Sadda Haq 1st April 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 1st April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu is tensed she plays darts. She says if someone had given this idea he would have listened. But since it was mine he didn’t listen. I have to give him my plan. Sanyu says I need data of all teams. Aryan will give me but randhir he wont. Sanyu order black coffee. Randhir gives her with a cup written ‘dont panic’/ He says who will save the world if something happens to you?
Menka says to officer, do you remember when we met in Kashmir? Nirman comes. She says him hello and says I should leave now. Nirman says I have some info sir, please do come in conference room. Menka texts Nirman I am meeting with him in cafe for coffee.

SAnyu says I can’t do anything without randhir and sanaya’s data. Sanyu says I am sure there is a solution. Aryan says eat

something first. He says I trust you. SHe says but I have to prove Nirman. Aryan says he will never trust you. He doesn’t like you. Sanyu says I can’t take it that he doubts me. Aryan says what about people living in those villages? If nirman’s plan fails lands will be destroyed. If yours fail, people will die, SAnyu say what if it doesn’t fail. He says possible but safety comes first. At least they will stay alive. sanyu says what will they do with a life like that? With no home? No lands. SAnyu says you can’t mistake. sanyu says I will guilty that I could do something for them. I have decided what I will do. Tell me if your are with me or not. Nirman announces them to report to lab.

Nirman says to sanyu where is your alternate plan? She says I.. He says get out. He says we will deviate it to villages. These 5 villages will be completely destroyed. The diameter i 5k meter. Aryan texts sanyu I have sent you my research.
Officers orders the villages to be evacuated. Nirman says there is no room for error. He asks randhir and kritika to ready the pieces, he asks sanaya and arjun to work on clusters while joy and aryan to work on software.
Sanyu is working. sanaya comes in. Sanyu says can we keep personal stuff aside. I need you help. I need your team’s data. Sanaya doesn’t respond. sanyu says I am talking to you because randhir wont understand. Randhir grasps her hand and says stop manipulating her. I am the lead and I wont let you betray the team, come what may. Sanyu says this is not FITE. We save their lands too. Come what may. She leaves.

At night, sanyu adn aryan drink coffee. She says they don’t understand things. I shouldn’t have asked. She hears news people are panicking after the news. Aryan says we are helpless sometimes. You feel for them but life finds a way. Sanyu says one of those villages is mine too. This is unfair. Aryan says so is life. Did you tell your dad?

Agarwal gets a call from his relative. He says your daughters will work in my factory in village. they will all work like sanyu. The man says nothing can happen here. Agarwal says why? We have boought the land too. He tells him about the asteroid.
Aryan tries to get randhir’s file. Sanyu comes in randhir’s room and looks for manual file.
Aryan calls sanyu and tells her something. sanyu collides with randhir. Aryan says sanyu can you hear me? I have to talk to you about randhir.. sanyu cuts the call. Randhir leaves.
Agarwal calls sanyu. Sanyu says I have been trying to call you. Aryan comes. SAnyu says papa? She says the parcel you sent me, I can’t keep some of it. Can you take it if you have time? Agarwal says yes I will. He hangs up. Aryan says you can place them in my room. Was he upset? sanyu says he will never express. Sanyu says i think he will feel better when he is coming I feel like losing confidence. He says I trust you.
He says you will find something. We were looking on wrong place for the file. Leave it upto me.

Precap-Agarrwal says to sanyu this asteroid. I know you and team must be working on something. But can’t we save these villages? Randhir is in corridor. Sanyu sees him. He moves towards agarwal. sanyu says in heart randhir please don’t.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. SHQ

    Liya here…will post the spoilers here also…(sry fr making u read again)
    Mon-rd goes to confront sanyu’s father.
    Tue-rd is disturbed when he realizes that sanyu’s is in aryan’s room.
    Wed-sanyu tries to prove Rd and Nirman wrong.
    Thur-sanyu challenges Rd to solve a problem just as he did during college days.
    Fri-rd learns about sanyu’s nd Aryan’s plan…

    Interesting week ahead…r8 guys??

  2. Bk

    Spoilers alert
    β€ͺ#β€ŽMonday‬-Randhir goes to confront Sanyukta’s father.
    β€ͺ#β€ŽTuesday‬ – Randhir is disturbed when he realises Sanyukta was in Aryan’s room.
    β€ͺ#β€Žwednesday‬- Sanyukta tries to prove Randhir and Nirman wrong.
    β€ͺ#β€ŽThusday‬– Sanyukta challenges Randhir to solve a problem just like he did during their college days
    β€ͺ#β€ŽFriday‬ — Randhir learns about Sanyukta and Aryan’splan.

  3. Ena

    Rd is overreacting
    such an interesting mission, nd he is being egoistic. don’t like ds.he is d lead??thn why is he doing ds with sanyu…don’t want him to be d lead ….huh

  4. SHQ

    I am really waiting for Randhir aka Rd getting jealous seeing aryunkta together…wbt u guyz??
    (I am never a fan of aryunkta and a gr8 sprtr of sandhir)

    • Manicks

      I really want same from the very beginning but its happening now.. evn now I remember rd saying “dont ever dare to think about another boy even in your dreams” during their internship in agarwal automobiles.. he says sanaya is important but he can’t let sanyu to be with another guy which proves that he still loves her and nt expressing because of his stupid ego.. he can’t hide his feelings for a long time.. soon it will be revealed πŸ˜‰

    • yeah … i want aryuktha to remain as frndzz… just to make rd burn out of jealousy !! this is what i wanted frm the start of s2 ! πŸ™‚

  5. vishal

    N ya I m living this tuu..
    Cz al r blaming I evn dnt kno u
    …so dnt over react..
    I was here onluly for nisha bt I dnt thnk anyon wntme here so byy

  6. vishal

    N rits dear..sory I cnt come undrtsnd.
    Bt we will be togthr so dnt wry.:-):-):-).
    U kno what we do here n dear..tell tofty n rahul..ok

  7. rits

    Hey vishu:-P:-P r u gone mad.u need to be here 4 me ..ok not n sh bt on telly updates.
    We require ur genius brain:-P:-P:-P:-P:-P
    So wait..
    N hi guys hey karuu I m so hapy u r backk.
    Tu is boring without uu.realyy.
    N princes rakshi ayesha plz cme back guys..we cm here for fun..
    N now sh is so interesting..
    Rd getting jealousssss
    Hii nisha ur very swet..can I be ur frnd to

  8. rakshi

    sry… vishal!! ” if I hurted u!
    We all frndz hre n u did dat to karina…..
    As a frnd I must be dre wid her.
    So I updated my opinion…. if dat hurted U plzz Im asking apologize.
    And be hre fr ur nisha n fr ur frndzz n ntt fr me…
    I’m nt over reacting…. n I too don’t knw abt U!
    dre’s no need to leave tu vishal…
    Thanks fr considering me Rits.. ..vry kind of U!
    And finally… I’m ntt blaming u vishal dear.

  9. karina

    Hey Vishal u dont have to leave…we already talked about it and all is fine…lets just end this matter ok.
    RAKHI dear thanks again for ur support πŸ™‚ and RITS pls convince Vishal to come back coz everything is fine now….love u guys.

    • rits

      Hey dear its ok..
      We all r frnds n what maters to us is our frndshp n sadaaa haqq:-):-) our parsh..
      N ya vishal wil cm..I kno him.we mumbikars are little hatke.!!!!
      Just kidding.
      I lvu alll..thnx for spoilers bk.evn if u r boy it dosent mater to me I was only taking ur side dear

  10. nisha

    hey friends how r u all

    Scene of the day

    You know it looks like the yesterday scene create jealousy in Rd seeing the coffee romance of sanyu and rd

    and he himself came to give her coffee with a note too

    written – don’t panic

    and say Who will save the world if something happens to you.

    You know the writer is right

    we saw many times a jealous Rd

    but never saw A totally jealous and yet burning rd

    what happen when rd going to know that sanyu is in aryan room

    waiitttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttting eagerly for next week

    Spoilers are dhamakedar for this week

    love u friend s

    love u karu shreyu rakshi

    hey rits dear we are already friends dear

    I already added ur name many times

    but yeah nice to talk to you for the first time

    I see you somewhere before too

    You read written update too do you read manmarziyan written update before

    love u dear keep smiling

    hey princess love u dear waiting for u

    hey vishuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    hey vishal

    vishal means


    a person who has big heart

    So you have 2 choices 1 is to go from here leaving ur friends behind

    and secondly

    you are writing the names few rakshi, princess shreya

    sweetheart we all are friends and yeah

    knowingly or unknowingly you give us right to love u as friend to joke with you and also to be angry on u

    because we all are friends

    so Came forward from this Don’t angry me version.

    and say it

    Khush to bahut honge naa aap

    We are waiting for u vishuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    also me rakshi, and shreyu too a darling I am sure she also want the same that u came

    and also princess too she is also a darling friend.

    and we all are friends then

    leave all the anger now and came here for friends dear we all are here talking and happy with each other
    So came fast


    love u

    keep smiling

    once a friend always a friend

  11. nisha


    welcome dhruv

    nice name

    we all love sd

    and what is your favourite in sd

    share share share

    love u all friends

    • dhruv

      Hiii I like sanyukta dear…she is so beautiful n strong.. .
      I watched sd bt now in hostelllll
      I cant watchh hence I read tuu.
      Thanx u like my name… :-):-):-)
      What u like????
      Sanyu or randhir??
      N ya I like becky for her looks..
      N krritika cz she is smart..
      N abt randhir is that my frndd is like randhirrr …so we strtd watching this serail

    • dhruv

      Hiii I like sanyukta dear…she is so beautiful n strong.. .
      I watched sd bt now in hostelllll
      I cant watchh hence I read tuu.
      Thanx u like my name… :-):-):-)
      What u like????

      N ya I like becky for her looks..
      N krritika cz she is smart..
      N abt randhir is that my frndd is like randhirrr …so we strtd watching this serail

  12. dhruv

    H iii frnds..I hv lots gfs..I mean girls as u can share withMe..wil u all acept m as ur frndd?? Not only nisha.
    N ya on other tu we keep quizs..would u like to have here one??n also diff all can share their is very effective.n they r peaceful not like many girls thnk that guys r bad…:-P so if u want tell me..
    N sory for longcmntsss..
    Bt I lile to share my heart..
    It reveales stress..
    N as an enengineering student there so much stress:-)

  13. Hi Everyone …. thanks SHQ and Bk for the spoilers…. waiting for sandhir reunion…. plz guys don’t leave… tu

  14. nisha

    heloooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sara how r u

    heloooooooooooooooooooooooooooo dhruv

    dear I love sadda haq season 1

    firstly in earliest times


    I just loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee vardhan and the dream team tests

    the fighting between sandhir

    their first meet unforgettable

    From that time I take a decision that I have to watch this .

    what happened next

    this is the first serial ever on engeneering and also tasks many

    which is very interesting

    with also vids sadda haq ka tadka parth the s*xy cum sweet friend and lover

    I love tanya too she is the one who make sandhir romance and make sanyu more romantic for randhir

    I like yoyo jokes too pkc

    the paper joke between sandhir

    koi kisika paper nahi khayegaa remember

    write now

    I love aryukta couple but love sandhir more

    and also aryukta is important to make Randhir jealous time to time

    If you see twilight seasons then you get to know what I mean

    yeah so these are the basic reasons

    and I like quizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz too

    and always writing my heart here

    love u friend ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssslove u karu shreyu raj, rakshi, vishu, and love u all

    hey where are you answer

    sweetheart what you love these days in sd

    or what u expecting in sd the most

  15. ayeesha

    sry Vishal fr getting angry on u… u know that Karina is frnd fr all of us so was supporting her as its our responsibility…. so sry again….

  16. nisha

    my favourite scene of yesterday

    the coffee scene

    These days Mr Shekhawat can’t even resist the romance of aryukta the coffee romance remember

    so he himself reach to sanyukta with a cofeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee with a note

    how can he give the right to someone to close with her.

  17. dhruv

    Hey vishal..I m frm mumbaiii too. N ialso atended the april fool party..
    Its a coincidence that we r frm sam city..
    Dear rits ur rit we r hatke..
    N we r proud to be a mumbikarrr..
    Rits hiiii nice to meet.u..
    Vishal see so many girls r saying sory to you.ab kitna bhaw khaeyaga:-P:-P:-P:-P:-P:-P:-P…nice idea vishallll..
    Nisha dear I am diehard fan of sandhirr..n icant see sanyukta with aryannn

    I dnt like himm..he is secretive n mysterious.
    Hii karishma I though ur fan of karina. Nice

  18. Hi ayeesha !rakshi,Nishu Nishu I was going to recommenting here because all my confusion was gone. Vishal if I hurt u I m sorry but I don’t say u any thing. Ayeesha I have to block my I’d so I can’t chat u at mail I will do my all efforts to contact u by what’s app guys I will try to chat chat with u after making new email(if I got permission). Ok bye guys take care love u ayeesha,rakshi u r my besties

  19. nisha

    hey vishuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    I am not going to say

    tusi jaa rahe ho

    tusi na jaoi

    because we all are matures here

    then what is this

    I think have to say this

    hats offfffffffffffffffffffffffffff

    one day before yesterday a battle start here in tu

    some cry some laugh

    some sad some calm

    visitors are saying Ram Ram Ram

    what are these people

    why they are slowly became alien

    and say bye , bye , bye and get disappeared just like an alien

    one by one , one by one

    each and every I am going , I am going

    and moreover top of that

    The person who came for April fool

    Who make us all fool here

    He is saying bye bye bye bye here

    Are oye vishal sadde friend

    We all love ur sense of humour and u also as a friend

    and there is no need to saying that u are going to karina

    and all

    because we all know that sooner or later you came

    and we wait and by saying it again and again

    that I am going , i am going

    hey dear when we are here then what is the fear

    why you gone

    Dear don’t say you go go go

    or you want to play more this game

    the bye bye game

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmm looks like you like this game

    bring it on dear

    we are ready a head too

    Aa dekhe zara kisme kitna hai dum

    jamke rakhna kadam mere o sathiyaaa

    love u friends love u karu

    karu till when time we plead vishal that please don’t go

    Now a new reply to him

    Jaa jaa jaaa

    bewafa dost

    jaa jaa jaa

    Fire in the mountain Run Run Run

    Fire in the mountain Run Run Run

  20. Yaar… vishal plz don’t leave… they all said that to u bcz they all love karina … and u called her and all that … yeah that was a prank but.. then also she was hurt…. so plz don’t leave .. plzzz

    • vishal

      Ok….. im nt leavi ng chill..
      Hey bro u like Myidea :-P:-Pt dhruv.:-P:-P:-P:-P:-P
      That reason ritssss says my genius brain…..:-P:-P:-P:-Pchil mar bhai…:-) nicr to meeetttt uu..from rits alsoooo.. Namastee

  21. dhruv

    ya bro….it was nice..
    hindi mai baat ki to sabko smjega….
    marathi mai bath krte haiii……..tereko ati hai na????vishal bhai

    • vishal

      Are yetena marathi…born in Maharashtra bro:-D:-D:-D
      Kay mhnto sada haq awdta ke chit chat:-P:-P.,
      Engineering kartoka..m pn 1 yr..;-);-):-D:-D:-P

      • dhruv

        Hahha:-D:-D:-D chit chat mj addiction uff hobyyy y..u kno man halka hota:-P:-P:-P
        M 1 yr la ahee,…
        Bro there party at andheri club ..attending???
        Passes available till tomorrow 6 pm…

      • vishal

        Nup mom. Dad ale ahe so u kno..garatch bastoy outing for 7 days:-(:-(:-(
        U enjybhare party ahe te….:-P:-P
        Are I m so asle ke enjy bt dad:-D.:-D:-D
        Hi rajj:-) I didn’t uvfrm Maharashtra..nice to meet u bhau.:-) kaymhnto majet na sagla?

      • dhruv

        Sam dude:-D:-D..flat war rhtoka???
        M,ata next yr flat…
        Hey raj bro..m n vishal yto kolhapur la tujakdun treat gyl:-P:-P:-P:-P
        Chngle 7 dws yto:-):-)

        Kay mhnto:-D:-D

  22. Hello friends. Meeting u aftr a small brake but fr me its very big……..
    I missed u soo much darling sweethearts. ….
    Sry I evn could not comment. ……..
    Missed a long chat…
    By d way the epi was so cool….
    Hii welcome liya, dhruv…….
    Luv u soo sooo soo muccchhhhhh……

  23. Mondays and Tuesday spoilers r amazing..
    First we will see Sanyu in tension then my cute rd jealous…….he looks so hot when he is jealous…

  24. Sorry once again Vishal if ur hurt …..
    I apologize. …..
    Hiii Karina, nisha, rakshi, princess , ayeesha, raj, bk, aparna, and ritsss nice to meet u aftr a long time. ….
    Luv u

  25. SHQ

    Hi..its me liya..!
    Happy Sunday guyz!!
    Hope u have a gr8 day… β€Ί tags β€Ί sandhir

    In this site u will get to read many sandhir ffs…I thought that u will enjoy reading these ffs…

    Take care…

  26. Evn I hv read ff’s at wattpad.
    But i loved Asyashi’the most (I hv always loved u) its really very emotional……….
    Guys plz read it…..

  27. himanshi

    Hi gys after a long tym. My coaching was there so i was busy but i will come like this
    Hi karina di and all my dear shq family how r u gys?☺ what n episode spoilers r interesting hope fr d best???

      • dhruv

        Hey karina..can I also call u karu..if u dnt mind..
        N dear ur vry famous..all care so much 4’sso nice:-):-)
        U r frm wch,state dear? Maharashtra?

    • karina

      Sure Dhruv u can call me Karu…almost everyone here calls me Karu coz its shorter then Karina…yeah all the friends that i got here are really nice and i also care for them as much as they do for me and im glad i had the chance to meet them all…actually Druve im not from India…im from Romania…i dont know hindi thats why i came here on this site so that i can read the english translation of the show πŸ™‚

      • dhruv

        intresting,very intresting!!!!
        thats great dear…dear u read tu and then watch videos on net so u can enjoy them…
        nice to meet u dear..i nvr had a romanian friend…

  28. himanshi

    Hi nishu di ur sooooo sweet. ?
    Plz vishal bhai dont leave. Aap to bahut pehle se yaha hona!☺

  29. Chinnari

    Hello everyone . Can you join you guys….?
    Rd had written you will ruin this situation. On cup not you ‘ll save the world

  30. sanyukta rathor

    Hii everyone ,

    How are u all

    Thank God that aryan is fine now i don’t see him as a vilion

    Hii nishu how are u dear

    Hii all new members

    Wellcome u all

  31. sanyukta rathor

    Hii richu , sorry dear i am so busy in my exams

    Now i am free so it’s my come back

    How are u dear

  32. nisha

    hey sanyu how r u dear me fine

    after a long time missing u a lot

    helooooooooooooooooo chinnari and rose helooooooooooooooooooo need to say such a unique name you two got.

    heloooooooooooooooooooooo richu and karu how r u both

    hey where is suru its been days meeting her

    heloooooooooooo himanshi, raj, dhruv, and vishu how r u all

    helooooooooooooooooooooo liya aparna rakshi deboshmita sara

    helooooooooooooooooooooooo to all

    seriously sounds like a bore

    but still hye to all

    actually a little sick guyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    so need to go but have fun you all

    love u

    keep smiling

    Once a friend always a friend

    • karina

      Hey dear pls take care of ur health πŸ™‚ and come back soon…i also miss Suru a lot donno why she didnt come here for such a long time….hope she ll be back soon…love u too Nishu.

    • SHQ

      Hello Nisha….luv u too…
      πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      P.S : I am glad u hv accepts me as ur frnd…:-) πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ ….

      Take care…

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