Sadda Haq 20th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 20th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The team is busy in working. Sanyu looks at randhir again and again. Kaustuki says what are you doing sanyu youi will cut your hand. Everyone stops. Parth says sanyu you okay ? Sanyu nods. Kaustuki says where is your mind. Randhir says girls can’t focus on anything. Sanyu says that’s why girls are doing half of the work. Randhir says yeah we have to dop the rest. We would have completed it long ago if girls were not in this team. YYou just slow down everything. SAnyu says whats wrong with you ? What are you trying to conceal.
Randhir says I don’t need to beat about the bush. sAnyu says so tell me what is it ? Randhir says you can do your work. sahil says stop it guys we are a team. Sanyu says he doesn’t know the meaning of team. Kaustuki says leave him sanyu

go back to work. SAnyu says in heart why is he behaving like past ? To hell with him I won’t even look at him.

Scene 2
Vardhan writes a question on the board. He goes to the lab no one is there. He wonders where are they all.
They are all in the class. SAhil sats parth randhir ragged me on the first day. Vardhan comes in. he says fantastic, this is what my team is doing. Parth says we just took a break. Vardhan says good maya is not here and the dream team sponsor is not here too. Randhir says why would maya be here she don’t like us. Vardhan says she is your dean better respect her. Have you reached the speed ? Sanyu says we are doing it. Parth says we have added cylinders and we are sure that we will achieve the target. Vardhan says on what basis are you all so sure. The cylinders making you so sure can blast as well. Where is your focus ? Now go back to work and find another solution. They all go back to the lab.
They all are bust in working. Randhir starts the car and increases its speed. Jiggy says there is some tempo like noise. Randhir says let me check. he starts the car again. They reach 90 and smokes starts coming off. Sahil says its burning. Randhir is not stopping. SAnyu asks everyone to back off. She say randhir stop the car. Randhir says in heart we have to touch 100. We can’t give up in this small time. Sanyu says randhir engine will blast. Sanyu hauls randhir from the car. Jiggy and parth bring the fire extinguisher. sanyu says to randhir what are your doing ? He leaves.

Sanyu goes out and slaps randhir. She says what were you doing ? Why were you not standing from the car ? She is in tears. I was screaming. You don’t care about anyone. Sanyu hugs randhir. She says I won’t slap you I will hit you with a car if you be that careless again. she hugs him and says don’t ever do that again. You don’t know your value. Randhir says I am sory . SAnyu says promise me you won’t do that stupidity again. I will kill you.

Kaustuki says thank God sanyu hauled erandhir. jiggy says but where are thy ? We have to repair the engine. SAnyu and randhir come in and jolt in the work. Vidushi is looking at the team. SAnyu says lets try. She asks randhir for the key ? He says no. Parth says sanyu I am the captain I will start the car. Sanyu gives him the key.
parth starst the car. His hands are shivering again. He is trying to keep himself calm. The car has crossed 90 and is about to touch 100. it touches 100. They all are so happy and hug each other. Jiggy says finally car is ready. Parth says yeah its ready now. We have to work on its body now. Lets go to sleep. Kaustuki says who will sleep in this excitement. Randhur says we have to sleep.
Sahil says parth one last thing take of these rings they will ruin the body. Parth you should take them off please. I need some rest. Sahil says yeah sure. Parth says in heart whats wrong with my hands, How will I do rest of the things. Vidushi says in heart I wish I could help you parth or you would let me help you.

Scene 3
next morning, sanyu sees a dream that randhir is driving and suddenly the engine bursts. She wakes up saying randhir. She realizes it was a drea but is still tensed. she gulps in some water. She says why I saw this dream. Is God giving me some signal ? Is randhir’s life in danger. I won’t let him drive the car.

Vardhan calls the dream team representative. He says we have a new guy fi this. So he is taking some more time. things are fine now he will come soon. Maya comes in, Vardhan says welcome.
Vardhan says why you called at my home ? He says you didn’t come I called to ask. Maya says I am the dean here and you are just a professor. I don’t; have to give you my attendance. you have no right to interfere in my matters. You will never call on my residential number. I don’t like any intrusion in my life okay. He sees a slap scar on her face. Maya says what are you looking at ? Go attend the lectures. Vardhan says dream team representative is about to come. Maya says so go and prepare for it. Why are you standing here. Vardhan fixes her scarf and says the inner scars are being visible.

All the team along with vardhan is waiting for the representative. He comes in sanyu says he is the representative. Parth says what is he doing here ? Sahil says him ? Kaustuki says oh God. He toggles his shades and comes forward. He extends his hand to maya. Maya says hi kabbir. Vardhan stares at him. Kabbir says vardhan long time since we met. He pats at his shoulder and says all okay ? He looks everywhere and says FITE nice place. Old memories. I know you vardhan and I will know your dream team too. Things will get interesting, very interesting.


Precap-Kabbir says what you decided ? Who will drive the car ? Vardhan says sanyu will drive the car. Randhir says sanyu slow down the speed car is slipping. Parth says sanyu slow down the engine will crash. SAnyu isn’t listening. The car hits a wall and the engine burns.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Meera

    loved Sandhir hug was it the 11th or 12th hug???
    sanyu so concerned abt RD… she was literally crying..
    zor se ek thappad maaraa… now was it the 2nd thappad??? d 1st one was b4 the hate kiss…. lol!!!
    sanyu to RD – thumhe kuch hojaathaa tho…….
    and tht dreadful dream she had…..
    precap : i hv a doubt.. y did vardhan straightaway ask sanyu to test drive the car.. I thought PARTH wl as he is the captain….

  2. smriti

    Gud epi! but whats wrong with parth ? And that kabir again I cant bear to see him any more plez someone take him out of this show

  3. sanyu slapped randhir it ws needed bcoz of his weird behaviour 🙂 gd tht their relation is now stable 😉 I am worried abt the precap 😐 “SCARED” 🙁

  4. AN

    hi guys nice epi !!! luved it when sanyu was concerned 4 rd !!! i thought rd was gonna be angry with her 4 a long time and sanyu uske peech peeche bagegi par woh kehthe haina ki jo bhi hotha hai ache ke liye hi hotha hai !!!

  5. AN

    wonder whats gonna hppn tmmrw soo scary precap isn’t it jo sanyu ke dream me rd ke saath hogaya woh sanyu ke saath ….

  6. Meera

    domestic violence with Maya?? w/ever her problem, Vardhan wl help her out of it whether she likes it or not….

  7. game changer

    Afa mujhe pata hai k hamare game ka control hamare hath me nahi hai…bt u know wat agar hamari life ka control comptly hamare hath me hota to life kabhi intrsting nahi hoti
    Coz koi dukhi hi nahi hota agar dukh nahi hota to khushi ka concept kaha se aata…..dunya ki sirf population badhti coz nobody wants to die….aur agar koi marta hi nahi to hame bed le kr chand pr shift hona padta 🙂 aur jab chand bhi housefull hojata to dusre planet pr jana padta 🙂

  8. game changer

    @afa gc se mera matlab apni life nahi dusro ki life ko change krna tha……. …. matlab poor aur helpless logo ki hlp krna aur unki ruki hui zindagiyo me khushiya lana

  9. Afa

    Gud..u r doing BSc ryt.?thume sociology nd MSW karna chahiye dha…nyway nice epi..4 me it was one of the bzt epi..

  10. AN

    afa u can call me anything ya want its ok 4 me appu or anything i jst luved to be called be petnames rather than my full name !!!!

  11. @ akanksha,
    I saw tht no one answered ur q.properly, so basanti choti to the rescue!(like my new name,achu?)
    Actually, hate kiss scene was over a long tme agi. But the ‘kahaani pehle se’ has nearly cum there. So,maybe it wl be shown on mon/tue…..btw r u new to tellyupdates or to shq???
    Meera di,i dont think it wl be shown on mon/tue bcoz remember every1 said that ussey bohooth khicha tha? N they havnt even started showin the precap yet…….
    So sorry guyz aaj bhi no ff meri mom abhi ghar pe aanyi…….
    Btw aaj ka epi,in one word would be: INTENSE….
    Precap: when i saw it,the two words that came to me-one:randhir concerned
    And two……………..:…………maybe , i was thinking…..mouth to mouth………..resusciation…….

    Before u throw tomatoes or jootaas, i admit its a bad idea.
    Maya n domestic violence? Gr8 idea!

    • nid

      no dear,actually mene count krke dekha h,29 jan ka epi monday ko aane wala h,n agar monday ko nhi to pakka tuesday ko aane wala h 100% sure

  12. Gud mrng every1!
    Vardhan sir had now asked them to wait until breakfast was over. But who could wait that long? All during breakfast, the only thing they discussed was vardhaan sir n his surprise.
    After breakfast was over,they all gathered in a line in frnt of vdhaan sir. Finally he was gonna tell them what the surprise was.
    Vardhaan sir: Ok,i m sure ki aap sab surprise jaanne ke liye bade betaab honge. Well,i wont make u all wait any longer. The surprise is, a task!
    They all stared at vardhaan sir.
    Nihaarikaa ma’am: Vardhaan! Yahaan pe bhi task! College me task dete they woh kya kam tha?
    Yoyo: O ji sir, ab toh hum cllge me nahi hai naa,paaji. Ab toh ye shaadi ka ghar hai…..
    Vdhan sir: shaadi ka ghar ho ya cllge. Tasks karne ki aadath jaani nahi chaahiye tumhaari.
    Randhir: bilkul correct sir. Aur hume toh tasks karne me mazaa aata hai
    Sanyu: haan sir.
    Vdhan sir: Interesting…….very interesting….
    Vaise,tasks pasand ho ya naa pasand ho, karne toh padenge hi. After all, ye meri DREAM TEAM hai!
    Toh tumhaara task ye hai: Is ghar me kuch jagahon par kuch kuch machines hai. Ab tumhe karna ye hai ki un sab ko thik karna hai.
    Ek minute ,ek minute….vidudhi,tum toh DT ka part nahi ho naa, chalo. Yahaan baith jaao,tum ye task mat karo. Ye toh bas mere dt ke liye hain.
    She happily sits down.
    The rest of the dt does all theachines n reports bacck to vdhan sir within an hour.
    Vdhan sir: good….thats good….tumlogon ne saari machines thik kardi!
    Sanyu n randhir r not paying the least bit attention,coz they wre both busy blushing at the thought of their:
    8 falls by sanyu n catches by rd
    5 times fights for the right over a screwdriver
    N 2 stolen kisses.
    Vdhan sir: But voh surprise nahi tha. That was just to make things interesting. Surprise hain ye!
    And he waves two tickets in frnt of sandhirs nose.
    Ye kya hain sir??!! They both shout together
    Vdhan sir: tockets to switzerland! U both r going to switzerland for ur honey moon!
    They wre both laughin n dancin with joy n the others wre smiling at them……
    Precap- havnt thought of the rest of it yet! Sorry!

    A/N- Look at the time if the post! Posted it at six in the mrng!

  13. game changer

    are achu kaha gayi i know k didi bolo to tumhe irritate achcha baba ab nahi bolugi…abhi wapis to aao

  14. game changer

    are achu kaha gayi i know k didi bolo to tumhe irritate hota hai achcha baba ab nahi bolugi…abhi wapis to aao

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