Sadda Haq 18th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 18th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhir says I am getting ready, then come here. She says I can’t see you going. Randhir says why don’t you come with me. You will keep crying here. I will postpone my joining date. Sanyu says no please. she is crying. Randhir says i told you I will come to India every month.Nothing will change between us. Sanyu says no nothin will change. Now get ready. She hangs up. Vid bugs sanyu.
Yoyo and Parth take Randhir’s stuff outside. Randhir recalls spending time in his room with Parth. He drinks in sight of his room for one last time and says good bye FITE.
Randhir comes to lab to take his file. He looks around and sees sanyu’s fuel. Randhir looks at the papers, he recalls sanyu testing. He keeps sanyu’s file in his pocket.
Randhir sits in his

car, Parth and yoyo see him off. Sanyu is seeing from room and crying. Randhir is on his way, he sees sanyu’s formula paper.
SAnyu comes running to lab and sees her paper is not there. She recalls spending time with Rnadhir in the same lab.
Randhir looks at his photo with sanyu. He kisses it. sanyu sits down in tears. Parth comes and tries to console sanyu. She says he used to work on this desk. He used to see me all the time. I am sorry I am boring you with senti stuff. He says you can share anything with me. sanyu says I thought I will manage, but I can’t. Parth says its all right. If you say all this to randhir he wont go. But then you wont be able to forgive yourself. This is an opportunity for him. sanyu says i wanna meet randhir. Parth says its late. sanyu says at airport please. I will just see him from a distance. Parth says lets go.

Randhir is on his way. He asks the driver to take U-turn. Sanyu and parth are on their way as well. Parth sees randhir’s cab. randhir stops his cab as well. Sanyu and randhir come out of cabs. They hugs each other.

Scene 2
Ranawat comes to FITE. sanyu says in lab sir has called for a tough task. Randhir says wait and see. Ranawat says wow my team is here already. sanyu says good to see you sir. He says I can’t say that for you. Dreamteam.. Or daydreaming team? Parth says everything is fine sir. Ranawat says except that we don’t have sponsors for you. Do you know how much these parts costs? DO you even know how much FITE pays for them. Sanyu says we will find sponsors if you help us. He says I am mentor not caretaker. Parth says we will manage. randhir says its not that difficult. Ranawat says no one wants to sponsor us. You have been published, how saniyal industries backed out from sponsoring us. Now no one wants to sponosor us. Only person lives is what you care about. you are so busy making jewelry. None of you have jobs except parth. Why would someone trust this team? Where is ther fourth member? Doesn’t even bother to come.

Precap-Sanyu says is testing in lab. It blasts. Randhir says i wanna spend time with you. She says please let me test this. Randhir says show me where is the bruise. Sanyu says you are so shameless. He says what shame you are my wife to be?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Superb epi…sandhir were amazing as always…i wanna see vidarth together again coz i miss their scenes…ASR is back im so glad…SH rocks…
    Thanks for the update…its a little mistake in it u wrote that Vids bugs Sanyu but it should be Vids hugs Sanyu (i love sanvi scene i want more of vids and sanyu together their bond is so nice).

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