Sadda Haq 1st June 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 1st June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu plays the recording. Lights turn off randhir is in front of sanyyu. He says I can’t believe that I haven’t seen Sanyu in 30 days. I haven’t rested my head in her lap. She is far away from me. Randhir says I am trying too hard to gather courage to apologize. I can’t. My heart asks me to call you and apologize. I don’t know why ego comes in between. Do you feel the same? Do you dial my number and cut the call? I thought I would look at your picture but then I realized I deserve to be alone but when I breathe I love you. Please come back. Lights turn on. The recording is over. Randhir says it kills me when I realize the reason behind your tears is me. So much happened since I was a child. It is my fault that I couldn’t keep our relationship alive. What

happened with Parth was an accident. But its too late but trust me, hating you is easier than missing you. You know we both think our opinion is strong. We are not wrong for each other we are just different from each other. I know how much I love and miss you. Every day. I mean it. I think about you every second. He screams and says I don’t know what to do. Please help me. Please come back in my life. Lights turn on. Randhir is not there. Sanyu cries and says I was so wrong. Randhir always loved me. Why didn’t you tell me? Why did this happen? why it happened in our lives?
Recording continues.. Randhir says there was a time when I wanted to kik you out of FITE. I reject job offers but I can’t work without. You made me a better person and your love brought out best in me. Thank you so much for that. In her imagination.. He takes her hand and hugs her.
He says I tested a car and I failed but I was happy. I am like a zombie without you. I love you. Sanyu says I love you too. I am very sorry. I should have talked. She says I am sorry.. Aryan says sanyu? Why are you saying sorry? and why are you crying? sanyu says the sorry I should have said way before. I will tell you everything but I have to go now.
Aryan sees the recording. He says I am sorry i am not spying on you but I need to know why it made you cry? He listens the recording and gets mad.

Scene 2
Aryan comes to Sanaya and says whats going on? I know what you are listening too.. Randhir’s voice notes. SAnaya says how you know? Aryan says whats important is that sanyu realizes what a loser randhir is. She says I don’t know what you are talking about. Aryan says I know randhir is your friend but I didn’t know you are so shallow. I traced those voice notes and realized they were created two days ago. You took files from randhir and delivered them to sanyu. Master stroke. You did this because she was confessing to me? Now think what sanyu will think when she gets to know the reality. SAnaya says please listen to me.. He says what? Sanaya says wait a minute.
She makes him listen voice recording.. Randhir says sanyu I couldn’t forget you.. She says please listen.. Sanaya says randhir was crying. I know the way he is doing is wrong. These recordings he might have made lately but his feelings are not fake. Aryan says shut up. Stop troubling sanyu. Sanaya says I won’t let you go please listen to me. Please don’t do this to randhir. Aryan says enough is enough you and randhir get out of her life. I don’t want any trouble in her life. Stay away. He leaves.

Randhir comes in Nirman’s office. He says I want to talk to you. Randhir says sure sir. Nirman says have a seat. You should have a glance on these documents. Its rnadhir’s recordings. Nirman says can you tell me what this is? Do you still love her? and if its not what is it for? You have just one option admit that you love sanyu. If you try to trick me you are out of here. Randhir says I hate sanyu. Nirman says you think she doesn’t deserve this? Her being in team is problematic? Randhir says yes. Nirmans says you have a chance to kick her out. Her Ms is fake you just have to release it and kick her out. I need an answer whether you would do it or not. Anything else? Randhir says no and leaves.
Aryan has heard all this.

SAnaya says to randhir sanyu will commit to aryan when she gets to know. Randhir says let her do what she wants. SAnaya says what you want? Randhir says nothing is wrong with me. SAnaya says you can’t give up. He will tell sanyu. randhir says let sanyu what she wants. SAnaya says you can’t give up. Randhir says I have lost everything. I have lost from aryan. Sanaya says I know the truth that you love sanyu. that was all true. I know when you and when you don’t. All the emotions in them were real. Randhir says don’t follow me I am going. I will kick sanyu out and you will all know that I don’t love her. Sanaya wonders what nirman has said.

Precap-Randhir comes to lab. Sanyu says in heart randhir.. Randhir says in heart sanyu.. She says why are you ignoring me.. randhir says in heart wish I could tell you how muh I love you. But the condition nirman gave me..

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. mukti

    hiiii fnrdsssss i m sooo evythng is sorted cz dhruv is with meeee…ab muje sirf mom ke ath bethna haiii….n he will bring food fruits medicines n all other worksss..i m so tireddd bt now no tensionnnnn…..u know na frnds we girls cant go everywhre i mean ya we cando all thngs but still some restrictions are there…bt now my dhruv is backkkkkkkkk so now i will only sit with mom n shanti se sleepp…
    n guys i m sory mainee jadaa hi bola i was very stressed bt u all are so niceee frnds..ur like true frndsss…lvuuuuu somuchhhhhhhhh….

    thnxx frnds…karuu howru??????raj brother mom is fine dear…n now dhruv is there he is like my brother helping meee..
    n sadda haq rocksss its cz of sh i got such cuteee frndssss
    mayu shenu aishuuu shivu karuu rajjuuuuu aluuu sanyuuu n afcrse princesss dear i lv u too..n ya dia dear howru????

    • Sheena

      Oh mukti!! U seem to be happy after such a long time!! I’m glad to see u like this …stay happy always!! πŸ˜€ N ur mom is fine now? Good…she will soon recover n bless u πŸ™‚
      N mukti, its fine, u can share anything with us, no need to say sorry..luv u n tc

      N dhruv bro, u r THE BEST !!! such a caring frnd u r…

    • Mayuri

      It’s soooo goooooooddd dear mukuuuuuu !!!!!!!
      I m soo soo happy for u muku and Bhai u r very reliable … I m very proud and happy that I ever met such a nice person ….
      Where is revu … Revu missing u come soon ..
      Now muku it’s good that everything is fine now and everything is sorted out Between u and dhruv …. Dear yeah I agree there r some restrictions for girls for true I don’t like these but it’s fine after all we r bound by society ….

      Now muku u chilll and take care of your mom and sit with her … Don’t leave her and have some fun…. And take care πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚
      I m so happy for u πŸ™‚

    • Aaliya (Aalu)

      Hiiiiiiii mukkuuu….. Feeling nice dear ki tum khush hoo….. Ab se Vai ko bandhke rakhna apne sath….dnt let him go anywhere!!!!! ???


    So it was only dream but i hope sanyu goes and confess her love for randhir and randhir confess his love for sanyu and rest go to hell …..

  3. kirty

    I love this serial, I love it, now I m going to take admission in b. Tech
    I was inspired by this show, how a grl face to many problems and still she is survived…..

  4. Why only rd suffers every time .such a pure love story it is please cv’s don’t make him suffer so much and unite sandhir as soon as possible and aryan finally showed his real colors he just want to have sanyu anyhow he had truly loved her them instead of getting mad on sanya he must have left her or helped sanya but no he is just selfish obsessed machine who want to get her anyhow even nirman is better than him
    And really this show is gonna immortalized in our hearts because of fabulous performance of parsh , ankit,nisha,price,chirag,hommering ,krip suri and all the cast of season one and two except ashwini who is the worst actor I had ever seen

    • dipshikha

      Wat d creative of serial r doing , just unite sandhir as only some epi r left n I want full sandhir scene no complications in their life .plz

  5. Ajivika

    I really don’t understand this show…. Till last week it seemed that Randhir is a villain n now suddenly he has again become hero of the show…. I mean cvs can show anything…. Rd has done so much wrong wid sanyu but just one voice note n Sanyu again loves Rd n nt aryan… mtlb kuch bhi…?

  6. Mayuri

    Hey guys …
    Bad news for aryukta fan and a good news for sandhir fan ….
    It’s sandhir in last because all the pics posted in fb by SH … There is no pic of ashwini aka aryan … That means he left the show which directly resulted that aryukta won’t be there …

    It’s sandhir

    Now what is happening suddenly that much change … Suddenly everything just changed … Randhir became a hero and now everything will be about sandhir … It’s good let’s see what gonna happen next πŸ™‚

  7. mehak

    oh god what is happening. god plz unite aryukta and let sanyukta know randhir is fake . plz plz

  8. Leanna

    This show is now some kinda crazy-mad-phsyco-confusing-but-attractive-drama-attractive…
    Phew…..I’m sure viewers are very massively screwed

  9. Ena

    Sanyu pagal hai keya!
    She is a confusing now!
    aur kitna roop dekhayagi yea ladki!
    She has fallen for rd suddenly?? and that toooo bcz of a voice note!
    ??kill me

  10. Ena

    Ashwini is not a bad actor..some of us are really immature…Ok,i have a crush.but it doesn’t mean that i should abuse others… my choice is the best,but only for me…it cannot be the best for others and it’s natural… we shouldn’t hurt others because of’s high time,we need to be mature? ridiculous!if i m uncomfortable with an actor,i should abuse him with the character name…not with his real name..IT’S A COMMON SENSE AND MANNER… i have both??…
    coming back to episode;
    “good epi” i haven’t written these words for such a long time??
    yrr don’t confuse us.Sanyu can’t change her heart soo soon…that to,on the base of A voice note..and RD became so good suddenly! majak hai keya

  11. yogiraj

    NT again…nirman plz stop dis..u js unite sandhir see their unity ‘ll easily acchive ur mars mission..:);))
    it’s gud everything is Fyn here…..
    it’s last month of s.h guys it’s June..make it memorable..

  12. anjali

    I really don’t like the way Aryan reacted today… I mean so selfish… He himself seen sanyu was taking Randhirs name when she was unconscious… Who is he to tell someone to stay away from sanyu… What he want??? Whatever happens sanyu should confess him??? Even if she loves Randhir… I hate this… If he really loves her then he will make sanyu and her love unite… He have to accept the fact instead of behaving mad and angry…

  13. chetan

    bkwas show ho gya h.ek voice note ki vjh se sanyu bdl gyi..or jo aryan n kia wo???.i total agree wid ajivika,…sanyu to bs rd ke hi chipkegi chahe wo uske sth kch bi kre…sanyu dnt deserve aryan.. πŸ™

  14. Rochelle

    I am so happy for Sandhir!! They have finally realised that they love each other so much!! Sometimes I get confused whose side to take, Aryan or Randhir, but now I am final with my decision! And that’s Randhir!!!!!!!!!! Live with that guy who makes u feel special and treats u out-of-the-box!

  15. dhruv

    hii aishu nup i m not angry..actualy i was little busy dear thts y i didnt read al coments..thats it..n dnt say sory dear..n ya i was busy with only 1 girl.hahaaha..tht girls’s parents devorced n she is in depresion so i was with her bt our mukuuu……
    n ya shenu mayuu…oh dnt praise me so much..i get shhyyy…hahahahahahaha..

    • thank god …dhruv bhai u r not angry.
      oh ! u r helping that girl. Thats so sweet of u. U helped mukti also.
      securitywala sootha ha kya?? usa kaha do ki achaa sa kaam karo, nahi tho eth na acha bacha ko koye uttalaga, churalaga. πŸ˜‰ dhruv bai u the best

  16. Every body has their on way of judging an actor it’s a democracy any one can say anything about actors,cricketers and even politicians they don’t like this is not their immaturity this is their claim on their freedom of choice restricting someone in name of manners will be asking them to pretend .and this teenage is only for all this being mad about crushes based on looks,attitude or achievements whether of real world or virtual world and lovingly mocking those who are disliked and if at young age we will be mannered and sober and what will we do at old age .this the age of being loud, stubborn, rude. irresponsible,moody ,careless and carefree .mind need to think before speaking heart never thinks before displaying its feelings

  17. mukti

    Some are saying that sanyu changed cz of the voice note n fall in love..its not that…sanyu alwzz loved randhir bt she was confused..n abt aryan he is such a selfish jerrkk..true lover will never do this…
    n i agree with rochelle yes live with a guy who makes u feel special n who really lovves u n is not just a obssesive jerk..
    rd is alwz there for sanyuu n loves her a lottt n can do anythng for her….life patnr rd jaisa hona chahiye.he is bestttt

    • anjali

      i agree with u mukti… sanyu doesnt changed after hearing voice note… she always loved rd… she was not sure about aryan… it was all misunderstandings.. aryan’s selfish behavior is clear now.. sanaya was so scared by aryans madness…

  18. mukti

    respect people who find time for you in their busy schedulde….
    but love people who never look at their schedulde when you need them…[rit dhruv dear]
    gn frndss.lvu all..

  19. Aaliya (Aalu)

    Hi frndsss……

    Yarr I love nirmannn…??? randhir ne firse jhut bola!!!! Uska voice msgs sunke mujhe v bura laga rd k liye but Tht voice msgs were fake!!!! These were not recorded in past…. Plsss Aryan…. Tell sanyu all these deeds of Rd!!!!!

    Yaa,,, Rd is changing a little a bit…. Bt he wl nevr change totally!!!! He told Nirman tht sanyu is not appropriate fr being lead astronaut……

    Plsss ARYUKTA!!!! East or west Aryan is the best….. ????????

  20. Aaliya (Aalu)

    Good morning guys……. Hey AISHU..,where r u dear????? Regular comment krne wali Aishu kha gayeb he????

    • hi aalu…. 2day thoda late hogaye. Busy thi… But now i am free… N i agree with wht u said….

    • Aaliya (Aalu)

      No princella….. He will hurt her again…… He realises his faults fr o while bt ultimately he shows his actual character……. Aryan is the best choice fr sanyukta……

  21. Ena

    A few time ago someone said “i will fight for my choice,blah blah blah”..claimed that we abused her crush,we can’t do that blah blah blah.maybe now the weather has been changed. and even now someone is right. i m also a teenage.i m 18? so i can be loud,i can shout…here i go

    hey param ji,u r too mean.i m just not liking uh.i mean ur character,totally hell.u turn hero in a second,again villain in half second.hve sme s.r ?

    (nobody will dare to say anything to me.because i m a teenage and it’s my judgement. i m just following ur rules✌✌)

    • Character is designed by creatives and blaming an actor for portraying a negative role is senseless but everyone one has his own way of judging according to their judgmental skills .if you are hating his bad side then it itself is testimony to the fact that he is so much perfect that with his acting he can make anybody love his positive side and hate his negative side .it’s better to be a versatile actor then being expressionless actor .THE PARAM SINGH has portrayed every emotion in this show perfectly but some actor in this show only have blank expressions or
      Vampire like looks with funny hairstyles then they’ll be definitely gonna bashed .but still what can be done if people may like them also let them

      • shreya

        In someones opinion param is good n ashwni is bad…n his/her opinion is only his/her which depends on your mental in his/her head it is that some actors have blank expresions n bla bla…
        oh gosh some people are blind fools wht can be done if they like them let them..

      • Ena

        Kush,now m loving ur opinion.. i told d same but indirectly… my moral was blame Aryan but don’t blame Ash like this. he is good… I don’t like fights and i can’t hate anyone like this.. maybe dats why i used short forms on my comment? nd let’s not fight as we will be here only for a few days…i was angry nd gave those reactions..but i found some peoples true face…i thought they r sweet,nice…but actually they were double faced.i don’t like kush much but she is straight forward…
        i didn’t know yaha pe ittnnnniii sari fake faces hai

  22. Mahal garam hai,again!yr r r,we human being r 2 much selfish!jab apni bari aati hai thn we becme adviser!aur dusro ki time par. . .forgt it!m a peace lover:-P
    bakwas epi!pata nei kab khatam hoga yea cnfsng chapter!if it’s sandhir thn unite thm na!we r sadda haq lvrs!we will still watch that show!but plz stop this jerk and for god’s sake,dnt ruin aryan like u did with rd%-)

  23. Honey

    What nirman sir has said and why rd is not confessing his love to sanyukta because of the condition imposed by nirman. I couldn’t understand

  24. Mayuri

    So many new commentors… Where r u all …
    Sheenu , nishu , karu , sanyu (get well soon) , aalu , aishu , richu(get well soon dear) , shreyu ,dhruv , dhruva , muku , shivu , and others

    Where u guys r πŸ™‚

  25. Sheena

    Hi guys!!! Sorry, i was studying so cldn’t comment… How r u all?
    Revu, dhruv bro, mukti, piku, maddy, karu, nishu, aalu, Dr.dhruv, aishu, sanyu, shivu, bk, raj, vishal, aastha,appu, rochelle, dia, anu, princess

    Dhruv bro, where is revu? Why isn’t she commenting?

    Mukti!! How is ur mom now? I hope she is recovering.

    Hiii shivu dear!!! U r so sweet!! U invited us to ur b’day!! Aww! Thank u for the invitation dear!
    Hey anu! How is richu now?
    Hey sanyu! How r u now? Take care.
    Aastha…where r u? How is ur leg now? N how was ur exam?

  26. vrushika

    param is the worst actor and randhir is the worst character…he is a fakerr…making voice notes..only fakers are like fakerss…shame on himmm…aryan is bestt….randhir is worstttn randhir is pschycooo..totaly mentallll…..param is a fool taking such a sh1 he was not pschyco…bt nowww rd is antque piece…param aka rNDHIR SUCKSSS

    • Aaliya (Aalu)

      Hey vrushu!!!!! Commenting after a long time!!!!!! I’m fine.., hw r u dear??????

      And yaaa…. Rd is fake….. He can’t tolerate sanyu’s happiness!!!!! Whn I heard his voice notes,,,, I also felt fr him….bt whn I cme to know tht it was jst a game to win,,,, I jst hate Rd….. Though he loves sanyu!!!!! ,,, bt sanyu can nevr live happily wit him as jst lov is nt the main thing of life!!!!! respect values a lot!!!

  27. Sia

    No guys Rd is really changing and ?at the end Rd and sanyu will unite so……sandhir forever…..the recording was not the old one but Rd is really sorry about what he has done…. And guys param only told at end only sandhir scene…. So happy…????

  28. Sia

    Vrushika yrr it’s OK that u don’t like Rd because his character was like angry young man type but now he is not like that and param y u hate him he is doing his acting fantastic…. Sorry if I hurt your feelings…

  29. Amazing epiii….my SANDHIR?? is gonna rock the show….n for HATERS plzz yaar go n get a life??? n all SANDHIRIANSSS??????

  30. ashlesha

    celebrity crushes people are bind lovers frnds…but reality is randhir suckss n param is soo sooooo bakwass…
    aryan is best and an established actor no one can match himm..param is newbiee…n people will frgt him aftr 7 8 months,…bt ashwini koul rockssssss

  31. shivani

    those teenagers who are not mature n bash people or talk rudely remain like tht till they are old…n today most of tenagers are smart n mature and does not bash people..
    i see tht 2 3 weeks back a boy bashed mukti di n said u insulted me n bla bla bt she is so mature tht she reported of such i see now again some popl r doing this…means their mental prblm is there…

  32. sanaya …. She is luv guru, Dr. Luv .. Oh really….??!!! oh god uski problem kya ha??? hamasha aryukta beech ma aathi ha…
    sanya u like rd, ha na?? tho ussa shadhi karlo…. sadaa sumagali rahoo…. Apna rd pati ka saath kush rahoo….

    • Aaliya (Aalu)

      Right AISHU…. Us sanaya ko 4-5 thappad lagane ka man kr raha hay!!!! Useless girl!!!!!

  33. dhruv

    i agree with kushagra this useless machine showed his true colurs… n saying real love?????he is not even obsessive he is a pschyco mental machine..fake expresions….if he had loved sanyu he had not reacted like a mental machine…ohh gosh aryan is worst character in the show..the way he looks speaks walks only shows he is a robot and nathng else…n ya we talked bad abt aryan doesnot show we are immature n we can say anythng abt aryan if we want…right for expression….we live in india still some dont know abt indian constitution…

  34. dhruv

    i agree with u kushagra u explained param’s acting in a perfct way..he is fabb he is the heart of show..n he was never a villian he is alwz hero n a machine was nvr hero n can never be…Machines are only used to show how great hero is…

  35. SANDHIR rocks

    Hi !!!! To Everyone .this is my 1st comment. I love sadda haq very much especially SANDHIR rocks,they look so cute. Waiting for them to get unite….

  36. Sheena

    Revuuu!!! Where r u? Dhruv bro? Pls tell na where is revu? Have u asked her not to comment due to security reasons????? Pls reply naa….!

    N nishu, karu, liya?? U all r also not coming?

  37. when i hr RD’s voice notes , i feel sooo sad, mera mann pigal gayaa…i was like ‘oh wow Ethna pyar…!’
    but look wht i got … Dhokaa.. hum 2 din pahalaka voice sunaka muja ullu banaya aur rd ko bata maza ayaa… Oof….. kati….@ RD…

  38. vrushika

    sia dear i dnt thnk i shd tell u y i hate him..i mean its my opinion y r ueven interfering..dnt get me wrong but u r no one to ask me

  39. aryan cant bear its. Tell me who will…
    sab mil ka sanyu ko hurt kiya.. Voice note sunaka rulaya…
    thats why he got angry. according 2 me aryan ko sanya ko thapat marna chaheya, but mera aryan not did it. He is my good boy, ladki pa haath nahi utatha.

  40. revuu

    Hiiii frnddsssss
    1st of all shenuuu diii i msory i was in forest hahhaa i mean in western ghats with my cousins forrr picnic..n so i couldnt reply to uu dii.i told dhruv bhai bt he isss soo busyy with himself that he didnt reply uu…howruuu diii???????
    n ya i did lot of funnnn there typical indian forest.i loved ittt.n we slept in tentsss…ohh it was so nice i thouhgt i would live there for rest of my life..
    hii mayu shivuuu budayyyy i wil come with lots of giftssss for uuuu dearrrr….
    karu di nishu di whre r u both????n liyu di also….
    hii princess dear howru?
    oh asihu di wht are u saying nisha and cousins??????which nisha?????our????i m confuseddd….
    lvvuuu guys tccc

    • Sheena

      Hiii revu!!! Oh u were wandering in the forests?? Nice yr!! I also love visiting the forests for trecking n all!! N i loveeee sleeping in tents!! I thought u r upset thats why u r not commenting…but i’m so glad to see u back!! Luv u dear!

  41. Sia

    Pls if u don’t like him then it’s OK but don’t comment bad about him…..he is the best…?

    • revuu

      hey dear everyone has rit to comnt whtevr thy want..n ya i undrstand u like param..i m also fan of param but we cant say someone to stop comnting whtvr thy want…everyone has a rit…n anyone can comment bad abt any character..u cant say this to anyone..dnt get me wrong..

  42. Sia

    I’m not interfering dear yaa I know it’s your opinion I’m just saying param is doing his acting as Rd who is rude and angry….I hope u understand… I don’t want to fight with u…!!

    • vrushika

      i too dnt wnaa fight dear…u just said dnt tlk bad abt him n y u dnt like so i replied dear..n ya fighting for aryan n rd..never dear..we are frndss..but revu is absolutely rit

  43. Sia

    Revuu I understand u I also what to share one thing about Aryan he so irritating he doesn’t love sanju the way he behave with other us just like? and I hate him…

  44. Sia

    Aryan can never understood sanyu only Rd can…..and maybe on Twitter I have seen that param and harshita in real life also understand each other so well

  45. Sia’s just a show we should not fight….so dear don’t take it personally…. I just gave my opinion…. Sorry if I hurt anyone

  46. sadda haq

    hhahahaahahaha 2yrs before tu was best n now look at u people..soo broinggg..
    kushagra and ena are fighting like kids..
    cold war between sia and vrushika
    love affair between shena and revati
    2 shivanis one crying one fighting…
    love birds aishu and dhruv
    yogiraj the peacemaker
    mukti princcess the cat fighters…
    aliya the crush of aryan
    nisha karina liya are some absent persons…

    • Sheena

      Haha!! U know us so well…hmm…looks like u’ve been following us for quite sometime huh!! Aww such a sweet fan u are…but sorry dear..we cant give u our autograph coz we dont share any of our info with unknown ppl…n r u a coward? Coz u didn’t even mention ur name..n yaa we all r like brothers n sisters so we all love love each other… Aishu n dhruv r like bro n sis …revu n i r also besties…so yaa we love each other…r u feeling left out?
      Bye “jabra fan”…keep following us!!

    • hi SH, we r boring?oh really!!?

      luv birds????
      he is my bhai. Ghar pa maa bahan nahi ha kya.

      n as u said we r a combo of everything n i think its more entertaining than daily drama. Ha na SH?oh plz sach math chupavoo.

    • Mayuri

      Ohhh!! Thanks a lot we didn’t knew we have fans … Thanks a lot and where we r famous people r there who say negative but the brain lies what we understand … So I take it as a compliment … Ohh!! It’s good that u didn’t mention me πŸ™‚ .
      And our shivani isn’t crying she is just explaining and mukti and princess cat fighters .. Very well said both have cuteness but when it comes to protect ourselves and others they can be as good as cat which can give u scar for your life and never underestimate them …

      Sheena and revati both r like sisters so yes there is a love between sisters which u never understand .
      Aishu and dhruv r like brother and sis so there is no doubt that they both love each other as a bro and sis …

      And if u think it was very interesting before 2 years then why did u leave why did u go .. Why huh … And now u r commenting here to bash us …
      Sorry we can’t give u our important time and appointment for it πŸ™‚

  47. Egde Black

    I think Param is one of the finest television actor, its not easy to emote your emotions so easily in front of camera and Param do it with utmost perfection. He is a master of expressions, in each scene his eyes say so much about his emotions that you could get easily connected to him. No one in the show could beat his acting skills especially in emotional scenes……I dont know about others but i do feel his pain when he brings out his emotional side…i feel sad for him when he cry…i feel angry when he does some stupid things to hurt sanyukta…i feel happy when he makes sanyukta happy and I just LOVE when sandhir are together because their chemistry are par excellence….and I know why I could feel such thing….. because Param portray Randhir with such honesty.
    I am not offending anyone just putting my views….

  48. dhruv

    heloo frnds…howru al? hi shena mayu aishu revu dhruv yogiraj mukti princess n all..
    ok aishu i will directly write ffs n afcrse u all can chat on it..

  49. Radhika

    Hey guys, I like Rd but making a fake voice note is not so cool. If he wanted to show his feeling then there are other ways too.and about Aryan’s reaction, I think he got mad because that voice note was fake and he thought they want to hurt her. But all these are too confusing. Please help me understand this.
    And about sanyu’s feeling, it never changer, she always loved Rd.

  50. abi

    Param is a good actor… His acting is too good… He very well knows how to express his feelings through eyes… Some people hate Rd because param portraying that character very well.. I can feel Randhirs emotions when he cry, when he gets angry,when he become romantic every thing… That’s the power of good acting skills.. Param is such a good actor… We true sandhir fans will always love him no matter what haters says…

  51. Param was best and will remain and those who are hating him do to his character are actually show their appreciation towards his real like acting and those are abusing him by using not so decent words are showing their rich vocab with such a honourable words .To all those who doubt about his fan following then search about a trend which recently happened on Twitter of kaintrandhir and even see his fan following .do you sadda haq season first show of PARAM was best youth show without ashwini and hardly anyone would have known about show named warrior high which ultimately shows the difference not even this theor are numerous fans of PARAM who had watched parvarish for only for his scenes .they had watched each and every add of him .one can see wattpad also in which their are numerous sandhir ff but not a single aryukta ff not even in india forums which is a good smash on people who are abusing legendary actor like PARAM

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.