Sadda Haq 19th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 19th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
sanyu packs her stuff. Randhir says where are you going? She says I have to go to coaching. He says go after the class. sanyu says it will be late. Sanyu asks pkc can I go to washroom? He syas no I just started the lecture. Randir says yes sir it will break the flow as well sanyu kisses randhir on cheek. randhir says what are you doing? Its class everyone is seeing. Everyone laughs. PKC asks whats wrong sanyu and randhir? randhir says she was talking. Everyone laughs. PKC asks sanyu to go out the class. Randhir stops sanyu outside the class and says what were you doin g? sanyu syas I have to go. Please you can scold at me later. Randhir grasps her hand and kisses her on the cheek. sanyu says what are you doing? He says my heart said. sanyu husg him.

Rajveer goes to priyali. He

says I really like our new madam. Priyali says how dare you to say that about her. He sys sorry I know she is your friend. Why don’t you both tell each other that you are at a wrong place. Your place is in the kitchen. Sanyu comes in. rajveer says we were talking about you. Sanyu says shut up. Vikram comes and says snayu come to my cabin.

Vikram says firstly you cant teach any students I have made the biggest mistake by hiring you. Students have asked to refund. This has never happened here. You are fired just leave. sanyu says you gave me one week. He says two days are over. Just get lost you cant teach any student. Rajveer comes in and says don’t fire her. Vikram says I cant keep her here today three people have asked to refund and tomorrow more and more people. Rajveer says I will talk to them. I understood that first day that she is a genius. I will teach those three. vikram says why should I keep her if you will have to teach them? Rajveer says relax sir keep her. Vikram says okay you just have three days. If there is any problem your chapter will be closed from this coaching. Rajveer syas don’t worry madam you are the best teacher.

Sanyu gies out and says cant I really teach them> Priyali says I saw the videos you are brilliant. No one teaches like you. sanyu asks do you like engineering? SHe says I was interested in it but couldn’t study after 12th. SAnyu syas you should have. Priyali syas I have talked to your broker he has sent the picture of PG. I hope the society meeting goes well. Sanyu says why there are so many mcps everywhere.

The sco8ierty owner says we don’t give pg to girls. Sanyu says you need to change your mindset. She tells him her grades and says I am studying in FITE and you are saying that I can’t stay here. The owner syas you are not giving us your parents; number. The other man says lets give her a chance she looks from a good family. the owner says I wanna talk to you agent. sanyu goes out. The owner says she Is working girl she will come home late and other society people will complain about it. She can’t live here. sanyu is in parking lot waiting for the agent. she sees a hanging the car and recalls the key chain he saw in the owner’s hand. She tries to break in the car.

The owner is coming with agent to the parking lot. He says sorry we couldn’t make a deal with you. The agent comes to sanyu and says I am sorry but you shouldn’t speak that much. girls shouldn’t speak much. When the owner starts the car smoke comes from the engine. sanyu recalls doing this. He says we had to go to a meeting. anyu runs to the car and rectifies the engine. All three of them are startled. Sanyu says I have rectified the leakage. The man says how you did that? sanyu says I have been topping in FITE for three years. Mishra says to Shukla we should allow her to live. Shukla says you can live here but you have to abide by the rules.

SAnyu goes to the PG. A man says let me help you with taking the stuff back in. Sanyu says just place it here. He says I am shaureya. I work in PCG. having a good neighbor is very important. You can ask me if you anything. A woman comes in and says you are the girl who shifted here. Sanyu says yeah. She says you have to abide the rules. You have to live like we all do. shaurya says she makes the best food. Aunty says stop flattering me. He leaves. Aunty says I will always have my eye on you.

SAnyu calls randhir and says I have got the PG. He says I am coming to meet you. sanyu says no please don’t. Sanyu starts cleaning the room. She says why is there so much garbage there must have ben boys living here before me. I have never cleaned my own house. She says all student will attend my lecture I have a surprise planed for them. She sets her alarm and sleeps.

Scene 2
Randhir wakes up and says she must be sleeping. He calls her to wake her up. sanyu is sleeping. she wakes up to randhir’s call. She says thak you so much for waking me up. She syas I just slept at 6. I don’t know what happened to the alarm. Randhir says I knew it. sanyu says I will talk to you later. He says eat something and I wil come after lecture to pick you up. Sanyu says I don’t know when will lecture end I will come by myself and stop missing your classes.

SAnyu calls parth and says are you sure you will do his? he says yeah yeah don’t worry. SAnyu goes to priyali. She syas why are you here so early? sanyu says I will take sharm’s class. She used that voice modulation app. She talks like vikram to sharma and said sanyukta will take your lecture and you will come at 12. He says okay sir.

Precap-sanyu says rajveer you are late. leave my class right now. He ays oh ma’am don’t force so much. How will you teach them. He is about to sit sanyu kick his chair.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Daksh

    Aur m dar rha hu dat ur father is an army officer …
    A/w yr tell me 1 thing aisa kya hota h punjabiyon me k vo itne smart hote h ???
    vaise m to ladkiyon ki hi bat kr rha hu :-D:-D

  2. Daksh

    Oops….vaise mam m apko tbi to januga jb aap khud btao ya janne do .
    U r smart/beautiful I like it well its expected. 😉

  3. RS

    Ok Daksh tum me include nhi krti..
    Don’t be sad
    Please smile as u always told to everyone “smile with me”

  4. RS

    I have only 1 real brother & vo b foreign gya hua hai !!
    Kal Maine use bahut kiya 🙁
    Tum Apne bare m btao ?

  5. RS

    Miss kiya apne veera nu tha – sorry for mistyped text & now I understood whenever I am emotional main likte sme Galti krti hon & got it…

  6. Daksh

    Australia is a nice country bt abi kuch saal phle waha b prblm chl rhi thi.
    Vaise apke Veer g kya kr rhe h waha ??
    Aur tumhari jagah m type krdu kya ?? Bolu mam ??

  7. Daksh

    Maine kb taunt.mara yar …
    Aur tum type kro jo tumhare man kre I don’t mind .
    A/w if I’ll come 2 punjab will u b there to welcm me ??
    Or is der mny prblm ??? Or v r jst pals ???
    If u think m thoda jyada bolta hu to bta dena …..ok…don’t mind 🙂

  8. RS

    Daksh tum jitna bol skte likte jayo…no problem
    Yes I will be there to welcome u..
    Hii Parsh & all the very best for exams

  9. Daksh

    Definitely we’ll meet shraddha .
    Vaise b abi to m kahin jane wala ni hu ..
    B/w silnt reader rhna bt agr i f I do sumthin wrng thn don’t b hesitate to tell me abt dat …got it
    N bst of luck again my bst wishes r always wid u .
    N plz….keep smiling 😉

  10. @Nikki n @hasina,
    Thank u so much fr informing us that this is a stupid serial. Hame toh pata hi nahi tha! Lekin ab dekh liya kya kare?
    Waise @hasina, u must b watching ek hasina thi. U wud feel on d top of the world if v all came 2 its w/u n posted abt how stupid it is, right?

    • Hasina

      May be your are a fan of this serial!!! I told what I felt!!! But I’m sorry for saddahaq fans!!!
      I will never say bad about it from now on…..k bye

  11. Aisha

    Hi noopur di u r rite the 2 think that they r very intelligent !! But they don’t know they r dumb ! Let them be in their dreamworld !

  12. Kindly limit discussions 2 the particular serial only plz. Coz there may b many people who donot watch the other serials u discuss abt and it is not fair for them 2 b left out of any discussions.
    Thank u in advance
    TellyUpdates Moderating Team

  13. Wah….aaj mera jaagne ka mood hain toh sab so gaye…
    Samairaa……u just replied tht i shud. I shud what, discontinue benaam? I will pm i dont worry 😉
    Shraddha, kal exam hain aur tum yahaan pr chat kar ri ho….
    Just kidding dear….luv u, gn!

  14. saddahaqrox

    ok shraddha, v will b praying for u so that u do not get nervous in the examination hall……..
    n do well.
    hi every1…any1 here?

  15. saddahaqrox

    hey shraddha!
    paper achcha gaya na! Dekha, bola tha na ki TU ke waasiyon ki wishes saath ho toh koi kaam bura HO HI NI SAKTA!!!!
    Lekin ab padhai se break lele, aur mera ts padh. oopar link hain!

  16. sc

    what a disgusting thing is doing here.
    this is not good for the serial b,coz no one talking abt that bot they think that this is a social networking site.robbish.not happpy with this kinds of drama.

  17. Daksh

    Sorry bt who r u ???
    & if u r so concern abt show thn cm n commnt here .
    It’s vry easy to give advice to sum1 …got it ???

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