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Scene 1
Scene 1:
In girls’ hostel, Sanyu rummages for the pen drive but can’t find it. Sanyu gets worried. Sanyu calls randhir and says I can’t find the pen drive. Randhir says it must be in your room, look carefully. Sanyu says i looked everywhere. Randhir says don’t worry have you copied the date? Sanyu says yes i copied but its in my laptop. I left it home. Randhir says then go to home.

Sanyu comes home. Sanyu checks her laptop and sees that the info from her laptop is also deleted. Sanyu gets worried. Ankit comes in and says are you looking for this? sanyu says yes. When she plugs in the drive its empty. Sanyu says what is this? Ankit locks her in the room and says why you always get the credit? I will get papa out. you better sit home. Sanyu says this is wrong you cant do this but ankit leaves.
Sanyu calls randhir and tells him everything. Sanyu says but anyway i want papa back. Randhir says but you did all this for him.

Scene 2
Agarwal comes home with ankit, he says I am so proud of you ankit. You deserve to be the CEO of the company. sanyu takes ankit to a side and says just because I dont say anything doesn’t mean I am weak.

In college, everyone is worried for their placements. Yoyo says to randhir you are lucky your mom is renuka saniyal. randhir says i will work in some other company.
Vid slips on staircase. Sanyu says you better not take notes this wont help you. vid says I dont need your advice.
Sanyu comes to lab and is pissed off randhir says calm down. We will find a solution. He says you hit me and vent out your anger. Sanyu is about to slap him but hugs him instead.
sanyuu comes to her room.

Next morning, sanyu comes to lab and sees randhir working. Randhir says i have increased engine speed. sanyu says with whose permission? Randhir says do i need permissions. sanyu says get is back to its original speed. He says no i wont and leaves the lab.

Precap: Randhir is drunk and drives, his car meets an accident.
Renuka and sanyu are outside the OT. Sanyu asks renuka not to worry. Renuka is mad at sanyu.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Again a negative ending,showing too much curse on Sanyukta.

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