Sadda Haq 1st January 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 1st January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kunwar welcomes everyone. He says we will show you season 1 gossips and sneak peaks of season 2. Lets call Randhir and Sanyu.
Kunwar says I am very happy about reliving season 1. This journey has become amazing. Harshita says great. Kunwar says Sanyu is an engineer as well. Knuwar says you must have felt like you are back in college. Harshita says I learned more engineering here in two years more than my college.
Kunwar says param you? param says I was a genius I made all the innovations. Harshita says I did them too. See on the screen.

Scene: Sanyu rides her cycle that produces energy. Parth I knew you would find a solution. Sanyu says we had different speeds, I now connected them and they are in sync now. Parth says you have done it. Its working now. Vardhan says good

job. Dream team wont disolve now. This is commendable.
Another scene: Sanyu placed a fan on well for the women of village.

Kunwar says to param what are you favorite innovations? Param says we made a drone for malaria. We made a stick for walking patients. Kunwar says make me a money making machine. Param says we will do it don’t worry.
Kunwar says lets see what randhir made.

Scene: Randhir made chimney and told villagers they can get it working with pedal of a cycle.
Another scene: Jiggy cracked the code. Sanyu tests the walking stick. Sanyu hugs randhir and says I am so happy. Randhir says me too.
Another scene: randhir flies the drone.

Kunwar says I have special fans today. Kunwar welcomes two guests. The girl says all our friends watched this show. The guy says our non engineering friends called us boring. Param says is there something going on between you two? the girl says no. Param says do you do tasks like us? The girl says no I we dont do that much tasks. Harshita says let me talk. Param says he no please don’t talk.
Kunwar says its time to take selfie. They take selfie with guests. Param takes spectacle from the guy.

Sanyu says if your turn a fan on after days its slow. It is because the capacitor is not okay. Take all wings out of the fan. You need to remember where black and grey wires are attached. She takes out the capacitor and replaces it with a new one.
Kunwar says engineering is not a piece of cake.
Well this is kunwar signing off.

PrecapKunwar says we have special fans. Sanyu adn radnhir form team. They play pull rope. –

Update Credit to: Atiba

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