Sadda Haq 18th March 2014 Written Episode Update

11 Responses

  1. varsha says:

    update fast…plzzzzz

  2. tania says:

    yar guys do u know in precap it is shown that randhir is jealous seeing parth n sanyu together. sanyu threw colors on randhir. and randhir smiles seeing her. he goes forward to put colors on her and sees that parth called her n see is talking to him. this makes randhir’s smile to wash away n he gets jealous….

  3. tania says:

    m feeling very happy to see that 4m atleast one side love is coming…

  4. tania says:

    small character sketch
    randhir:turning out 2 be good n his ego lost before parth.
    sanyu:nice n good
    well rest r same as yesterday… :)

  5. Zil says:

    guyz…dont u think sanyukta is falling 4 parth

  6. Zil says:

    today’s epi was superb…………………
    .finally randhir killed his ego!!! now story will go as we all have been wishing so long.eagerly waiting 4 tomorrows epi……

  7. esta says:

    Hope holi ka rang randhir ke life maye payar ka rang le aye. Randhir will fall for sayukta parth already in love with sayukta and sayukta is concern abt parth…. it is going to be complicated love tangle………
    Yesterday i told randhir is going to win that happen but i was suportong parth aka ankit too handsome

  8. Zil says:

    nishi thank u very very much 4 ur updates dear!!

  9. esta says:

    It is vry sad to know that parth injury is real…… hope now randhir realise how much he love sayukta ..when he will.see sayukta getting close with parth……. u know guys it is more interesting to see one side love episode…. wating egarly abt what going to be next….

  10. Manya says:

    I agree wit all of you wanting randhir to become a saccha ashiq

  11. Shruthi says:

    Randhir character is very much negative. He can never respect Sanyu or any other girl coz of his ego according to the role he is playing in the show. Parth is too swt n just the way all girl’s dream guy. I like Parth and Sanyu combo and would love to see them together.