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Sadda Haq 1st June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhir comes to the village and asks a man if they have seen a girl. He says yes she was looking for a man. randhir says what did you tell her? he says i said i dont know this man. randhir tries to look for her in the GPS. Randir finds sanyu and says what are you doing here? She says i came here to take ranawat with me and i will take. randhir says its not your college people are dangerous here. sanyu says i wont go. she sees ranawat.

Parth sees Vidushi playing basketball with Vidushi. Parth comes and starts hitting namit. Vidushi says stop it parth you are neither my dad nor my bf. do you love me? you dont have an answer dont interfere in my life unless you have one. she leaves. namit says to parth keep your emotions and hands under control.

sanyu says i saw ranawat.

randhir says stop doing this here. sanyu says he is concealin from us. he says i didn’t see anyone. and why would he hide from you? this is a dangerous place keep a low profile. ranawat sees them and leaves. sanyu says why are you saying this? he says dont you watch news? this place is dangerous, sanyu says you help me with finding him and then we will leave. he says okay fine, sanyu says lets go.

Vidushi is dancing she recalls how parth broke up with her, she is in tears. She recalls what she said to him lately. The song ‘paas aye’ plays. She falls down parth comes and holds her. He dances with her. Parth says you wanted to know my answer, here it is.. Vidushi i love you. He is about to kiss her, then she realizes it was her dream. She sits there in tears.

Ranawat goes to a shop and asks for more drink. Raghini’s brothers come. they say you are the same people from that college right? they came in our village and standing in front of us. randhir says we didnt know this is your village. The guy says yes we will mess with you. another says i think they want to get another girl from here. Sanyu says we want to take our professor from here. They grasps randhir by collar and start hitting him. Ranawat comes and says leavee them. He says to raghini’s brother are you a thug here? i am the most renowned thug here. they are my students and they come to look for me. Do you have another question? they leave.
sanyu says sir please.. Ranawat says are you idiot? what were you doing here? sanyu says cme with us we need you. ranawat says i am not coming there, to hell with your team. randhir says we dont need him either. Ranawat turns back and says the way you use brain, yu can’t do anything with your team. Nobody on this planet can save you losers. sanyu says you can. He says i am not doing there, its final. now go back there. right now.

sanyu and randhir sit in a restaurant, randhir says drink water. he makes her drink. randhir says lets go or we will miss the bus. sanyu says what? randhir says we have to go. sanyu says i will convince him. randhir says he doesn’t even care. sanyu says he will. He says stop it or i will take you, he is about to pick her up. sanyu shives him and says your brain, i wont go without him He says okay go to hell. He takes his big and leaves.
Some men come and say girl and at this time, alone. Randhir says she will know when she is in trouble. The men come and sit with sanyu. sanyu says i am sitting here cann;t you see. He says now we are sitting here. The man says anything can happen to a lady alone, we are here dont worry. sanyu says i can take care of myself, get lost now. The man says we are attending the guest and she is doing this to us. the man says i dont wanna go from here. sanyu stands up and starts walking, the chase her and keep sneering. sanyu stops.

No Precap

Update Credit to: Atiba

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