Sadda Haq 19th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 19th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kritika starts her task. She manages it well and damage is 20%. Then sumit comes. Damage is 13%. Sumit says I thought it would blast. Sanaya comes, the craft starts blinking. Arjun says elimination is fixed. We are all safe now. The damage is 25%. Randhir goes. The damage is 5%. Randhir says to sanyu go damage the aircraft. Sanyu says your ego would be damaged.
Sanyu is doing it well. Suddenly the craft starts blinking. Its malfunctioned. She lands it. Damage is 55%. Randhir smiles. Sanyu says there is some problem in simulator. Please check it ma’am. Nirman says you wont get a chance in space. You are eliminated. This is not your thing. Depends on arjun. Arjun is next. Arjun says i think there is some problem with simulator. She is right.
Arjun sits in craft and says nothing

is responding. The craft breaks down completely.
Arjun says there was some problem in simulator. Nirman says you will listen to my commands. Mr. Arjun Khanna is eliminated. Thank you everyone. Arjun says this was not my fault. Randhir texts sayu got lucky this time.

Sanyu says I am dead sure randhir did this. Randhir is doing something on another machine. Aryan says focus on your next task. I will handle the rest.
Joy and sumit make fun of each other. Sumit says I was so scared. Arjun comes and sees them.
Arjun goes to becky and says where is nirman? he stops nirman. nirman says you will say it was malfunctioned. This is what happens when you get surprises. And becky is my secretary but she secretly helped you out. You sign new interns with this pen right? What if you have to sign your resignation with the same pen?
Aryan fixes the machine. Randhir says thinking how she failed? Must be depressed. Sanyu will be out this center soon. Everything will be fine. She will be crying and you will be consoling her. Aryan says you know sanyu is sensitive. She was feeling low. She kept sitting at a place. She held my hand. I tried talking her to her. she rested her head on my shoulder. So what could I do? i console her. She was crying. I think you are right. I am good at it. Randhir is silent.

Scene 2
Sanyu brings randhir in cafe. She gives him coffee. She talks he laughs. He comes close. Sanyu shoves him, he runs after her. sanyu goes to aryan and hugs him. Randhir wakes up from his sleep. It was his dream. Randhir says my dream is over your nightmare will start now.
sanyu recalls what randhir said. She is trying to study.
Agarwal calls sanyyu. He asks sanyu your tests were starting? Have they? sanyu says yes they have. Today’s went well. I took care of it. he asks are you okay?sanyu says don’t worry. He says yes you can cope with troubles. And focus on your studies. She says I know you have so many expectations from me. I wont’ disappoint you this time.

Precap-Randhir says to nirman I wanted to talk to you. I made complete plan to eliminate sanyu but last moment you eliminated arjun. Nirman says i don’t need to consult you for my decisions. he gives him a tablet. Randhir says for whom? Nirman says tablets don’t know who they are for but the one giving them knows. Nirman explains next task that their heart rates will be tested.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Bk

    Heyyy guyzzzzzzz gd evng…….
    Today’s epi..z really spuervv….
    Hawww Randhir fumed with jealousy when DS described how he consoled Sanyu?
    Oooo god I love that scene when Sanyukta bite randhir’s ear……was she really hungry????LOL

    • Hii bicky dear….
      Rds face was really cute whn aryu was describing .
      Now im gettin really confused who Is mor cutie pie…
      RD or ARYU

      • Bk

        Hlo…richu babe… .how r u??????
        BTW A freezing task is coming up on sadda haq…waiting to see that…..till thnn keep smiling…..
        GD EVNG…..hv a sweet dreams….sleep well..

  2. ishu

    halo … evng yaar… todays episode was fab… the way rd ‘s expression changed whn aryan says abt sanyu… it was awesome … i like to see randhir more jealous 🙂 🙂

  3. shreya

    What an episode.And this nirman randhir ke shoulder par gun rakhkar chala raha hai,i hate him as a mentor.hey guys what happend sanyu n dhruv iyne serious kyu ho’nt leave guys. Nd 1 more thing plz some1 come online m free now

  4. Hey everyone I dont kno whats happening but my msgs r gettin deleted….

    I jus cant believe I was rds drem..I had a lot of expectations. …but anyways somewere in my heart I knew it would b somtin in my htt….

    Hey sanyu u dnt need to worry as I said..
    Y fikar whn im here..

    Plz dont forget to read d invitation nd plz giv som suggession. …
    Kyu dhruv bhai format sahi hai na..

    Hii is anyone there..
    Luv u….
    Advance GUD NIT

    • vishal

      Shutup..just stop ur funny swayamvar…
      Cant u see what happened yesterday,??
      Still ur messing with Dhruv..
      Leave him ok..1st ashwini then sanyukta n now u??
      If u called him bhai then y ur teasing him. Even after so much have happned,?
      He dosent say doesn’t mean u can talk like that again…

      • vishal

        N abt balika vadhu n fandom style..
        It’s nothin to do with u or ur frnd..
        So dnt say anything..
        it’s our own matter..just stop talking abt dhruv now..
        He is nathng of u..
        Calling him bahiya n doing this..
        He isnot urbrother to mess with..
        Ok dnt talk abt him nor abt balika’s nothing to do with u guys.

    • sanyukta rathor

      Vishal is right dear pls stop this

      And vishal pls muzee ashwini se comepare mt kro

      Sorry for yesterday

      I am sorry dhruv bhiya

      Really sorry

  5. Liya

    OMG…Rd dremt abt sanyu…he s really fuming with jeolusy….ha…!!
    Rd’s jeolosy wil reach its peak and I hope SanDhir unittee??
    Hello…Hw r u??
    And dhruv bhai air sanyu,sab sorted ho gaya….nah??guyz it was just a joke….dont take it seriously…
    Anywyz,Take care…luv u guyzzz

  6. Liya

    Guyz….in ystdys epi we have 300 comments…
    in just one day 300 comments…Gish we really are becoming huge…

  7. Liya

    Guyz….in ystdys epi we have 300 comments…
    in just one day 300 comments…Gish we really are becoming huge…

    So sabhi bhaiiiii aur behanaaaaaa only be happy…no sad vali bathein….k?

  8. shreya

    Hey richu n liyu my babu giys i’ll talk 2 u 2 mmorow coz i m in a wedding now. love u evry1 n good night .sleep well

  9. Sheena

    Thank god atleast ek sandhir moment dekhne mils after sooo many days..even if it was a dram..

  10. Sheena

    How r u guys btw?? Nishu, karu, rits, dhruv, maddy, liya, princess, aaliya, ayeesha, bk, shreya, shivani, sanyu, mrunali, mayuri, richu !
    ystrday’s pg has around 300 comments..woah thats grt!!
    N was there a girls v/s boys thing going on here?? Is everything sorted now??

  11. Aaliya

    Agar aap dono iha nahi aate ho,,, to main v aur comment nahi karungi…. Bye the way,, , kal se to main wese v TV pe ye show dekh Sakti hoon….. Aap dono ayoge to thn I shall comment here….

    Dekho Di aur Vai ,,, our swwwtttt si SH family is breaking…. Main v chali jayungi!!!!!!! Pllllllsssss aa jaooo!!! Plllssssss ,,, I request u both…..

    And guys sorry,,, everything happened fr my stupid swamvar idea!!!!!!!! ???

    Plllssssss Di aur Vai….. Plllssssss……
    Vai ,,, apne kaha tha Na, mere xam k bad khub masti karenge!!!!!! Aur Di ,,, u told Na,,,,, ki Rajasthan ake apko contact Koru!!!!! Aap iha honge hi nahi,,, to kaise karungi contact!!!!!!

    Plllssssss forget the previous issues……?????????????

    • mayuri

      Yup .. Sanyu please forget about the issue .. Let’s just start from the starting… New beginning … Forget about that topic both of u ..

  12. karina

    Hey guys what happened on yesterday’s page ??? I didnt get it coz u all talked in hindi but i understand that something happened with Sanyu and Dhruv ??? Guys pls someone explain me what happened ??? Why they both left ??? 🙁

  13. Another month Another year
    Another smile. Another tear
    Another summer. And winter too

    But there can be never friends like u

    Love u my best buddies rakshi and ayeesha
    Keep smiling u both

    And yaa now please reply waiting for u both
    And ayeesha please come back yar
    Aike baar aaja ,jhalak dikhlaja
    Hi Karu how r u. Hi mayuri love u
    Hey ayshu u don’t reply me. Had u been of commentor of season 1 with the name of sweeti
    Hi dhruv brother. Hi sanyukta.
    Please come back u both. Forgot every thing
    Hi Nishu. Hi rits. Hi aliya. Hi Shivani hi liya. Hi milley hi richu. Hello bk.
    Hi vishal. Hi himanshi. How r u all
    Have a gud night to u all. Horror dreams 🙂
    From yours princess :^)

  14. Guys i was joking about horror dream 🙂
    Have sweat dreams
    Ooh today ep was nice
    Chlo dream me hi lekin sandhir scense ayaa to
    When will every thing will change
    When will old rd back
    When will vidharth back
    That cvs r taking so much time

  15. shivi

    hiiii………..interesting episode randhir expressions r awsm……. maja aa gya & aryan is really very caring for sanyu , cute aryan loves sanyu

  16. karina

    Liya, Bk, Sheena, Richu, Shivani, Shreya, Mayuri, Aaliya, Princess, Ishu have a good night guys…

    Good night to all my friends here…Nishu, Sanyu, Dhruv, Rits, Raj, Vishu, Sid, Himanshi, Ayeesha, Rakshi, Richa, Aishu, Sanahki, Maddy, Tejas, Roshini, Swarna, Ahana, Mrunali, Miley, Aparna, Nikki, Suru, Ragini and all the other friends…

  17. Neaa

    Hi frenz today I saw aryan in reality…. There were butterflies in my head…. But he was talking to a girl.. So passed on…

  18. Sanahki

    Randhir dreamed about Sanyukta again. Why always Randhir? I’m getting tired I want SanDhir back soon. I miss them!!

    Hi guys, love u all! Karina take care beta

    • karina

      hey babe h r u my soul sister ?….even i miss sandhir, vidarth, yoyo and all the cast from S1 🙁 i hope the cvs will bring vidarth back…love u

  19. Sanahki

    I miss SanDhir, I miss Vidarth, I also miss them as individual.I miss Yoyo, iI miss every damn thing about season 1

  20. Aaliya

    I told Na,,,,, if Di and Vai don’t come,,,, I shall not come…..

    Actually karu,,, a joke was converted into a argue btwn them!!!!!
    And unfortunately the source was me,,, my stupid swamvar plan!!!!!

    As everything happened fr me ,, so I shall not come,,, until Di and Vai come and forgive me!!!!!! ?????

  21. titli

    Lovd the epi just lovd it nd cn sm1 tel me that what did subbu mam tel nimbt when she gave file to him?.Hah! Whatz d matr drv bhaai sanyu bhn kya dimag ka dahi kartey ho faltu m sabka mood kharab karte ho aur khud ka b 😐 get 2 nrml yr ma b crius k sb walking aka chalta h k
    nywayz 😛 jaloo rd ko dekh k maza aagya nd DS supr wrk in roastin rd just ♥d it
    niswa u gal i knw i shudnt say bt mmm…… Charche to mere aur manha k pyar ke they agar tumhrey nd mere use pta chl gya manha nd my b’up ho jayega i wil b jaild 😛 nd nd ah! Kahey ko magaj ko tnsnwa dena bt manhu wil realy kil me (>.<) md reportr nd masakali ko matter 4 nxt nws buletin guru cha jayenge hum haha nyways sanyu nd dru ko jada nai danta tmhri trh toh nahi dbnt skti na as u knw me they dnt lol ♥u pikachu
    @ rich yr b4 we were on my ff pages creatin neucens nd nt nly me more r there manha reportr masakali ruby etc we rok 😛 nd v dnt knw who is playin whome 😛

  22. Sheena

    Good noon guys !!
    Whatever happened ystrday became really serious..hope sanyu n dhruv comeback…i think we all shld give them some space..
    They will cool down on their own..
    Tc everyone!!

  23. sarah

    Sanyuktha why don’t you kick randhir out of your life. He never respects you. But aryan is a very good person. He loves you, respects you and your feelings, supports you not like randhir who always lets you down. He doesn’t deserve to be loved. Sanyu will suffer for a lifetime if she unites with randhir. Aryan has all the qualities of a good husband, all the qualities a woman expects from her man. Think practically guys, would you love to share your entire life with a male chauvinist like randhir. . Never na?. Think how life would be hell if your partner always pulls you back and suppresses your self confidence.

      • Sheena

        Hello sharon !! I like ur name coz u remind me of sharon raiprakash from d3..(the show i miss the most)..

      • sarah

        hmm agree…but not able to digest sanyu’s, particulary a girl’s insult even though its just a show

    • karina

      hey sarah i get ur pov and i respect that u like aryan but like my friend sharon said this is just a show…its not real life and for us sandhir fans rd will always be perfect for sanyu…its just a show…

  24. rits

    Hey guys a kya hai…
    Dhruv dear u went n comments are 48 .
    U were their n comments were 600 n 300..
    See how much we all lvu…
    Rit naguys..
    Look at the comments guys..only 48 .
    N yesterday it was 300.
    Dhruv sanyukta kyu gussa ho.ajaon.

  25. nisha

    immensely beautiful sandhir pic of yesterday sab tera luved it

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww what to say totally dead on yest. epi

    everything is just perfect

    Randhir jealous Aryan make him more jealous Randhir dream sandhir romanceand dance

    what else we need


    hey karu , how r u dear Are you alive coz me to dead .

    hey richwaaa dear oooooooooooooooooooooooh me to don’t know about u and manha pyaar ke charche

    luved it dear yeah yeah yeah actually if they see u the devil richwaa then thy will get scared the title is good to have

    and moreover i know they patch up soon.

    hey richwaa dear did u read the shayeri what I had written for u on 18 april page dear I write it for our friendship if u get time then read luv u my poky richwaaa

    year seriously maaza aaa gaya in yesterday epis.

    luv u


    or haa tohre intezaar maa tohree bhaiseeyaa dance seekh rahee hai behan puch dance if u came then u will see

    luv u

    hey raj aaliya liya ishu aishu, sanahki shivi neea , princess mayuri sheena shreyu , bk richu vishal helooooooooooooooooooooooo how r u all love u

    hey vishu dear don’t get angry dear , I want to say something to u
    hey dear advice hum sabhi de sakte hai
    coz we all are friends
    I know u felt bad about dhruv not here that’s why you burst out on other friends for the marriage game
    But seriously want to say this
    the game is playing on both sides , the girls and the boys both are enjoying it
    just because of one mistake the mood of our two friends get spoiled

    Instead of saying that they both gonna patch up with each other
    we can’t start a new fight here with each other
    when they both came they felt more bad for u and aaliya too .
    Dear this is the time
    when u need to write that
    dhruv is our buddy and sanyu is our brave girl sisy .
    and we are waiting for both of u coz we luv u both
    pplzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz come back soon .

    I know this is the matter of bro and sis , and anyone cannot sort this out

    guyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz dhruv and sanyu be mature a little , don’t wait for both of u that she will come first and comment or he will first come and comment

    come here start writing don’t say sorry for just a word sake

    Write your heart in comment box Sorry se kuch nahi hota

    you both have a sweet bond don’t spoil it by misunderstandings

    come fast dhruv and sanyu be big hearted and talk to with each other

    nobody can finish waht u both started just u both can do this

    I know u both do this come on now came fast and patch up .

    luv u both and will be waiting for u eagerly.

    keep smiling

    me too sanahki missing vidharth too. luv u karu .

  26. sharon

    Heloo karuuu nishu..
    Sory due to exms I cnt I read it
    Hi rits:-)
    Hey dhruv dear u cnt go..see bichari aliya..she will also leave then..
    N really guys that swayamvar was too much.. Dnt make fun of Wht he shared with nisha abt girl..
    N sanyu di apne bahot joke kiyena..
    To unhne ek kiya to maf kar dona unko

    • Bk

      Nisha u rock dear…… words fr u……u r jsttttt too good ……….a few moments ago I exactly read this new promo written update on Instagram…n now u update the same WU link here……..u r fav…..babe……luv u too much……..always keep smiling dear……u watch na new promo?????

  27. karina

    Nishu thank u dear for pic and wu of promo…love u
    Sharon dear welcome back…glad to have u here again…love u
    Rits ur right dear we all are friends here and i hope all will be sorted out…love u

    Have a nice day guys…love u all

  28. sumo

    when will we see our SanDHir together… ystrdy jealousy could b seen in Randhir’s face…n awwwww he was lukng damn cute..d dream ws really swt….I luvd it..hope we’ll see them soon as a couple

  29. Aaliya

    RITS,,,, u have contact with DHRUV VAIYA….. Plsss tell him Na!!!!! Reaalllyy GUYYSSS,,, I am vryyy mch upset….. Reallyyyyyyyy……

    And if anyone has contact with SANYU DI,,,, pls tell her Na!!!!!

    And guys,,, pls dnt blame Di fr all this…. I am the main culprit……

    Di and Vai,,,, really i regarded u as my sis and broo!!!!! if u r seeing my comment,,,, pls come back….. Seriously it will b my last comment….

    Guys u know,,, after coming here I always thought ki,,, how can we b succhhhh good friends being unknowns!!!!!

    But now I can tell,,, we r really unknown,, otherwise seeing so many requests,,, both of u would come back!!!!! ????

    • sanyukta rathor

      Sorry dhruv don’t go

      Agr aap mere vajha se ja rahe ho to sorry aap mt jao me cali jauge

      But pls don’t go

      And sorry for yesterday

    • sanyukta rathor

      Kal me hi jada badak gae

      Mere galti h aap to mazak kr rahe the

      I am sooooo sorry

      Plssss maf kar do bhiya

  30. nisha

    hey buddy dhruv helooooooooooooooooooooo yesterday busy dear

    wanna ask u something what happened doesn’t understand anything

    vishal is angry read above comment and sanyu is suddenly dissapeared and u too

    whole sd friends thinking that u too left coz of the old issues???????????????????

    Something happened kyaaaa

    God knows what but love u dear at least u came

    Keep smiling

    and hope sanyu also came

    and things getting back to normal once again.

    love u both

  31. nisha

    You know what I also loved sandhir a lot

    even the last episode is cherish of sandhir scenes remarkable

    But I also love aryan

    so what if some one think that his dialogues are not purely audible

    but I loved his feelings

    A guy feelings the untold feelings which is so pure so deep ,

    his love for sanyu is totally respectable

    he always take care of her , his mann ki baat is always cute and very much pure love .

    his love is no less than randhir love

    but yeah we love sandhir more so waha uska thoda kam ho jaata hai

    but still love his untold feeling about sanyu his lady love

    and one song dedication for Aryan pure love the untold love story of aryan .

    sometime when he stare well more times he stare sanyu he get shy too and the love shown on his face

    Pure love is such a bliss
    maula mere song for aruyukta

    Maula Mere, Maula Mere Maula Mere, Maula Mere
    Maula Mere, Maula Mere Maula Mere, Maula Mere
    Maula Mere, Maula Mere Maula Mere, Maula Mere
    Maula Mere, Maula Mere Maula Mere, Maula Mere
    Aankhein Teri,Aankhein Teri Kitni Haseen
    Ki Inkaa Aashiq, Mein Ban Gayaa Hoon
    Mujhko Basaa Le, Iname Tu
    [ishq Hai
    Maula Mere, Maula Mere Maula Mere, Maula Mere]
    [ishq Hai
    Maula Mere, Maula Mere Maula Mere, Maula Mere]

    Ki Inakaa Aashiq, Mein Ban Gayaa Hoon
    Mujhko Basaa Le, Iname Tu

    Mujhse Yeh Har Ghadi, Meraa Dil Kahe
    Tum Hi Ho Usaki Aarzoo
    Mujhse Yeh Har Ghadi, Mere Lab Kahe
    Teri Hi Ho Sab Guftagoo
    Baatein Teri Itni Haseen, Main Yaad Inko Jab Kartaa Hoon
    Phoolon Si Aaye, Khushaboo

    Rakh Loon Chhupaa Ke Main Kahin Tujhako
    Saayaa Bhi Teraa Naa Main Doon
    Rakh Loon Banaa Ke Kahin Ghar, Main Tujhe
    Saath Tere, Main Hi Rahoon
    Zulfein Teri, Itni Ghani
    Dekh Ke Inako, Yeh Sochataa Hoon
    Saaye Me, Inake Main Jiyoon
    [Ishq Hai
    Maula Mere, Maula Mere Maula Mere, Maula Mere]
    [Ishq Hai
    Maula Mere, Maula Mere Maula Mere, Maula Mere]

    [Mera Dil Yahi Bolaa, Meraa Dil Yahi Bolaa,
    Yaara Raaj Yeh Usane Hai Mujh Par Kholaa
    Ki Hai Ishq Mohabbat, Jiske Dil Mein
    Usko Pasand Karta Hai Maulaa]
    [Mera Dil Yahi Bolaa, Meraa Dil Yahi Bolaa,
    Yaara Raaj Yeh Usane Hai Mujh Par Kholaa
    Ki Hai Ishq Mohabbat, Jiske Dil Mein
    Usko Pasand Karta Hai Maulaa]
    [Mera Dil Yahi Bolaa, Meraa Dil Yahi Bolaa,
    Yaara Raaj Yeh Usane Hai Mujh Par Kholaa
    Ki Hai Ishq Mohabbat, Jiske Dil Mein
    Usko Pasand Karta Hai Maulaa]

    loved this video too a lot my favourite song

    something about me karu
    Music is my soul
    and I live with it very peacefully

    lvoe u all .

  32. Sheena

    Thank god u came back..comon now forget everything u n sanyu.. n we all shld keep in mind that our joke may hurt someone..i didn’t understand what happened ystrday coz the comments were first friendly ones n then suddenly it turned into a fight..dhruv bro sry if u r hurt coz of that swayamvar joke..sry ha

  33. nisha

    hey dhruv where are you yaar

    this is bad

    she sanyu said 1000 times sorry she get hurt misunderstandingly

    and then you both have to sort it out we all are waiting for things to get sort

    hey sanyu I think dhruv doesn’t read any reply dear that’s why he doesn’t write comment

    not to worry and plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz sweetheart don’t say sorry again and again .

    Let him came too he came then u write to him and sort the matter

    He too love his sisy dear

    love u sanyu and dhruv always with u both buddiessssssssssssssssss

    hey sheena and sharon


    me too love sharon rai prakash of D3 Vrishika real name

    and I watch d3 too for the songs dances love story etc.

    love u all.

    love u karu

  34. nisha

    What is this ????

    What a professional comment Mr Dhruv

    Are we here for any meeting

    hey dhruv sanyu many times she said sorry to you and you just write apology accepted ms sanyukta

    so harsh reply.

    when she sweetly call u sorry bhaiya many times more than ur comments

    well its ok if this matter is shut now.

    love u both


  35. nisha

    hey sanyu why are you saying sorry to me above

    I don’t like sorry’s’sssssssssssssssss in friendship I felt bad now.

    I really loved u by heart not for that sorry for ur love dear

    I Know u and dhruv will have patch up soon and please sanyukta I want to say something to u once and for all .

    Don’t give importance to anyone not even me not even anyone here more than your selfrespect.

    Selfrespect is such a big thing dear

    So what if mistake happend

    that doesn’t mean u said sorry 1000 times to everyperson here

    we all are friends and we all respect each other and more than we respect ourselves too.

    You are a respectable person sanyukta

    and you doesn’t need to say sorry to any one not even me not even anyone here many times

    just write it once and that’s it

    I don’t know my mood is upset now to see u are upset

    love u sanyu being a girl u need to stand out with a pride

    love u sanyu so much

    I want u to smile and stay happy always

    Please be like that .

    Don’t hurt urself for anyone here not for any single person

    No one has the right to hurt you intentionally or non-intentionally dear

    Be strong sanyu

    keep smiling

    BYe guyazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz my mood is upset now I then comment when things get sort

    between the two


    sanyu and dhruv.

    • sanyukta rathor

      I understand dear

      But me baut gulty feel kar rahe hu samz nhi aa raha kya karu ke sab maf kar de

      Sab mere hi mistack h

      Mazak ko mazak samzna cahiyeta muzee

      But i am mad

      last time sorry dear

      Sorry bol kar gult dur kar rahi hu

      And don’t be upset dear

      Mere vajha se to bilkul nhi

      Love u tooo nishu

  36. dhruv

    No need of saying sory again n again..
    Just mean it..then it will be ok..
    Hey aliya not ur fault sweeti kyuki mai swayamvar ke liye gussa nahi tha…
    Richa vishal is right..Dnt cross limit..plz yeh timing n al was too much..ok.

    • sanyukta rathor

      Sorry dhruv bhiya

      Apne coti sis samz kar hi maf kar do

      I m sorry

      Kal muzee wo sab nhi bolna cahiye tha

      bhai so sorry

      Plsss maf kar do

  37. dhruv

    Are meri sweet aliya afcousre teri 5 may ke exam ke bad masti to krni hai:-):-):-)
    Aise kaise jaunga mai :-):-)
    Study hard dear..yaha dhyan mat de dear..exm is very veryclose so std ok..

  38. sanket

    Hey sanyukta whatever I said yesterday,abt buddy to u was joke.
    I m sory for that..
    I was busy yesterday so couldn’t say u sory…n dnt need of saying sory so many times..n don’t,say sory to people who r not involved..ok.
    I respect u n I can understand wht a girl feels cz I too have sister..ok sory once again..

  39. sanket

    N abt that balika vadhu n fantom style..we were talking abt rits..
    She,was sad by pratyusha,death n thtas why..pratyusha was in balika vadhu. ..
    It was not abt anybody else..
    Ham apko jante nahi apke bare mai bat kyu kare??
    Hm etne bhi 3rd class nahi jaisa apko lag raha hai.
    So let’s be frnds again…dnt call me I m not like dhruv.

    • sanyukta rathor

      I know dear that aap sab rits se bat kar rahe the


      But i don’t understand what’s ur mean u r not like dhruv

  40. edge

    So the competition began. Randhir tried everything so get rid off Sanyukta but failed again but it didn’t matter him so much until Aryan mentioned how sad she was and how he was consoling him. Did any one notice the sudden change of Randhir expression, the amount of pain in his eyes, the anger , the jealousy that burned him from inside. Doesn’t it reflect that he just cant even bear the idea of anyone getting close to Sanyukta. One more thing he never uses the word ‘Love’ for Aryan’s feeling….never but always choose to use the word “Manupulation” because somewhere deep down he still believes that only he has the right to love her. randhir could even rely to Aryan at that time…not because he was angry or speechless but because he realised what he was losing. Even in his sleep he could not keep her away…he wants to be with her, spent time with her…make her part of himself but could not…..may be all he dreamt was true…because she was all he had, she was his soul, his pride, his strength and now watching him with someone else makes him panic more. Despite trying to hurt her, her tears worried him, he cares for him but could not show. So, when he will realize his true feeling I am sure he will make her part of his life and this time forever!!

  41. sanyukta rathor

    Ok bye guys kal chemistry ka exam h

    Pls sab muzee maf kar dena


    And sorry dhruv bhiya if i hurt u

    I am so sorry

  42. Sheena

    Yaa sanyu dear the matter was b/w u n dhruv n everything is fyn now so nno need of saying sry ok? Cheerup!!

  43. Hey guyss did you see the latest promo of sadda haq its awsm
    Sanyu is going to take some risk what risk god knows but yes randhir is very frustrated thinking about it just like the trampoline task when randhir gets frustrarted on sanyu fr what she did the same way its jst going back to the same frm where it started

  44. sanyukta rathor

    Hey aalu gher ke liye nikal gae

    love u sweety

    Keep watch sadda haq and aryan

    5 may ko tumhara exam h

    love u my sweetheart aalu

  45. mayuri

    I am sorry guys .. I couldn’t reply a lot today because I was a bit busy 🙁
    But now its fine … Hi everyone .. How are you … And just leave the yesterdays matter dhruv bhai and sanyukta.. Just think raat gayi baat gayi ..
    Translation for you Karina dear 😉 is let bygones be bygones 🙂

  46. sanyukta rathor

    Sab sad sad ho gya na ek jock sunau

    पति – आज ऐसी चाय बनाओ की पीते ही तन बदन झुमने लगे और मन नाचने लगे ।

    पत्नि – हमारे यहां भैंस का दुध आता है नागिन का नहीं


  47. hus. told 2 his wife ” 2day make a awsome tea that shake my body n let my mind dance’
    than wife said ‘here cow gives the milk not nagin’ this is 4 u …._ my dr KARINA

  48. dhruv

    Hey sanyu I was at airport thts why couldnt reply…
    ek bat kahu…tera buday kb hai???
    Ek gift dena tha

    • dhruv

      Ek recorder dena tha…
      Ab Rajasthan ki rajkumari to kbhi kisi ko sory nai bolti..or tu etni bar bole..
      To tera,sweeet awaj khrb ho jayega:-):-)
      So ekhi bar bol or record krle:-):-):-)
      Dear ktni bar mafi magegi mai mom ke sath so template select harsh repliess:-)
      Now evrythng fine sweethreat:-)

      • dhruv

        I mean mom ke sath reply kr nai sakha…
        Or meri behen ko patience to hai nai…
        Waisr rajkumari ko to hote hinai haina…
        So reply kar diya..

    • sanyukta rathor

      Bhai i am so sorry

      Wase to ankur ne bata diya par 3 may ko h

      Thak u bhai maf karne ke liye

      Bicahra ankur bhi mere vajha se parishan ho gya

      Me kitne pagal hu

      Thank uuuuuuuuuuuuuu

      • dhruv

        Wow ankur..pehla bhai dekh raha hu jo behen ki taraf se kisi ladke ko sory bol raha hai..
        Keep it up bro…

  49. Aaliya

    Everything is sorted out!!!!!!! I m vry happy!!!!!! Reallyyy!!!!!

    U r superb Di and vaii…..

    Di, aapko yaad hay!!!! ?? haa,,, main gari me huun….. Pohochte jayungi Kuch hi der me…. ??????

    Ohhh I m vry happy…… U r great Di and Vai….. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  50. Aaliya

    Anndd frrrnnddsss,,, 26-27 ko I have state entrance xam…..

    Soo tab tak,,, goooddd byyeree GUYYSSS….

    Good nigghhtt……

    And again thhnnkksss DI and VAI…. ?????

  51. mukti

    Helooo Everyone…I am mukti..:-)
    I came to nko abt the fight of my frnd n a girl..
    I just read the comments n started laughing..
    I mean what a sweet bond they share…
    Sory sory bhaiya..
    Halo behenjiiii namaste…

    • mukti

      I nver come on tu cz I am not fan of Sada haq that much…
      Bt I realy felt to comment here after reading the convo of u guys…
      Helo sanyu behenjiii now all is well between ur bhaiya??

      • mukti

        Helo frnds..can I join ur cute company..
        I will be glad to have fun with u behenjiis.
        Helo mr dhruv.:-)

      • mukti

        I cant come here that much bt I will try to be here as possible.
        Hello nisha I must say what a perfect lecture u give to all..
        I liked that..ur very mature n sweet girl..

      • Esha

        Hahaha lol. Mukti can I please please call you nincompoop??? Or tootsie? Anyways , why am I even asking you? It’s my right to say anything just the way you have the right to spit out your venom right????
        LOL! Thanks that you appreciated sanyu di and dhruv brai. As I’d they needed it. Lol.
        Moreover , if you aren’t a fan of Sadda haq then girl don’t waste your so called precious time here. Grab a chair or anything and take a seat. Take a deep breath and chill tootsie
        Sorry to hurt your so called feelings??

      • mayuri

        Hey there mukti…
        We don’t want to rude to u but what do u mean by bahenjii …. and u can’t say us that … Better get it ..right sanyu 🙂

  52. Liya

    9 o’clock finished 2hrs finshd after shq has being telecasted….where s 2dys updt??
    Please please please updte 2dys epi…
    Or plz just anybody giv a brief smmry of 2dys epiii…

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.