Sadda Haq 1st September 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 1st September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
sanyu drops a glass and She gets a cut samir says what you did sanyu. He asks someone to bring first aid. Samir asks kaustuki to take sanyu in and dress heh wound.

randhir comes in his room and faint. jiggy and parth try to get him up. Parth asks jiggy to bring water.

Engagement is done and samir’s family is leaving. agarwal says we’re sorry If there was any shortcoming. mrital says no we did a mistake by bringing that driver with us. Well forget everything now. Samir’s mom asks agarwal have you placed all the stuff in the bag? Agarwal says yeah. Samir says if you permit me uncle can i meet sanyu once. I’ve to talk to her. His dad says you don’t need permission now she’s ours. His mom says now you will permit people to meet her.Sany says

to kaustuki randhir is better inside. I thought his arrogance is his weakness. He shoved my dad how dare he. ankit has seen him in college what if he comes and asks me who is he? Kaustuki says close his chapter forever now. Sanyu says he always insulted me but i thought he’s weak. He’s alone but i won’t pardon him for what he has done today. I hate him. Its better he came here and showed his reality. I thought he loves me. Samir comes in and asks who loves you? Sanyu says i was talking about you. He says how? Sanyu says i feel sometimes you don’t love me. But now i’m sure you do. He says of course i do. Who else will. How is the cut now. Sanyu says better. He says take care of yourself you’re my sanyu i don’t want any wound on you. I’ve to leave now. I don’t want to but there are just few days left in wedding. And you kaustuki come in wedding too. There should be no excuse. Kaustuki says okay. He leaves.

Agarwal is sitting alone in tears. Maa comes to him. she gives him his medicine. He says my effort of these years everything is gone today. You just need one moment to lose all your respect. A guy hit me in public. What will people think about me. Maa says who cases about people. I’m glad that everyone handled it calmly. He says no one didi. Samir’s grand mom was taunting on me. I shouldn’t have intruded in that quarrel. I never wanted to be insulted in front of samir. Was there any reality in his words? Am i a bad dad? Don’t i love my sanyu. Sanyu comes and hugs him.

Scene 2
kaustuki is leaving. She says i’ll miss you a lot. Try if samir can let you rejoin the college. He loves you i think he’ll allow you. Sanyu says even if he allows i’ll never come to college. I don’t wanna face sanyu. Kaustuki says i will miss you a lot.

Kaustuki is in room. vidushi says i can’t find my book. Kaustuki says there must be someone like you in the college. Vidushi throws a chair in anger kaustuki does the same.

In the corridor randhir asks kaustuki did anythin happen last night ? Kaustuki says insulted her family. You shoved her dad in front of everyone. Do you think you’re some thug you can cancel anyone’s engagement. Sanyu hates you. Your friendship is over.

Sanyu comes downstairs. Maa asks why are you up so early? Sanyu says i just got up. Maa says i’ll bring you breakfast. Sanyu asks how is papa? She says he’s trying to calm himself but his heart is not at peace. He has gone out. He said he might feel good there. Sanyu is in lawn. She recalls last night. Randhir comes there. He says speak what you want. Hit me or call police. Listen to me once i’m here to apologise your dad. Agarwal is coming home. A neighbour meets him and congratulates him. He says i couldn’t come but i’ll come to wedding for sure. Randhir says i regret sanyu. Sanyu says but i won’t regret slapping you. Randhir says i want to say sorry to your dad. Sanyu says world doesn’t go with your mood. You insulted him and now here to apologise. He says i know my sorry isn’t going to do anything but give me one chance. Sanyu says i did a mistak by making you my friend. Now get lost my family threw you at road i will throw you at police station.

Precap-randhir says to agarwal please pardon me. Agarwal says your parents should apologise for giving birth to you. Randhir says stop it i’m here to apologise not to beg. Agarwal says you’re shouting at me in my house. Randhir says your family is cheap not mine. He shoves agarwal. Agarwal isn’t well. Sanyu says papa are you okay?<

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Smriti

    sanyukta – go, rot in hell!!! u r nothing but a self centered, manipulative, senseless girl!!!

    i hate u sanyukta i hv started hating u even more….. Randhir kitne decency se maafi maang rahaa tha… poor chap, he forgot ttly what happened the previous day. kaustuki se pooch rahaa thaa… this kaustuki – does she hv any right to adv Randhir, 1st it was Jiggy, now yoyo.

    precap – sanyu’s dad says RD’s parents shld ask for his forgiveness for what Randhir had done.. too much….sanyu u hv lost it completely……

      • Sashi

        To say frankly I will not leave that person but as we are talking about serial….Sanyu should do for certain limits she should not use word police,she should tell that I don’t want to talk with u and I am not even supporting either randhir or sanyu

  2. Deeksha

    oh god!! wat is happening?? how can sanyu behave like this..nw sanyu dad vl not b ok n sandhir fight starts again!! and I hate this Sameer soo much!! :O

  3. sunandha

    hell sanyu… what was that when she told Randhir get out from here..or else i wl hand u over to the police!!!???? Cvs pls rope in a new girl for RD pair them up as bffs, let sanyu feel jealous, break down……

  4. Natasha

    Sanyu should give him a chance to prove his luv!!
    Atleast she should think about sandher moments once!
    If she doesnt then she has seriously lost it!!

    • Mitlla

      No not at all if u want to watch,watch, if u don’t want to then don’t but pls don’t comment like this ms ily

      • anamika

        seriously, it is not boring, the right word is “disgusting”… i was never even this disgusted when sanyu and parth entered into eyelocks earlier…

  5. game changer

    yar ye sanyu k dad to bade hi wierd hai i mean wo bar bar rd k parents ko bura bol rahe hai is age me bhi zara si matuarity nahi un me… guyz i thought eveything. will be fine soon and spoilers r nt true. i was happy too bt aftr reading tom precap i think sanyus dad will suffer a hrtattack cuz of rd……

  6. game changer

    and yeah guyz guyz u wre rite vidhushi is far bettr then sanyu i mean she is ready to do anything for hr love parth even though he doesnt luv hr…i m nt saying that she should frgive him so easily as watevr he did was wrong bt atlst she should nt hate him like this

  7. game changer

    and yeah guyz guyz u wre rite
    vidhushi is far bettr then sanyu
    i mean she is ready to do
    anything for hr love parth even
    though he doesnt luv hr…i m nt
    saying that sanyu should frgive
    rd so easily as watevr he did
    was wrong bt atlst she should
    nt hate him like this

  8. nid

    Seriously…aaj ka epi dekh kr mood off ho gya,ab mera man nhi krta ye show dekhne ka..ab to zindagi gulzar hai 🙂 🙂 🙂 😀

  9. game changer

    guyz plz i m a sh fan….and itz my request do not stop watching diz show cuz of this phase guyz isse pehle jab show me parth aur sanyu k frndship ko hilight kiya ja raha tha tab bhi ye show boring lag raha bt kuch time k baad hi isme bahot se intrsting phased aye…so guyz keep watching i m sure soon there will be some intrstngs twist and yea abhi intr dt competn to baaki hai….

  10. game changer

    guyz sory for long comments….@DS @AN @AFA @Akshara @Meera @Shrox were r u all guyz????????????miss u all…..

  11. Sandhirian

    I just want a new girl for rd.. otherwise I just want him to be purana vala arrogent attitude vala Randhir… aga wo aisa gi raha to sab Randhirians koroj ronapadega use is halat me dekhke.. :'(

  12. this sanyu is too much atleast usse ek moka toh dethi !!! rd ne jaan poochke thodi na kiya tha aur yeh baath sayu ko bhi patha tha ki voh drunk tha aur sanyu ke papa ne bhi usse insult kiya tha phir kyu vo sanyu yeh sab drama kar rahi hai …

  13. Whooo ….police main fek dugni!! Waah kya lang use kiya hai iss ladki ne..!! She is juz gtng on my nrvs nw..ab iske dad ko hrt attck aayega gr8! Toh matlab aur hatered !! Vry nyc ..srsly speaking aftr watchng yestrdy episode der is only negative vibes all around me..!!! Y cvs cant make sanyukta to crave for randhir…y alwys randhir !!!!!!!!!! Itna dhuki koi bhi nai hai iss pure sadda haq ke shw main…poor randhir !!! Godd..nw randhir aftr dis divorce ka thng shld totally ignre sanyuktaa. !! Agar galti relize bhi hui usse..he shld take tym to frgv her..let her undrstd his valie dude cz dis is enough nw !!! Srsly speaking sanyukta hav bcme negative charactr for me aftr yestrdy episode..evn tdy…wht the hell wid dis kustuki ..khudke feelings damadol hai…sanyukta ko batayegi yeh kya sahi hai n kya galat gr8!! Des two girls r so so dumb…i juz hate thm !!! Itni hi fikar hai apne dad ki toh maanle na unki baat chodde eng…heart attack ke baad bbi colg aana hai usse .n morvr revenge bhi lena hai!! Aur broken randhir dekhne ko milega…m crying..m srsly crying for rd…hell frustrating!! Bye bye sadda haqq..jabtak yeh track khatam nai hota.m not gonna watch dis.!!

    • mrunmayi

      I hate u Sanyu…rd Itne Pyaar se Maafi mangne aya tha aur tumne Itne rudely Usse baat ki bechara rd kitnar hurt hua….all rds fans hate u….!!

  14. madhurima

    yesterday,today epi and tomorrow’s precape dekh kar DDLJ ka feelings araha hai.sanyu ke dad ek dam amresh puri hai, randhir raj hai or sanyu simran.kya bolte ho ,ekdam DDLJ bala sceen hai.lekin kuch sayad 3 idiots jaisa bhi hai, like amir karina.

  15. priyanka

    mere tarap se ek thappar kustuki ko, 2 thappar sanyukta ko or 3 thappar ankit agarwal ko.uski himmat kaise hui randhir ko marne ki. uski maa kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.

  16. Its so boring. I will not see any more.if sanyu did not change her behavior i wll not watch.itni bhi kya badi baat ho gayi jo sanyu itna hate karti hai.kya uske liye pyaar ka yehi value hai.she is so stupid.agar wo saacha pyar karti to itna gusa nahi karti.mere hisabse sanyu ko rd ko ek moka deni chahiye.sanyu ke papa ne rd ka ketna insult kiya. Kya wo sanyu ko nahi is so bad.

  17. riya

    sanyu jaise apni dad ki insult ki bajay se react kar rahi hai baise hi randhir ne bhi apni parents ki insult ki bajay se react its ok. kya sirf sanyu ko hi haq hai react karneki.rd nahi karsakta kya.rd ka react karna jayaj tha.sanyu ka dad dad or rd ka mom dad kuch nahi kya uske liye.normali agar hamare kisi dono apno me ghagra ho jaye to hame dono taraf kibaat hi sochte hai or confuse hojate hai ki kaya kare,kuki ham do no sehi pyaar karte hai,lekin ye sanyu to ek hi bar me apni papa ki side ho gayi.ese dekh kar to lagta hai sanyu ko pyaar hi nahi hai rd se . bo sirf khud se pyaar karti hai,she si so selfish.actually uski pyaar situational hai.jab uski dad or rd me baat ati hai to bo dad ko support karti hai lekin jab baat apni or dad ki bich ati hai to bo khud ki bare me soch ti hai.isliye hito FITE me ayi thi apni dad ki against ja kar.or kya bhai bahen ka rista hai uski ghatiya famili me. ek se barkar ek ghatiya log hai sanyu ki family me.koi pyaar nahi hai unme, sab ko apni hi pari hai.kya ghatiya soch or culture hai.ejucated and well civilized ho kar vi kitni lower class soch rakhte hai sanyu ke papa.

  18. Paranoid

    I thnk what sanyu did was perfctly reasonable. 4 a gal lyk her who lovd her dream more than anything c sacrificed her lyf’s dream 4 her father’s sake shows hw much she loves him. randhr sanyukta’s relation is in the budding phase. its just a little sapling but her love 4 her dad has grown into a big tree whose roots have gone deep down. n if sm1 tries 2 hurt her father she would b hurt..n givn her past record with randhr ths ws nt a shock. randhir is really arrogant. he shouldn’t have shovd her fathr. he should hv cntrolld himself. its ur lover’s engagement does nt means that u’ll get drunk atleast i dnt’ expect that 4m any sensible person n given that randhir is an intellegent guy i hadn’t expectd that frm him. Hatch a plan, do smething useful, try to cnvince, ye drunk hone se kya hoga.. n sanyukta ws the 1 jisne dosti ka hath badhaya tha. randhr ws his usual arrogant self then..

  19. nila

    Hey!!!! Listen everyone both Sanyu and Randhir are correct from their place or point of view …..and even our life is not always happy and prefer jab tak twist and turns nehi aayega tab tak maja bhi nehi aayega and pls chill everyone serial khatam nehi hu hi hai abhi bhahut kuch baaki hai
    Pls pls pls dont stop watching it its boring at all in fact ab jaayada majja ayyega jab Sandhir will fi8 and once again fall in luv enjoy it!!!!! Those who r planning to stop watching it I wanna tell them that ur not all a fan of Sadda haq as u guys only support and share happiness of the show not sadness ……..share it and support it everything will be fine and sandhir will get together soon
    Just wanna share one thing that saddahaqrox shared earlier i.e whn u get all the answers of ur questions in life god the question paper
    this something is happening in Sandhir life
    Sorry for long post

  20. nila

    Sorry few mistakes in above comment
    1- happy and perfect(nt prefer)
    2- not at all (I wrote at all)
    3- god changes the question

  21. sunandha

    sanyu did not have the basic manners….. hamaare yahaan, bin bulaaye mehmaan ko bhi ijjath se treat karte hai… hamaari paramparaa hai…. that is our way… lekin sanyu… she does not deserve even mocking now…. i know ultimately it is going 2 b sandir, but i do not want RD to go down any further for her…. nope!!!

  22. game changer

    guyz sandhir k dono kiss wale scene me i obsrvd one thing k pehle kiss to randhir ne kiya lekin bahot hi lightly kiss kiya bt sanyu kissed him back passionatly…….

    • Sanyukta the blo*dy b*t*h doesn’t deserve RD’s true love infact she doesn’tdeserve anybody’s true love.She only deserves that chhachhunder,hypocrate,good for nothing,blo*dy sameer who is just like his father aur jo uske gale me patta dal ke kutiye ki tarah nachaye….

      • And CVS ne to sach me had kar di hai.
        Itne bullshit turns ke 2 hi reasons ho sakte hai first, Ya to CVS abhi tak Sanyukta ke character ko justify nahi kar pa rahe hai.and the last bt nt the least that humne CVS se kuch jyada hi ummid kar li thi.

  23. saddahaqrox

    please,if u do not like it then u r free to vent out ur feelings here,but do not use bad words plz. mai yahaan gyaan nahi de rahi hu, just understand my point of view.
    ok,all that apart,here r sum ppl I wanna name:
    @nila- I agree with u more than whole heartedly. yesterday,even I said I wont watch this shw any mor,but cudnt control……..n u r absolutely right about the quote,though I don’t remember-when did I post that???
    @sunanda-first of all,i love ur name,di!(didi bcoz me n AN r the youngest here,so every1 else has to be didi) n there ABSOLUTELY has to be a girls entry,one that wud send sanyu going green with envy!

    ok now,ACHU,WHERE R U??????????? miss u !

    I know I havnt updated the ff for,like , years but plzzzz do not lose interest! I m posting the lst part presently…

  24. saddahaqrox

    last part-this may turn out to be shorter than a drabble…

    And so,our angry birds turned luv birds are busy comforting each ther, while vardhaan n nihaarika maam find traces of their own past in them.
    but life has to go on
    sorry guyz,computer battery is low. will continue in the afternoon…..

  25. game changer

    are ye chomu ka chapter kab end hoga…..seriuisly guyz i have nevr seen such a irritating character evr

    • I hv a free advise fr CVS that ye week engagement special tha waise hi next week sanyu and us idiot sameet ka marraige special episode talecast karo.Ye episode to maine miss kar bt I promise I’ll surely watch dat epi wid a HUGE SMILE ON MY FACE…TRUST ME!!

  26. riya

    randhir love sanyukta so much so I can’t hate sanyukta.Q ki sanyu ko hate karna matlab rd ke pyaar ko hate karna,randhir ki khushi sanyu ke sath kitna khush hota hai sanyu ke sath .so new girl entry is not just a solution,isse sab kuch or vi complicated ho jaye ga. main to sirf yehi bolungi ke sanyukta ki mind change ho jaye or rd and sanyu ke beech sab thik ho jaye.but bo situation ko over react kar rahi hai ye baat sahi hai.use arpita se kuch sikhna chahiye that what is love.baise apni feelings ko bhi samajh nahi pati agar bardhan sir use nahi samjhate to. kiu hai sanyukta aysi.

  27. saddahaqrox

    but life has to go on
    so randhir found solace in kiggy marriage prep. sanyu, who was in the bathroom,heard jiggy souting out to rd frm outside the door of their room. she replies tht rd isn’t in the room.jiggy goes off. after she emerges frm there
    rd: tumse kisne kahaan ki me room me nahi tha?
    sanyu:mujhe lagaa tum nahi the. mai kya aankhein bathroom ke bahaar chod ke aai thi?
    rseeing that rd looked very down cast,she decided to cheer him up by telling im a news she had bin waiting to tell him at the right moment
    sanyu: vaise rd,tumhe ab udaas nahi, kush hona chahiye.
    rd:aca. tumne aise kaunse insaan ko dekha hai jo apne mom ki death pe khush hota ahi?
    sanyu:mom ke death pe kush hone ke liye kisne kahaan? khush toh tum meri baat sunke hoge!
    rd:kaisi baat?
    sanyu:itne aasani se toh nahi bataaungi. Pehle apana ye dikhi-dukhi look hatao aur smile karo
    rd:acha baba lo. khush?(smiles)
    sanyu:ha. toh suno-ham ab do se teen banana waale hai!
    sanyu:offo! itna bhi nahi samajhe?
    rd:nahi. koi mehmaan aane waale hain kya?
    sanyu:kuch aisa hi.
    rd:acha! kab?
    sanyu: 9 months ke baad
    rd: ????
    sanyu:arrey mere sweet innocent husband,iska matlab hai ki I m pregnant!
    rd stands there in shock,not able to register what snyu had just told him
    rd: sach me! u r serious!
    sanyu:ha,baba haan!
    rd:this is the best news I hv ever heard in my life!
    sanyu: bola tha na! chalo,ab jaao,jiggy tumhe bulaa raha tha
    suddenly kaustuki calls out to sanyu
    kaust:sanyu! kya tum andar ho! dekho naa,ye hairstyle mujhse nahi ho rahi!
    sanyu:chalo! randhir,tum jaao jiggy ke pas,mai dekhti hu ke hamaare miss india ko kya ho gaya
    they go off. It being a marriage house,they hardly had time for any mor eyelocks that day. at night:
    sanyu n rd r in their room,preparing to go to sleep. rd is lying on the bed,reading a magazine while snyu is combing her hair. suddenly,rd pulls her on the bed n she faals on top of him
    sanu:ye kya kar rahe ho? kangi tumhe lag jaati toh?(brandishing the comb)
    rd:kitni fikar hai tumhe meri!
    sanyu:haan,woh to hai. Tumhe bhi toh meri utni hi fikar hai na!
    rd:haan.(caressing her stomach) aur ab toh tum dono ko khush rakhne ki responsibility meri hi hai!
    sanyu gives a quick peck on hi cheeks,turns off the lights and wishes him good night.

    there. that’s d end of the story. Aur iss baar koi toh ispe cmmnt karna! I need to know ke kisine story padh bhi yameri mehnat waste thi!
    this one is dedicated to all the dedicated readers,on dedicated readers,and the entire cast n crew of sadda haq.

  28. Ranyukta

    anamika i agree with u .. Ye CV s sanyu ke charcter ko judge nahi kar pa rahe hai… Pahle bhi jab randhir ke kuch na kahne par bhi sanyu vardhan sor ke samne apne aap ko genius dikhane ki koshish karti thi na tabbhi mai yahi sochti thi ke ye sanyu ke character ko judge nahi kar pa rahe hai…

  29. sc

    hi, i m new.and i am also watch this show.this so is become much terribble and boring in few days. thanks to all for giving their opinion in favour of rd.who is innocecent.

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