Sadda Haq 1st March 2016 Written Episode Update


Sadda Haq 1st March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu comes in room. Aryan says what happened? She says I can’t do this. Aryna says what? She says no matter how much I try Nirman wont think I am deserving. He says tell me what happened exactly? Sanyu tells him everything. Aryan says you will stay in team. i will talk to him. Sanyu says he wont change his decision. He holds her hand and says you are the most deserving person here. He will have to take you in his team. Sanyu says you are right I shouldn’t give up this soon. Nirman doesn’t think
i am deserving. Now i will do double hardwork. I will make myself so strong that his taunt and torture wont do anything to my focus. I will get on the team anyhow I promise. Aryan says thats my sanyu.

Sanyu is in her room. Sanaya comes in. sanyu says hi, she says hi

back. Sanaya says do you need it? sanyu says no thanks. Saanyu says actually I wanted to say.. Sanaya says its all right. that was past. I know it was quite unexpected. Everyone has a past. Its all right. Sanyu says trust me its over. She says I trust you. I wont have told anyone right. Its past. sanyu says thank you so much for understanding. I was thinking.. how will I talk to you. Sanaya says peace. Now tell me am I mature? People keep telling me I am not. Now I should go, sheikho will keep calling me. She says in heart sanyu must know and maybe better than me. She says in hear this is past.

Randhir is weight lifting. Someone comes and helps him. randhir says thanks yaar. Its parth. randhir is dazed. He hugs him. Randhir says what are you doing here? Randhir says I was missing you. I have a job in American firm. Randhir says congrats. Parth says I want to meet everyone before leaving. You, sanyu. I was asking sanyu.. Randhir says I don’t want to talk about her. Sanaya says I knew sheikho I will find you here. How many girls you want? Randhir says meet parth, my closest friend in college. Sanaya says finally I got to know he had friends. I am glad you were with him. Roommate? Didn’t he bore you? Parth says he troubled me in beginning. Randhir says this is sanaya. My.. Sanaya says partner in crime. We have special bond. Do you wanna stand here? Parth says I will see you later. Sanaya says you will come with us. Sheikho is taking me somewhere. Parth says I have to meet someone else. Sanaya says okay bye. Parth sees them talking.

Parth stops sanyu. Sanyu says what are you doing here? She hugs him. She says why didn’t you tell before coming? He says I wanted to surprise. You would have started planning if I had told you. This time I thought I should surprise you and randhir. Sanyu says you me and aryan is here too. Lets lunch with him. Aryan comes there. She says look aryan who is here. Aryan says hi parth how are you? Parth says better. Sanyu says lets go lunch somewhere. Aryan says in heart I dont want to get together with your friends. Aryan says i have some important plan. Parth says I have some last minute works too. Parth says shopping. He says I will stay here tonight, lets dinner tonight. Aryan gets a call. Sanyu adn randhir walk past each other. Parth says in heart they belong to each other. I have to do somethig.

Randhir and parth are dining together Randhir says you should have invited sanaya too. Randhir sees sanyu. Parth says what? Why are you both looking at me like this? Come sit. Randhir says you said we are going dinner. Like old times. sanyu says I have to do some work. Parth says I am leaving. Please take some time out for me.
He says randhir please. He says come. They all sit. The food is served. Parth says try Chinese. he says do you remmeber college canteen? We used to eat like idiots there.
Parth says come on guys what are you saying? Randhir leaves his food and goes from there. Parth says please listen but he doesn’t. Sanyuu says I am sorry your dinner is spoiled. I will make up for it but my and randhir’s chapter is closed. I know you came here to relive old memories. We have forgotten everything, you should too. Just let it go. He says you both used to make noodles at night. When your machine was burnt you were so worried. He keeps talking, both of them are silent. Parth says what is wrong with both of you? do you even remember. Randhir says how can we forget team and selfish team mates. Sanyu leaves the food. Parth says what are you saying. sanyu says I remember and I realized those four years, some people are mere self obsessed. they are kinds in their imaginary world.
Sanaya is eating ice cream with Randhir. She says you ditched your old friend for me? I can’t believe this. He says okay if you doubt then I am going to office. She says no wait. Eat this ice cream. He says thanks I don’t want it. She says no eat it please. Its on his nose. Sanaya laughs. she says I am really sorry. she coughs. randhir says you okay? Let me bring water. she says I am fine. Sanaya cleans his nose and says smile. He places his head in her lap. Parth sees them and smiles.

Aryan comes to sanyu and gives her a coffee. It has a note I know you will succeed I am with you. Parth sees them together. sanyu says thanks. I thought you would be mad. I went for dinner and randhir was there as well. He says I was angry, but not at you but on my ownself. He says in heart I love you so much. He says when it comes to you, heart takes over my mind. sanyu says I.. He holds her hand and says you don’t have to say a thing. I can’t doubt at you. Parth says in heart they look happy in their lives but I still want them together.

Precap-Sanyu hears cats voice and gets scared. Joy says it was a tone. Sanyu laughs randhir smiles as well. Sanaya sees them. Sanaya says to randhir nirman tortures sanyu so much still she is so desperate. randhir says i don’t know why destiny brought her here. I was happy in my life.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Suranjana Bhattacharya

    I was right..vidarth’s entry ws a temporary one….
    No expectations frm ths show now..
    But 1thng nobody knws nvr know sandhir like vidarth..thy complement sandhir in thr different ways..
    I wl miss vidarth n my old SaddaHaq

    1. Hey dont lose hope. I think the CV wont let Parth go so easily coz if they do that they will lose a lot of fans and will get low trp for the show. Hope they wont do the same mistack again. Im a big fan of VidArth so i too want Parth and Vids in the show. Lets hope the CV will get some senses and will get VidArth back in the show.

  2. Wow today was one of the best epis of S2 coz Parth was in it. Im also a little sad coz i want VidArth to be a part of mission mars too and i want them both in IRSC. I hope the CVs will bring VidArth again in the show coz without them the show is not the same. All this new actors werent able the creat the same magic as the old cast did.
    I donno why i feel that the CVs will transform Shanaya in a crazy jelouse and obssesiv girl just like they did with Aryan coz lets face it Aryan is kind of psyco. In todays epi when he saw Parth he reacted in a wired manner and also the same happen with Shanaya if u see the precap.
    I want Parth and Vids to be a part of the show and bring SanDhir together and i also want VidArth to be a couple again.
    If the CVs will not bring VidArth back im afraid they will loose a lot of fans including me. I really hope they make the story in such a way that VidArth will be a part of the show and will be in ISRC and we will get scenes of them in every epi. I dont want to see them only once in amoth coz the CVs decide to bring them only to rise the trp. It will be a smart decision if the CVs will bring VidArth in the show for good. If they want the trp to rise they have to bring back VidArth and even Yoyo. I dont mind if this new actors stay in the show as well but if SanDhir and VidArth wont be present in the show in evry epi im afraid the show will close down due to low trp coz they are the soul of the show.

  3. like sanyu aryan randhir parth and not like sanaya , i hate vidhushi,nirman. other are not in my concern.

  4. Yeeyyy im so glad to see Parth again in the show. This episode where Parth was seen so much and the other episode where Vids was seen in almost every scene of the episode were the best episodes of season 2 and also the epi where SanDhir met after 2 years was very nice. I hope the cv will bring VidArth in ISRC and will start showing more scenes of Parth and Vids coz if not they ll lose all the fans of the show. Im so bored with all this new actors coz they cant match the emotions and the magic that was created by the old cast. I want to see more scenes of SanDhir & VidArth and also scenes between SaRth and VidHir and also scenes between SanVi and PaRan and i want Yoyo and Tania back as well. These ppl were the best their bonding made the show a totall succes. Yeah we can see scenes between this new actors as well but without SanDhir and VidArth its not the same. Hope the cv will not make the same mistack again and they ll get VidArth back in the show.

  5. Randhir… u mean u were happy without sanyu rly?……………

  6. I want parth to stay!!!!!

    1. M 2 dear he will stay..its just his plan to bring these 2 togdr

      1. Suranjana Bhattacharya

        Hi r u saying this??as far i knw parth hs got a job in american firm..n he cm fr only 1dy

      2. Cz they kn trps wil. be,down if prth advice said it will tke tm will not hpn immediately… they will create enthu curio n suspicionas…

  7. I hope Sanyu and aryan together forever , i hope that parth not create any problems in sanarya’s life they are happy live alone. Please. ………..

  8. So sweet of you aryan

  9. Hi everyone. Parth is such a Darling he wants to reunite sandhir I jst luved that

    1. Hiiii 🙂 yeah i also love Parth a lot. I hope he will stay in the show coz if not the fans will quite watching it at least i will.

      1. I luved the moment when parth said in heart that u both r meant for each other and I want u back. Awwww I was soo nyc of him

      2. Yup it was awesome to see Parth back and i also want Vids back coz i just love her crazy character.

  10. Ashwini koul is great job in sadda haq

  11. Guys but aryan and sanyu look cute and he loves her a lot and cares for her a lot

    1. yes. i agree with u. i want aryan and sanyu to be together forever.

  12. Plss makers plss bring back the old sandhir….nd parth also…i miss the old sadda haq…i dnt lyk that sanaya with randhir or aryan with sanyu….nd bring back yo yo also….major missing…i dnt like the new team…plss keep parth nd vidushi nd bring back the old sandhir or else u will lose the fans

    1. Agree with u 100%

  13. Aryan is a Mr. perfect. Can do any thing for sanyu. They both are just alike. But that is too boring. Always opposite pole attracts and same pole repels. Randhir and sanyu always fights but if they started to love each other then they will love each other to the extend. Now the situation is not in their hands, but as the time passes they will come together coz that’s the decision of destiny. So who ever support sanyu and Aryan I am sorry but it will never happen if u all watch this show with the expectation of sanaryan’s union then pls stop watching the show. Its a sandhir show and will remain a sandhir show only.

    1. Totally agree with u….well said dear.

  14. but nothing better than sandhir. they are made for each other. and yes s2 is not so good like s1 . yes aryan love sanyu but cant replace randhir. sandhir… they fight, they argue, they hate each other, they compete, …. but at last they forget everything and start loving that is the best part of sadda huq. even when they are in fighting mood they save each other from any problem and start fighting again….ha ha ha

  15. Parth will unite sandhir. i gt info tht vidhushi wil unte sandhir. i thnk vidharth 2gthr mke sandhir. it tkes sme b patnt nd cul…

  16. seasn 2 wl b a big fght btwn randhir nd aryan for sanyukta. thy wl soon shw vidhir nd sarth fshp. parth nd vidhushi wl remain in s2 thy wnt leave d shw.

    1. Thanks for the info dear…i hope it will be true coz i love VidArth a lot and i want them back and SanDhir as well. I also want to see SaRth and VidHir friendship and also SanVi and PaRan bonding.

    2. Suranjana Bhattacharya

      Hi shreya…I dont think it will happen..btw where did u get ths info. ?

  17. Where. Is karina

  18. Love to see you sanyukta and aryan always

    1. M N or whtvr u r plz dnt spread ngtvty n sandhir r bst aryan snyu r frnds so aryukta is nt possible

  19. heloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sd friends

    hey sanaki shreyu karu suru richu , anu

    and all sd friends how r u all.

    looks like some one is also continuing heloooooooooooooooo vishal

    guys seriously want to die after watching this promo


    bas nikal hi gaye the

    iss seen ko dekhkar


    aansu re . …………………………………… kab se taras gaye the rd ko aise dekhne ke liye

    rd staring sanyu and sanaya staring rd

    check this link guyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    finally it happeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

    Love u all

    1. Helo nisha nice to meet u

  20. and They are truly made for each other.

    NO matter people came in their life.

    But still his heart beat for her.

    uffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff I am loving it.

    Love u all friendssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.

    keep smiling

    miss u pataka karu

    love u suru

    keep smiling

    once a friend always a friend.


    Yes yes yes parth is back with a bang make once again bloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom in sandhir’s life.

    and make our lover boy back on the road .


    love u all

  22. I know that sandhir is best but only season 1, season 2 sanaryan’s is best , and show abhi start huaa h dhire dhire habit me aajaega phir sanarya pasand aane lag jaiga , just chill and keep watch sadda haq my life my choice season 2.

  23. And sanaryan is possible ever

    1. Yeah u can say that sanaryan is a small posibility to happen but i dont think the CV will be so dumb to make it happen coz they will loose all the fans of the show and the show will close coz of low trp. Lets face it Sadda Haq got its title for best youth show 2 years in a row just coz of its powerfull msg to the youngsters AND coz of sandhir chemistry and vidarth and yoyo crazy and loveble scenes. No offence but S2 couldnt match the succes of S1 just coz the CVs were dumb enough to replace all the actors from S1 except sandhir. And all this new entries couldnt get the viewers interest not even Aryan and thats why the show got low trp and now the CVs started to bring the old cast again especially Vidarth coz they finally understood that without Sandhir & Vidarth the show isnt the same.

  24. Sanyukta rathor

    I want is show at mon to Saturday

    1. Suranjana Bhattacharya

      Welcome here…glad to have you here

  25. Sanyukta rathor

    Hi guys i am new here

  26. Suranjana Bhattacharya

    Yeah..completely agree with rania…SaddaHaq season 1 ws a huge success not only fr its concept bt the unprecedented popularity of sandhir and vidarth….sandhir were the leads n thy gained fame..vidarth fr their chemistry n popularity bcm parallel leads
    but in Season 2 trps r extremely low jst bcz of ths newentries including aryan…
    Thats why now thy r showing sandhir n abt vidarth creatives knws bt thr fandom is definitely losing hope n result trp fall
    but ths week trp wl surely rise due2 temporary vidarth cmbck..

  27. Sanyukta rathor

    Thnk suranjana nice to meet you

    1. U nd. MN r the same person rit…we cnsee it. So it seems u r nt New here.anyways hi n welcm
      N sada haq is abt. Randhir snyukta..randhir iz,also lead aryukta is nt possible

  28. Those who want Aryukta or Saryan whatever even the names don’t even match Sandhir, Vidhir, Sarth can keep dreaming. The day CVs hook Aryan with Sanyukta that will be the end of Sadda Haq
    The honest truth is that Sanyukta maybe the lead protagonist but 70% viewers don’t connect with her and as for Aryan I’m sure this fans of his are coming from WH, they are just 5%. RD hold Sadda Haq without him the show will end and without RD only 35% will watch it and that’s not enough for a show to go on..

  29. And Vidarth are needed coz they play a very important role in Sandhir’s life. Sandhir without Vidarh will be incomplete!

  30. Don’t care about all these things
    just want Aryan And Sanyukta to be pared …♡♡
    don’t know why but just love them

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