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Sadda Haq 19th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Part is playing basket ball, arpita comes and says wow awesome shot. Good combinations on intelligent and spots person. She makes his video. Arpita says i should play with you. Parth says you know how to play basket ball? she says i know a lot of stuff. Parth wow are you on some secret mission? She says yes to beat you in this game. They start playing, vidushi is jealous. Suddenly arpita starts coughing, parth makes her sit and says are you okay? He brings water for her, from the table beside vidushi’s. Parth says take rest.

Kunal comes to sanyu and grasps her by arm. He says what new game are you and randhir playing? you made me fool as well. Why he got ready to help you? SAnyu says my only target is to save this factory and randhir got ready because he sees the truth now.

He says you both will win bst intern trophy this way> I wont get in your trap. Sanyu says go and win the trophy. Kunal says why are you trusting him? you know how he has been to you. sanyu says now go and do your work. randhir comes in and says any problem sanyyu? she says i was clearing his doubts randhir says change up, i will drop you to college.

Randhir helps sanyu in walking in the college. he says should i drop you to the room? sanyu says i will manage, good night. She slips. Randhir picks her up. He says come with me you need first aid? He picks her in his arms. Randhir dresses sanyu’s wound in the medical room. Sanyu comes back to her room and sees vidushi in distress.

Vidushi says to sanyu she will follow her everywhere. sanyu says you have broken up with him, you can’t stop or control it. Look how i forgot randhir, focus on your internship. Vidushi says it must be easy for you i can’t forget him. sanyu sleeps. Parth is detecting for drugs in the corridor with his machine, he goes in a room where warning blares. someone with hoddie runs from that room.It nikhi. parth couldn’t catch him, he goes back to the room, he find drugs there. He says do these students make or take drugs? i will figure it out. Parth comes to his own room, the warning blares on his own bed as well. There is a packet under his pillow. He says in my room? are they scared? i should inform vardhan. on his way he gets a video on phone, that he is having a drug packet in his hands. Someone calls him, parth says come in front of me. the man says show this to the authorities. they will know you took drugs. Parth says i am not scared of you. THe man says we can do anything to you. Parth says don’t threaten me. Hs says stay away from this matter.

Scene 2
Next morning, sanyu starts solving vardhan’s question, randhir comes as well. He solves it before her. Randhir says you couldn’t see the easier method, see you at the factory. Sanyu says why i missed tha obvious solution. Vardhan says it was in front of you and you couldn’t see it. Sanyu says i am so indluge in factory these days. Vardhan says i heard randhir is helping you these days? sanyu says yes. vardhan says just like this equation everything has two sides. Sanyu leaves. Randhir comes with her bike and stops it in front of her, sanyu keeps walking. sanyu sits on his bike.

yoyo comes to aister’s room and says how you feel now? She says i feel good. He says i am sorry i wanted to get out of it, but my body doesn’t help me. she holds his hands and says don’t blame yourself at least you are trying. i will try to help you in fighting this. yoyo says i am blessed to have you.

Sanyu says officials are coming, we have to impress them. Vikram says we have only three days and if they think our speed is satisfactory only then they will invest here. sanyu says we wont get another chance, we have to prove ourselves They all jolt in work. Sanyu drops a panel, randhir picks it up for her. On the other hand, agarwal is showinf recovery. Randhir comes to sanyu and says there is time to get that cabin constructed, you can sit there if you want to, sanyu says papa said you have to earn your place. i will get keys of this cabin from papa.

Agarwal gets up and says i wanna go to factory. Vikram says sir everything is fine in factory, workers are back on work. SAnyu sees 100% productivity rate, randhir says you did it, sanyu says no we did. Officials will be impressed. Anju calls ankit and tells him that agarwal is recovering and will be back to work tomorrow. She says focus on your work. Agarwal is getting ready, anju says where are you going? He says i am going to factory who will handle it. sanyu says vikram is handling it. Agarwal says its my responsibilty not vikram’s. anju says you need rest. He leaves. anju calls sanyu but she doesn’t pick up.

Sanyu, vikram and team are waiting for officials. Suudenly, agarwal walks in. Everyone is dazed. Sanyu says papa don’t be angry please listen to me once. Agarwal says vikram come to my office. sanyu says i will come with you sir, this was my plan you can’t suffer for it. He says okay come. sanyu adn vikram go to his cabin.

Arpita comes to vardhan and says you called me sir? SHe says is should click his photo. Vardhan says how is your project going? you must have captured many things. Arpita says i thought it must be boring, but people here so interesting that i want to make a movie on them, i would love to shoot you. vardhan says i have a story to tell you but it will be kept a secret between you and me. she says i am excited to listen. What is it about? He says this is about dream team. i have a plan related to them. He explains her. he says you still have time. you can back out if you want. she says i am all in. He says positive attitude i like it.

Agarwal says to vikram why were you doing all this? i thought i made a good decision by appointing you but now i regret it. I didn’t know you will do this. HE starts coughing. Vikram says are you okay sir? sanyu says papa please drink water. Agarwal says you dare to go against me. you took women here and trained them. you thought i am ill i wont know anything. vikram says everything was doomed, she handled everything all workers came back due to her. agarwa says don;t teach me . he says you have made fun of my factory sanyu. sanyu says everything was stopped, i did this to save factory. agarwal says who asked you to help? you did this to save your ego not factory. you want to show me that you will bring woman here and answer me. sanyu says no. He says i don;t wanna see your face on this floor. He says to vikram postpone the meeting. Vikram says they must be coming anything. agarwal says to sanyu get out. randhir is satnding outside, she leaves. randhir says i wont let anything wrong happen to sanyu, he is even more selfish than renuka.

Scene 3
Next morning, vidushi and sahil are waiting for parht. When he comes vidushi starts dancing with sahil. Parth sees it. vidushi says i know he is jealous, he turns. arpita says lets have a coffee. Parth says sure why not, he leaves with her. Vidushi leaves in anger.

Rana gets a call, the man says that boy has become a threat for us. rana says i will kill him this time. chief says i dont wanna listen any excuses.

randhir is working raghu asks what are you doing? Randhir says there is some problem in distributor. raghu says there was no fault i checked it yesterday.or you might have manipulated it. randhir says why would i do that? raghu says to cover up your mistake. randhir starts hitting him. sanyu comes and stops them

Precap-randhir says what you said in factory? i am not able to be trusted. Randhir says you can never appreciate me. sanyu says what have you done to be appreciated? you have no place in my life its all over.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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