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Sadda Haq 1st September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhir steps out. He sees kids of that school. sanyu wakes up it was her dream.
Sanyu wants to call him. Randhir says if i use parth’s phone and sanyu uses vid’s adda wont know. Randhir slides out parth’s phone from beneath his pillow. He calls on vid’s number. Sanyu picks it up. She says why did you call? He says relax i will be fine. We will meet up. Sanyu says i love you.

Randhir goes in corridor adda sees the screen blinking. she comes out as well. Sanyu is coming in his direction but stops when she sees adda. Adda asks randhir where are you going? He says to the class.
Randhir comes in lab. he looks works on different parts. Randhir makes a detector. He places it on his arm its blinks. Randhir says no. He says adda you. I will see how

will you track me. I will take this out. He looks at sanyu’s picture and says i will keep meeting you.
Randhir cuts his arm it bleeds he screams with pain. He takes out that tracker and faints.

Tania comes to vid and says why are you avoiding me? Tania says you cant afford expensive stuff. Don’t bet either. Vid gets a cal and the man says we need a model that has a built body. She looks at parth and says yes i have someone.
Sanyu says i have to meet randhir. Randhir is at her doorsteps. Sanyu says what happened to your hand? She locks the room and says sit here. Randhir did adda attack you?
She says i saw that dream. He says relax sit here. He says i am fine. He says i was right about it. She inserted this chip in my forearm. i have taken it out and put it in my room. Sanyu says you gave so much pain to yourself. he says but i had to meet you. Sanyu says i love you. He says i love you too. maybe she has inserted a chip in me too. he says possibly. Randhir comes with tracker they find it near sanyu’s neck. Randhir says this is so risky. He says you dont need to do this. This is enough to fool her. sanyu says we need to take it out. he says you dont have to bear the pain. sanyu says we are equal. he says no we are not. You are not going to do this. Randhir hugs her.

Sanyu takes sanyu to the library. he says what are you doing? adda can track you. Sanyu shows him her neck there is a bandage there. he says i asked you not to do this. you bear so much pain. sanyu says we will do everythin together. We dont have an idea to expose them. randhir says we will figure somethin out. Sanyu says i trust you. They come close and kiss each other.

sanyu hugs randhir is store and says we can meet now and she wont even know. Aren’t you happy? he says its very difficult to beat them. sanyu says we have to go to that meeting. Randhir says we will get info there. Sanyu says if i looked like adda we could do this.

rishap’s dad calls him. He says dont leave FITE like you left the school. Rishap says to randhir my dad called. Randhir says did you tell him you are still a kid? he says yes i am useless. I have heard that you even used to hate your gf. There was some ishita that you kissed and she died. Rishap says if you keeping bunking you will be out of college. Randhir grasps his collar. Parth says leave him randhir. whats wrong with both of you.

Precap-Randhir says to sanyu i have cracked that control, I can control anyone’s brain. I just need their DNA sample.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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