Sadda Haq 20th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 20th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Peon gives sanyu a pack and says someone sent you a gift. she says must be aryan. Sayu opens it. Its a stone. Randhir sent a paper too, this is sample of that asteroid that destroyed villages and your plan. Aryan sees it. He says come with me. sanyu says we shouldn’t react.
Sanyu and aryan play carrom. He says seeing smile on your face is important for me. sanyu says I took your queen. He says in heart she is in front of me. Randhir sees them.

Randhir comes to nirman. He says I planned to eliminate sanyu but you sent arjun. Nirman says I dont need to consult you. Sanyu says i thought we had same motives. Nirman says you are my mirror image. He gives her a medicine. randhir says who are they for? Nirman says tablets don’t know patient. You must know;

Nirman calls them all. There is a treadmill. Nirman says we will check for how long you can run on it. Its not a race. Its distance over speed, After six minutes speed will be increased. We will see pressure on your heart, oxygen level is already low. You have to drink electrolyte so we can monitor heart rate.
Kritika starts it. She drinks electrolyte. She runs for 11 minutes. Next is sumit
Randir snatches elecrtolyte from sanaya. She says relax what are you doing. She goes next. Randhir mixes the medicine in sanyu’s bottle. Sanaya goes for 9.5 mins. Randhir says I would go next. Randhir is 16 mins. Nirman says you are qualified for next task.
Next is joy. SSubri says your heart rate is already high, joy says i am okay. Nirmna says if you are uncomfortable please get down right now. Everyone is asking joy to stop, after 6 mins, he falls down. He is taken to medical room. Nirman says you are left sanyy. Sanyu drinks the electrolyte. Aryan stands in front of her and stares at randhir.

Precap-Radhir mixes in sanyu’s drink. She drinks it and starts the task. Everyone asks sanyu to calm down, she can’t run.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. rakshi

    hi guys…!!.
    Gud niyt n sweet dreams: )
    princess n ayesha… whre r U my besties??
    hlo…karu,nishu,shreya di, liya,aaliya,bk,dhruv,vishal,Sid,
    sanaki,suru,sanyu, mukti,aishu,rits, himanshi,roshni,
    sheena,ankur……n all my SH family members…?????
    ayesha im missing u ….its bcme long time!!
    C u tmrw guys…..princess i came onlne…btt u didn’t!
    anyways sleep well my princy!
    love u……

  2. mukti

    Oh behenji..u thought why I commented as the issue was between I n dhruv…
    Bt I felt to glad to see this bhai behna pyar..
    N this swayamvar a very funny way to I commented..
    U hv the name of protagonist of this serial.

    • Esha

      Lol mukti. You are such a nincompoop haha. Lol. It’s okay you keep on calling us behenji and all that. We would call you tootsie. Would that be fine? ?.
      Don’t mind I’m trying to show courtesy dear. ? just like you are. And sanyu di just ignore the comments of my dear tootsie mukti??

      And you know what take a seat and a deep breath and chill. Because you are gonna see more and more of this sweet talks of everyone. Buy some popcorn too if you want haha.
      Btw hello everyone. May I join?

      • mukti

        Who is this esha or whatever????
        N who r u telling me..
        U kno wht thnx for,advice bt I will also give u a littleadvice..
        Do mediation babe cz if u do it u will not roar like a mad man…
        N 1 more thing nincompoop u know urself so nincompoop n tootsi are perfect names given to u by ureself..
        Bt why telling me ur petnames????

      • mukti

        N babe u proved me that I must call u behenjiiii because behenjiis are the ones who give unnecessary advices…
        Wowww behenji nincompoop u know the meaning of courtsey????
        Very very good tootsie cz I thnk u need to check dictionary..
        N yes who r u calling dhruv bhai????
        Omg did he say u r his sister???
        Again u proved me rit that u r behenji..
        Cz behenji like to talk abt guys they dnt know…Loll tootsie…
        Ignore her comments sanyukta
        .ok I will call u sanyu

      • mukti

        N ramdev Baba is ur role model I thnk so u know him sooo well..
        Telling to take deep breath…
        Omg behenjiiii nincompoop ..
        U kno 1st u do it urself babe…
        Take a sit and a deep breath n Chil..ok cz u gonna see more sweet talks here…

      • mukti

        N yes nincompoop u can tAke popcorn if u want tootsie esha..
        Dnt u dare to cross me again…
        I dnt kno u n I was nt talking to u..
        So nincompoop dnt talk to people u dnt know

      • Sheena

        Hi esha dear ..welcome here..☺

        N pls guys don’t quarrel here..look mukti, u can’t make fun of us n call us behenjis..get it? N esha pls dont use words like tootsie here…its not good to call someone by dat name..i appreciate that u r keeping ur stand but pls do it without using such words..ok?
        N both of u are most welcome here..
        Bt pls dearies, let us maintain peace here n be like friends…ok?
        We don’t know each other here so it’ll be better if we don’t judge each other

        Luv u mukti
        Luv u esha

        Welocme here once again both of u..we’ll be frnds..keep smiling☺

      • Esha

        Sorry sheena di. It’s not for you it’s for mutki. Who presumably no one can stop me for calling her that. Because dear sheena she doesn’t stop calling all of us that. So please let me call tootsie. Well my dictionary is perfect you just check your eyesight. And remember give respect take respect

      • Esha

        And and and I didn’t have you an advice I said what I wanted to . Get it? And plus , it’s not your problem who I’m. Just learn to bear everything just the way here people tolerate your nonsense. Douchebag

      • Sheena

        Ok esha now thats enough..u r neww here so maybe u dont know us stop using words like looser, nincompoop n you even know what tootsie means?..she’s a girl n even u r a girl..atleast girls shld respect each other..n u r calling me a looser or mukti??
        Either ways, u shld call us by our names ok??
        Now stop fighting n keep smiling everyone

      • Sheena

        Esha what is this yr?? Now u r calling her douchebag??? Just because she called us behenjis?? Pls don’t use such vulgar language here..

        Mukti called us behenjis but later she asked us to forget thet behenji thing that n b frnds..why is that word behenji bothering so much? It wasn’t even meant for u..pls stop this fighting n be frnds..say sry to her n end this matter right here

        Rits is leaving coz of these daily dozes of abuses n fights

      • dhruv

        Hey u esha wht the hell u think of urself using this language here…
        Mad girl…dnt u respect ur mom????
        Ur sisters????
        How dare u call such things to mukti..
        She called u behenji n u calling her….
        I doubt u are,a girl or a boy..
        Or maybe ur both…
        If u speak any ill word against mukti I wil report uuu..
        Ha’ve u got that…
        Shame on uu to use,such language
        It shows how ur family brought u n how is ur class

      • dhruv

        Mukti is my frnd n I can do anything if use such vulgar language against her..
        Shame on u..I am surprise that a girl is talking Like that…
        Dnt dare to talk anything against mukti..
        Or u will be reported…

      • Esha

        I won’t say sorry. And I didn’t called you a looser. I caller mukti a looser because if she can’t give respect to others why should anyone give her. Plus, I know I’m also a girl sheena. And so she is. That’s why she shouldn’t be calling someone behenji and all that. And of course sheena di I know what it means. And no one those words were for you sheena di it was for mukti who doesn’t know how to respect someone and keep on dragging things.

      • rits

        U can’t abuse mukti…
        Do u know her??
        How can u say that to her..
        U r the biggest u dnt have the guts to talk to her in a proper way..
        U r worse than her.
        N who said ur in our group???
        We didn’t include 3class peopl like u. .
        Say sory to mukti if u are a girl..
        If u hv mother.if u have sister..

    • Appy

      me too. khud pr use itna hi confidence hia ki wo kisi ko b beat kr skta hai to use cheating ki zarurt ku pdi. iska mtlb wo khud bta rha h ki wo loser h or sanyu se kabhi b behtar nhi tha wo

  3. mukti

    I think no one wants me to be ur frnd behenjiis or buddys..
    No one replied to me..
    Hhi dhruvvv

  4. dhruv

    Hey sanyukta family ko mat bata jagde ke bare mai…
    It’s not so serious..why ur brother apologize me???
    No need at all ankur bro….

      • dhruv

        Ohh ok…
        Apka bhai to bAhot hisweet..
        Do u think I am mad??
        Pehle sory bolto hai fir tera bhai msg kartay…
        Muje kya samje ga nai kya????
        Mai Pagal hu kya…
        Tu tere bhai ko batati nai kya??
        Tero ko meresa itna problem hai tobat mat kar..
        Ab ye naya tamasha start Mat kar..
        Apne bHai ko boldirectly jo kehna he khe de..
        I m boy n I know wht is the meaning of this..
        Stop this nonsense…

      • dhruv

        Kiska bhai sory bolega aise bat par…
        Dekh don’t get m wrong bt ye sab jo tu kar rhi hai bnd kr…
        1st say sory n then call brother to make peace..
        Common yar sab smjta hai…

      • rits

        Ignore that sanyukta..I dnt kno bt it seems like she i s replying form multiple accs..
        Just ignore her dhruv..
        Like why u r bhai say I am hapy n may 3 …he was not uu..tht was ur reply..
        I can bet its fake acc n people here r writing frm multiple accs

  5. Sheena

    Arre yr randhir..what is this huh?? I hope nothing happens to sanyu…
    Btw, hello everyone !!! H r u all??

  6. Liya

    Ooff….Rd y u doing this???
    Now am really dussapointd wid CV fr ruining Rd character…its really reaching its extreme…even sanyu is also being dependent in shq s2…

    Anyways,guyz how are u??hope all r fyn…
    Happy that dhrv bhai aur sanyu di r frnds againnn!!
    Luv all my frnds here….
    Take car..
    Luv u all

  7. Himanshi

    Hi gys show is going amazing. You guys know what I got a new phone on Monday. Samsung galaxy j7.
    Apart from this everything is sorted now n.a.? So dhruv bhaiya h r I nowadays?
    Hi karina di sanyukta nisi di aliya Liya maddy bhaiya pricess shivu mayuri Sheena and everyone sorry if I missed someone but hello to everyone.

    Hey Sanakhi di suranjana di where r I these days?

  8. Himanshi

    I read some of d last comments yesterday
    Karina di can I pls tell me about which promo I were talking about? ☺?❓❔?

    • karina

      Hey sweety πŸ™‚ Nishu posted the written update for the new promo of SH…thats the promo i was talking about dear πŸ™‚

  9. mayuri

    Hi guys !!!
    Why randhir acting so evil anyway what was that pills about and why did he mixed it up … He even did it with joy also …

  10. Sanahki

    What’s going on in SaddaHaq. Why are they showing Ranhir like this. I hate I hate hate it. I love Randhir too much but don’t want to see him as a villain

  11. karina

    Im really dissapointed with CVs for ruinning Rd’s character so much…really they made a mess of his character…

  12. Bk

    Hiii guyzzzzzzz good evng……..
    2days epi z good……
    Mein sirf itna kehna chahta hun ki…
    sanyu jiske pass family, supporter sab hone k baad bhi Wo bechari n Rd jiske pass kuch nhi Wo villain……..kyun???plzz ans .

    Okk guyzzzzzzz good ni888 to all of u…..sweet dreams….sleep well….

  13. sanyukta rathor

    Rd badle me pagal ho cuka h

    Wo kuch bhi kr sakta

    Good morning lovely peoples

    Hii nishu every thing is f9 dear where r sweetiiii

    Hii karu

    Aalu all the best fr exam dear love u

    • oh foo…..forgot me ….! πŸ™ iss barkaleya mafkiya …. Agar agli bar aisa huva tho maa….. RD sabe bura hu…..
      just kidding sanyu…. πŸ˜‰ i am fi9 n whtz up??

  14. hi karina n u r 101% ri8. But somewhere old luvly RD is still alive in him…. N i hope soon he will came out of hiding…. Lets hope 4 the best…. Till then enjoy this hide & seek game dr…._

  15. translation of sanyu n my talk 4 my dr sweet karina…..
    sanyu : RD is mad by taking revenge. he can do anything ….. (translation of first 2 lines)

  16. sanyu 4got 2 wrote my name so i said ‘i will 4give u 4 this time, but if this happens again i will….. I am more bad than RD….’ tran. 4 my second lines….._

    • sanyukta rathor

      Agha jock ye raha bro

      Why boy get blocked on whatsapp

      boy – what’s ur name ?
      Girl – palak nd ur ?
      boy – paneer !!


      Girl – what’s UP ?
      boy – uttar pardesh



      Girl – tu soya h
      boy – nhi !! Mungfalii hu



      Girl – see ya
      Boy – var ram chandra ki jae



      Girl – have a good day .
      boy – no thanks ! I like parle G more



      Boy – Thank you .
      girl – my plasure
      boy – my bajaj plasure



      And the best one

      After fight

      Girl – tum to muzee manate he nhi !!!
      Boy – tu holi h ? Diwali h ? Eid h ? H kya tu jo me tuzee manau ?


      Blocked forever

      Don’t laugh alone pass it on

      Kasa laga

  17. karina

    Have a nice day everyone…Rakshi, Sanyu, Liya, Aishu, Shivani, Himanshi, Shreya, Sheena, Bk, Dhruv, Mayuri, Sanahki and all my friends here πŸ™‚

  18. sumo

    hello guys..m been a silent reader of it…BT now m going to post..y CV of SHs2 r ruining our rd’ character? jst hate it…plz do smthng fr our SanDHir..

    • karina

      hii dear…welcome…yeah its such a shame that CVs totally ruined Rd’s character…donno why they are doing this…

    • hum… Finally u came …haa… I know, every day u silently read our msgs n every day i make a wish that ‘plz god,let my sumo dr came here n post a msg… ‘
      finally my wish come true….

      just kidding sumo πŸ™‚
      n once again welcome…..

  19. hey my buddies !!!!
    missed ya …. πŸ™

    i guess i LOVE seeing rd is jealous than sandhir together… just kidding !!!! πŸ˜‰

    HAVE A GR8 DAY GUYS !!!!!!

  20. nisha

    hey mukti meri jaan , first wow the name you choose is awesome I loved the name a lot
    secondly meri jaan ,

    We all are not here 100 years old you are calling us behenji

    In this time period If I can say an unknown person , just to help me in my work and calling her bhai even then they refuse to help me

    and yes it happened they rather saying me rudely and complaint to teacher just to call him bhai

    So please call us buddy or by name or buddy but don’t call us behenji

    sweetheart and we all want to talk to you dear we always welcome friends

    and about lecture yeah a little bit or more

    I am just like that dear , and to keep me here or to kick me out is always the people choice
    so I am here till my friends allowing me to be here

    the time when they doens’t want me than I left silently
    love u dear keep smiling

    love u mukti keep smiling

    hey sanyu and dhruv the rockstars of here

    love u both

    thanks dhruv for making this matter shut love u buddy

    love u sanyu meri jaan.

    stay happy always I like u to smile always meri jaan keep smiling

    love u both

    hey karu meri jaan wow the promo yes I have watched it yesterday but the link was unavailable to give at that time of the video

    but love u karu u share it here sweeetheart

    hey aishu wow Translator for karu well done

    wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww sanyu and aishu what a joke

    I love the naagin line in between smiling

    keep smiling friends

    hey himanshi loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee u dear

    hey mayuri liya how r u dear

    hello kirthi me to think rd is witty but I like the positive rd more missed sandhir a lot love u dear

    heloooooooooooooooooooooooo esha nice to talk to u dear keep smiling

    hey ankur nice to meet u dear Nice brother you get sanyu

    hey aaliya aaluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu how r u dear sweetheart

    hey sheena how r u dear love u I love the way you talk dear keep smiling

    hey sanket YOu are maddy right , i must say you write so awesome
    I want to appreciate just If you don’t mind buddy
    I find you more sensible here
    First I find raj sensible then the second one is you dear
    I love the way you handle the situation in a very clear cut way
    YOu don’t stretch the matter write what is so clear and cristle so that everybody just resolved the matter
    Keep smiling maddy , Dhruv and your friends are so lucky to get friend like u

    Respect for u dear keep smiling

    hey ragini heloooooooooooooooooooooooo the promo is awesome dear I loved it toooooooooooo luv u

    hello edge how r u dear keep smiling

    hey rakshi how ru dear after so long love u dear keep smiling

    hey shivi helooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo dear how r u

    hey sumo I read ur comment before also i love the name sumo cute very cute and yeah rd character is really ruining by the cvs hope he will get positive soon. love u dear

    hey bicky how ru dear hey can u share the pic of the god Jagannath you said it every time

    I know are you a south indian so you are greeting many times . Your family worship God jagannath

    I read in books about the god Jagannath but never see the temple

    Can u share something about it

    we love to know it dear love u bicky keep smiling

    keep smiling friends

    Yesterday a rollar coaster ride for me to the day is just like that

    and yeah friends

    I want to remember tis song just for the starting of the day which is very good for all of us love u all .

    Hey If i can give the links for everyone here then I do have the right to give myself a link too

    so this one for me personally my favourite all time song for the good weather and smiling day

    love u all .

    Yeh sama sama hain yeh pyar
    Kaa kisi ke intazar kaa
    Dil na chura le kahi mera
    Mausam bahar kaa
    Yeh sama sama hain yeh pyar
    Kaa kisi ke intazar kaa
    Dil na chura le kahi mera
    Mausam bahar kaa

    Basane lage aakhon
    Me kuchh aise sapne
    Basane lage aakhon
    Me kuchh aise sapne
    Koyi bulaye jaise nainon
    Se apne nainon se apne
    Yeh sama sama hain didar
    Kaa kisike intjar kaa
    Dil na chura le kahi mera
    Mausam bahar kaa

    Mil ke khayalo me hi apne balam se
    Mil ke khayalo me hi apne balam se
    Nind gawayi apni maine kasam se
    Maine kasam se
    Yeh sama sama hain khumar
    Kaa kisike intazar ka
    Dil na chura le kahi mera
    Mausam bahar kaa

    Me to hu sapno ke raja ki rani
    Me to hu sapno ke raja ki rani
    Sach ho na jaae ye jothi
    Kahaani jothi kahaani
    Yeh sama sama hain iqaraar
    Ka kisike intazar ka
    Dil na chura le kahi mera
    Mausam bahar kaa

    Yeh sama sama hain yeh
    Pyar kaa hmm hmmm
    Hmm hmmm hmm hmmm
    Hmm hmmm hmm hmmm.

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm love u alll guyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz be happy and make each other happy also

    luv u

    hey richwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa where are you dear missing u a lotttttttttttttttttttttttttt

    • mayuri

      Hiiiiiiii !!!!!!! Nisha …
      Glad u understand me and u r correct .. I oftenly like your comments .. U wrote it greatly πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

    • Bk

      Hiii nishu…….luv u too babe…. Btt i ‘m NTT south Indian……I’m Frm orissa …… bhubaneswar…….and our actual language is Oriya…..
      And of course I share the pic of lord Jagannath………and most importantly Jagannath temple is in PURI….search in google thn u find jagannath temple…..butt I lived in bhubaneswar….which is famous for LORD LINGARAJ……JAGANNATH TEMPLE TO MY HOUSE IS AROUND 60KM DIFFERENCE…BUT LINGARAJ TEMPLE. IS BEHIND OF MY HOUSE…WHICH IS VERY FAMOUS HERE……OKKKK.

  21. Appy

    kya kisi ko ye pata h kya ki ye sanaya randhir ko ese gusse se ku dekh rahi thi??? kya hua tha inke bich kis wajah se ladayi hui??

  22. nisha

    check this link and tell doesn’t it look like a cold chamber task

    Freezing task for sanyu

    Repeated totally

    it happened before too

    when I saw Left Right Left on sony sab long time ago but the hit series .

    She ( naina singh ahluwalia ) character name do the freezing task but the intensity is somewhat more depth filled sister of a traitor does the task of freezing remembering the pain faced by her and the family members and his brother.


    let’s see Does channel v can beat that seen

    Need to watch out .

    luv u all.

  23. sanyukta rathor

    Good afternoon nishu , karu , aishu , aalu

    This is my last comment beacause my final exam is near

    Loveee u all



  24. Mahak Naruka

    Hee my bro and sis

    Hello karina di , nishu di , aaliya , sanyu di , princess, himanshi , dhruv bhiya , vishal bhiya , yogiraj bhiya , aishu , mukti di , sheena , sherya di , shivani , Bk ,liya ,mayuri and all of u how are u all

    Have a good afternoon

  25. shreya

    Hey mayuri i have a dog n a cute rabbit n fishes i love them so much.they r like my babies..hey karu how r u n u r same age of mine nyc.
    Welcome mukti…liyu my babu how r u?
    Dhruvv where r u my dear bro.. by the way mere school m ek boy hai dhruv such a cute boy but hez vry naughty.

  26. shreya

    Fine but guys plz come online at night coz u know na ki i don’nt have time frm morning till evening

  27. rits

    I m leaving this tu..
    It has become too much controversial…
    All r fighting here..
    That mukti esha sanyukta dhruv..
    everyone wants to prove thier point..
    It’s such boring place..sory karu bt I cnt stand this.

    • Plz yaar everyone sry fr everything I couldnt evn believe mere jaane ke baad itna sab kuch ho gaya….
      Mujhe rona aa raha hai….plz bhai behen aaise mat lado yaar..

    • oh rits dont do this…. Plz dont go ….

      it is very painful 2 me n all that one of the member of this group is going ….. Plz came back……

    • karina

      hey Rits dear…actually i understand u coz im also sad about what has happend here in the past few days πŸ™ but try to come here after sometime…when u feel that its ok for u to come…im very sad about all that happened here…pls try to come after sometime…i ll miss u πŸ™

    • Sheena

      Yaa rits nowadays evryone is fighting in tu n also, they don’t realize what type of words they are using for others..
      But pls dear don’t leave..why r u leaving???
      N guys pls stop all ur fights right i said, we haven’t met each other so we don’t have any right to judge each other..yes, we all have the right to share our views but that too in a sophesticated manner..we don’t need to abuse anyone here..ok guys so lets make a fresh new start alright??

      N pls rits don’t leave dear pls pls..its a request

    • mayuri

      I agree rits but now everything is sorted and here your friends are also there .. So there is no strong reason for it and there’s nothing such serious that u leave and we r here for u .. Shreya,liya,Karina,mayuri,mahak,nisha.bk,princess,aparna,shivani,aaliya,Sheena , etc. Sorry if I haven’t count somebody …
      And now everything is sorted between sanyu and dhruv bhai … So there is no point .. And if somebody is commenting bad then just ignore … And if u leave then we will miss u dear … So please don’t leave.. Think about us… We will respect your final decision πŸ™‚

  28. Hello guys im bak nice to see u all..

    Sry I ws not able to contact bcoz whn I ws In Mumbai my phone fel in d swimming pool. …….dont mind yaa plz …

    Sanyu nd akl eat haopened dear everything is running so cool…..
    Dhruv bhai sry once again swayamvar ki baa ke liye…….

    Im really happy coz im chatting wid u with my new phone….

    And guyssss one mor biggest sry. …….
    My birth name is
    But frm d beginning every1 called me richuuuu so evn I sometimes forget to say this……sry fr late telling….

    Hey karu I said all this in eng fr u dear so that u can undrrstand……

    I missed u all so so so much….
    But it seems no 1 missed me…..
    Dhtuv bhai sanyu aap bhi…..very sad:-(

    • karina

      hey dear…thanks for writting in english πŸ™‚ actually dear SH isnt telecasted in my country thats why i come here to read the WU and i watch the video of the epi online….but i mostly read the WU coz they are in english πŸ™‚

  29. hi MAHAK, i am fi9. Wht abt u?
    all the best 4 ur exam SANYU.
    thank u 4 ur sweet words NISHU. n u killed me twice by giving cute sandir pics… ‘Rest In Peace’ 4 u n me, two dead buddies
    just kidding, i luved that pics n so many kiszy 4 u dr….

  30. nisha

    hey rits

    why are you doing this dear

    you are our friend

    Dear just think .

    Till when people fight with each other it is the matter of two people we doesn’t need to get in till they allowed us to get in or they actually need it

    NOw I think sanyu and dhruv are perfectly fine .

    Maintaining a little space from each other but still in touch with all the friends and also happy too. seems like reading their comments

    so why are you thinking to leave . Give them time All things get fine

    Things change regularly here. Hey Mumbai queen Ritsu dear

    Don’t leave just what just watching a n add

    Take a chill pill . …………………. and see everyting gonnaaa be alright ritsu .

    Dhruv is your friend and he never want you to leave for any reason

    Say it dhruv see ritsu is going . Talk to her.

    Love u ritsu . Keep smiling
    Once a friend always a friend.

    Wow looks like this page is gonna the home of warsssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    so many war started everyday and finish too

    We don’t know about the fakesssssssssssssss account or anything

    but guyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz do fight if you wish

    but don’t get sad coz we all love each other friends remember

    whatever you want to speak speak but don’t start abusing and just be verbal about your feelings

    I think that’s nothing harmful. Speak of words and nothing else . and then talk to all we all are friends

    and tried yaa difficult but me myself too tried to not put my nose in between fights from now on.

    It may be harmful for any of us.

    Luv u

    just sharing heart guyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    but if I said anything wrong

    don’t think twice

    just kick me out from here Love u all.


    nothing no pets

    but still I give food everyday to the street dogs

    We all can do everyday for our pets

    then what about the dogs out there

    nobody can take care of them

    so it is the rule of the house to give them food everyday

    yeah that’s it

    luv u all

    hey shreyu wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww rabit dog cat how many pets awesome dear luv u

    hey mahak how r u dear after so long where have you been at this time . love u dear keep smiling

    hey mayuri love u dear keep sharing ur beautiful thoughts just like ur beautiful name

    love u

    hey shivi love u too

    hey sanyu all the very best for exams my sweetheart . Keep smiling and be brave always
    we can face hurdles in life but we need to get stronger to face them . always loving u dear
    keep smiling Once a friend always a friend.

    hey karu so much missing u dear after so long we just share love u to each other

    what say can we do something else too.

    hey we share something same same?????????????????????????????

    yeah the pure true but still never sharing here what it is ??????????????

    Coz I don;t trust this site for sharing personal stuff.

    but still we have some similarities .

    love u keeps smiling always dear

    Tight hugsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    hey can I ask something from you all.

    Does anybody like to write shayeri

    if no then its ok

    if yes , then please write it I will be thankful

    love u all

    • karina

      hey nishu….h r u dear ? we didnt have time to chat in the past few days…hope ur ok my cutie and dont mind me im just a little sad now but i ll be fine in no time…love u

  31. nisha

    hey richanshi lovely name but u really think that we all foget u richu

    dear you are a special part of our group and never ever think you are avoiding by us

    love u richu for ever and ever and ever.

    keep smiling

    hey aishu u too dead me too dear

    then for 2 dead people

    I give u this ????????????????????????

    New version of song 1920 london
    Gum naam hai koi badnaam hai koi kisko khabar kaun hai wo anjaan hai koi

    Gumnaam hai koi
    Badnaam hai koyi
    Kisko khabar kaun hai woh
    Anjan hai koyi

    Gumnam hai koi

    Hai dard yeh agar mera
    Woh kya isse hai chhoo raha
    Fiqar usse meri hai kyun
    Nahin jo mera

    Yeh ishq hai ya ashq hai
    Jo meri aankhon mein
    Hai kyun aise bheegta

    Gumnaam hai koi
    Badnaam hai koyi
    Kisko khabar kaun hai woh
    Anjan hai koyi

    Gumnaam hai koi

    Awesome teaser for 2 dead people meet the more dead people

    love u friends keep smilng

  32. nisha

    wow bicky so you are from bhubneshwar awesome , and I just saw the temple and its beautiful immensely beautiful I just loved it.

    Hey can u share something extra a little more about the cousine of your city best places
    If i visit sometime

    Who can tell me better than my sweetheart beauty the beautiness of her beautiful city. the rituals of Orissa

    love u soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much bicky

    and yeah someone ask me that where i belong from

    so the answer is I belong to your heart find me there its so easy friends

    love u all.

  33. dhruv

    U r rit rits let’s go from here…
    Bye everyone..
    Sory karu nisha mayuri shreya my bestest frnds..
    Raj I will try to contactu later..just stay here..
    Vishal dnt come here.ok.

  34. Sheena

    Why is everyone showing so much attitude??
    Problem do logo me rhti h n then everyone gets involved n wants to leave tu..its really sad yr…rits, dhruv, why do u guys wanna leave??? Everything is sorted now..this is not acceptable..ppl will keep saying is we who decide whether to give importance to that person or not..n dhruv bro, u had a problem with sanyu naa?? She left bcoz of her exams then why do you still wanna leave??
    N that war of words going on b/w mukti n esha, its their matter, they will resolve..
    I’ve asked esha to not use such language on tu n now
    Common yr rits n dhruv..calm down, take a chill pill n comeback ok?

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.