Sadda Haq 18th March 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 18th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Eklaviya says to students you are forgetting that there are rules and regulations. you thought that you would enter vivek’s cabin and do anything you want. randir says we did what we wanted to, now you can do what you want. Eklaviya says none of you will participate in dream team competition. VIvek comes in and says let them go, its not their mistake. I asked them to make my room lively. Eklaviya says i am leaving you people this but next time you wont be lucky.

sanyu says what she wants. vidushi says he is playing a trick. randhir says he thinks he will impress us and we wont go against him. vivek comes from back and says i don’t need to prove myself to anyone, vardhan was overrated. He chose mediocore students. I am giving you a challenge, if you win it i will acknowledge

how genius vardhan was. He leaves. randhir says he we will show him out determination.

After a while, they all gather at library where they face the other students. Vivek come and says competition is on the field not off. Come in. They all go in. Vivek says the names you see on board are the ones who qualified. Azan has topped it, randhir is second, sanyu is fifth. Parth is tenth. He says i am not impressed at all. you must be wondering what task will be? your task scores will be included in your current score. winning team will get 100 and the last team will get 5. they all come and select a chit for team. Vivek says don’t be confused. those with library comes forward. its sanyu and anmol. second team has randhir and two other boys. Vidushi is with phd student as well. azan path and another phd guy is in one team. Vivek says you have to measure the place written in your chit, not normally. you have to be creative, the task is very simple. Networks are completely jam. you have 3 hours to complete this task. Vidushi says i have no idea in mind. randhri says don’t give up. sanyu says yes lets do our best. they go to the places with teams.

Randhir’s teammate says go bring water bucket from outside. randhir walks carefully and measure the steps. teammate says we will put this 10 litre water on floor. when we divide it we will get area. randhir says this wont get us anywhere. he says tell us something or we are going to use this method.

Sanyu says have to come with easy method. anmol says FITE’s best student’s mind in not working? sanyu says if you stay quite i will think of something. sanyu says measure this library with a rope and then compare it to my height. anmol says thats such a stupid idea. randhir says comes in and says mind your tongue. He says she is suggesting stupid ideas. sanyu says why don’t you suggest something then? we will solve this with my method. he says yeah okay. randhir says at least your team is working, my teams is so stupid. He leaves with water bucket. Vidushi says to her team why don’t you do something. sanyu comes and gives vidushi an idea. She says idiots i have come with an idea. We have to measure one tile and we will multiply it with all the tiles.

They all get back to vivek with sheets. vivek says welcome back, submit me your answers. Vivek the closet to actual answer is of vidushi and team. there is only 1% difference. you get 100 point. Next team is sanyu and team. you get 50 points and rest of the two teams.. your answers deflects 50% which means no marking, 0 marks. randhir’s friend says how is it wrong? Vivek says we will check it there must be something with calculations. Randhir says to his teammate are you done with your phd idea? parth says randhir made mistake, quite impossible.

They all gather in canteen. randhir orders juice, yoyo says how you lost it? parth says and now you are enjoying this juice rather than being mad at punching bag. vivek comes and says he thinks he will play mind games and they will work. i know you lost deliberately.

Precap-they hear vivek saying to student i will be giving this task tomorrow. prepare for it. vidushi says he is our mentor? he is misusing his powers. sanyu says we will still win. the phd guys hit randhir.

Update Credit to: Atiba


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  2. shenaz

    Mai Raat ko episode dekh kar bataa dungi ki randhir nai aisa Q kiya butu said r8 d epi was OK OK.

  3. shenaz

    Sanyukta kal Dan aur bettercup ne kaha that dey r giving os but dono ka ab tak pata nahi hai.

  4. shenaz

    Aaj akhil n alia where r u both akhil kya tumhe aaj hostel ka WiFi nahi mila aur alia kya tumhari 3:00 ki story an tak khatam nahi hui ya phir site nahi mil raha dono ko.

  5. akhil

    Hey guys! I have my google one week internship from tomorrow. So i think i cant be online for much time . hope u guys understand

  6. zara

    rd lost delibaratly,:-O
    i knw,he must hav wanted to equal the point with othr,
    as he already in 2nd place πŸ˜€
    he wanted to equal the point with vids,sanyu,parth,so that they all can stay in

  7. gugu

    Mai pyar to vadh yenu pyar kara.. teni sajda sohne lakh var kara.. je din nu kede tu rat mahi… ve mai raat samajh aitbaar kara… mai tere lai dunia nu chadya.. tere lai.. dur apne kare.. ve mai tenu kinna choni aan ae gal teri soch to pare

  8. alia

    thnks to all
    and 1 frm me
    Dehleez pe mere dil ki
    Jo rakhe hain tune kadam
    Tere naam pe meri zindagi
    Likh di mere humdum
    Haan seekha maine jeena jeena kaise jeena
    Haan seekha maine jeena mere humdum
    Na seekha kabhi jeena jeena kaise jeena

  9. shenaz

    Mei raj dilo pe karti manjale hair dhanno naam mera kya soch k muskil pad gai hai zane kya hoga tera .

  10. akhil

    Tu meri adhuri pyaas pyaas tu, tu aagai manko raas raas, ab to tu aaja paas paas ,hai guzariiish

  11. gugu

    Dehleej pe merr dil ki jo rakhe haon tune kadam… tere nam pe meri jindagi likh di mere humdm… han sikha mene jina jina kese jina mere humdm… na sikha mene jina jina kese jina bima tere humdm

  12. gugu

    Ae bachu tu sun le.. mere dil ka ye order ab khul k jile tu..
    Koi sima na border… suno jara suno ik raaj ghra kishton me jina lambi saans lo jara.. muthiyon ko kaso na inhe khol do .. dil me kya rakhna dhadak bol do

  13. Khamoshiya awaaz hai
    Tum sunne to aao kabhi
    Chukar tumhe khil jayengi
    Ghar inko bulao kahi
    Bekarar hai bata karneko
    Kehne do inko jara
    Khamoshiya…..teri meri khamoshiya
    Khamashiya…. Lipti hui khamoshiya

  14. Yara Tere sadke ishq Sikhs me to gayi saj dhaj je ishq Sikhs
    Jab yaar kare parva meri mujhe kya parva is duniya ki
    Jag mujhe lagaye pabandi
    Me hu hi nahi is duniya Ki
    Tumhi din chade tumhi din shale tumhi ho bandu sakha tumhi

  15. gugu

    Pathar k sanam tujhe humne mohabbat ka khuda jana badi bhul hii are humne ye kya smjh ye kya jaana

  16. gugu

    Asee kathe jeena asi kathe marna marna .. ik duje bina sadda nai o sarna sarna.. koa re kia re khid ishq khida ne kia re kia re khud ishq khuda ne

  17. shenaz

    My last song as u all went
    Jiya jaai na jaai na jaai na o tere bin piya re pita re ore piya re.

  18. shenaz

    Gugu tumhare sawaal ka jawab hai kyu randhir nahi chahta ki usske friends compition se bahar ho jaa a agar vo aisa nahi karta tho marks ke hisab se vids bahar ho jati compition se but now she scored 100 which makes a total of 105 now.

  19. afra

    sorry shenaz, mai tumhe reply nahi di.
    n so much thanks for ur help πŸ˜›
    actually mere exams the so didn’t give u reply

  20. afra

    tumhe pata hoga na agar hum onl9 videos ekhenge to data ki watt lagjati πŸ™
    noops(saddahaqrox) also gave me bunch of links already
    bas broad-band conctn lene ke baad dekhungi πŸ˜› πŸ™‚ πŸ˜›

  21. shenaz

    Itna nahi jab real fun chalo hua tho sab ke jane ka time ho raha tha but tks to sanyukta jisne atlest game k bare mei suggest tho kiya.

  22. shenaz

    Bye afra have to go r8 now hope u don’t mind.sorry for leaving u alone. U take rest bye. Meet u in today’s epi.

  23. shenaz

    Hi sami nothing happened to her she said her mother is too ill she needs to go for her mother’s treatment dats y she went n nothing more about her. From dat day she is missing form d show.

  24. Is lamhe ko rok du
    ya me khud ko isme jhok du
    kya karu kya karu kya karu
    is lamhe me kuch bhi janu na….
    Tose naina jabse mile
    tose nainajabse mile
    ban gaye h silsile
    tose naina jab se mile
    tose naina jab se mile
    ban gaye silsile
    tose nana jabse mile
    ohh sudhbudh h khoyi khoyi mene
    Ha jaan gawai gawai mene
    ha tujhko basaya h dhadkan me
    Tose anina jabse mile….

  25. Thodi thodi kathai si uski aakhein
    Thodi surme bhari
    Uske hoto pe muskuraye
    haye duniya meri
    ho chakna bhi chahu
    rakhna bhi chahu sabse chupake use
    rabba rabba…

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