Sadda Haq 18th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 18th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
sanyyu says come on carry on. You were fighting on a bet? you will make me confess in seven days and randhir will make me hate aryan? Why so much fight. Lets toss it. Come on, aryan heads or tails? Aryan says listen to me. SAnyu says what you wanna talk about? Heads or tails? Come on speak up? You were not quite when you were betting on me? Am I an object? Do I need a guy to exist? Two guys bet on a girl to satsify their egos. My ambition is everything i need. If love and relations are like these then I don’t want it. What randhir did wasn’t surprising because his life mottto is to hurt me. But you? I trusted you Aryan. Sanyu leaves in anger. Aryan throws glasses in anger. Randhir says I could never hurt her this much the way you did thanks. 3 days are left. What can you do? I

am so good. Randhir says you are finished. Aryan is in tears.

Sanyu is crying her room, she recalls everything. Aryan comes to her. sanyu shoves him away. The song main tenu samjhawa ki plays in background. Sanyu shoves him out of room and sits there in with door in tears. Snayu recalls her moments with aryan. She is in corridor. Randhir sees her.
Aryan recalls how sanyu shoved him out of room.

Scene 2
Next morning, Sanyu is going. Randhir comes with magnifying glass. He says sanyu why don’t you do something for your dark circles. Oh reason is something else. I thought its because of work pressure. Sanyu says I never saw a more disgusting human than you. Your life’s driving force is problems of others. Randhir says just yours.
nirman comes in lab. He says let me remind you, you are here for work. I cant give you motivational speech every day. I want each of you to give me 200 percent otherwise you can leave. World wont recall you from your personal life but from what you gave to the world. Sanyu says yes sir we will start our next task right now. SAnyu says here is the video for our next task. its sanyu’s video kissing randhir. Everyone is dazed. Sanyu stands there in shock. she looks at aryan. Aryan leaves in anger. Sanyu looks in anger at randhir. Kritka says lets go joy sumit and arjun. Sanaya says lets go shiekhu.
Sanyu says aryan listen to me. He leaves.
Aryan is in a room he hits himself with a chain. Aryan says if relation was there she would have confessed. You were never there.I am mad at myself. You never loved me. I was living in a misconception. He recalls what vidushi said. He recalls randhir saying I am sanyyu’s first love and will always be. We had a commitment. sanyu comes in and says why are you hurting yourself. I am really sorry. I should have told you. Please say something. I am really very sorry. Aryan leaves.

sanyu hits randhir and says does it hurt? She slaps herself and says see. I can hit anyone and I kill anyone. You are sick. Give that video in news channels. You must be happy to see I am hurt. Come smile. She shoves him. Sanyu says I am just an object of furstration for you. Randhir says I didn’t do this. WHy would I do this. Sanyu says you have every reason to. You are happy when you hurt me. She hits him and says you couldn’t become lead couldn’t win any of the tasks so you are doing this now. Randhir says I didn’t do this. Sanyu says shut up. Randhir says please trust me.Sanyu says what we had was over and you insulted that today. I wish you were never in my life. She leaves in anger. Randhir shouts I didn’t do it.

Randhir is working he recalls everything. sanaya comes in and says congratulations. Why are you so sad? I thought you would be happy. She has drinks.Sanaya says time to celebrate. Randhir throws the glass in anger and says what are you celebrating for? Seeing her humiliated makes you happy? sanaya says what happened?Randhir says just get out from here. I want to find the person who leaked this video. Go from here sanaya. He hits the wall.sanaya says what are you doing? Rndhir says I am fine. Sanaya says i leaked that video. Randhir looks at her in shock. Randhir says don’t.. Just get out. Sanaya says I am serious i did that.

Precap-Randhir is drunk and says i said her i didn’t do it. She doesn’t believe me. Sanyu says I can never trust you. No matter what you do I will never trust you. Stay away from me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. When it will come

  2. Hi guyz.. why this stupid sanyukta cannot understand rd… He is saying that he didn’t then why she is not believing him
    Whats happening
    Sanyukta said sry to aryan she was weeping for him
    It is clearly visible that she love aryan.
    sandhirians think guyz what will happen in future if it will change into aryukta
    I will die …rd is my life …i cannot see him in this state…my mind iz nt working what u guyz thnk….now no chance of sandheer ..
    Sankyukta want to only respect…randhir is the same bt sanyukta had changed in the course of time..never thought of rd..
    Randhir choked both himself and sanyukta not intentionly in anger… And we all knw his anger
    Sankyukta is wrng..she should have talked to randhir one time …how suddenly dis much hatreness
    Sanyukta herself didn’t did anythng for rd…..she never supported him and demands it.. I hate sanyukta..i watch serial only for rd

  3. Pls…. Update fast…..

  4. what an episode yaa..aryuktha as well as sandhir broke,now aryan will come out of his dreamworld. but today he was fully hurt seeing the video. waiting for next epi,,will see what will happen to the bet,

  5. Wat d hell… samjhawan song ws one of my fav… aryan k background me nii dena chahiye tha… wo song s1 k tym sandhir bike ride me diya tha… plzz CVs bring sandhir back asap… agr lst epi me sandhir union dikhaega to hmlg romance dobara nii dkh paenge…
    Hii evry1 how r u all???


    1. i agree with u …. today i am also hell angry to see sanyukta attitude toward rd… why she didn’t understand him?

    2. Even I agree with you…How can Sanyu think That RD could do such a thing….Whatever RD do he accepts it, right & wrong whatever ….he never lies…..but again only his character is misunderstood…

  7. vrushika Mehta

    Happyyy budayyy shena<3<3<3<3
    Whts ur age dear???:-):-)

  8. vrushika Mehta

    Okok epi.litle boring…dhruv brothr wht happened..I thnk the medicines ur taking havr strong side effects..thts y u dnt hv mood in anything…
    Ur sweet sis sheena ka budaythana..stilL..I thnk u shd tell dctr..oh y I m writing u not gona read this..fooliSh of me….

  9. i want a help u knw a sng was played in season 1 during sandheer bike ride in rain
    i want 2 knw the sng name
    and also in season 2 wgen sanyu remember that incident a sng was played also want to knw that sng name
    If possible plz give me links

  10. Sanyukta never trust Randhir. Randhir admit when he does something wrong he is not a coward. I hate it when Randhir takes the blame for something he didn’t do

  11. what the hell yaar… now it’s turn of aryan… to get hurt.. i know.. th epair is sandhir.. but aryan really loves sanyukuta.. infact kam se kam woh randhir jaise sanyukta ko humilate aur.. hurt nahi karta.. and yeh banda darkshadow hai.. jho khud se pehle dusroon ke baare me sochta hai.. plzz cvs if u don’t want to make sanyukta and aryan as a pair no problem because i am also a fan of sandhir.. but plzz don’t hurt such a good charecter ..

  12. ohh god what sanaya did is not good

  13. happy birthday sheenu

  14. This is really funny…when sanyu told rd that she didn’t leak his mother’s death’s secret…he didn’t believe her..even he never thought about the accident incident and left her…and now when sanyu didn’t believe rd it is a problem…so sanyu is changed…yes a girl should hold her respect…no offence to the randhir fans coz i am also a big fan of rd…but understand the story…don’t say other wrong just 4 your fav charecter….this show always prefarred the reality…and in real life everyone makes mistakes…if rd can make so much mistakes…never understood her…then sanyu also can make a mistake once…she is human not god…she has many reasons 4 not trusting rd..
    And now rd will realise what feels when the person who is very close to our heart misunderstands us what it feels…the pain sanyu felt 4 two long years cos of rd.
    I am very sorry if any rd fan is hurt…but I am just telling to think it to the views of our real life….being a girl I would also do the same if I was their….and yes respect is also very much required in a relationship…I am a big fan of rd…so I liked the track very much coz from now rd will realise how much he bothers sanyu…so he will try to get with her…and rd’s charecter will get positive again…sandhir will unite.
    And sanyu don’t love aryan…when conversation with sanaya she told that aryan respects her but she also told tht rd creat a magic her life…there would be no love if he was not been there…she indirectly told tht her love is rd only….her concern 4 aryan was a ture friend’s concern…but nothing more than that…and I don’t like aryan’s obsessive charecter.
    rd’s charecter is fa better than his.
    rd will always be the best choice 4 sanyu…sandhir always spreads a magic.
    From now ,I think tht cv will show sandhir scenes…and thier emotional turmoil again…rd will understand his mistake…as well as sanyu…the mistake she does today…they will be united and happy ending of sadda haq.

    1. Pritha I vry much agre wt u .
      Y r u all blamin sanyu nly. Rd is no better.
      N that’s y they r made for each other l supose.
      N also jst bcus param is cool v shdnt support all his wrngs.

    2. Hey pritha ….

      Wow !!! U have written and expressed it very beautifully and I agree with u 🙂

  15. sorry to say but sanyu trusted rd every time…she supported him when rd had no one 4 him…rd always misunderstood sanyu…sorry to say but I think we fans are getting obsessive.

    1. very nice pritha.. i forget abt sanyu ..i was only thinking abt rd ….sry
      but ya rd did a lot to hurt her… so she didn’t trust him. i hope rd understand his mistake and keeping his ego aside he should say sry to sanyu atleast once.

  16. I hate this episode… I want sandhir back

  17. I have not watched the first season so i don’t really know Sandhir but throughtout this season Randhir has always been selfish, he has hurt sanyukta enough! Even though Randhir didn’t make the video public, he was wrong so many times. Didn’t treat sanyukta well. He doesn’t deserve sanyukta. Yes I ship Aryukta! Aryan is deserving.

  18. Aryan is not wrong he is the best…he always supported sanyukta to fulfill her dreams it was he who engrossed in her the passion of engineer when she has totally quitted her ambition it was Aryan who was never jealous of sanyukta rather than he celebrated for her success not like randir who was always jealous of her bcz he knew she was the best Aryan is not a only a support for sanyukta but he motivates her too…he knows that in relationship it’s not only love that matters respect matter too and he respects sanyukta he harms himself but he never tries to hurt if he wanted he could have forced her to commit to him but he never did that he gave her full time and even after that u guys love Randhir then in this world nothing can b done about liking on the basis of looks and some basic tactics of fairytale kind of scenes u all are supporting randhir bcz he was the part of this serial from the very beginning but everyone of you definitely know this That Aryan reflects a better bf then Randhir bcz what all he did for her is just speechless don’t u think how randhir physically asaults sanyukta is violence is that what is love pyaar mai log hurt nai kartai much bhi ho jaye respect kartai hai physically harm nai kartai support kartai gain jealous nai hotai…I wish to have a boy like Aryan in my life his small efforts for sanyukta the way he supports every girl wants that….what is Aryan paying for if sanyukta loved randhir then why is she crying for Aryan when she doesn’t find him around why is she restless bcz she loves him but she is scared of relationship…just bcz what randhor did to her was her worst dream….and he is still ruining her life and Aryan hamesha kii tarah usai protect kar raha h….guyswe should not love a person just bcz he is in the serial from the begning and randhir and sanyukta were great as couple…and all that shit….we should love a person for what a human being he is air Aryan he is not only a niece human being working for novel cause but a person who loves sanyukta devotedly and respects her this is very important and never try to use his physical strength on her by physically harming her that’s what randhir still he is great guy r8 you guys are absolutely wonderful hat’s off to your comments and judgements…

    1. Can a hacker who leaks papers for someone ,makes a fake degree and a murderer who takes law in his hand could be a person better than a genius who is just some what rude that too because of his harsh past

      1. salina shaikh

        sorry to say this but you have never understood aryan and you never will!

      2. Salina dear we can say the same thing about u all Aryan fans…u all didnt understand Rd and u will never will….and thats why coz most of u all didnt see S1…and if u did see S1 then u didnt get the essance of this show…this serial is about girl’s empowerment…thats something that the makers of S2 totally forgot coz they made Sanyu dependant on Aryan…U all are saying that Rd dont support Sanyu and Aryan does…well i can tell u one thing…just go and watch S1 to see how much things Rd did for Sanyu….from helping her in every matter to even risk his life for her many times…i agree that Rd is wrong in treating Sanyu this way but Sanyu didnt try to clear the misunderstandings either…and im not saying that Sanyu should forgive Rd right away…actually i think they both should learn to forgive each other…and u all are praysing Aryan like he is some kind of saint…well let me remind u that he isnt even closed…he killed ppl by doing his so called justice…he is a haker which is obssesed with everyone’s past and every much obssesed with Sanyu…and u all call that respect ?? where was his respect when he made the challange with Rd ?? u all are talking as if Rd was the only one envolved in it…if Rd isnt best for Sanyu then Aryan sure isnt the best choice either…i dont wanna fight with anyone…so lets just agree to dissagree…and one more thing u all are saying that u dont want a persone like Rd who dont respect u by your side…well i dont want a killer by my side either, even if he kills for a good cause…Aryan is still breaking the law…

    2. salina shaikh

      i support you from bottom of my heart!you have exactly told everything i wanted to say abt dark shadow. Aryan is the best!

    3. What matters is the kind of support and respect Aryan has for Sanyukta. Randhir is jealous of her success, will Sanyukta be ever happy with such guy?

  19. bt i have a Q : when video was leaked..nd aryan was angry then why sanyu said sry, she was not in relationship …nor she cheated him …i simply cannot understand this..
    I guess she hide this topic from his bestfreind thats why.

  20. Very bad episode. I hate sanyu. Poor rd. but tommorow ep looks interesting
    Well how r u guys. Hi Vrushika
    Hi Karu and nishu where r u from many days
    Hi Dhruv and richu why u guys leave come on,ly one month left then we will not be able to contact with each other
    Hi rakshi and ayeesha waiting for u guys please rely me
    Hi shivu,Liya,aliya,Priya,edge black,rits,mayuri,himanshi,aparna love u all
    Gud night

    1. Hi princess good to seee uu all r new..whre r our frnds???????

  21. Happy births sheena have a long and right path life

  22. Guys I dnt stay here for shbt for frnds…karu nishu shreyu richu mayu princess pari shivu shenu no one comes.whts use of staying n getting sad each time to see no frnds..
    I miss my old gang who r busy in life let’s leave I Dnt wnt to get sad each time seeing none of my cute frnds..

    1. bhai we are back

    2. Bhai Bhai Bhai … I m back … Now u also come 🙂

  23. first of all i am totally agree wid shreya…all the people here are obsessed wid rd jst bcz of season 1…bt that was past now it is s2…nd the deserving character wud win dat is aryan only….i hope sanyukta commit him soon….#aryukta

  24. I totally agree with you pritha…n I feel sanyu had taken a right step by moving away.. But coming to aryukta or sandhir… I’m confused abt it… Sanyu deserves only Aryan… But she loves randhir.. Let’s leave this to writers abt what they wanna show… As per the current track… I’m enjoying every bit of it… So many emotions in an episode of 22 min is definitely a feast.. This is the only show to which I emotionally connect.. Reminds me of my boyfriend 🙂

  25. Actually the truth is that param is such a great actor that the way he portrays emotions make all feel for him instead of thinking about anything else that’s why when when he is hurt it actually pains you can see any scene of whole shq when rd suffers it looks so real that all become emotional but in this track sanyu is definitely wrong

  26. Aryukta is best . Aryan always supported sanyukta and encouraged her whenever she was depressed . He supported sanyukta when she had almost given up engineering but he motivated her to follow her passion unlike randhir . I m sorry all sandhir fans but truly tell what kind of man u want in ur life the one who always demotivate u , misunderstood u , leave u when u need him most or the one who always support u , understand u and support when u r alone ?

  27. Hiiii frnds..1st of all very very very happy buday shena dii…I was busy so couldn’t come dii…happyyy buday lvuu.
    Now coming to epi wht sanyu did is acceptable…she is hurt n rds actions only makes sanyu do this..
    Its imp tht rd gets hurt n knows tht how it feels when someone So close to us misunderstand tht he will realize his mistakes…
    N aryan we can accept this only from tht faker n hacker….

  28. If aryan really loved saNyu he nvr had did this.its only his obsession…no true lvr will do this…he IS a faker n nathng else.

  29. Hii frnds whre r u all????
    Karu di whre r u plz comeback..
    N rich. Di why leaving????
    Sanyu di liya shena di shivu di mayu di dia nishu di devga di howru????
    Hi princess howru??
    Lvuuu guys…
    Tomorrow me free plz everyone come tomorrow
    Gn guys lvy:-)

    1. hi revu how are you??

  30. Aastha why are you saying sorry…this is just a perception…I just believe in one thing…tht everybody makes mistake….rd had always did that…so sanyu can also do mistake….obviously I would like sanyu to apologise 4 this to rd and rd to sanyu 4 his mistakes.
    I aslo think tht Sanyu said sry to aryan 4 hiding the truth from a friend who stood beside her in her odds…and she knows tht aryan likes her…but her love is rd only…coz in precap when sanyu was saying tht she will not trust her ever,she had tears in her eyes..actually she is feeling betrayed…and aryan is not tht support wht she needs actually in her life…tht is rd only…aryan supported her bt he is quite obsessive bt rd is possesive and there is a difference in these two. Rd is best 4 her.

  31. Shenu hapy buday sweetheart:-):-)
    Alu I was busy now I m I see all left tu…
    Karu nishu sanyu rakshi ayesha dhruv muku mayu no one is here…
    Dear it’s so sad tu ending bt now dnt leave na guys…
    Richu comeback fast…
    Raj bro I m fine u???
    Hi shivu whrr is liya??
    Al people r new here guys..

  32. Sanyukta is stupid.4 Saal me kya randhir ko itna hi samajh payi.

  33. Obviously sanyu is wong…bt she has several reasons of not trusting rd…BTW I think love has no condition…so in case of love it doesn’t bother who deserves whom…..sanyu and rd loves each other to the core of their heart…so they deserves each other…they make mistakes..but admit it and patch up eventually.So their love is true.
    But I also think their love will get complete when rd will know the ture selfless sanyu who helped her friend 4 whom she was blamed 4 that wht she had never done…and lost her love 4 2 years….he will respect her …and ya being a girl I would prefer the person in my life who would respect me…coz it is needed very much.

  34. by the way in comment page everyone can write what they think…so why to say sry…u just said wht u felt..and i said wht I tought.

  35. Plz bring rd n sanyukta back together. Interest hi chala gaya show se.ek toh parth yo yo koi nahi hai.boring se arjun kritika joy hai.sadda haq 1 ws best.

  36. Hii guys…epi was emotional….loved param..miss vidarth…:-(
    By the way karu whre r u???missing frm days….n nishu u best buddies whrr r u both???
    Come fast u r my most precious frnds..comeback karu plzz 1 comnt atleast…
    Shena happyyyy buday..sory late kiya:-D
    Hi princess howruuu???????
    U too didn’t come….why dear??
    Aliya sanyukta mayuri shena yogiraj how r u guys n whre r u all???
    New people here…thts bad….
    Luv guys.. N I am back so u all come fast plz

  37. Heloo my lovely r u all?????
    Sanyy Shreyu karu nishu diu deygu titli mayu shivu richu ritsu my vrushi how r u??
    Hii princess we missssuuuuu dearrrrrrrr…plz come here oftn..plzzzzzsz.
    Ayesha rakshi u too angels….:-)
    Karu u tooo..
    Epi was awesome….
    Hey diu n devgu very sweettttt of uuuu lvuuu girls n sory for everything…:-):-):-):-):-):-):-)

  38. Hii everyone howru all???
    Epi was ok…I agre with u pritha…nicely explained…:-)
    Kushgra u r like aryan in one way dear..obsessive for rd.:-)
    Just kidding dnt mind.:-)
    princess hii I read ur cmnt on last update…not like tht dear..misuu..n will nvr forget u…
    Hi alu sanyu shenu happpyyyyyyyyyyyyy budayyyy….
    Nish Shreya n all lvu.
    Keep smiling

  39. Hi!!
    Thank u dhruv bhai, rits, vishal, vrushika, revu dear, princess n shivu for ur wishes!! Luv u guys..!
    N dhruv bro, sorry yr…actually me apna b’day achhe se celebrate kr pau islie pura week studies me busy thi…i’m so sorry to hurt u bhai…pls don’t leave na…me aage se esa pkka nai krungi…sorrryyyy…
    N revu dear we’ll surely come tmrw..luv u!
    Ayeesha n rakshi, we didn’t forget u guys yr…pls come back…
    Where is nishu nowadays? Nishu, pls comeback on the sh pg naa…i saw ur name in the edkv pg…pls come yr..
    Richu, liya where r u? Pls comeback everyone
    Pls guys only a few days r left no one will leave now…u all mean a lot to me…

  40. Those who supports sanyu let me clr 1 thing sanyu ko respect chahiye sanyu ko agar rd ne kabhi respect nahi di uske drms ko nahi mana ;to u r totally wrng agar usse sabse jyada support kisine kiya toh wo sirf rd hai.Aryan ne kya kiya sanyu ko isrc main laane k liye galat certificate banaya uske bad deeds main uska sath diya.Dream team ka driver banne ka drm rd ne sabse pehle dekha tha hamesha se rd ko sanyu ne misunderstood kiya .Sanyu k liye jo wo jo Drm dekha wo sahin or agar rd dekhe toh galat.Jo drm sanyu ne college main aane k baad dekha wo rd ne college aane se pehle dekha toh usse gussa toh aayega hi na jo uska drm tha wo aaj kisi or ka.Sanyu khud chahe kitni bhi galat ho him sabko ussi ki side leni hai .Rd hamesha uske sath tha. Lead astraunaut main sense best performance rd ka the tabhi bhi uske jo agnst the wo iske well wisher ho gaye kya luck hai sanyu k.Actually do khud hi clr nahi hai ki wo chahti kya hai uske liye sirf drms hi sab kuch hai.Or rd ka kuch nahi agar koi sabse jyada hurt hota hai toh wo rd hai.I hate her character. She is just over reacting. Nothing else.

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