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Sadda Haq 1st July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
At night, SAnyu says is there less tension and Randhir is actign weird too. Visushi says as you know second year is over and forms were being distributiung for third year. I got two fro you both. she gives one to Kaustuki and says oh sanyu you are going to get married. What would you do with this form. Kaustuki syas for the first time you did something for other lets not spoil this. Vidushi says I was just saying that she will be married now. This form is useless.

There Randhir thinks sanyu is about to get wed. Will she fill the form for third year or will she leave the college.
Sanyu in her room is filling the form. Vidushi sauys sanyu its good to see that youn brought books for third year. If you don’t studty then I will borrow these books. Kaustuki says why don’t

you leave her alone. Vidushi says people are so selfish here. They can’t let others use things when they are not using themselves.

Sanyu gets a call from SAmir. She says hi Samir. Samir asks are you mad at me ? You must not be. I apologized. She says no I am n ot. He says yes I want to see smile on your face. Oyur engagement is to be done. Once the arrangements are started we won’t get time that’s why I wanna meet you tomorrow. SHe says why should we meet I am coming tomorrow? He syas you forgot that I told you we will do all the things a gf and bf do before engagement. I wanna move forward from friendship and that will happen at tomorrow’s date. SAnyu says what difference will it make ? He says I will pick you up from FITE at 9 tomorrow. Randhir is outside her room.
Samir ther says I like the girl but I will keep her like the way I want.
Kaustuki gives her the form and says I have filled it.Just sign it. She hugs sanyu. Randhir is looking in. Then he leaves.

Randhir is going out. Vradhan stops him. He asks where are you going ? He says I was suffocating in the room so I am going get some fresh air. HE says congrats for wiining. Randhir says what ? He says you forgot the competition. Sanyu has won it as a captain. Now sANyu won’t be here for third year. She is your competition. She has got this chance to be the captain you will get amny in third year s as she is leaving. But I don’t know will you be able to live those challenges or not. You enjoyed defeating her more than winning it for yourself. Whom will you compete now ? Randhir says good night sir. Vardhan says what you mean by that ? WHere is your fire ? Are you changing ? He says solve this question. He handsover him the chalk and leave. Randhir starts solving the question. Vardhan stops at the door and looks at him. He says suffocation is inside you rAndhir not in your room. Randhir solves the question.

Scene 2
SAnyu says I will take five minutes SAmir, on a call. She stops and looks at the solved question. sHe takes the chalk and goes throw the solved part. Randhir comes there too. He remembers back when she was solving the question on first day. HE says I wash things were like that today. He goes to sanyu. SANyu says why you left everything in the mid. You just solved two lines and left it. He says I won’t have come forward. I will solve it in 30 seconds. They both start solving it. Sanyu says in heart that this is the last competition between us. He says I am done. Sanyu says I did it first. SAnyu says you had done two lines before as well. He says you never accept your defeat just like that first day.SAnyu says I tol you that I will make my place here and look we finished it together today. He says in heart and you are leaving after making the place.
She says oh you always grab my time and she leaves. SHe goes out and says sorry to SAmir. They leave for the date.

Samir says I told you don’t be late. She says I was.. He says you are still not ready. You hair are wet. She starst biding them. Randhir is there too. He syas no leave it you look better with them. Sanyu says you were pointing that out.
Samir says I am over possessive about you. I love you with my heart. I wanna give you all that a house wife I mean a wife should get in a happy couple. I love with all my heart.
Randhir is quite jealous. She says there is something is my eyes. SMAir says lete me look. He picks it out. He comes closer to sanyu. Randhir can’t control his emotions.

Sanyu stands up. SAmir says sorry I can’t control my love whenever I am with you. Don’t mind. Sit down. You know why I called you here today. I wanna give you something. He takes out a locket. He says this will look so good on you. After all its my choice. Randhir says in heart what are you doing herec ? The girl you are looking at and you thought that only you have the right over her she is going to be someone else’s. You have no right in her. Samir makes her wear the locket and kisses her forehead. He says this is my right at least I love you.

Scene 3
Randhir enters his room. he is so angry. He starts throwing away the things. HE says I used to think wrong. I have no right over. And why should I have ? You are nothing to me ? You are going to be someone else’s ? Why you have to marry someone else ?
SAmir drops Sanyu back. She goes out of the car. Samir says I feel bad that our last date is going to end but I am happy tahtw e will en engaged and after that you will be mine forever. he is about to kiss her she says its too late. Its the last day of college as well. He holds her hand and says I don’t wanna let you go but we are meeting tomorrow. I love you so much, you know that. He kissed her hand. She leaves.
There Randhir is crying in his room. SAnyu is not feeling good either.

Precap-Sanyu says tell me why you called me here ? What you wanna sort out ? he takes her hand. SANyu says what are you doing ? Leave my hand. He is trying to take the ring out of her hand. Sanyu says you’re hurting me.
PKC says the award goes to sanyu. Where is she ? Randir looks for her everywhere. HE sees her going with her stuff in the parking.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Plz upload pics

  2. yes plzz upload the pics!!

  3. nice update 🙂

  4. Plz upload pics na!!!!

  5. Wow today’s episode is nice that last episodes ♥

  6. Wow♡ today’s episode is nice than last episode’s ♥

  7. Param Singh Bhatia u simply rock!!! what expressions – frustation, anger, u portray all emotions so finely… Acting is in your blood dude…..

    Samir, WTH??? he says 1-4-3, he kissed her twice and yes i forgot the flying kiss…. ttl 3!!! DD, what twist hv u to stop sanyu’s marriage?

    1. Marriage ??????????????abhi tak engagement bhi nahi hui hai

  8. Aysha ashura

    God! param was mindblowng!this guy maks me fall for him in evry epi!

    1. agreed!!!

  9. read in fb that PSB got injured while shooting for tdys episode – He breaks the glass door of his room while entering…. he is alright now…

  10. oof o I m getting so much frustrate…. randhir just broke sanyu’s marriage n beat the f**k of sameer :@ don’t let this engagement happen!!!! :>

    1. no filthy words pls!! all sandhirians (including myself..) r having their fingers crossed as to whether Sanyus engagement wl b stopped or not!

      1. engagement se kya hota hai …Dilwaale to apni Dulhaniya phir bhi leke jaayenge ….
        lets all enjoy engagement

      2. @ absent – enjoy?? will our handsome hero enjoy??? bechara!

    2. aree Smriti … tera hero sirf handsome hi nahi balki bahut samajhdaar bhi hai …
      Thoda trust kar uspe …aane de Sanyukta ko uske pichhe pichhe …
      and as I said Dulhaniya to tera handsome hero hi leke jaane waala hai

      1. mera!!! I ♥♥♥ it….. yipeeeee…

  11. Very nice epi,plz randhir tell sanyu that u luv her so much,ur happiness is with sanyu,i can’t see u crying

  12. cutie pie Param wow kyaa acting skills yaar!!! Param, you are awesome… ♡u…
    U have a great future ahead.

    Vardhan sir, aapke baare me kya kahe? aap jaisa mentor sabko mile.. ummmm, interesting, very interesting…

  13. Good…very good..
    Atleast he got the realization of losing her…. The emptiness will drive him crazy;
    I am happy w/ the storyline … now I just want to see Sanyukta’s engagement happening…
    Samir did a good job …I would like more twists and turns in third year…
    Director should not rush into bringing Randhir to Sanyukta’s engagement and break it w/ his immature behavior….
    Let her REALIZE, VALUE AND RESPECT his feelings … which is VERY IMPORATANT any relationship….otherwise.. Randhir ki feelings Sanyukta ke liye ek mazaak ban ke rahe jaaye gi …
    She does not even understand his importance in her life yet…
    Let this engagement happen …Randhir should start avoiding her …Stop giving her importance … then she will realize

    Love should be mutual … its a feeling.. Not the PRESSURE
    She does not even understand how to react to Samir’s kisses…on hand ,. on forehead .. etc etc
    She is still not into any feelings.. How will she understand Randhir at this time?….
    Forget this …She couldn’t even answer when Kaustuki asked her can she have feelings for 2 boys at once …she is still IMMATURE, UNKNOWN to these feelings …
    Let her enter into this confused world of LOVE which make person crazy, jealous, angry, go out of way to get the other person’s attention….
    Randhir got these emotions after enmity.. Jealousy.. Caring and finally having a feeling of falling for her … Let Sanyukta go through these…
    we have 2 more years to go ….more mechanics to see … more devices to witness ….
    Director should not rush into LOVE and all at this point…
    I like the precap where Randhir is breaking all his relations w/ her by taking the ring out.. Good Move Director …

    1. laajawaab ideas hai!!! khaash aisa ho! ek suggestion – aap khud ek mechinal engg. student ho naa??? why don’t u write to DD ( [email protected] ) abt them??

  14. I totally agree wid u….sanyukta shld undrstd rd ka feeling ..i hope aisa hi kuch ho..

  15. Are sameer gadhe ko show se hatoa and sanyu sirf randhir. Ki hai and remove dis sammeer chapter from serial else the people will stop watching it

  16. bechara randhir he could’nt stand it seeing them together(well….. to say the truth i too could’nt stant it)
    sameer plz its a humble request, plz stand 10 feet away from her !!!!
    but sandhir is cute, awsome,perfect,excellent,best,good,lovable,fantastic,bloomerastic,elastic,bumblastic,oustanding,great,beautiful,sizzling,ect ect in other words i luv sandhir,sadda haq and vardhan sir

  17. well.watevr happens from here, ek cjeez to pkki hai . randhir ki jo feelings develop hui hai sanyu ke liye, we pointless nhi ho skti. so i only know one thingFROM THE BEGINNING TILL THE END,. IT WAS , IT IS AND WILL ALWAYS BE SANDHIR. I LOVE THAT COUPLE. o

  18. randheer are just lovable yaaaaaaaaaaaaaar……………………..

  19. randheer you are just lovable yaaaaaaaaaar !all the time……
    your greatest lover

  20. Randhir and Sanyukta should get married

  21. saamir naam k isss chomu ko koi toh laath maar do….

  22. may be aisa ho ki sameer and sanyu ki engagement ho jaane ke baad randhir sanyu ko ignore karne lage and also sameer ko kisi bussiness work ke karan 1yr ke liye abroad jaana ho and then he permits sanyu to study more and then in the meanwhile sanyu realises randhirs importance in her life……….

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