Sadda Haq 19th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 19th March 2014 Written Episode, Sadda Haq 19th March 2014 Written Update

A peon tells the students that Dean wished everyone a happy Holi. YoYo says what’s Holi without colors. The peon says Dean has strictly said no for any colors in college. If they want to play Holi, then go home. The students don’t like that. Kastuki says she wants to play Holi. YoYo gets excited and tells her they will definitely play Holi. By the time Dean comes back, they will clean everything and he won’t find out about anything.

Vidushi thinks this is the chance to get closer to Parth. She hopes she will be first one to apply colors to Parth. Sanyu comes and asks why such a good dress for Holi. Vidushi asks if there is anything wrong in looking hot in Holi? Others also start preparing. YoYo hopes to impress Vidushi and put colors on Jiggy’s face. Jiggy warns Kastuki

to stay away from the boys, especially YoYo, and come in full dress, not shorts.

Sanyu calls her bro and wishes a happy Holi. He tells her this is her first Holi outside their house, so she better stay in her room and not do anything silly. Sanyu asks him to give phone to her mum, but he says she’s busy and he will wish her a happy Holi on her behalf. Sanyu remembers time she spent with her mum.

Holi celebration starts. Vidushi waits for Parth. Kastuki is not in mood. Her and Jiggy apply colors on each other. YoYo comes and takes Jiggy with him and makes him drink bhang. He drinks more and more bhang. YoYo decides to make Kastuki smile so there’s some fun in Holi. Dance starts. Vidushi and Sahil start dancing on Baby Doll song. Others join them. Randhir arrives. Sanyu throws colored water at him. He stares at her with anger. Sanyu says, what? It’s Holi. Randhir goes closer to her and throws water on her too. Sanyu gets irritated. He says, it’s Holi. He leaves. Parth comes and puts colors on Sanyu. Sanyu also applies colors and both smile. Vidushi sees it and says this Sanyu keeps coming between her and Parth. She will have to do something. Sahil comes and wishes her a happy Holi. She gets mad at him and leaves.

She hears YoYo telling his friend about special color which won’t go for days. Vidushi decides to throw that on Sanyu. She is searching for her. Sanyu sees her and throws the same colors at her saying she celebrated Holi with everyone, but not with her roommate. Sanyu receives a call from her fiance and leaves. He says today he also called her first, sometimes she can call first too. He asks her what’s noise. Sanyu asks him if he’s not celebrating Holi. He says yes, but now he feels like coming to her house. Sanyu tells him not to. He asks why. She says her mum is calling her and hangs.

YoYo throws special colored water on Jiggy, but it turns out to be water. Sanyu asks Kastuki to join everyone, but she says she’s waiting for Jiggy. Sanyu tries to take her, but she doesn’t go.

All Sanyu, Randhir, Parth drink bhaang. Sanyu goes to Randhir and both smile at each other. Parth comes. Sanyu now turns to him and starts dancing with him. Randhir walks away. Vidushi gets angry seeing Sanyu with Parth. YoYo comes to Kastuki and tells her to apply colors to her on his behalf. She does it. YoYo makes her smile with his jokes. Someone is running from there. YoYo gets pushed and kisses Kastuki by mistake. Sahil sees it. Kastuki gets angry and leaves. YoYo doesn’t know what to do now. He asks who pushed him.

Sanyu again gets a call from her fiance. She gets irritated and tells him that she’s not doing art, she is doing mechanical engineering, and no matter what, she will finish it. Her fiance gets shocked. He asks her from where engineering came now. Sanyu is telling him the truth, Parth comes and takes phone from her. He talks as Sanyu’s dad. Sameer asks what Sanyu was saying about engineering. Parth says you seem drunk, should I call your home and tell your dad? He says no no and hangs saying someone is calling him. Sanyu asks Parth why he lied and asks him to give phone back to her. She doesn’t want to lie. Parth says, you’re drunk right now, you will regret later for what you say in this condition. Sanyu is leaving from there. She loses her balance. Parth gives support to her. She walks using his support. Randhir sees this and remembers him giving support to Sanyu before.

Precap: Parth divides the Dream Team in 3 groups. Randhir asks him what he’s trying to do by doing this. He says, he did this to unite team. This way everyone will get more time to spend with each other. Sanyu and Randhir are together. Sanyu tells him he started working alone again. She asks if he forgot what their captain said. Randhir says, yes he forgot and tells her to go and complain him. He asks to learn from him as well and she should have made team with him. Vidushi tells Parth that she feels very lonely in this college. She can only relate herself with him. Parth asks what’s point of discussing all that now? Vidushi says she likes him.

Update Credit to: Nishi

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  1. nice epi!!!!thank u nishi..

  2. poor guys!!!dont knw that the girl they r falling 4 is already someone else fiance…

  3. Awesome One…

  4. yeah randhir one side love started already…:-)

  5. wowww…randhir’s one side love..hehe…nyways awsm episode….nd thnx nishi fr d wu…

  6. wowww…randhir is feling jelus nd tht 2 of sanyu n parth…nyways awsm episode….nd thnx nishi fr d wu….

  7. Thnks for such jaldi updates

  8. Whoever izz posting update

    I tnq her or him for dis update

  9. Akhir holi ka rang randhir ki life maye payar ka rang le aye. One side love already started between hero and heroine…. but i want to see parth and sayu togather …. they make perfect match.

  10. Guyz u know that i had a feeling that parth is going to ditch vardhan…. because u remember that parth said to randhir that not to say anything abt CITE …..
    .parth cannot leave CITE like this….. i think kabir is ploting against vardhan using parth. Lets see what happen next.

  11. What is this now parth want to always unite the team and now he is only dividing the team…..

  12. Luv u sandhir

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