Sadda Haq 19th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 19th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu calls someone an says my computer is not working. Can you come and check? He says sure. He says my name.. not any people know. No one bothers asking. Usually people only need me when there is something wrong with their computer. One said thank you 235. This is my test extension number. I am the IT guy, I am 235. I save this company from billions of threats. but don’t known by anyone. People play all different roles here. I hacked all of their computers. This guys is such a despo. This guy he keeps abusing politics.
Once you hack someone’s computer, its not easy to talk to them because you get to know everything about them. Except her.. He looks at sanyyu. He says i have been hacking her PC for 2 years but no secret found. She is an engineer from FITE but acts like

she can’t even fix a screw. She met some accident 2 years ago. Some friend got in coma. He goes to her. Sanyu says please fix it. He says in heart her computer crashes every week. Why? Because I crash it myself. Sanyu smiles and says thank God. He says in heart i fixed it and she is thanking God. Well anything for this smile. She doesn’t even know my name. Sanyu says the presentation is safe. He says will you show this to Petu Pahuja? Sanyu says yes what do you think? He says in heart she is going to be fire. He says hope for best, good luck.
Sanyu says aryan, he stops. She says is the PC fine now? he says do you know my name? SHe says yes, you came here often. If there is something wrong then get me a PC. I don’t like disturbing you. He says in heart this is the only system that doesn’t disturb me.
Sanyu sees TV news that a college is illegal. The owner says the girls have to run home anyway.

Tetu Pahuja says Krishan bring sanyu and ask her to give me presentation.
Sanyu sits with parth. He is in coma. She says you know my system crashed again today. And my boss, his name is so funny, tetu. Whenever he speaks i can’t control my laughter. Sanyu says I just.. are you listening? That krishna.. I have a presentation too. I don’t know how it is. Remember how we used to make presentations in college. Doctor comes in. He says i have been seeing you here talking to him for two years. sanyu says we are that good friend. Doctor says i will inform you when he is conscious. Your life would be affected if you come here daily. sanyu says since he is this way because of me, I have lost interest in my life. Doctor says he is lucky to have you. sanyu i dont think you are lucky to have a friend like me parth. I am sorry forgive me please.

Sanyu says Tetu I didn’t know the meeting was preponed. Just hear me out. He says I want your presentation. You were not here, you presentation was. and I was impressed your presentation was good. The deal is done.
sanyu asked krishna how yo got my presentation? He says I asked 235. The energy breaks out. He says now I have to look after this too. sanyu recalls fixing boards in college. She recalls the accident. Krishna says sanyu can you repair? she says how would I?
Sanyu goes to aryan and says hi. I was looking for you. He says take a seat. Sanyu sit. She says I wanted to thank you.
He says were you crying? I shouldn’t interfere in hospital. She says my friend is in hospital. He says in heart Parth, room no. this. He has been there for two years in coma. He gives sanyu tea. She says thanks I just came to.. He says its not from canteen. sanyu takes the tea and drinks it. Sh says its actually very good. He says I made it. sanyu says not bad. I made my presentation in excel. he says you can convert a noraml doc in ppt. She says i didn’t know. I was in machine.. nothing. I was wondering if you give me that software. He says sure. sanyu says this is so strange. we are have a proper conversation. Now I know where i control systems from. He gives it back to her. she says thanks for the tea. Good night and leaves.
He says in heart that pen drive has a tracker, just for your safety. I wann be there for you when you are in trouble.

A car is on going. Someone comes on a bike and shows him his swiss back details.
Sanyu comes home and sees agarwal scolding at mechanic. He says no one knows about machine here. I wish there was. sanyu says you didn’t send car on time. He says the car is not fixed. sanyu says let me call another mechanic. He gives money to mechanic. Mechanic says why you do this? Agarwal says do you have a daughter? he says no. Aagrwal says don’t break her dreams when you have one.

Its 235 who has stopped the MNA. He says you ruined the future of those girls. Dont take gun out or I will send the information to media. He says how much money you need? 235 says in heart so he thinks i do this for money? But well getting money isn’t bad anyway.
sanyu comes and sees the car. She recalls the accident.
235 tells him his bank account. The politician says there is no diferrence between you and me. He transacts. He says what is this? 235 says all the money has gone to charity.
235 gets a notification that sanyu is going to hospital.

Sanyu comes to hospital and sees from window, Parth is conscious. Doctorhelp him sit down. sanyu sits there in there. She recalls the accident. Sanyu goes in and hugs parth. He says I was tired because of the competition. So I slept. sanyu hugs him again.
Parth says 2 years, I was like living statue. Finally. I am speaking. Today I will speak and you will listen. Will you? Your face shows you have drowned yourself in guilt. sanyu says no.. He says its not your fault. You asked me not to do that. I did this because i was scared of losing. Its all my fault. Forget everything. One more thing. You know I heard everything, you said in last two years. Your computers crashing, you slipping in rain. You never talked about randhir. Where is he? Sanyu is dazed.

Precap-Sanyu says to parth i told you i have a pal aryan. Aryan meets him. Parth says in heart I will find randhir.
Aryan does something to his breathing machine later. Parth struggles to breathe. sanyu and agarwal are worried.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. yesssss….sadda haq season 2 came with a bang…very interesting start…im glad parth is alive…this show is really captivating…good job by all the actors..

    1. I thought Aryan will play a positive character but from what i see he is somehow obsessed with sanyu…and to top it off in the precap he is trying to hurt parth…maybe its for the best coz in this way we wont feel bad for him when our hero Rd will come in the picture and Aryan will know who is sanyu’s love…

    2. im eagerly waiting for Rd to come in the show and also i wanna know what happened to Vids…i really miss our crazy Vids and impulssive Rd…

      1. Suranjana Bhattacharya

        Yeah…karina….vidhir {vidushi n randhir } will be back with a bang

    3. Yeah Suranjana you are right dear 🙂 vidhir will be back with a bang coz these two are really crazy…sarth are the soft ones and vidhir the crazy ones 🙂

  2. am so happy to see parth..i thought they will not show him..eagerly waiting for randhir..and also others

  3. where is randhir????
    i’m happy dat parth is alive….
    cool start

    1. Rd will be entering the show after few episodes…he ll enter a bit later 🙂

  4. Waiting….Waiting………..Our Hero………..RANDHIR.

  5. vadde keerthi aishwaraya

    wow what a episode.luv u sadda haq team!!!!!!!!!!

  6. vadde keerthi aishwaraya

    wow what a episode.luv u sadda haq team!!!!!!!!!!. where is randhir,vidushi, others

    1. Dont worry dear they will enter the show a little later but all the characters from seasone 1 will be there in season 2 as well…harshita confirmed it in an interwiew…so dont worry rd, vids, yoyo all will be in the show 🙂

  7. Suranjana dear i just saw the epi now on internet and i was right dear Vids and Ankit got married and went to Dubai 🙁 i guess they will be back in a few episodes…im glad that Vids is still in the show but im sad that she married Ankit…i hope when they ll be back and now that Parth has recovered we will get our vidarth back…
    And also im happy that Sanyu’s dad is changed and now he feels sorry for not supporting Sanyu’s dream of becoming an engineer…

  8. Glad that Parth is alive. I hope Vids will be seen soon in the show. I really miss Vidarth and i hope they will be a couple again. I dont want Vids to be with Ankit. But i fear that the CVS have something else in mind coz if it passed 2 years since their accident that means Ankit and Vids are married for at least 1 year and i guess it will be hard now to get them separated so that we get to see our Vidarth again. I really hope the CVS wont dissapoint us and will bring Vidarth together again.

    1. But guys u know what…i still have a hope for Vidarth’s reunion coz in the precap Sanyu took Parth to her house for his recovery and Vids and Ankit will eventually come back from Dubai and after that Vidarth will be in the same house so i hope their love will blossom again 🙂 i donno but this is my guess. I hope this is what the CVS will do coz i want Vidarth back together.

    2. I hope what u are saying will come true coz we all miss vidarth…hoping for the best 🙂

  9. Suranjana Bhattacharya

    Rania and deepika, now at this moment we can only guess ….coz sadda haq is unpredictable…but vidarth and sandhir patchup,if happens will take a very long time

    1. Suranjana ur right dear but if vidarth will be together again i dont mind if i have to wait 🙂 coz we know sandhir eventually will patch up…but it will be nice to see vidarth trying to fight their fellings for each other in their get-together process 🙂

  10. Karina ,Mr Agarwal told about Ankit and Vidushi going to Dubai,it means they were married,further picturisation of the episode was perfect,Season 2 will be more interesting,as it is now not only limited to college life,but have a vast horizon.

    1. Hey Deep glad to see u after a long time 🙂 yes i agree with u S2 will be better coz its not related only to collage life…

  11. Yess!! . Sadda haq is a amezing program for encourage youth to do something in their life. Sanyukta’s motivating dilogs are awesome. Missing other casts at this season (yoyo), and our hero RANDHIR plz come soon. Can’t wait for you in the new season. ALL OVER SADDA HAQ IS THE BEST SHOW IN THE EARTH.

  12. 1st episode is bang on!! I hate aryan for his behaviour. But it will be tit for tat when randhir come and he will know about sanyukta and randhir’ s marriage. I will celebrate on that day.

    1. Hahaha yes dear we all will celebrate on that day 🙂 our Rd is the best.

  13. hey guys sd friends how r u deareeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.

    Seriously after so much waiting this episode came such a fantastic episode seriously bang on.

    Never expected such a fantastic chatacter Aryan and his man ki aawaz is such interesting than his own voice seriously such an interesting thoughts I know

    Have a guess aryan make a way to sanyu came back to engineering and came on board on mission mars and then she met randhir again.

    and as I see aryan will follow her then also.

    just like now.

    I mean he place tracker in the pen dirive to keep an eye on sanyu and keep her safer. just like a body guard now will make an interesting trio .

    and i am sure soon vidharth goes an interesting track also. wish too to see them also in engineering.

    love u all guys so much.

    keep smiling.

    Once a friend always a friend.

    1. Hey Nisha dear glad to see u 🙂 missed u…i also hope vidarth will get an interesting track 🙂 love u too..take care.

  14. Really enjoyable,shooting just like movie,missing Randhir very much,without him no aggression,no charm.

    1. I was thinking about the same…season 2 its almost like a movie…really hats off for all the actors and the crew…dont worry our Rd will come soon and im sure his entry will be awesome 🙂

  15. hey karina luv u dear let’s see what happen today

    and yes deep dear don’t worry randhir will came soon what say I see his entry will have to be the bang on naa

    a charming prince will have to came like a prince what say

    luv u all deareeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.

    1. Yup dear waiting for tonight…im sure our Rd will be back in style 😉 luv u kisses…

  16. Suranjana Bhattacharya

    Equations will change tables will turn but sanyukta randhir parth vidushi will turn the equations……So obviously intruders will be there….ankit n aryan

    1. Yeah dear ur totally right…i couldnt have said it better…ankit and aryan will be after vids and sanyu but our heroes parth and rd will be back with a bang 😉

  17. were is randir am waiying for him …….

    1. Dont worry he will be seen entering the show a little later, after a few episodes 🙂

  18. Suranjana Bhattacharya

    Hope so…..lets see…but.i think.for parth friendship is more important..i mean sarth friendship..i earnestly wish we get to.see friendship between vidhir…its the most unexplored equation…vidushi n randhir need some1 to speak their heart out…jst lyk sanyukta n parth…vidhir will rock as friends

    1. Yes dear i totally agree with u…u just took the words out of my mouth…vidhir friendship is something i really wanna see…and vids and rd are almost the same they both are imprevisible crazy impulssive and passionet people so i think they ll get along just fine…like sarth who are the soft ones and they get each other so well i think vidhir being both impulssive will get each other very well…and also i wanna see sanvi ( sanyu and vids ) bond coz i really miss their scenes…their friendship wasnt explored to much either..

  19. Suranjana Bhattacharya

    Actually karina, i hope vidushi n.even randhir will be not shown as mere negative characters only….though they are grey but still they have done unconditional things sometimes as well…..and most importantly four of them need to understand each other a lot ….n not as partners but as friends atleast

    1. Yeah dear i really hope they wont portrait Vids as a negative character and also Rd…i think they have a lot of good things to show about this two and not only about sarth….coz vidhir also have their good part and they are good persons its just they are impulssive and sometimes irrational but that doesnt mean they dont have a good heart.

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