Sadda Haq 19th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 19th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhir says thank God. he goes to sanyu’s room, she is asleep. He caresses her face. sanyu says what are you doing here? what if maa sees you. Don’t go from here. I waited for you so long. She hugs him. He takes her to college. The song ‘mere hone se’ sanyu says i love you.
They attend classes together and talk in canteen together. They spend time all day together. randhir says while sitting next o sanyu i wish i could tell you everything. she falls asleep. He leaves.

Ranawat sees randhir coming in and says you have to tell me what is it. people should not keep things in. what are you doing when will you grow up chotay. randhir says i am not choty i am randhir. ranawat says stop annoying me, he leaves.

Sanyu gets a call from anju. she says i will

talk to you later i am in college. she is sitting in college. sanyu is in thruv’s clinic. she says to thruv tell me what should i do? Thruv says she talk a lot about you when she comes here. she talks about you your college, your team. who else is in your family? sanyu says i have to become an engineer for maa. i dont have another family. Thruv says she should have least stress. You should work and win compeitions it will make her happy.

Sanyu comes to canteen, parth says lets go and prepare in lab. PKC announce dream team and LITS team come to audi in five minutes. They all gather. LITs mentor is chauhan. PKC and dean come here. Dean says welcomes all the guests. randhir says we beat them badly last year. sanyu says the task will show who is better. The task starts.judge says you have some parts in front of you. you have to make a bike. sanyu says there is something. The judge says you have to make it without using the tool. You can use anything from college. Chauhan says you have to make tools first and then you have use them. Ranawat comes and sits in. He says to sanyu the mentor is here. now listen what i have to say. you cant do anything because you are trash team. both the teams starts working. LITS has hidden tools in their pockets. they are using. radhir says lets sharp the tin and make a screw driver. sanyu says yes it will give a grip. LITS is working slow. ranawat says you are trash team. if you keep hitting tin it wont become iron. this is not everyone’s cup of tea. parth says we dont have much time we will lose.

Precap-judge says we have seen both engines. the mentor have to take power output to 200. Dream team is scared.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. shenaz

    Fida dis is not done u came aft really long time n not chating with me u forgot me na

  2. shenaz

    Nisha see d very 1st comment is of my old friend fida i mean naz I was saying u about her

  3. shenaz

    Nisha dujoy datta said thruv n raghini will not seperate sandir but will bring dem close

  4. shenaz

    Nisha u should also know dat sometimes I use # Β£ & n john ka beta also sometimes to chat with all

  5. shenaz

    So u r back fida hw r u dr n u tho always call me with my name den y di 2dy u can call me shenaz anyways hw r u sweetie

  6. shenaz

    So fida where were u dese many days
    I was missing my old friends u now nowadays no old member cum here

  7. shenaz

    Hmmm u r back but where is fida I think she also facing net problem as same as u Nisha

  8. shenaz

    I read a beautiful os 2dy name was chaineese whisper really gud os I tho couldn’t stop my laugh while reading it really it was beautiful DT os luved it

  9. shenaz

    OK naz did u got ur results n did u pass I think u left for exams n didn’t came aft dat n now directly 2dy on tu

  10. shenaz

    OK bye I think all of u r facing net problem really bad see u all very soon bye guys luv u all ummah tc n b safe from any problems

  11. shenaz

    Me luving it as I was in d 1st day when I watched it u can say me crazy for dis swthrt I will not mind

  12. shenaz

    Hi fida n varshini u both surprised me just now I tho lost hope dat any1 will cum here now

  13. Meera Ahem Modi

    I m frm bangalore fil name iffatb sara cmpltd my 7th & promoted to 8th ok giv ur intro naz & varshu

  14. shenaz

    I think shayad aaj bhi kyy par koi nahi hai @Sara according to ur comment going downwads

  15. naz

    u tld na u hd lst hp tht atlst ny1 will cm…for tht i tld shyoo…ma net was bit it pstd a bit lte…

  16. Varshini

    Ya dr nd [email protected]

  17. shenaz

    It is in 2 days dr I m not sure for it actually news wale is also not sure I m regularly chking d board results site every day my day starts with it n ends with it chking

  18. shenaz

    Oh ok I got confused with dates tk u guys for clearing it anyways all d best for results fida swthrt

  19. Meera Ahem Modi

    hey same pinch evn I luvd asya dey were awesome couple… sahil dnt hav d magic dat ws betwn asya … sehan ws a nyc couple bt rehan died & seher missing

  20. shenaz

    Sry I think I can’t bcoz something is going on ryt now with my ph it is turning d worst now I can’t chat also with it now so bye guys I m going to sleep sweet dreams n gn guys luv u both ummah swthrts c u all soon bye

  21. Meera Ahem Modi

    c u shenaz luv u too umah… varshu I vl sleep wen I feel sleepy dr bt in schl days I vl sleep at 12

  22. Meera Ahem Modi

    b4 I lykd shakti neha aftr dey eliminated I lyk himanshoo amrita wbu btw I misd ystrday’s epi who ws eliminated?.. ok I vl cm in 5 mins

  23. Meera Ahem Modi

    oh ok k dr I thought dey were eliminated… v both’s choices are mostly common naa

  24. shenaz

    U know na my khadus boss he will start shouting if he sees me on ph while working hours so bye c u both at 3:00

  25. shenaz

    OK fida u also answer my 2 question up dere n I will chk ur answer at 3:00 was waiting for u only to cum dr so dat nisha won’t feel lonely over here OK bye c u all at 3:00

  26. shenaz

    Den u r same as me in cricket but when it cums to KKR ka match I just always support d opposite team playing with it I do dis to make my bro lose everytime n d best part u know whenever I cum n watch d match KKR always loses n team opposite to it always wins till dat time me n my bro f8 lyk hell with words dis team will win n in last I win sometimes only I cum to see KKR match n always made it lose hahaha my bro was saying me u don’t watch u go n chat really I started laughing for his dis behaviour

  27. shenaz

    Hi guys sry I m late 2dy from my given time actually got stuck somewhere anyways hiiiiiii

  28. shenaz

    Guys or favourite TV serial actors both male n female first put dat actor whom u think is best 1 from both OK

  29. u knw naz I also did tis wit my dad in childhood the most funny thng ws tat wuld nt be live match bt still we wuld bet each othr. many tyms I won the bet.

  30. shenaz

    Same as me u also win n I also in beting but difference is dad n bro between us u know KKR vs RR KKR losed bcoz agn I was present

  31. shenaz

    Nisha ur favourite TV actors u didn’t say say fast u have to answer Bollywood actors ka also

  32. shenaz

    No I don’t drink t or coffee neither in morning nor now but sometimes i drink coffee in a month only twice dr n did u had urs

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