ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™
    n i have a wish ki meri enemy ko bhi aise bhai na mile

  80. Max

    @afra Aisi dramebaaz dialogue tumhari mu se artificial lagta h afra. yeh bina matlab ki banawati shabdo se mere ego hurt karne ki koshish karna itz al waste. so grow up k

  81. Bobby

    bro its becumin too senti nd irritatin da. miss afra. if i do sum mistak i wil pay 4 it. Y my family wil gt involv in dis? ๐Ÿ˜‰ so weird

  82. afra

    u guys just think about urself, soo selfish
    tum yahi sonchte ho na ”chahe jo bhi i just want entertainment”!!!!!!!
    so get entertained

  83. Bobby

    S tats it miss. yahan humare baat ho raha h. hum humare family kyu involv karna? wahi to main bolna chata hu. dnt go out of d topic ๐Ÿ™‚

  84. afra

    oh it means u r following d rule of Sadda Haq
    n it also means u watched all d episodes of SH
    so lemme remind u what just happend to Rajveer, he was also like u people
    lekin tumhara haalat isse buri hogi

  85. Bobby

    mam dnt imagine things. i dnt watch dis soap opera ๐Ÿ™ y ru guys r so judgemental.
    nd mind u dnt compare any invidual 2 other.
    1st ans my ques in our fight y ru draggin family.
    nd i nvr saw max scldin ur family. ur sayin hm bad wt ur guyz. if max scld u scld hm back. Nd mom sis dialoges r irritatin ๐Ÿ™

  86. Max

    say in 1 wrd buddy. dey r sentimental nd dey shld learn 2 b practical. i hope it wil enter der brain. finally teach them man 2 man fight wit out dragin others. LOL.

  87. afra

    oh i got it
    sry for that
    but he is crossing all limits n want u guys to see ur comments from other angle. thats all i wanna say
    n it is gud if u dont cheer for him

  88. Bobby

    Its simpl mam. kuch logo ke liye ghandagi baat main hoti h aur kuch logo ke liye dil main hoti h. tatz it afra. u feel max nd me r bad. bt we cant help also we wont change it. cauz its mattr of our self identity ๐Ÿ˜€

  89. afra

    mai yahaan yahi batne ke liye aayi thi ki dont use abusive words
    pata nahi ye fight me kaise badalgyi……
    sry if u guys got hurt these were not my intentions
    am not that selfish ki my apne self esteem ke liye kisise muafi nahi mangungi
    so sorry guy, but d words of Max had hurted all of us
    n ur cheering for him too

  90. Bobby

    mam dnt potray ur self as innocent nd helpless ๐Ÿ˜€ its literally funny 2 c.
    if he scld evn u scld hm. its again ur lyf ur choice tats it ๐Ÿ™‚

  91. Bobby

    yeh hypocrisy dekhar muje saas lena ka bi mushkil ho raha h aur yeh afra thak chuki h ๐Ÿ™ wt an irony da

  92. Max

    bobby u rockd bro. ur sayin sum peopl hav dirt in speech nd sum peopl hve dirt in heart. dis is bittr truth da nd dey wil nvr undrstnd

  93. )ยฎ(

    @bobby,max u guys are saying some people have dirt in speech and some in hrt bt it seems..both of u not only have drt in speech bt in hrt too..yucks!!!wat a cheap guys u r….
    u know wat guys by abusing othrs wat u guys r proving u both are loosers…u have lost ur existence….hurting others have becum ur profession…
    stop it men..go get a life..

  94. Bobby

    who ru dude? ๐Ÿ˜€ nd wtz d issue. Im already living my lyf happily. so u dnt need to say me 2 gt a lyf da ๐Ÿ˜‰

  95. Bobby

    s tats a big secret u reveald mam ๐Ÿ˜€ girls lyk u vry cute nah ๐Ÿ˜‰ i mean 2 say already ur is visibl in d site so y ru repeatin it? bt say hw do u knw max nd issues bw u both.

  96. Me

    Dis drama is never gonna stop n Bobby riya chinky max sab ek hi hai pata nahi kya show pe drama kam pad gaya jo isko yha bhi krna hai

  97. Me

    I already said wat i wanted to mr max ka duplicate or should I say original max hinding under someone else skin ? Rest is upto TU members to use der brains

  98. Bobby

    wt? ha ha ha ha ๐Ÿ˜€ who would hve thought dis da ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ max u wre right!
    hre der r many things whch no 1 would hve thought off ha ha.

  99. Me

    Chill baby dis message was for d tu members not ppl like u ,u can ignore it n if they have brain they would just get it simple ๐Ÿ˜‰

  100. Me

    Well not genuinely i might say n if u r getting so literal i would like to zmmend my statement to “those who are here except d names i mentioned ”
    n u r a baby i wont say my or i may
    like shazana is ur dear
    queen mis max so called wife
    u r my dear ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ :);)

  101. Bobby

    wait wait wt u want 2 say im ur GF ha ha. hw funny ru? gosh hw did u say sch thin? maaf karna bhai main us type ke nahi hu ๐Ÿ˜€

  102. Max

    aur yeh riya jab jab tu aati h tab iske jaisa pagal sath ki aajati ho. arey riya wtz ur prblem?? plz gt lost

  103. Me

    Kis type ka?
    Max tere jaise log jab tak hai tab tak yaha shanti nahi hogi tujhe koi problem hai toh ignore kar

  104. Max

    dont evn try lovya. jst dont speak 2 me. im nt intrstd. im sayin it genuinely. if u hve sum respct jst dnt speak 2 me. bye only 4u.

  105. Max

    nice advice bobby. if i would hve been old max. i wil do dis itself. bt nw i m changd a bit da. actually u dnt knw abt queen. so ur sayin dis. onc meet u wil cum knw she is really queen of hearts.

  106. Me

    Hey max n baby ๐Ÿ˜‰ ek free advice du
    what you sow that shall u reap
    to sudhar joa ๐Ÿ˜‰
    lena hai to lo varna jane do (advice )

  107. Me

    To jane de max k mene vo bhi likha hai
    n baby u call me mr i will call u baby
    n nt only with him a lot of ppl including u

  108. Me

    Sasti hai isiliye to dena hai tujhe m not fool k tujhpe paise waste karu
    saste logo ko sasti chize hi deni chahiye

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.