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Sadda Haq 20th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Peon gives sanyu a pack and says someone sent you a gift. she says must be aryan. Sayu opens it. Its a stone. Randhir sent a paper too, this is sample of that asteroid that destroyed villages and your plan. Aryan sees it. He says come with me. sanyu says we shouldn’t react.
Sanyu and aryan play carrom. He says seeing smile on your face is important for me. sanyu says I took your queen. He says in heart she is in front of me. Randhir sees them.

Randhir comes to nirman. He says I planned to eliminate sanyu but you sent arjun. Nirman says I dont need to consult you. Sanyu says i thought we had same motives. Nirman says you are my mirror image. He gives her a medicine. randhir says who are they for? Nirman says tablets don’t know patient. You must know;

Nirman calls them all. There is a treadmill. Nirman says we will check for how long you can run on it. Its not a race. Its distance over speed, After six minutes speed will be increased. We will see pressure on your heart, oxygen level is already low. You have to drink electrolyte so we can monitor heart rate.
Kritika starts it. She drinks electrolyte. She runs for 11 minutes. Next is sumit
Randir snatches elecrtolyte from sanaya. She says relax what are you doing. She goes next. Randhir mixes the medicine in sanyu’s bottle. Sanaya goes for 9.5 mins. Randhir says I would go next. Randhir is 16 mins. Nirman says you are qualified for next task.
Next is joy. SSubri says your heart rate is already high, joy says i am okay. Nirmna says if you are uncomfortable please get down right now. Everyone is asking joy to stop, after 6 mins, he falls down. He is taken to medical room. Nirman says you are left sanyy. Sanyu drinks the electrolyte. Aryan stands in front of her and stares at randhir.

Precap-Radhir mixes in sanyu’s drink. She drinks it and starts the task. Everyone asks sanyu to calm down, she can’t run.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. sanyukta rathor

    Good afternoon nishu , karu , aishu , aalu

    This is my last comment beacause my final exam is near

    Loveee u all



    1. All the best for ur exams dear 🙂 study well…love uuu

    2. Hi dear … Best of luck for your exams dear 🙂

    3. My bad luk sanyu…
      Cum fast ok…
      All the best fr ur exams…

  2. Hee my bro and sis

    Hello karina di , nishu di , aaliya , sanyu di , princess, himanshi , dhruv bhiya , vishal bhiya , yogiraj bhiya , aishu , mukti di , sheena , sherya di , shivani , Bk ,liya ,mayuri and all of u how are u all

    Have a good afternoon

    1. heyyy sweety h r u ? glad to see u back…long time no see…luv u 🙂

      1. Ya my 10 class is start so just little busy di

        I am fine di

      2. oh i see…all the best for ur studies dear 🙂 im glad u got a little time to come here 🙂

    2. Hey mahak dear .. How r u dear … And a very good afternoon 😉

      1. I am fine mayuri di , i love your name dii

      2. Mahak dear …. May I ask your age because I am little curious to know 🙂

      3. And thanks your name is also lovely mahak means smell , scent so u r sweet by name also 🙂

    3. Hi mahak!! How r u?

      1. I am fine sheena dii?

  3. Hey mehek how r u?

    1. I am fine di

  4. Hey mayuri i have a dog n a cute rabbit n fishes i love them so much.they r like my babies..hey karu how r u n u r same age of mine nyc.
    Welcome mukti…liyu my babu how r u?
    Dhruvv where r u my dear bro.. by the way mere school m ek boy hai dhruv such a cute boy but hez vry naughty.

    1. hey dear 🙂 we are the same age ? thats nice 🙂

      1. im fine dear and h r u Shreya ?

    2. I m fine dear..
      U di??
      N thts very sweet..u kno all boys naming dhruv r cute:-P:-P
      Just joking di:-)

      1. i am waiting fr today episode

      2. Hey dhruv bhiya

        U forgot me i also ask u how are u

        Just joking

    3. Hello sherya di

      Which sub u teach di

    4. Hiiii shreya dear 🙂 😉

      @@wwww!! Shreya dear you are so cute as well as your pets…. U r so lucky to have pets like these … I always wish for a dog and a cute rabbit … 🙂 🙂

  5. Fine but guys plz come online at night coz u know na ki i don’nt have time frm morning till evening

  6. I m leaving this tu..
    It has become too much controversial…
    All r fighting here..
    That mukti esha sanyukta dhruv..
    everyone wants to prove thier point..
    It’s such boring place..sory karu bt I cnt stand this.

    1. Plz yaar everyone sry fr everything I couldnt evn believe mere jaane ke baad itna sab kuch ho gaya….
      Mujhe rona aa raha hai….plz bhai behen aaise mat lado yaar..

    2. oh rits dont do this…. Plz dont go ….

      it is very painful 2 me n all that one of the member of this group is going ….. Plz came back……

    3. hey Rits dear…actually i understand u coz im also sad about what has happend here in the past few days 🙁 but try to come here after sometime…when u feel that its ok for u to come…im very sad about all that happened here…pls try to come after sometime…i ll miss u 🙁

    4. Yaa rits nowadays evryone is fighting in tu n also, they don’t realize what type of words they are using for others..
      But pls dear don’t leave..why r u leaving???
      N guys pls stop all ur fights right i said, we haven’t met each other so we don’t have any right to judge each other..yes, we all have the right to share our views but that too in a sophesticated manner..we don’t need to abuse anyone here..ok guys so lets make a fresh new start alright??

      N pls rits don’t leave dear pls pls..its a request

    5. I agree rits but now everything is sorted and here your friends are also there .. So there is no strong reason for it and there’s nothing such serious that u leave and we r here for u .. Shreya,liya,Karina,mayuri,mahak,nisha.bk,princess,aparna,shivani,aaliya,Sheena , etc. Sorry if I haven’t count somebody …
      And now everything is sorted between sanyu and dhruv bhai … So there is no point .. And if somebody is commenting bad then just ignore … And if u leave then we will miss u dear … So please don’t leave.. Think about us… We will respect your final decision 🙂

      1. Ohhh!!! Sorry richu , aishu are also included

      2. Thats right dear if everything is sorted btwn bhai nd sanyu…there is no point to leve fr
        Som commenters. ……
        I hope ull undertand…..

        Hey mayuri how r u dear…

  7. Hello guys im bak nice to see u all..

    Sry I ws not able to contact bcoz whn I ws In Mumbai my phone fel in d swimming pool. …….dont mind yaa plz …

    Sanyu nd akl eat haopened dear everything is running so cool…..
    Dhruv bhai sry once again swayamvar ki baa ke liye…….

    Im really happy coz im chatting wid u with my new phone….

    And guyssss one mor biggest sry. …….
    My birth name is
    But frm d beginning every1 called me richuuuu so evn I sometimes forget to say this……sry fr late telling….

    Hey karu I said all this in eng fr u dear so that u can undrrstand……

    I missed u all so so so much….
    But it seems no 1 missed me…..
    Dhtuv bhai sanyu aap bhi…..very sad:-(

    1. Richu… Congrats for getting new mob … 🙂

  8. Hey karu so do u grt to watch sadda haq dere…..
    It would be so difficult fr u to understand it….do u…

    1. hey dear…thanks for writting in english 🙂 actually dear SH isnt telecasted in my country thats why i come here to read the WU and i watch the video of the epi online….but i mostly read the WU coz they are in english 🙂

  9. Sachhii mei bhul gaye the na sab mujhe…

  10. hi MAHAK, i am fi9. Wht abt u?
    all the best 4 ur exam SANYU.
    thank u 4 ur sweet words NISHU. n u killed me twice by giving cute sandir pics… ‘Rest In Peace’ 4 u n me, two dead buddies
    just kidding, i luved that pics n so many kiszy 4 u dr….

    1. Hey hello me too fine nice dp

  11. Hey I wonder where r all my msgs r going…im jus fed up wid this comment moderation

    1. Sry my msgs arent going anywhere….only in moderation. .

      1. should.not aggressive manner sorry

    2. hey richu dear mujhe bhi nai samjh nai aa raha kal se dhruv bhai aur sanyu di ke beech fight ho gai aur mukti aur esha.mukti should not call behenji anyone if she doesn’t know anyone and esha should respond in aggressive manner

    3. Jane do yaar…once again lets hv a gud start…

      Beet gayi so baat gayii…..

      1. Yup … Richu I agree with u … Let bygone be bygone … Raat gayi baat gayi 😉

  12. hey rits

    why are you doing this dear

    you are our friend

    Dear just think .

    Till when people fight with each other it is the matter of two people we doesn’t need to get in till they allowed us to get in or they actually need it

    NOw I think sanyu and dhruv are perfectly fine .

    Maintaining a little space from each other but still in touch with all the friends and also happy too. seems like reading their comments

    so why are you thinking to leave . Give them time All things get fine

    Things change regularly here. Hey Mumbai queen Ritsu dear

    Don’t leave just what just watching a n add

    Take a chill pill . …………………. and see everyting gonnaaa be alright ritsu .

    Dhruv is your friend and he never want you to leave for any reason

    Say it dhruv see ritsu is going . Talk to her.

    Love u ritsu . Keep smiling
    Once a friend always a friend.

    Wow looks like this page is gonna the home of warsssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    so many war started everyday and finish too

    We don’t know about the fakesssssssssssssss account or anything

    but guyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz do fight if you wish

    but don’t get sad coz we all love each other friends remember

    whatever you want to speak speak but don’t start abusing and just be verbal about your feelings

    I think that’s nothing harmful. Speak of words and nothing else . and then talk to all we all are friends

    and tried yaa difficult but me myself too tried to not put my nose in between fights from now on.

    It may be harmful for any of us.

    Luv u

    just sharing heart guyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    but if I said anything wrong

    don’t think twice

    just kick me out from here Love u all.


    nothing no pets

    but still I give food everyday to the street dogs

    We all can do everyday for our pets

    then what about the dogs out there

    nobody can take care of them

    so it is the rule of the house to give them food everyday

    yeah that’s it

    luv u all

    hey shreyu wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww rabit dog cat how many pets awesome dear luv u

    hey mahak how r u dear after so long where have you been at this time . love u dear keep smiling

    hey mayuri love u dear keep sharing ur beautiful thoughts just like ur beautiful name

    love u

    hey shivi love u too

    hey sanyu all the very best for exams my sweetheart . Keep smiling and be brave always
    we can face hurdles in life but we need to get stronger to face them . always loving u dear
    keep smiling Once a friend always a friend.

    hey karu so much missing u dear after so long we just share love u to each other

    what say can we do something else too.

    hey we share something same same?????????????????????????????

    yeah the pure true but still never sharing here what it is ??????????????

    Coz I don;t trust this site for sharing personal stuff.

    but still we have some similarities .

    love u keeps smiling always dear

    Tight hugsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    hey can I ask something from you all.

    Does anybody like to write shayeri

    if no then its ok

    if yes , then please write it I will be thankful

    love u all

    1. hey nishu….h r u dear ? we didnt have time to chat in the past few days…hope ur ok my cutie and dont mind me im just a little sad now but i ll be fine in no time…love u

      1. Dear u can evn use hotstar i sumtimes do…but the show comes aftr som hrs..nd its brakefree….it would be useful to evn learn hindi…sweetie its a really easy lang…

      2. Ohh sry dear posted on wrong comment..

      3. yeah Richu i tried with hotstar but i donno why for me isnt working…i cant enter on the site…it gives me error…

  13. hey richanshi lovely name but u really think that we all foget u richu

    dear you are a special part of our group and never ever think you are avoiding by us

    love u richu for ever and ever and ever.

    keep smiling

    hey aishu u too dead me too dear

    then for 2 dead people

    I give u this ????????????????????????

    New version of song 1920 london
    Gum naam hai koi badnaam hai koi kisko khabar kaun hai wo anjaan hai koi

    Gumnaam hai koi
    Badnaam hai koyi
    Kisko khabar kaun hai woh
    Anjan hai koyi

    Gumnam hai koi

    Hai dard yeh agar mera
    Woh kya isse hai chhoo raha
    Fiqar usse meri hai kyun
    Nahin jo mera

    Yeh ishq hai ya ashq hai
    Jo meri aankhon mein
    Hai kyun aise bheegta

    Gumnaam hai koi
    Badnaam hai koyi
    Kisko khabar kaun hai woh
    Anjan hai koyi

    Gumnaam hai koi

    Awesome teaser for 2 dead people meet the more dead people

    love u friends keep smilng

    1. Thanks dear but plzzz dont call me richanshi…its type of awkward……
      Ty fr motivation. .

  14. wow bicky so you are from bhubneshwar awesome , and I just saw the temple and its beautiful immensely beautiful I just loved it.

    Hey can u share something extra a little more about the cousine of your city best places
    If i visit sometime

    Who can tell me better than my sweetheart beauty the beautiness of her beautiful city. the rituals of Orissa

    love u soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much bicky

    and yeah someone ask me that where i belong from

    so the answer is I belong to your heart find me there its so easy friends

    love u all.

  15. U r rit rits let’s go from here…
    Bye everyone..
    Sory karu nisha mayuri shreya my bestest frnds..
    Raj I will try to contactu later..just stay here..
    Vishal dnt come here.ok.

    1. Bhai aab tumhe kya hua yaar….
      Plz mat jaaoo atleast tell me is me humari kya galti hai..bhai I wont let u go lyk this…just forget all wat happened….plz hv a new start…
      Atleast tell me d reason bfor u leave yaar.

    2. U too Dhruv ???? No…u too are leaving 🙁 why guys ???

    3. Nd wat do u mean by vishal dont cum here

    4. are ap kyu ja rahe ho ap mujhe friend nhi mante hi nai

  16. Hey everyone how r u all…
    Lub yaa

  17. Why so much of dragging?
    Every serial start on a good note then again vhi story 🙁

  18. Good eveng


    We meet in may

    Love you all

    1. Good night…sure we will. .. Love u too sweetie 🙂

  19. Love u too mahak

    will meet u soon

    keep smiling

  20. Why is everyone showing so much attitude??
    Problem do logo me rhti h n then everyone gets involved n wants to leave tu..its really sad yr…rits, dhruv, why do u guys wanna leave??? Everything is sorted now..this is not acceptable..ppl will keep saying is we who decide whether to give importance to that person or not..n dhruv bro, u had a problem with sanyu naa?? She left bcoz of her exams then why do you still wanna leave??
    N that war of words going on b/w mukti n esha, its their matter, they will resolve..
    I’ve asked esha to not use such language on tu n now
    Common yr rits n dhruv..calm down, take a chill pill n comeback ok?

  21. hey karu nishu richu aishu mayuri liya why everyone are leaving just because misunderstandingss??

  22. Hii mayuri di i read your comment

    The ans is

    I am 15 and you ?

    Love u di

    1. Hey mahak I Have not forgotten u..
      Al the best 4 exms dear

      1. Thank you

  23. Hello .., i am big fan of sadda haq s2 …..should i join you friends?

    1. yes of course welcome.dear

      1. hello ,,, nice too meet you shivani!!!

  24. Is any one here……….?

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