Sadda Haq 20th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 20th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Parth comes in the college, Vidushi stops him. He says can’t you see. She says why are you always angry man. He says should i be angry woman? Vidushi you are normal with everyone else, whats your problem with me? Parth says you are my problem, i feel ashamed that i loved a woman like you. she says i did that all for our future, i am glad that everything is fine now and i am here with me. I have moved on why dont you forget it. Parth says you are self centered. Vidushi says and you are judgmental. He says i all i know is that we are in final year and in dream to i have to tolerate you. After that don’t ever show me your face.

Next morning, PKC goes to the tea shop again. The own says i told you chotu he will comes again.
The teas shop owner says its your good luck

today. He says to man i told you someone wanted to meet you, he is here. Ranaway throws away the cup.PKC says i am from FITE to give you offer of mentor. He laughs and says this is good.

Anju is buying vegetables in market, she faints due to temperature, people surround her. A man comes out of hi car and asks his driver to put her in the car, he takes her to hospital.

The whole team awaits for the new professor and mentor. sanyu says i am really excited. yoyo says he must be really good, sahil says trophy is our. Parth says but why is he not here. sanyu says you should become a detective. Ranawat enters the class and falls on floor by his face. All the students look at him in shock, sanyu says who is he? PKC comes and says are you okay? ranamwat sir get up please.

Sahil says are they making fun of us? randhir says he couldn’t even walk. They go to dean and pkc. sanyu says he can’t mentor us, he can’t even stand. PKC says he came directly from a party so that is why he is like that today. He will be fine. Vidushi says but still.. PKC says we wont take risk of this competition, he will be fine tomorrow. Ranawat comes and says whats wrong? I have a question. If i want ice and soda, who will take the order for it. till you people get the answer i shall smoke, he takes out a cigarette lits and leaves.

Randhir is hitting punching bag, he says everyone has made fun of college. Sanyu comes in and says can’t you see me or are you ignoring? he says dean and pkc are ignoring such important issue why can’t ignore you, now go. she says or will you punch me as well? Sanyu slips, randhir holds her. Peon is coming towards his room, randhir asks sanyu to hide. peon says to randhir dean has called dream team.

Dean says to dream team this is the list of international dream team association. they need signature of all members and mentor. You have to get abhay sign on it or you wont be able to participate. Sanyu says we don’t have another option.

sahil says he needs to guide himself. Randhir says to sanyu why did you take the form. sanyu says at least secure our place in the game. randhir says we wont accept him as out mentor. sanyu says lets us get selected first we will think about all that later. vidushi says bribe him with some cheap wine, his breath stinks. Abhay comes in with a spanner in hand. He says engineering is not to be studied it has to be learned. Without tools engineers are nothing. he throws away the spanner. He takes out his pack and drinks. he says sorry i didn’t ask you guys. He offers them. He says your brain wont work even after drinking, its not everyone’s cup of tea. he goes out laughing, randhir goes out at as well. Sanyu follows him. randhir says i can’t accept this drunk man as my mentor, sanyu says then what ? we should leave dream team? we have no other option. sanyu says until we dont get signatures you wont don anything weird. he says where are you going? she says i am going home. He says i wanted to eat ice cream. sanyu smiles, he says i wont get you. i will eat it and drop you home.

precap-sanyu says to ranawat we are dream team and you have mentor us. Please sign this form as mentor. he is sketching something.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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