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Sadda Haq 1st October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ranawat says come back on your marks. You have 10 seconds less now. The timer starts, sanyu and randhir start working on cars. Parth says only 1 minutes is left. Sanyu says sir randhir’s weight is coming down there is something wrong. Ranawat says sdon’t waste time. Sanyu says sir please do something. ranawat says focus on task. Sanyu starts working on her car. She sits in the car. It starts. sanyu says randhir hurry up. Randhir is working. Randhir recalls saying he will be the driver. The weight falls on randhir. SAnyu saves him. Everyone is shocked. Sanyu asks are you okay? Everyone asks are you okay? Ranawat says i think she.. he needs stretcher. Ranawat says keep your mouth shut. Everyone taunts at randhir that sanyu saved his life.

PKC says abhay you said weight

wont fall on them. Ranawat says i designed it myself. This is not possible. Ranwat goes out and checks. Ranawat says i checked it myself. PKC says this how you checked. this is not acceptable. Ranawat says someone tempered it. He says who could do this?

Scene 2
Next morning, randhir comes to his room. He says I am safe because of sanyu. Should i be happy that she is gf that she risked her life for me or should i be mad that i needed her to save me. He changes his clothes. Rishab changes his shirt with a pink bow shirt. Randhir wears it without noticing. Rishab and some guys laugh at him. Rishab says i think you are realized your gf is much stronger than you. He has changed a lot in one day. Randhir looks at his shirts and takes it off. He says to rishab i am warning you last time. I know you did this. rishab says yes i did. But you can wear it, it suits you. Rishab says randhir come on grow up. You have accepted that you are a loser. Randhir tries to hit him but rishab saves himself. He says you can’t do anything randhir. I think after wedding sanyu will work and you will do house chores. Rishab runs. Rishab uploads randhir’s pictures in the same shirt.

The team is in lab. Rishab says this is what you think it is. this is for dream team driver. We formed dream team few months ago. We have chosen the best from FITE. Something happened that shouldn’t have. We had two best candidates. I am glad they are both fine. If someone asks me do i have two best candidates for driver and co-driver. I will say who they are. Randhir intelligent, edge strong, and aggressive. Sanyu says intelligent and focused. I have decided that dream team driver competition is won by sanyu. He gives her the helmet. Everyone claps for sanyu. Ranawat says who you choose as you co-driver? sanyu says randdhir. He came to the end and he and I have the bond driver and co-driver should have. Everyone congratulates randhir and sanyu. Randhir leaves after a while.

Everyone sees randhir’s bow shirt pictures and make fun of him. Randhir starts hitting them. Ranawat comes and says stop it randhir. When will you understand your behavior. Sanyu says i am sure they have provoked her. He just lost a task. Randhir says you don’t need to talk on my behalf. I can do it myself. Stop being my mom.
Ranawat says to Sanyu why i feel like you have chosen your bf instead of co-driver. Your co-driver should be your strength not weakness. Don’t make me regret my decision. This is the big thing.

Precap-Sanyu asks Parth where is randhir? Parth says he is asleep. Ranawat comes and asks where is randhir? Sanyu says he is asleep because he was making report all night. Parth says i will teach him later. Ranawat says this is not a movie. Sanyu goes and wakes randhir up with water.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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