Sadda Haq 18th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 18th March 2014 Written Episode, Sadda Haq 18th March 2014 Written Update

Sanyu comes to Vardhan. Vardhan asks her if she wants to say anything. Sanyu apologizes for her behavior. Vardhan says good and tells her if she realized why she’s not good for captain. Sanyu says yes.

YoYo and his friends talk about Randhir and Renuka. His friends say he’s so lucky, but YoYo says he never did anything by using her name. They hear noise and go outside.

Some students are cheering for Randhir and some for Parth. Vidushi goes to Parth and wishes him all the best. Some students talk about Renuka and Randhir. Randhir gets mad. Parth tells everyone to stop discussing about personal life. Randhir now gets mad at him for being leader in everything. He makes the competition more interesting by saying whoever loses will clean other’s shoes. Parth already feels

Randhir is genius and he can’t beat him. Vardhan comes and explains what they have to do. He gives them bunch of waste parts and engines and tells them to make something useful out of that. This will test both their body strength and mind.

The competition starts. Both are playing good. Sanyu feels Randhir already knows how to assemble parts and she is not sure about Parth. Both look at one part and Randhir is first to pick that up. Parth’s hand gets hurt while picking up a part. Randhir’s machine starts and he wins. Sanyu comes running to Parth and takes him for the aid. Vardhan congratulates Randhir and leaves.

Parth tells Sanyu he’s okay, but she doesn’t listen. She can’t find cotton or medicine. A closet was about to fall on her, but Parth saves her by pulling her on side and giving support to the closet. Both have eyelock. Sanyu gives a cloth to him to clean blood and she goes to find someone to do Parth’s treatment.

Randhir looks for Parth. A student says Sanyu took him with her. Randhir sends YoYo to bring his shoes and Jiggy to call Parth. Vidushi asks what’s the need for all this now. Randhir says he wants to teach a lesson to Parth. Jiggy asks Parth if he’s okay and tells him that Randhir is calling him. Sanyu goes out. Parth says he will come once his aid is done.

Sanyu asks Randhir what he wants to prove now. Randhir says they had decided this before the competition started. And had he lost, then she would be watching him cleaning Parth’s shoes with lots of excitement. Sanyu says, you were always going to win, and even if Parth had won, he wouldn’t make you do this. Randhir says now he’ll definitely make him clean his shoes. Parth comes. Sanyu tells him he doesn’t need to listen to Randhir. Parth says it was decided and he doesn’t turn back from his words. He cleans it and Sanyu is disgusted at Randhir. She leaves. Randhir smiles. Parth recalls an incident from his childhood of him polishing someone’s shoes. Parth is done. Randhir tells him he seems professional. Parth says he doesn’t think any work is small. If he hadn’t done this in his childhood, then he might not be in this college today. He leaves.

Randhir gets lost in thoughts. He recalls Parth’s good behavior with him and supporting him every time. He feels bad and goes to talk to him. He tells him he didn’t know his childhood was so bad. Parth says how he would know, if he had polished his shoes by any chance in childhood, then he might know it. He tells him not to worry and leaves.

Vardhan tells Dream Team students that their application has been approved. He asks Randhir to read the letter to everyone. Randhir doesn’t move. Vardhan asks what’s wrong, it must be a proud thing for a captain. He goes and gets it. He tells Parth that he’s most deserving to read from all of them. Everyone is shocked. Parth says but it’s captain who reads it. Randhir says he WAS captain. He wants to give that role to someone who deserves it and it’s Parth. Parth is thinking. Sanyu, Vidushi, and other students request him saying they think he will be a good leader, to take for the Dream Team. Vidushi says in her mind, she knows her Parth will be the best captain, now it will be a solid Dream Team. Vardhan says in his mind, “finally Dream Team gets a perfect captain. Congrats Parth and well done Randhir. Today you proved that you think sharp. Interesting.. very interesting. Now I can say that I have built a good team.” Parth takes it and recalls how Vardhan and Sanyu told him to be the captain. Parth tells everyone that they are one team and no matter what, they will remain a team. He looks at Vardhan.

Precap: All students are celebrating Holi. Randhir was happy until Sanyu turned away from him and started talking to Parth. Sanyu seems to be in drunken state. Her fiance calls her and says she was supposed to call him. Sanyu gets irritated and tells him that she’s doing engineering and she will finish it no matter what.

Update Credit to: Nishi


  1. yar guys do u know in precap it is shown that randhir is jealous seeing parth n sanyu together. sanyu threw colors on randhir. and randhir smiles seeing her. he goes forward to put colors on her and sees that parth called her n see is talking to him. this makes randhir’s smile to wash away n he gets jealous….

  2. small character sketch
    randhir:turning out 2 be good n his ego lost before parth.
    sanyu:nice n good
    well rest r same as yesterday… πŸ™‚

  3. Zil

    today’s epi was superb…………………
    .finally randhir killed his ego!!! now story will go as we all have been wishing so long.eagerly waiting 4 tomorrows epi……

  4. esta

    Hope holi ka rang randhir ke life maye payar ka rang le aye. Randhir will fall for sayukta parth already in love with sayukta and sayukta is concern abt parth…. it is going to be complicated love tangle………
    Yesterday i told randhir is going to win that happen but i was suportong parth aka ankit too handsome

  5. esta

    It is vry sad to know that parth injury is real…… hope now randhir realise how much he love sayukta ..when he will.see sayukta getting close with parth……. u know guys it is more interesting to see one side love episode…. wating egarly abt what going to be next….

  6. Shruthi

    Randhir character is very much negative. He can never respect Sanyu or any other girl coz of his ego according to the role he is playing in the show. Parth is too swt n just the way all girl’s dream guy. I like Parth and Sanyu combo and would love to see them together.

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