Sadda Haq 1st December 2015 Written Episode Update


Sadda Haq 1st December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vid says to Parth my life with ankit will be so perfect. You cant even imagine. he says what is not gonna happen, why would i think of it. She says we are made of it. parth says invite us over your ankit’s place. She says why would i prove it? He says i knew you wont. vid says fine, bring everyone and see how much we love each other.

Parth says to everyone I just provoked her. She has invited us all over dinner. sanyu says yaay thank you so much parth. SAnyu says i hope everything gets settled between randhir and papa.
sanyu looks at anju’s photo and says i wanna patch up with bhai and papa, like a family. Vid comes to room talking on call. Sanyu says the dinner would be so much fun. Vid says get ready. I will get ready too. Sanyu gets ready.
Parth says

randhir you are behaving like your wedding is today. Everything will be okay. He says you dont know sanyu’s dad. Sanyu comes in. Parth says decide his clothes. Sanyu says so excited to meet papa? She helps him select a shirt. Randhir wears it, he comes to kiss. Sanyu hugs instead. He says everything will be okay. I will be in control. Yoyo says lets go. Your father in law is waiting for you with a gun.

Vid comes home. She says did you talk to your dad? he says yes. Ankit says give me a kiss, she kisses his cheek. Vid opens the door. They all come in. Sanyu says please randhir you have to impress papa.
Ankit says vid you didn’t tell me they are coming. And Randhir? I didn’t know about him. Papa would be mad. sanyu says don’t be mad. they wanted to come. Ankit says what would papa feel? Vid says you will handle that i know. I wanted to spend these moments with my friends.

Yoyo says to parth vid has made all this, ask her to taste it. Agarwa comes in. he is dazed to see all of them. Ankit says her family couldn’t come so she invited her friends over. Agarwal sees randhir and goes back to his room in anger. Vid says sit down he will be fine. Yoyo says lets start eating.
Parth says I and yoyo have to go. There is some emergency. Ankit brings agarwal. He asks where are them both? Vid says they had to go.
Agarwal is serious. Sanyu says randhir likes this daal like you. Agarwal says wow they eat it too. I thought only civilized people do. Randhir goes out in anger. He says he has been taunting too much. I told you it was useless to meet your dad. He will always be stubborn. Agarwal overhears him saying all this.
He says you came to my place and smoking in front of me. This is what your parents have taught you. Sanyu comes. Agarwal says see there is no shame in his eyes. sanyuu says please forget the past, he is our guest. Vid has made food for us. We have to respect it. We will talk about all this later. She takes randhir in as well.
They continue eating. Agarwal says the food is good, but it tastes bitter after seeing some faces. sanyu says papa I and randhir want to get married. Agarwal and ankit are dazed. sanyu says i know you have not forgotten past. We love each other. Pleas try to forget the past. I didn’t want to hurt you. Agarwal says you dont care about my will. sanyu says we need your blessings. Agarwal says are his parents ready? Randhir says i dont care about them. agarwal says he doesn’t care about his parents and you wanna marry him. Ankit says enough sanyu. Why you wanna ruin our life. randhir says you cant talk to her like this. Ankit says she is my sister, randhir says and she is my wife to be and i cant let you disrespect her.

Precap-Sanyu says to vid these are my jewelry. Vid says agarwal gave it to me. Sanyu says but they are mine. Vid says I am like his daughter too. sanyu tells randhir. he says i will go with you when you go to talk to your dad.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I just dont get it why they have to portrait Vidushi as a villain…im so angry right now. I really love vidarth and the CVs are just ruining vidarth’s magic…i really hope they wont marry Vids with ankit coz that ll be just wrong.

  2. Aggarwall and Ankit will never change…poor sandhir they ll have to go through a lot to get married…i want vidarth together i miss their chemistry and their cute and passionet scenes…hope they ll get together soon

  3. Wow the Cvs are just dumb…they only know how to make Vids as a villain…how nice it would have been if they would have wrote about sandhir and vidarth ‘s life after collage, about their love, their struggle, their success and their romance and friendship…hoping for the best….

  4. Great acting by all of them today really hats off to the actors…param (randhir)’s angry mode, nisha (vidushi)’s expressions, harshita (sanyu)’s emotional scene and ankit (parth)’s calmness make SH an amazing show.

  5. I totally agree with u guys coz i also want vidarth together. I really miss their scenes. Waiting for sandhir’s marriage.

  6. even i want vidarth together they look quite with each other

  7. I think it could b more good than this but vidushi is doing a very much of overacting I wanna ask her that k aao kitne boyfriends change karenge n sandhir plzz u guyz marry soon

  8. Hwy guyz wanna to meet u once

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