Sadda Haq 19th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 19th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhir and parth are working on the respective cars.They both try to pump with foot. The cars start settling down, Radhir’s car gets down. He tries to get it up. Ranawat says lets see if parth’s car falls as well. Randhir goes out to sanyu and says i lost it, randhir singh shikhawat lost it. because of you. sanyu says did you make some calculation mistake? He says what? sanyu says there was some fault in the jack, maybe some calculation mistake. Randhir says even if i calculate while sleeping i can’t make a mistake. sanyu says calm down listen to me. Dont show me your face after today. Go celebrate it with parth. he leaves.

Agarwal and Ankit bring sanju along with them. she recalls when she left the house. Ankit says on dinner papa has been missing the food you

make. He will eat a lot. sanyu comes home. anju says sanyu you must be tried,food is ready. sanyu goes to her room.
sanyu comes home, agarwal says at least you could have informed me. Thank God i saw the reports. Anju says i asked sanyu not to tell you. Agarwal says is there anything you have not told me? SAnyu says the doctor is very good, he takes good care of maa. We have got all the tests done.

PKC says to ranawat cars were same then why randhir’s car fell down? Was it rigged? Ranawat says should i laugh or should i slap? Criticism motivates your more than anything. randhir has become stangnant. He is at the same spot he started from. we have break his ego pkc says mayebe you are right.
Sanyu comes to her room and sees randhir there. she says what are you doing here? she says i am sorry. He says dont be sorry on my mistake. i shall apologize the way i behaved with you. i can’t bear failure. I am okay till i am number one, when i fail i lose my mind. you are number one because you have improved you are better than me, that is why i hurt you. I am really sorry. sanyu says forget all this. sit down. He says i behave this way with you, why you always pardon me. Anju comes in and sees randhir, she says now i believe that you are right choice for sanyu. you look stubborn and mad.

Anit says you could inform us. Agarwal says this is rally serious. anju says dont be mad i asked her not to tell. Agarwal says is there anything else? anju says her doctor took care of her. Agarwal maybe we could find a better one. We could do something for her. Anju says she did what she could. and that doctor is really nice.
Agarwal asks sanyu about the tests, she tells him briefly. sanyu says in heart i feel good to see you taking care of maa. Agarwal meets thruv, he says we should go for a surgery. we don’t have another option. the risk is there but it will be okay. Agarwal signs the papers

Randhir and parth see each other and ignore. sanu comes and hugs randhir.

Precap-thruv does anju’s operation. he comes out, sanyu asks is maa okay? He is quite.

Update Credit to: Atiba


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    Mon : sanyu enters rd room to know his plan

    Tue :ankit says sandhir to cum directly to d hospital

    Wed : sanyu is shocked aft reading her mothers will

    Thus : sanys fathers forces her to give up d gift her mother left for her

    Fri : sanyus mothers gift shocks rd n her collage friends


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