Sadda Haq 1st April 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 1st April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
maa ji says this is new drama, We are tolerating i all even you family wont. anju says if you think i can’t take care of this house then is should leave it. maa ji says where will you go? anju says i don’t need to go to my family, my daughter is enough for me. She caresses sanyu’s face and says when i have her i don’t need anyone. maa says you are doing wrong. anju says you thin wrong there is no one more sensible than sanyu in this house. She will take good care of me. she will do things that sons can’t imagine doing.
She says after today never look back sanyu. Sanyu smiles at her and they both leave the house. Agarwal sits down without saying anything. sanyu puts anju’s stuff in the car. She sits and they start going. Anju says i thought i will

spend whole life in this house. i don’t feel good. sanyu says that became your habit it will take some time anju says i trust you but i doing this for first time i don’t know i if i am right or not. sanyu says sometimes we have to go away from our own people to show our worth. Anju says where are we going? sanyu says my friend natasha has guest house, we will live there. anju says and rent? sanyu says i will give her rent from my savings.

Randhir texts sanyu have you reached the flat? sanyu says on our way. Randhir says text me when you reach and take care of my home it should be neat and tidy. sanyu says of course. he texts don’t sit like a queen do work there. anju says who are you texting? sanyu says natasha. anju says call her i want to thank her. sanyu says she is in her yoga center. i will call when we reach home.

They reach the flat, sanyu says don’t get shocked to see the condition, no one has been her since long. Randhir is shown working in that house. Anju syas you friend has kept it neat and clean but i think she doesn’t know how to cook. she shows her a leftover bread. sanyu says lets order something to eat. Anju says keep my jewelry and get the loan i know you don’t have much money, sanyu says don’t give it to me. i will handle it all. pray that i get a good job after graduation. anju says you will get a job you studied from FITE. your hard work will give you result. till then i was saying that.. sanyu says i don’t need it. i will arrange it all. anju says why are you doing this all for me? sanyu says i am getting a chance to do something for you i am really lucky. She brings in the stuff.

Parth sees vidushi filling form. He goes to her and says where are you? you didn’t call me. vidushi says you fought with me, he says lets go for ice cream. She says i wanna study. He holds her hand and the book falls down. Parth sees the form he says you never listen? Its been just four hours. Vidushi says we have to be practical for our future. parth says don’t be insensitive. vidushi says i am being practical. better be safe than sorry. He says i am sorry that i tried to tell you importance of FITE.

Sanyu says where should i work for income? in some coaching class? randhir comes to her and says see your face after doing household. sanyu says thanks for house and the food. sanyu says what food?Randhir says i brought in a helper he cleaned the house and made that food. why you look depressed. sanyu says i was thinking life changes a lot. randhir says you and your girly drama. sanyu says randhir, she says there is some confusion related to money. maa thinks that i will get a good job. she wants me to take loan on her jewelry. I don’t know what to do. he says how can you do? you can apply for student loan you can pay back after job. sanyu says thank you so much. he fills up the form for her. randhir says till then make me a coffee. sanyu says i am not a secretary? he says i am not your PA. sanyu says i will only make it i wont serve. She come with noodles and coffee. randhr says they are so tasteless. sanyu says at least better than your helper’s food. sanyu says whose name your wrote in guaranteer? he says my own. sanyu says what? he says who else is here? He leaves. sanyu says he is one piece in world.

Precap-vidushi says to dean we have heard that FITE is shutting down. Dean says don’t listen to rumours. FITE is not shutting down. randhir listens to the meeting, trustees say we need to shut FITE down.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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