Sadda Haq 19th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 19th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhir says how could you? I considered you best friend.sanaya says I did this for you. I didn’t want to harm her. Everyone will know you love her. Randhir says shut up. i thought you cared about me. Sanaya says I do I did this for you. Randhir says I am a guy and find this so disgusting how could you do this to another girl. What if someone had done this to you? She says I am sorry I did for you.Randhir says get out. She says I will talk to you. Randhir says don’t show me your face again. Get out. I will do what I have to now.

Sanyu washes her face and recalls everything.She is crying. sanaya comes in and says sanyu what is wrong with you. sanyu leaves. Sanaya hugs her. She says I am sorry. Please pardon me. How could i do this. Sheikhu is right I am duffer. I didn’t

think about how you would feel. Its not randhir’s mistake. I did that. I know you wont believe me. Sanyu says don’t defend him. Its useless. He has done what he had to. sanaya says he hates it. I leaked that video. Come with me. Sanyu says please.. Sanaya says you are not the only one who is disturbed.
Randhir is drinking outside. Randhir says I kept telling her I didn’t do it. But she never trusts me. Nobody believes me.Sanyu and sanaya come out. Randhir says I went after her and told her I didn’t do it. But she can never trust me. He tries to stand up. sanyu says yes I don’t belive you. You left me this way. Whatever you say or send your friend I won’t trust you. You have hurt me you should be happy. Stay away from me. Sanyu leaves.
Sanyu comes outside aryan’s room. They are both crying behind the glass door. Sanyu keeps knocking. Randhir is crying as well.

Nirman says I am the king and they are all pawn. Lead should be strong because lead should be independent. Mission will start now.

Scene 2
Next morning, sanyu wakes up. She says what am I doing in my room.She recalls she was outside Aryan’s room last night. Aryan picked her up and left her in her room when she fell asleep.
Aryan gives his resignation letter to Ms Subri. She says are you sure? Aryan says yes I have decided. Please process it. Surbi says think once again. Aryan says I have decided. She says you are one of the best in the country. This might me a mistake. Think over it. Aryan says with all due respect this is my final decision. Subri says you signed a contract with us. This is ISRC you can’t check in and check out whenever you want.
Randhir wakes up. Sanaya comes in with coffee. He ignores her. Sanbaya says please drink it. Randhir drinks it. He gets a call. Rsandhir says I don’t know any man with that name. Sanaya says who was it? Randhir says no one. Sanaya says you can trust me. Rnadhir says I don’t have to tell you everything. I trusted you once and you opened my eyes. SAnaya leaves.
Harsh is showing his photos to receptionist. She says i understand but he doesn’t wanna meet you. Sanyu asks sanaya have you seen aryan?She says no.

Precap-Harsh says I am his dad. I want to meet him. She says I will call security. He says what security. Sanyu sees him.

Update Credit to: Atiba


    • pia.angel

      Randhir’s father….. he always a drunken…… he provoked randhir against his mom from the childhood that’s the reason randhir hated his mom….. randhir’s father even went to the jail….. he made randhir to hate all women….. he didn’t want sanyu to became Close to randhir not even as a friend…… negative character…….

  1. Poor Randhir and Sanaya.she did all this for her friend and now is being scolded.mah Aryan.with him,i am also broken πŸ™

    • pia.angel

      Don’t worry he’ll not….. don’t be panic…. first of all as surbhi said aryan has signed the contract and secondly sanyu will not let him go…… so don’t worry…….. vaise big 30 June ke band serial over…???

  2. jasmine

    Aryan is broken.he loved her from beginning… he cant get back to isrc n that is what nirman wanted.poor aaryan.
    Sanyukta will now be independent.sanaya did all this for randhir.but he is not understanding.

  3. Sanyukta Rathor

    I hate sanaya just hate how could she do this …… aryan pls don’t do this sweetheart ……and don’t cry ..?????????

    Aryan plsssssssssssz esa mt karo

    Sanaya i will kill u ???????

    • Revati

      Oh it’s sosad to see rd sad…
      Bt it’s good aryan is away frm sanyu now..
      Now sanyu will focus on her mission..n thts most imp…
      Shenu di I was with mom.anyways how was buday di???wht u did?n do u hv specks???I thnk u hv cz u std somuch..:-):-) πŸ™‚
      Lvu all tomorrow.

    • Revati

      Oh sory sanyudi replied it to u..
      I wanted to say u dnt take ttension bt give by mistake I postrd my earlier cmnt to u..:-)

    • pia.angel

      But sanyu was affected by aryan’s words and actions….. she had least Care what randhir said about the bet…. but care what aryan said…. unbelievable but nice…..

  4. Liya

    Uff.the epi was more bad for me than ever…
    Now I don’t know if sandhir will unite in the going current track..???
    And y sudden entry of randhir’s dad??something fishy..
    Anyways hope for the best…


  5. Poor aryan !! He is leaving aryukta look very good together writers r really making viewers disappointed in season 2

    • I am SanDHir’s fan….a bigger fan…but after watching today’s felt lyk..sanyukta has fallen for Aryan…n I wonderd…y CV trying to do so…. n randhir’s dad Wale track ki..ditto season 1 ki trh entry hui h….BT still wondrng what CV of SH2 trying to do…aryukta or SanDhir?? BT I rqst plzz unite sanyukta n ranDhir soon….plz plz plz plz…. seems like…Aryan z hero of Sadda haq S2 …he z better… BT randhir z best…..

  6. vhrushika Mehta

    Hii everyone..shena dear bleated happy buday dear..I said on last update bt at 7 so u must hv not seen it…

    Hey princes no I m not a regular commenter..I am frnd ofDhruv frm our YouTube channel…due to servererror I came here n becm frnds….

    Hey sanyukta dear hAhahahah ya I copied dhruv cmnt to show him how big it is..thts y it’s same…:-)

  7. Sanyukta Rathor


    Aryan plssss mt jao na warna me to epi dekhna hi nhi dekhugi pher mtlb hi kya h show dekhne ka


  8. Sheena

    Thank u mayuri, vrushika n rakshi πŸ™‚

    Hi revu!! Wel, yesterday was awesome!! I had a great day with my friends n spent some time with my family at the night…yesterday was a peaceful one… I got sooo many gifts n wishes n blessings even from ppl whom i didn’t expect that they’ll remember my b’day..N food…hummm…the list is too long ?..but the best dish yesterday was the pudding that my mom made for me!!
    N i wore an orange n golden high-low hem dress….
    N yup u r right dear…i have specs…haha u know me so well✌

    • Sheena

      N where is druv bro? How is his recovery going?
      Why isn’t he coming here? Is he still angry?? Bhai, ek baar fir bada vala, sister vala sorrrrryyyyy…Pls revu, ask him to come naa…now everyone is here…

  9. Aryan rocks!he is letting Sanyu to go back to rd!dsnt care about the bet,dsnt care about his smile,hiding the pain for his love!he rocks!but he cnnt leave the irsc!it’s nt 7 days yet:-P

  10. Sheena

    I wanna thank all my sh friends for ur really means a lot to me…i feel blessed to have u all as my frnds…luv u all πŸ™‚

  11. Revati

    Oh Shenu di I Dnt kno dhruv bhai cmnt kyu nahi kr rahe…cz now I m in Pune with my aunty n cousins…n muje bhai ka guussa aya so maine unse bat nai ki:-P:-P
    Waise unke bahot call aye bt mai aur 1day bat nai dono cmnt kyu nai kr rhe…

    • Sheena

      Ohh….no no revu…u shld now talk to him naa…he cares for u..i know i shldn’t interfere but talk to him…jo bhi ho, he really loves u a lot.. He must be missing u naa
      N ur with ur cousins?? Good..enjoy dear!!

  12. in season 2 …it alws been told by Aryan det he z better den randhir ….z he hero or season 2?? πŸ™ πŸ™ aryukta?? or SanDHir?? plz CV ..unite our SanDHir…..

    • Rd is best as any dark shadow can never better than anyone real hero and in season one even visarth said he is better but he didn’t became the hero he was just a character who harmed rd same is aryan

      • pia.angel

        Hey plz…. I know you love rd. and not like aryan … but that doesn’t mean you said wrong about dark shadow……..

  13. Aneesha

    Aryan can’t leave like this he loved sanyukta truely writers please make sanyu n Aryan together plsssss …..I hate sanaya

    • pia.angel

      What was selfish in it….. ok tell me if two boys bet each other on you what would you feel….. and if one of the boy from the always pretend to hurt you and other always help you….from which person you would be more affected…….?????

  14. Suhana

    Hii… everyone..
    can you please join me also in your group please…

    btw..I am very much upset after seeing the epi..everyone was so sad..especially Sanyyuu..

  15. Plz don’t go Aryan this show is nothing without we really love u plz don’t go Aryan Yaii serial waste hai tumharai binaa… Production u are really disappointing the viewers..

      • kushagra @ yup… I m totally agree wid u…Aryan z gud…..BT seems lyk ppl lyk him more den our rd …BT m true fan of SanDhir… BT after seeing today’s episode… CV z trying 2 give him more limelyt…even it felt sanyukta luv Aryan… πŸ™ πŸ™

      • Kushagra dear,that was season one which was much greater succeed without Aryan.but this is season two which is greatest succeeded with Aryan. Cz season two has both rd Aryan fan

      • Dear kushagra that was season one which was much greater succeeded without Aryan but this is season two which is the greatest succeeded with Aryan…. Because it has both Aryan rd fans….

    • Sanyukta Rathor


      We want Aryan .. we want Aryan .. we want Aryan ………………………………

    • Obviously Aryan won’t go…….
      We defiantly want Aryan for sure…..
      Aryan Aryan Aryan Aryan Aryan Aryan Aryan Aryan Aryan Aryan is the Best

  16. Hi rakshi thanks god u come. U can’t imagine how much I miss u. U r very very bad. Why were u not replying me. Just kidding. And ya I also not in contact with ayeesha for long I really worried about her. U r in contact with Ayesha in what’s app also. So is she not appear to be online in whats app too. Tar rakshi sh 2 ep r really boring na. I don’t know why they r not seing sanyu tattoo of rd name. R they get made or what
    Hi liya I love u too dear u r really my cute friend
    Hi revati princess is not my real name but every one call me princess in school and at home as they thought that I m like a princess love u dear
    Hi sheena we also got a cute friend like u we r like your sister u don’t have to say us thanks
    Hi Karu how r u dear
    Hi vrushika how r u love u
    Hi nishuuuuuuuu when will u tell me that if u watch ts of mera sultan. I ask u many time please reply me dear. Love u
    Hi shivu how r u dear
    Hi mayuri ,himanshi ,aparna when will u guys come. Please come here often
    Hello mukti ,raj ,bk,sanyukta
    Hi edge black ,Priya,opshoro my sh writers how r u guys
    Have a great night guys bye……

  17. Sanyukt doesn’t deserve rd as she is unable to see how hurt he is and is bothered about that dark shadow but finally that useless machine is leaving feeling really happy .wish now even rd abandon her and go to sanaya who really cares for him and let her realize that dreams are not above realations and how self centered she is .but still cvs unite sandhir at end as not no Matter how much I dislike sanyukta’s character but I am diehard fan of parsh and of harishta’s acting

  18. Hey everyone. .hiw r u all..
    Happy blated bday sheenu darling….
    Dhruv bhai where r u yaar…..
    N who said im leaving…
    Was just busy….so byeeeeeee alll…
    Sry dont havtime soo….

  19. Sheena

    Don’t worry guys…i don’t think aryan is gonna leave…he will resign from isrc but he will still be there in the show ( wel…i think soooo..)
    I love aryan’s character n i love aryukta’s bond as friends….but i’m a true blue i want sandhir to reunite…

  20. pari

    I really hope the CVS will get their brains together and stop giving so much importance to that weirdo Aryan…im so sick of him and his melodramatic show. He has the guts to blame Sanyu for kissing Rd but he doest look at himself first…he made a bet on her and now he is the one offended ??? He and Sanyu arent even in a relationship but he has the guts to question her ?? And u all Aryan fans were saying that Rd doest respect Sanyu…then ur preciouse Aryan whats doing ??? Where is his so called trust that he supposly has on Sanyu ??? Sanaya is far better then Aryan…she isnt a double standard person like Aryan who on one side says he loves Sanyu and on the other side blames her and bets on her…and u all were pointing on Rd…at least Rd never lied about his motives…i hope the CVS will unite SanDhir soon coz this Aryan is getting on my nerves…

    • pari@ yup…well said dear…. dey wr nt in relationship… BT dey reactd as well…as if dey are in…. I hope CV unite SanDhir soon….

  21. dont know what to comment!!!!!! ? everyone is crying and crying!!!! are they realy going to be astranauts!!!!! stop crying guys plzzzzzzzzzzz… i wl gv u chocolate?!!! lol.. luv u sandhir… get together soon sanyukta and randhir.. si that wr can c some romance in space

  22. jasmine

    May be u r right..aryan had to trust her.but in such situation,anyone at his place will do this.i am srry if i hurt u.i am confused over aryukta n sandhir.
    Aryukta cant replace sandhir’s chemistry.but aryukta is a cute couple

  23. Sanyukta Rathor

    Good night all of u karu , nishu , aalu , richu , shivu , sheenu , muku , revu , suhana , princess , rits , pari , mayu , sherya di , vhrushika , dhruv bhai , raj bhai and all

    Aryan love u soooo much hope come soon

    Love u all

    Hv a sweet night


  24. yogiraj

    can any 1 tell me y dis show ending..?? n today’s epi ws emotional yrr..i’m waiting for parth n dis show going to end hwww…:-( bt guys more Dan dat I miss u all…hw can we talk.? I want my all u al…. Gn tc

    • Mayuri

      Yeah !!! I agree I will also be sad if I won’t be able to meet all the friends …
      I m gonna cry ….

      Anyway let’s see what’s gonna happen and the channel is ending because they are revamping it into music channel and

      Long time no see Bhai …. Where were u and how r u πŸ™‚

  25. i m disappointed to read bad comments about aryan…if u are writing bad about him thn u r sick man….aryan is far better than rd…if there were no season1 then all the commentators would be in favour of aryan not rd and i can bet that…aryan has helped her at all tyms bt rd has demotivated her and hurted her both physically nd mentaly…
    we want aryukta back….sandhir sucks……

    • This is your misconception if a girl comforts her boyfriend in anger than she is right but if a boy does then it is wrong this show dual standard even sanyukt has hurt him but u will bash him only .aaryanis just her puppet but rd had his pov because of which he doesn’t support her blindly but only rational people can understand this not pseudo feminist people like u and watch season one again specially rehanΒ΄s part ,freemasons part and hijack part then say

    • pari

      Wow thanks for the compliment…just coz u think Aryan is better then Rd that doesnt mean its true…u think that all the ppl who dont support Aryan are sick…well i prefer being called sick the to support a killer and an obsessive person…like i said in another comment lets just agree to dissagree…ohh and one more thing miss or mister mind ur language next time coz we SanDhir fans never bashed Aryukta fans personally and calling them sick or other names like u did…if u wanna talk then talk about the characters not the fans coz everybody has different opinions…thank u…

  26. Uff.I am hurt.I am not sequered. Tensed for Aryan.He cann’t leave like this at the last time.I am tired of Rd.Double faced.sometime hurts sometime gets hurt.Sick of it.Was expecting something better.i know Aryan won’t leave like this

    • Aryan is double faced on one side he bets on her hides from her to make her suffer and on other side says he can’t hurt her rd atleast is bold enough to confess what he does but aryan is just use less

  27. Sheena

    Dhruv bro, r u all right?,i’m really worried coz u r not coming at all
    agar aap nai aae toh mai gussa ho jaungi…mene itni baar sorry bola aap fiir bhi nai aa rahe…

  28. He is really a rusted machine but we have bear him for the dashing randhir I think ashwini has payed cvs to give importance to his character as I don’t think they’ll show him for his 2 or 3 fans no may reach upto 10 but for rd it is countless

    • rits

      Hey dear u hv rit to cmnt bt u cnt accuse aryan of such baseless chrge..rd has more fns thn aryan but in 3 months aryan has won many hearts by his superb character…u can see many fans of aryan..n I hv seen u bashing n questioning aryan fans alwys….u like rd.good bt dnt bash aryan n Aryans fans….plz…
      No intention ofhurting u….


      • pari

        Rits no offence dear but why dont u ask the same thing to Aryan fans ?? If u look on the other page u will see how a fan of Aryan called us sick ppl just coz we are Rd’s fans…Kushagra never said something insulting about Aryan fans, she/he only talked about the character. We SanDhir fans never bashed Aryan fans we always talked only about the characters. Thank u.

  29. anjali

    randhir’s dad entry is a mystery..but hope it will be good for sandhir.. do you guys remember he was the reason for their hate-kiss in season one which was awsome..

  30. anjali

    sandhir is the best. i like aryan character before bcz i felt him as a good friend of sanyuktha. but now i wish he should go from isrc…

  31. Now, may be sanyu will again help rd in making his relationship fine with his dad. Today I just loved sanyu’s character ,she was telling tht she don’t trust rd but she has tears in her eye.
    Now,rd is feeling tht pain wht sanyu felt in these two years…now he will understand wht pain he gave to sanyu by leaving when she needed her the most…and sanyu is not believing him coz of his past actions…..I like sanyu strong,determined character.I feel very much connected to it.A girl’s character should be like this.Why a girl should suffer always???
    The theme of this show is a girl’s fight 4 her life and career…sanyu deserves more respect….she hepled rd alot…supported him…made him near to his parents…bt each time rd creates a mess in her life….bt still rd is best 4 her…coz they love each other.
    Rd didn’t also believed sanyu when she told him repeatedly tht she didn’t exposed his mothers death secret and he didn’t even listen to her at the time of accident…coz of his ego.thoe should not be forgotten…rd did many mistakes…sanyu is not believeing him 4 the first time…tht is 4 she just got to know tht rd bet on her.Her actions are very much justified.anyone would have done the same.In real life this happens…and sadda haq is not fairy tale.If rd does mistake it is not not a big deal…but if sanyu does so it becomes a big deal…this gender biasdness happens in our country even now…this is the theme of sadda haq..the fight of a girl in male dominating world.

  32. I don’t hurt anyone…if anyone is hurt then I am sorry 4 tht.I think many of us even getting awat from the theme of the show…its just my thought and observation on the besis of the comments which I saw…I am sorry again.

  33. Leanna

    I’m really liking ur obsvtns pritha
    N v cnt just blame aryan .
    Hw can v even do tht??? He’s suprted sanyu so much n by nowing her truth he’s willin to give her proper space.
    He respects her .
    Not that I am a great fan of him or anything. In fact I LOOVE sandhir.
    They were my first fav pair.
    But judgin aryan just bcoz he’s not as handsome as param- not very good .

  34. Leanna

    And I’m sry if my sudden judgment on u was rude. I dnt intend to hurt n hw can I do that I dnt even know u .but I’m just sayin plss dnt get me wrong

  35. Mayuri

    Hey Bhai … Dhruv where r u … Missing u Bhai and how’s your recovery going and Bhai aap kaise bhaai ho hamari cute SE sweet SE ruvu ko manaiye na…. She cares for u too …. And r u fine now …. And r u still in hospital or discharged …..
    To tell u truth I firstly wrote recharge in place of discharge ??

    Anyway Bhai bas bhaut ho gya ab aap AA bhi jaiye … Everybody cares about u here a lot …

  36. Mayuri

    How should I express myself like what the type of episode it was …..
    I am very confuse like why cv in the last week of the serial will make a new entry …
    And why randhir’s dad …. Ufff !!!
    Yeh confusion and what am I seeing that aryan gonna resigned …. Gosh !!! No offence neither to aryukta nor to sandhir ….

    According to me ….. Or say what is going that sanyukta will become a big big lady (position wise ) and will lead the team and a very confident and intelligent girl ….. And every girl will make sanyu inspiration and both aryan and randhir’s end up as being best buddies and here episode comes to a beautiful end ….

    But now randhir’s dad…. What CV is doing ….

  37. BK

    Good morng guyzzzzzzz…… guyz what a rainy day……..feeling veryyyyy cold…
    Anyways. Yesterday episode z good…..bttt seriously I don’t lyk sanyukta now…………..her concern 4 Aryan clearly show that she fallen fr Aryan…….
    Buttt guyzzz if anyone want sandhir reunion then recomment here …………and also if anyone want next week spoilers thnnn comment 200+………..when u all reach 200+ cmmnts…..I’ll post spoilers 4 next week……….
    N guyzzz seriously next week z very interesting….n within 10days…we all r getting our sandhir backkkk…….

    Justtt check thisss link…..may b sandhir back……

  38. Mayuri

    Hiiii everyone !!!

    Sanyu,nishu, dhruv Bhai , shreya , suhana , Sheena , muku , revu , karu , Raj , rits , bk , vrushika , pritha , richu , dia , devga ,princess , liya , and everyone ….

    Sooory Bhai !!! I was here always but when our friends not started commenting then I just stopped my excess comment … But now I will πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

    Devga I wanna say that your DP is awesome …. I like that girl … She was from ek hassena thi … Na….

    And revu apne Bhai ko maaf bhi kardo

    Bhai r u fine now

    Sanyu good luck for practical
    Mine exams r starting from 23

    Liyu cute DP

    Karu r u still busy

  39. I like each of sada haq’s character including aryan though I am a fan of sandhir….each charaters are real…everybody is doing their job perfectly…I have no intention to hut anyone…nor I am hurt…coz is a commet page everybody cn share their thought.

  40. Many of us is fan of rd coz of his hndsome and cool dude attitude….but these are just characters not themselves but we forget this truth most of the time.

  41. Aaliya

    Hiiiiiiii guys…
    I hv seen the last comments…. Many of us r ARYUKTA fan!!!!! Nmbr is rising day by day!!!! ?????

    All the aryukta fans,,,,, say..” ARYUKTA ROCKS “…. And hope fr Union of aryukta….

    I shall cry if Aryan leave ISRC….????????????????

    Sanyu di……??????? crying fr Aryan….

    Di,,,,,,, kal mera HS xam ka result out hay….. Though I’m not tensed as entrnce xam is main fr my aim…..

  42. Revati

    Hiii very very gm for all…n a small quote for all of u my frnds..
    All birds find shelter when it rains…
    But the eagle alone avoids rain by flying above the clouds….
    Problems are common but attitude makes the difference….

  43. raghav

    Whre r u dhruv???
    Y u not replying???
    Plz if u see my msg..msg me on ufo post.plz..
    Hi vrushi Hi dia devga nisha:-)
    Nisha I read ur msg now..tht on last update…thnx dear n ya we r frnds..n u too r vrry good frnds dear.:-):-)

  44. vrushika Mehta

    I thnk Aryan is far better thn rd…cz evn rd has supported her he alwys gets angry when sanyu leads or is ahead of him…
    Thts very bad..tht means he dont want girls to to ahead of him not evn his love thts not good..n he cares fr shanya cz she is dumb n far lower thn thre is no
    prblm of her for rd….
    n most imp thnk in life is to cherish owr dreams n not get involved in bf n love prblms…so wht sanyu is doing is rit..
    N sanyu is a girl whn any girl finds such type if video leaked how canshe trust a guy like rd whI nvr respected n supported her…n he only want to hurt sanyu…
    Bt aryan he nvr hurts her…n tht bet he did to prove rd wrong..n whn he came to kno abt this cheap kiss video he immediately backed n decided to leave…a true lover wil do thisonly….he is fr better thn rd..whts the use of love if it doesn’t hv respct trust??
    Ya sandhir chemistry is mindblownig bt chrctr of rd is not a perfct one he is obsessive nt aryan…arayn is best.

  45. vrushika Mehta

    N those who r saying aryan is faker n. Hacker n Wnts law in his hand..I would like to tell u tht aryan is not doing this for himself bt for the society..he is hacker bt he dosnt do anything bad..He helps people..n tht needs a lot of courage..n he us dark shadow cz if he disclose his identity he will be killed by evil people..
    So he dnt disclose….his only motive is to help people n society…n he takes law in his hands cz today nt evn our judiciary can give justice to u…
    Wht Aryan is doing is for people…he is the he hero a brave n courageous guy….
    He is nt a bad hacker bt the one who does everything for the people..he is such a good person….

  46. vrushika Mehta

    Not all can do this…he risk his life for sake of people..he is a fightr not a faker…he is unique..
    Rude arrogant egoistic guys like rd r found everywhere…
    Bt fighters respectable gentleman guys like aryan are rare….
    My opinion…

  47. vrushika Mehta

    N yes aryan helped her to get fake certificate cz he can see the unique innovative n intelligent sanyu…he knew this girl is a very smart n intelligent she must be given chance in lifr.she deserves it…so he did this..he didn’t did anything,very bad..evn nirman aftr knowing capacity of sanyukta allowed her to stay…cz people only wants great minds..degrees nt imp if u hv a greatmind u shd be given a chancr…we cn see all top people in world dnt depend on degrees bt on brains….

    • wow then people are just stupid that they work so hard to attain these degrees and it’s govt’s fault as it marks faking certificates as illegal and see how smart she is that in entrance exam when unable to crack the code she used tissues to get what other’s type come on cv’s is this what u call IT BRAINS NO . sanyukta of fite was intelligent and smart but sanyukta of this season is manipulative ,dependent ,clever and self centred I REALLY NOT FIND HER IDEAL GIRL FOR INSPIRING IN THIS SEASON AS HOW COULD A LEAD USE WRONG WAYS AND EVEN DEPEND ON A CRIMINAL .THOSE WHO TOP THEY NEVER DEPEND ON OTHERS

    • I would have not repled if u had only talked about the show but what u said was insult of entire acadamics that’s why I felt I need to clear ur misconception as people work very hard to earn any degree and only brainy people can do it and without rewd knowledge the best brain can be worst and first KEEP opinion of yours instead of saying he or she is correct and dare not bash me as I don’t like those regret after wards

    • Really faking a degree is a good thing murderer a human is right and forcing someone to take loan which his future generations has to pay is really very ethical .law is law no one can take that in his her hands

  48. rits

    Hii karu nishu sanyu shreyu shenu liyu Alu raj muku revu princess rakshi mayu shiv. N al my swet sh frnds..howru???
    Ya I agre with u pritha abt sanyu bit….this is wht is the theme of sadda survive in male dominant society..
    WE can see it here also people r bashing

    sanyu cz she didn’t trust evn rd had many mistakes…
    We shd be fans of rd bt not blind fans…

    Dhruv browhre r u?
    Plz reply…
    Hi vrushika I dont know u…by u r frnd of mukti..!kk..howru

  49. sharon

    Hii frnds…howru al??
    Hey vrushika u hv real name of Sharon rai prakash. :-):-)
    Oh war btwn rd n aryan…
    M fan of aryan n sandhir….
    I like chem of sandhir
    N chrctr of aryan…he is so mature…:-)
    Yes kushgra u dnt like aryan ok bt dnt accuse him of baseless chrge…
    N yes we r not blind fans of aryan bt ur a blind fan of rd..u cnt see his mistakes dear…..plz dnt call us like this n dnt accuse ashwini koul of such thngs…he is superb actor…..he was in warrior high splitsilva….n. Very reputed abt aryan nt ashwini koul….

  50. sharon

    N yes kushgra aryan dnt hv 23 fans..yes our rd has more fans bt rd was here frm last one yr..its oobvious tht rd hv more fns..
    Bt aryan has been new bt became hero of the show..he won many fans in little span…n tht credit shd be given to him nt dnt chrge our aryan aka ashwini koul of corruption dear….

    • This was a sarcastic community on cvs giving importance to aryan but I think only witty can understand and yeah even if they both had entered at same time then also nothing would have changed even as a actor much much much better

    • Simple I said indirectly that cvs are giving extra attention to aryan but u were not able to get tthe sarcasm instead u took it serious as charge of corruption on aryan so now u wonder what you are

  51. yogiraj

    Rd dad’s entry…gud bt plzz parth ko bhi le ke eagerly waiting for him…
    Poor Aryan feeling bad for him….
    Guys where r u al.? Hv nyc day..

  52. Sorry to say say kushagra,but in the very first day of this season is seen tht how selfless she is…she is determined…how can a person like rd be leader who gets manipulated so easily…each time nirmaan manipulates him and he gets…sanyu is not dependent… nirmaan aleady told tht she can get dependent in future….he cleverly instigate rd to make aryan away from sanyu as he knew tht rd will also be away in this process…and rd got manipulated…rd is just genius and knowledgeable but he don’t have any practical sense thts why every metor made sanyu captain…the lady who supported her friend selflessly 4 whom she got into trouble can never be selfish and selfcentered…rd even don’t know the truth,nor he tried to know it 4 his stupid male ego…hie actual problem is sanyu didn’t let him drive, but he forget tht 4 his impulsive nature the dream team was almost out from the competition but parth saved them..he was the one who always wanted to prove himself best…he started the fight between him and sanyu…yes he supported her a lot but 4 tht u can’t overlook his mistakes.

    • But in season two she is complete opposite as she was the one who stopped sahil from smoking and parth from betting and even rd when he was wrong but in season two she is just ok with Dark shadow and his illegal works which is strange

  53. Everybody knows tht rd is not bad at heart and he cares 4 sanyu a lot…he had a lonely troubled past…but tht doesn’t mean tht u should be immature…here rd is a genius,kind yet very much impulsive and immature,vulnerable character as nirmaan told tht he is genius but his mindset is like a teenager,,,,in tht episode where he described tht team members…he also tht sanyu knows to manipulate others…but tht nevr harms anyone.

  54. every actors of sadda haq is doing their work great here,including ashwini…aryan is just a character and ashwini is playing it….if you are afan of param or rd..tht doesn’t mean tht you can insult other…I am also a huge fan of param but tht doesn’t mean ashwini is a bad actor…both of them are good…as individual I also prefer param,rd’s character rather than aryan,but I like ashwini’s portrayal of aryan as well.

  55. Kushagra... This one is for u

    Miss kushagra ….
    Randhir’s is good we r fan of him and yes he is superb actor but in sadda haq according he is …. He was worst when he leave sanyukta alone …. Nobody was there for her and what u r saying that aryan is bad no he is worst ….

    Mind u … Aryan is good …because he was the one who inspired her to become an astronaut in ISRC not randhir …

    Randhir was not there at that time …. She was broken and if u saying that what aryan did like making fake certificate … It was for sanyu … Sanyu asked it for entering inside the ISRC … And for your kind information randhir also burn and stole many things
    …. Is that was right .. Yeah but I won’t say that he made fake certificate is good …
    But it’s for continuing the story and what u say for stopping corruption aryan have taken law in his hands …. And he only helped the people .. He was not selfish ….

    And that tissue paper stuff which sanyu did in exams …. It was not wrong as with was checked and she passed … It was not possible to do that without studying … So it was her brain nor anything else …

    And for everyone’s good and for herself good the truth behind certificate disclosed ….

    But after all the thing sanyu was chosen for being lead astronaut not randhir …

    Comment edited.

    • Kushagra... This one is for u

      Hey hey …. I haven’t said that aryan is worst … I mean according to what u r saying that he is worst … I m not saying that ….

    • Oh rd burned his room only , he took his mothers car only that too for sanyukta.’s help and aryan is a illegal unethical hacker and a murderer and even tissue paper stuff what if their were no finger prints then she must have failed and nirman choose her not because of her brain but because of her compatibility with team and her power to manipulate and rd lacked that social nature and even nirman admitted he is the best and step ahead from.others and u be bold enough to show your name instead of making fake names

  56. Sheena

    Okkkk guys…calm down…seems like there is rd v/s aryan thing going on here….
    Both r good yr…aryan’s character is good but it will always be sandhir for me.. I love rd more…n param n harshi look so cute together, even when they r offscreen…they have a superb onscreen as well as offscreen chemistry.
    I loved ashwini’s character in warrior suited him better…but that show ended in b/w…i hope season 2 comes soon…

    Anyways, how r u all? Dhruv bro, revu, nishhuuuuu, mukti, rits, maddy, sanyu, shivu, mayuri, princess, bk, vishal, vrushika, sharon, raj, aaliya, liyu, ayeesha, richu, shreyu di, karu, kushagra, kushi, aastha, edge black, sumo, rakshi, swarna, aparna, richa, dia, ria, devga, pritha, pari, sruthi, shinjini, suhana n all my sweet frnds (sorry if i missed someone)

    Shreyu di where r u? All ok?
    Dhruv bro, r u fine? U r really making me worried now…why r u not coming? R u not well or r u still angry? Pls pls reply if u r reading this..
    Karu dear pls come here more often..
    N nishu u too dear… πŸ™‚ luv u
    Richu come here whenever u r free ok? But don’t leave

    Have a nice day everyone…! Keep smiling! Stay happy πŸ™‚

  57. Hi piya angel I said sanyu selfish in serial not in reality. I have right to talk about sh. Every person has her own opinion
    And ya guys I m also blind fan of param like Kushgara. But aryan is mice too But in my opinion not more than param.
    Love u guys.
    Ok let’s check who has more votes. Guys vote for rd or aryaan till 6:00. Let’s see who will win.

  58. Intelligence and determination and passion and of course innovation always win in case of knowledge…if you forgot then nirmaan himself remembered his mentors talk about talented and determined people…nirmaan already thoght about sanyu deserving tht space watch..he indirectly told her to prove herself tht she desrves the watch…and it is clearly seen…sanyu broke rules many times..but never harmed anyone..she is calm,composed,intelligent, innovative and practical…so she is deserving…mor over she has an unique talent of coping with any kind of situation..even sanyu made fake certificate when she left her house and doing job in an institute..but tht time no one found her wrong…sometimes breaking rules are really is rule of life..I mean real life..not the fantasy world.
    Agin I am very sorry if anyone is hurt by my comment.

  59. Remember rd burned his room in his anger…not 4 sanyukta…he took his mother’s car 4 he was rusticated from college..tht time also sanyu go against maya to get him back in college.Be a fan ,tht is not wrong…but being blind in it, is wrong.Infact I am also rd’s fan but I am not blind to overlook his mistakes.

  60. Here I guess Most of us are rd’s fan…and my vote is also 4 rd only…but Ilke aryan also…but I like rd more than that.


  62. dhruv

    Hi frnds.sory shena n mayuri I opened tu now so didn’t,saw ur cmnts thts why I didn’t reply. .

    • Sheena

      Hey bro…i’m so relieved to see u back…i thought that u r not well or something happened…u r fine na??
      N pls don’t be angry bhai…don’t leave tu…only a few days r left now

  63. dhruv

    Miss kushagra I am also a blind fan of rd n I hate aryan….he is a machine n nathng else….
    Bt everyone has their rit to say whatever thy feel…

  64. Aaliya

    Today’s all comment abt aryukta and sanyu’s determination is tottaly correct..( I’m aryuktan)…. I jst get strange tht how can anyone tell sanyu selfish!!! Wht she got frm Rd ,,,, after tht hw she can trust him again!!!!! She is passionate, ambitious, independent, brilliant ,inspiring motivating , determined ,strong personality and suprb girl….

    It’s jst my opinion… I dnt want to fight….

    Hi guys…????

    Feeling vry sad fr aryukta!!!! ????

    • Sanyukta Rathor

      Hey aalu hw r u you

      Me bahut sad hu dear i want aryan only Aryan

      I hate sanaya

  65. Stenzie

    Wow a big fight is going on here.
    Well i am new here. Sorry if anyone is upset with my comment here

    • Sheena

      Hey stenzie…welcome here! πŸ™‚
      why will ur comment upset us? Yes our views may differ but u r free to share ur own views

  66. This is not battle field rather a comment….you can keep your point…but can’t insult other characters 4 your favourite one…this 4 all.everyone has their one choice…you can debate on your point…but can’t say others point wrong.
    Sorry if anyone is hurt.

  67. Try to comment in a mature way…Sorry I meant comment page in previous comment…here everyone can be friends by commenting…why to fight just coz of difference of opinion on the characters????

    • Mayuri

      Yes pritha …. There shouldn’t be any fight regarding characters .. Because for now we can’t change the destiny as the shoot is already over and the serial is about to close …. So let’s see for the best ☺☺☺☺?????

  68. yogiraj

    I’m fan of Randhir..i started watching SH bcoz of him nly..his acting is tooo gud…i like Aryan also bt nt more than Randhir…..Randhir is best always…

  69. Aaliya

    Hi Di…. Sheenuuu, and di thanks fr wishing me fr result…????

    Waiting fr today’s epi….I wish ki Aryan Na jaye….???

    All aryukta fansss… A biiiiggggg huug to u guys……this nmbr is increasing …..

    Hi sandhir fansss….??? u ppl r vry rational yr ki tum log Rd ko blindly support nhi krte…..

    I m not grouping…. Just told…..

    Now hii to alllllllll myyyy swwttyuuu frnds……

    SANYU di,,,, aapka prctcl xam chal raha hay,,,,???? Right????? Bssttt off lck di….. ???

  70. Aastha

    hi guyz … i read the comments …it seemed like i am watching world war 3….. everyone is free to provide his or her opinion…i cannot understand why ppl thnk that comments are for them…if this will continue i will not like to comment here bcauz here ppl are proving that they and their choice is better than others…luv ur chracter bt donot say that other ppl thinking is wrong….diff ppl have diff choice this is only a matter of fact ..accept it and don’t fight….Sry if i hurted anyone .

  71. nisha

    durjoy datta started this

    what do you want guyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz sandhir reunion

    or aryukta


    sandhir is now get 1000 retweets if anyone is on twitter

    then pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee retweet more for sandhir

    I want sandhir reunion so I said sandhir

    vote for the couple you want in the end to see in sadda haq

    love u friendssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    nirman pics of farewell loved nirman also in sd acting good but never forget vardhan suryavanshi character

    pic of harshita and nirman cute
    an old pic of parsh the offscreen bond just like tom and jerry cute
    ashwini posted his latest pic

    but the pic is not important he wrote with it a message

    kisi shareef ka kameenapan

    so what gonna be the upcoming episode

    aryan character turned negative

    yes or not I am excited to see him negative as well the grey shade suit sadda haq characters

    so that our sandhir can reunite

    love u all friendssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    how r u all.

    hey karu sheenu mayu rakshi ritsuuuuuuuuuu, sanyu liya, hey nyshaaaaaa , shivuu aaluuuuuuuuuuuu princess, love u all

    hey dhruv mukti what sher or sherni jaag gayeeeeeeeeeee haaiiiiiiiiiiii


    where have u been both

    waiting for the bashers to came and then came


    well guyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz miss u both

    and keep smiling ggggggggggggggggggggggggg

    something major gonna happen with his dad entry in sd I hope so for it

    some dhamaka gonna expected in upcoming days

    and also


    retweet to durjoy datta twitter for sandhir reunion

    • Sheena

      Hey nishu!!!! How r u dear?
      Thanx for the cute parsh pic…ohh they have such a good chemistry even in real life!!!

    • Aastha

      i also want sandhir di…bt having some prblm with my twitter account… koi nhi
      and thnks for the pic…i am missing vidharth badly..seeing parth in pic is a relief…i want him back in show.?

    • Mayuri

      Thanks for the pic dear …. And that nirmaan pic ???? See sanyu emotion … It was damn funny … I love it and a very big big thanks πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

  72. nisha

    hey kushagraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    sweetheart kushuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    calm down

    u know they are just fictional characters

    why itnaaa lochaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa for their sake

    who are they to us

    they are just fictional characters

    and we doesn’t need to argue or fight for them dear

    the upcoming episodes are gonna be good so keep smiling and keep watching sd

    whether u are randhir fan , or aryan fan or sanyukta fan

    we all are fan here

    but more than that I visit here for friends

    NO more fan fan words

    coz somewhere we are here for friends

    so kushu just calm down and enjoyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy the sadda haq upcoming episodes

    hey raj how r u dear missinggggggggggggggggggggggggggggu yogiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    hey karuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu howr u dear

    in a very good mood actually lots of busy but still loving u all so much

    and missing u badlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy sweetheartttttttttttttttttttt

    hey karuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu 1 song for sandhir reunion

    I want to dedicate

    and want u to also dedicate one song forsandhir reunion its gonna be fun must give it dear love u sweeethearttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

    Doston Se Jhuuthii Muuthii Duusron Ka Naam Leke Phir Merii Baatien Karna
    Yaara Raat Se Din Karna
    Lambi Judaai Terii Bada Mushkil Hai
    Aahon Se Dil Bharna
    Yaara Raat Se Din Karna
    Kab Yeh Puurii Hogii Duur Yeh Duurii Hogii
    Roz Safar Karna
    Yaara Raat Se Din Karna
    Chupke Se Chupke Se Raat Kii Chaadar Tale
    Chaand Kii Bhii Aahat Na Ho
    Baadal Ke Piichhe Chale
    Jale Katara Katara, Gale Katara Katara
    Raat Bhii Na Hii Le Aadhii Aadhii …(2)
    Chupke Se Lag Jaa Gale Raat Kii Chaadar Tale
    Pharvarii Kii Sardiyon Kii Dhuup Mein
    Muundii Muundii Akhiyon Se Dekhna
    Haath Kii Aar Se
    Niimi Niimi Thand Aur Aag Mein
    Haule Haule Maarva Ke Raag Mein
    Miir Kii Yeh Baat Ho
    Din Bhii Na Duube Raat Na Aaye Shaam Kabhii Na Dhale
    Shaam Dhale To Subaah Na Aaye Raat Hii Raat Jale
    Chupke Se Chupke…Ke Piichhe Chale
    Doston Se Juuthii …Se Din Karna

    Tujh Bina Paglii Yeh Purvai
    Aake Merii Chunarii Mein Bhar Gayi
    Tuu Kabhii Aise Hii Gale Mein Bhar Jaise Yeh Purvai
    Aa Gale Lag Jaise Yeh Purvai
    Saathiya Sun Tuu Kal Jo Mujhko Nind Na Aayi Paas Bulaa Le Na
    Goad Mein Apnii Sar Rakh Le Na
    Lorii Sunaa De Na
    Chupke Se Lag…Ke Piichhe Chale

    the song is so melodious to hear yeah agreed an old one but the song is too much melodious

    now your turn karu and friendsssssssssssssssssssssssss song dedication for sandhir if anyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  73. karina

    Guys pls stop fighting….thats enough…just as someone said in a comment i think her name was Pari…lets just agree to dissagree…we are different and we have disserent choices…i read the comments and i ve seen how a person who is Aryan fan called Rd’s fans as “sick ppl” and now one of Rd’s fan bashes Aryan fans…this is not right guys…pls stop…we dont need to have the same choices…and as far as the characters are concern, neither Rd nor Aryan are correct…they both have made a lot of mistakes…and Sanyu as well…but this is life guys…everyone makes mistakes…

    Nishu i also cant wait for SanDhir’s reunion…and i hope CVs will bring VidArth back at least now coz the show is rnding…i miss Parth and Vids..

    As for the song…..well im in love with a song called “Love saves it all”…a romanian singer plays this song…i think it really suits sandhir coz in their case love can save it all πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

    • Aastha

      di u stole my words..
      u said everthing in vry gud way even i can’t express my views in such way.

    • Sheena

      Yaa karu…even i’m desperate to watch sandhir’s reunion…but i don’t think we’ll be able to see that before the last episode…n i too miss vidarth a lot…
      But i don’t think they will unite vidarth…but i atleast want a happy ending for parth…i hope he finds a suitable match fr himself

      • karina

        Yeah Sheenu i also think they wont unite vidarth but at least i wanna see them in the show for the last epis πŸ™

  74. Rochelle

    Hi Guys! I am new here. Even I am a big fan of SH. Does anyone have any idea what is the spoiler for next week?

    • Sheena

      Hey rochelle! Nice name πŸ™‚
      Dear, maybe we’ll get the spoilers after today’s episode…lets see

    • Mayuri

      Hey Rochelle … U made me remember of a girl …. And a very nice name … And I don’t have idea of spoilers …. Maybe after today’s epi we will get πŸ™‚

  75. Nysha

    Nishuuuuu…. So it’s final aaj chalte hai … And a very good idea from a very good girl .. And awesome song ??????????????????????????

    Hamein bhi Mata ka email aaya hai πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰
    Chalo sab milke gayo πŸ˜‰

    • Sheena

      Hey aastha! Ofcourse u r in our frnd list dear…why wont u be ?? πŸ™‚
      N thnx for calling me sweet

  76. nisha

    hey kushuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    what yaar fighting fighting play

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww i am missinggggggggggggg

    hey dear why start fighting fighting dear

    and yeah if u are saying mukti to apologize u then its not good dear

    we all are friends and I am not going to support this

    as she take a stand for friends

    and actually I doesn’t read the above comments at all.

    so just requesting you to end the matter and

    take ur words back as fake, dumb and soon peacefully and be our friend

    end the matter and we doesn’t want any fight here

    see what gonna happen after this

    new people are gonna scared of this site coz of the fights

    they thinking that this place is such a gundagardi waali place where all are fighting

    the days left are less a
    and I am sure

    u too share ur heart here all the time I know u are from here from such a long time

    then why are you making ur name in negative dear

    see friends of mine are hurt because of ur words dumb and some more negative words

    i don’t want to take any name but we all are hurt

    such a preety name and this way you are talking to us all your co-commentors

    I thought to be ur friend and u are fighiing to my friends

    see end the matter be mature and be our friend

    then we all can have so much fun here kushu

    end this kindly requested you as a friend

    and no more apologies from anhybody to anybody

    just close the matter

    and take ur words back and everything gonna fine

    we cannot say talk to all

    tallk to the people you like to talk

    but stay here peacefully and make friends you gonna love this place then

    love u dear keep smiling and now end the matter kindly

  77. Mayuri

    Yeah guys …. Bk did u get spoilers … Today is Friday so spoilers must be out today anybody got πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

    Then please upload it here ??

  78. nisha
    kal raat mata ka hame email aaya hai

    to bolo pyaar se bhaktjano

    devi nysha ji ki bhet sweekar karte hue ye bhet shuru karti hu

    Kal raat mata ka mujhe email aaya hai
    Kal raat mata ka mujhe email aaya hai
    Mata ne mujhko..
    Mata ne mujhko Facebook pe bulaya hai
    Kal raat mata ka mujhe Email aaya hai
    Kal raat mata ka mujhe Email aaya hai

    Chatting shatting karenge
    Mata se photo share karenge
    (Chatting shatting karenge
    Mata se photo share karenge)
    Profile picture mein mata ne sher lagaya hai..

    Kal raat mata ka mujhe Email aaya hai
    Aa ha aa ha aa ha… (jai ho!)
    Aa ha aa ha…
    WWW ho.. WWW
    Ho saare bolo
    WWW ho.. WWW ho.. WWW
    Mata dot com mata ki website hai
    WWW ho… WWW

    Hai dushton se bachne ko
    Dushton se bachne ko
    Antivirus lagaya hai

    Kal raat mata ka mujhe Email aaya hai
    Kal raat mata ka mujhe Email aaya hai
    Mata ne mujhko Facebook pe bulaya hai
    Mata ne mujhko Facebook pe bulaya hai

    Kal raat mata ka mujhe Email aaya hai (x3)

    Jai ho..

    jai ho sache darbaar ki jaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    hey rajjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj

    me fine buddy how r u

  79. Mayuri

    Hey guys did u notice that today moderation took less time comparing to any other day πŸ™‚

  80. Baisali

    Hi guys…I’m commenting here after a long long long long long long time…wassup? And yaha par itna halla kyu ho rha hai? Sorry if I’m interfering, but actually I read few comments and I saw u guys fighting. Isliye puch liya :/

  81. sammy

    Yaar kya bna diya hai is serial ko…pati patni aur WO….nirman matchmaking me zada laga huya hai…yaar pehle hi kiss serial me vardhan ko hta ke bahut bore kar diya…or ab yeh mission jaisa kuch nahj hai..aur rahi kasr randhir ko villain bna ke kar di hai in logo …the truth is that ki jitna spark param and harshita ki chemistry me hai …utna spark ashwini and harshita ki chemistry me nahi aayega….yaar aryaan sanyukta ka baby sitter zada hai…in fact randhir challenge karta hai sanyukta ko har point pe jisse WO khud ko prove karne ke liye ….zameen aasman ek kar deti hai …pls writers use your brain …and bring sandhir cute romantic scenes:-) πŸ™‚

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.