Sadda Haq 18th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 18th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vardhan I is studying something in his room. Door knocks maya comes and asks am I disturbing you ? he says not at all She says good. I came to tell you a bad and good news. The sponsors are coming tomorrow. Vardhan is shocked he says how is that possible.

Vardhan says how is that possible ssponsors were coming after 5days. Maya says its their decision. You can ask them if you want. You have to impress them by tomorrow. or they can come after one month but till then the compettiton would have started. Sanyu comes in and sasy is that possible to do 5 days qork in 10 hours. How is that possible. We are just four left. Vardhan says I don’t care if anyone comes or not. We have to do this for dream team. Inform everyone that I want them all in lab in 15 minutes. Sanyu comes out and

call parth.
Parth wakes up and says how is that possible. I have to talk to Randhir now.

He says to randhir its a difficult situation for all of us and specially for sir vardhan. Randhir says I am facing a lot of personal problems already. Parth says you have to do this. You have worked hard for this team you just can’t waste it all.

Kaustuki calls yo yo and asks him to by the parts to prepare the prototype car. He immediately wakes up his friends.

SAnyu is jumping in randhir’s room. He helps her in hopping in. He says I can’t believe I helped you in jumping in my room. Sanyu says you help others why don’t you help the team. We need you the sponsors are coming tomorrow. He says I don’t have energy to do al this anymore. I am your friend you can share. He says I have no friends. Sanyu says okay if you think you have no friends you will come to lab if not I will show everyone tomorrow that you are my friend. You will have to deal with the embarrassment then.

Scene 2
Vardhan says we just have few hours. the work should be on going. This type of situation is first time in front of us. I will do something that I never did before. I will teach you and point your mistakes out. And you will have to rectify and for now this whole design is wrong in front of me. Tell me whats wrong with this design. Parth says I think we should change tyre dimensions. they all point different mistakes. Vardhan teaches them different parth. He says I have taught you technology and design now you have to walk on it. Randhir is sitting but not doing anything while everyone else is busy in working. Sahil says 3 hours are gone already. parth says we can’t back out now.

Scene 3
Next morning the sponsors comes and meet maya. Maay says I love he way you are so punctual. vardhan and maya take the sponsors in for presentation. When they enter the lab they fin d all the students sleeping. Maya says can’t your dream team stop dreaming vardhan.
Vardhan grunts wake up. They all get up SAnyu says we had not enough time to create a prototype yet our team has invested in all the efforts. One official sasy are you telling me that prototype is not ready ? Sanyu says no I mean we have prepared a live presentation. Parth starts giving the presentation about engine. They are saying while sanyu is portraying it on the poster. Sanyu says this is what we prepared for you. Sponsors says you have designed this all very practically. We were not expecting any prototype we were just checking your mentality. You have given working of a car that is not prepared. They says mr vardhan your team has the potential we wer looking for. Maya says but being practical is something else. On paper we can roam around the universe but in reality its the different thing. You got ready so easily are being sarcastic on my students ? Sponsors say that we are saying this all genuinely. it was impossible to create a prototype in this time. Maya says dream team is made to do the impossible.
You are five sponsors you came in five cars. I have made your engines defective and these five students will rectify your engine in 15 minutes.

A sponsor says no offense miss maya you could have rented five cars and tested in them. Maya says they will be feared to ruin your car. That’s the challenge for them. Another says how can you damange our cars ? Maya says you are investing millions on our team invest a little trust too. After this challenge you will have no doubts on them.

Precap- Maya says to the team you have five cars in front of you their keys are locked inside and you have to fix their engines. Maya to vardhan even if you get other sponsorsI will make sure you don’t make this dream team or else you will have to resign.
SAnyu and Randhir are outside in the rain. She says you can take me for a ride. It will be fun in rain.

Update Credit to: Atiba


    • DS

      jaise Randhir, sanyu k ghar khidki se andhar jaathaa hai, sanyu bhi kabhi kabhi Randhir k hostel room me gus jaati hai khidki se…… wah sanyu wah!!! I think tdy was the 2nd time….

      PRECAP : excited for monday…..

  1. really tdays epi ws amazing sanyu jumped in randhir’s room πŸ˜€ but maya played a trick in last moment it ws bad really bad πŸ™ I just hope they win this πŸ™‚

  2. pia

    dont know why i feel it ( rain scene) would be a dream or sumthing like dat….hoping for it to b reality…when will monday come…arrrgh

  3. Amrutha Nidhisha

    OMG…..!!!!! i’m not able to believe it on my known eyes iz dis true …….???
    rd proposed sanyuktha finally………^_^……<3
    such a lovely couple dey make luv dem yaa……..<3 <3 <3

    ATIBA thnk alot for uploading d update with pictures thnk u once again and also thnkz for understanding d feeling of sandhir fans…….;) πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

  4. Amrutha Nidhisha

    if u dnt mind plz if and so whenevr u get d spoilers plz do upload dem hope u understand…….. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

  5. AN

    guys any spoilers ?????????????????????????????? β™₯β™₯β™₯ the precap wow i too want to go on a bike ride with randhir right now but not in the rain no not at allll……………
    monday is gonna b fab….. πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚ β™₯β™₯ RD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    if a/body come across any spoilers or any new promos plz plz plz tell me cuz i wont be able to see it……………………….

  6. AN

    hey, where’s choti ????? (achu’s dialouge) πŸ˜‰
    by the way that maya is very bad who made her the dean better than her was our PKC !!! πŸ™‚

  7. Choti is here (my dialogue) but wheres achu?
    Epi, bad, but precap was great!!!!!
    Mai paagal ho jaungi!!!!
    @DS, u r our spoiler queen….plz see if u can update them!

  8. From piyu di: I wanna go on that bike ride with rd…..WISH I WAS IN SANYUS PLACE
    Hope rd isnt dreaming..argh! Why do they have to put so much suspense on fridays?????!!!!!!

  9. If the bike thingy is a dream, then that proposing will also be part of it…..i hope it isnt, but at the same time i hope it is, coz i dont want them to rush into luv…. I like their cute friendship!

  10. Game changer

    guyz sandheer Raheem chacha k garage me hai…..bcoz randheer ki bike to wahi pr hai…..

    • Hello fathima!!!!
      Yaha par serious comments, funny comments, spoiler alerts, desperate, angry comments milte hain. To sum it up, yahan par non stop commentry chalu hoti hai.

  11. Just a guess-
    Maybe sanyu comes to know somehow that rd needs to sell his bike to pay his fees…..and also that if she just gives him the money she wont take it….so she buys his bike at 2 lacs and takes it to fite…otherwise, why was rd staring at the bike like that??? And what were they doing up there in the rain at night??? What do u all say??;)(this idea was mine, not piyu didi’s)

  12. Afa

    Monday spoiler:Sanyu wil come 2 knw that randhir is going 2 sell his bike for fees..she wil bring back his bike nd gift it to him..

  13. @afa, is that your guess or is it really the spoiler? And if it is, where r the rest of the weeks spoilers???
    If it is, thnx a lot for posting!

  14. Hello everyone!!!!! This is my first comment……
    Spoilers r posted in FB but snce I am using android I don’t know copy paste if I was using PC I would Have done it

    • DS

      is it android phone or tablet??? eitherways, i think u can Select text and then opt for required command – cut, copy, paste…..

  15. DS


    courtesy :

    Monday – SAME AS PRECAP…….

    tuesday- sanyukta decides to surprise randhir on his birthday ,she gifts him bike he sold to pay his college fees

    wednesday- vardhan informs dream team that he intends to resign from college . will sanyu be able to keep dream team together without Vardhan mentorship?

    thrusday- vidhushi gets maya to catch hold of dream team red handed while they are working on their dream team project

    Friday – when sanyukta and randhir gets drunk , he makes confession to her

    • nid

      thank u so much ds!!
      Kya sacchi me rd confess krne vala h,butterflies in my stomach;-)
      Omggggg,me pagal ho jaugi,
      plz koi bta do ye spoilers true h na

      • DS

        @nid – U R welcome… Rd’s drunk confession, do u think sanyu wl remember that after the hangover???

    • nihu

      hi guys…
      m new here

      OMG..!! why this week had to be so happening when i am to be busy throughout :'(

  16. @nid me too me toooooooo Really nxt week will be superb yaar I am not going to miss one of them oh god this sensation oh gosh OMG!!! πŸ˜€

  17. @DS thanx yaar we need spoilers so much bcoz we love sadda haq we love sandhir πŸ˜€ @nihu welcome here n will u be my friend?? πŸ™‚

    from piyu didi-same reaction

  19. Hi noopur me yaha hu and im sooo exited even i wanna put this in all caps par mammi yahi baithi hai and agar all caps karu to mammi ko shak ho jayega-ban jo lagaya hai and main bhi paagal ho rahi hu par koi reaction nahi de sakti:'(:'(:'(

    • DS

      Both sisters – iss duniyaa me vaapas aa jao…..
      Rd’s drunk confession – after the hangover, sanyu ko yaad bhi rahegaa yaa nahi?? I do not want Randhir to get hurt…..

      • Maybe, maybe not. Who cares?? We just wanna see them propose each other. And about rd gettin hurt, even he is drunk so if sanyu wont remember then he also wont. If he was normal,he would never have proposed!

  20. Afa

    @DS…i think she wont remember anything..sanyu needed vardhan sr 2 make her realise that rd is hr frnd wen she was in normal state…then wot 2 tel wen shez in hangovr..

  21. nihu

    @saddahaqrox i got to study πŸ™ no tv allowd fr dis week..wud hav to satisfy myself only wid written updates

  22. @nid,
    Agar net allowed hai to look for videos and if not then jab allwd hoga tab dekh lena-vids to kahi nahi jayenge…….thoda wait karna padega bit its ok,dekhneko to milega na!

  23. Mammi kitchen me gayi i meant. Aur main bhool gayi thi ki tere society ka gbm tha to mom waha gai hogi. Lucky u!
    BTW- aaj bhi 100 cmmnts karne ka irada hai kya,already 70,aur abh 71!

  24. Game changer

    hey afa i need ur help….u can speak malyalam right….there r some wrds tell me how to speak these wrds in malyalam……..sorry,thanks,i like u,i luv u, i hate u……

  25. Afa

    @game changer..sure
    sory-enik map tharanam,thnx-nanni,i like u-enik ninne ishtamanu,i lv u-njan ninne pranayikkunnu,i hate u-njan ninne verukkunnu…btw wer r u frm?

  26. AN

    wow i read the spoilers woooooooooooooooooooooooooow :):):):):)
    mien toh pagal ho rahi hooooooooooooon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. AN

    yeah i agree afa but where’s achu ??????????
    achu ethu vayichitundengil nallathayirunnu (i mean spoilers !!!!!!!!)
    rd to confess sanyu woooow njan eppol annu ethu vayichath ammayude mood eppolanu nannayath !!!!!;)

    • ar

      Eniku malayalam bhayangara pada. 2 say its ok but 2 write its vry difficult. Ente malayalam answer sheet vaich, ente amma & chechi bhayangara chiriya. Entho oru thamasha vaichapole!

  28. AN

    i think time is going tooooo slowly for me ……….
    i wish sh could be a 7 day show i mean i can’t wait for monday yaar…….
    sanyu is gonna gift it for rd’s b-day right ??
    so when is sanyu’s b-day ?? rd should also know sanyu’s b-day and gift her smthing!! πŸ˜‰

  29. Game changer

    @an sanyukta aur randheer dono ka brthday ek hi date pr aata hai 25nov………batao kaise?are isi din to ye character dunya me aaye the.!!!!!!!!!!..haha just kidding….

    • AN

      yeah but seriosly sanyu ka b-day bhi toh honi chahiye right???
      yaar just wanna see rd doing smthing special 4 sanyu !! πŸ˜‰
      25 nov ko SH ki aniverssary haina !!! i’m expecting a “sandhir only” epi!!! that day!!!!!!!!!
      just kidding yaar !!!!!!! πŸ™‚

  30. AN

    ok dear sadda haq fans gdnight !!!! πŸ™‚ its already too late !!! mom’s gonna scold me ….
    sweet SH dreams to sandhirians πŸ˜‰ jst kidding !!!!! GD N8:)

  31. Gud morning!
    Tumlog raat ko bara bajey tak jaag rahe they, mera toh headache ho raha tha isliye 11 ko hi so gayi….missin achu,usney ab tak spoiler bhi nahi pdha hoga. @game changer, mi maharashtrianach ahe….mhanun vichaarle na!

  32. Yippeeeee
    100 comments ho gaye!!!!
    This happened last week too , right guyz, so now, before eny1 can tell me, i accept- sabse zyaada cmmnts mere hi hai
    Lets beat last weeks record-we will try for 132 now!!!!!

  33. Game changer

    hey sh rox u r bengali right……………wo bhulbhulaiya me wo vidya balan so song gaati hai……us ka meaning kya hota hai? aamhi chhe tumhare……..

  34. Game changer

    dream team ka frst task wo village wala tha jis me dt ko village k logo k liye kuch useful thing banani thi…..isme sanyu ne chimni banayi thi….

  35. Game changer

    dream team ka frst task wo village wala tha jis me dt ko village k logo k liye kuch useful thing banani thi…..isme sanyu ne chimni banayi thi….i m nt sure but yahi task tha shayad

    • nid

      yea,yad aaya yhi task tha jis time parth ki entry hui thi,
      actually me confuse thi muje laga YSA me jo task hue the vo dt ke task the,thanks its clear nw

  36. rojina

    Game changer apka name kya he wo ye game changer kehna ajeeb lagta he…ha yehi task tha village ka jisme sanyu ne chimni banayi thi…

  37. Game changer

    sorry rozina i cant mention my name here thatz y i use game changer as my user name….

  38. AN

    ar yeah to say malayalam its easy to write yeah it might be a little confusing
    but with an awsome teacher – “eppol malayalam vellam pole yanu”(now its like water)
    enteyum answer sheet spelling mistakes nirannathayirunnu pakshe eppol nannayi varunnudu!!!! πŸ™‚

  39. AN

    128 ho gaye !!! 5 more to break the record !!!!!!!!!!!
    mondays epi is gonna be fab i’m waiting yaar by the way achu hv u read the spoilers
    ???? enikku bayangaram santhosham annu !!!!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  40. AN

    yay 136 next time we can go for 200 what say??? just kidding yaar πŸ˜‰
    SUPER EXCITED 4 monday for SH as well as my dance programme !!!!!!!
    hey achu is my ans correct??? one girl asked me the same question…

  41. AN

    hey sm 1 gujarathi here if so cld any 1 tell me how to say “good afternoon” in gujarathi ??? plz plz plz…………
    ya phir marathi bhi chalegi πŸ™‚

  42. well i could tell u in marathi, only its not used very oft, it is shubh dupaar asaave. Why r people suddenly wanting to know translations?

    • AN

      thanks a lot i just needed it cuz i’m announcing on the programme and there’s a gujarathi and marathi dance which i’m performing so that ………. πŸ™‚

  43. rojina

    Sorry sadahaqroxs aap sb logo k name aise he ki ajeeb lagta he…aap sb log koi or name leke comment karo dosto plzzz or ha gujrati me dophar hi kehte he….

  44. nid

    Gud evening all sandhirians,
    day trippin wid stars me param ka iv aane vala h aaj shayad on 6:00 pm,

  45. AN

    172,173 ab 174 aisa hichaltha raha toh hum 200 ka record bana lenge yaar congrats to all sandhirians πŸ™‚

  46. AN

    i think so SH is the no.1 serial thabhi toh 175 ka record bana liya humne!!!
    kya kisi aur serial ko ethna zyada comments mila hai kya ????
    kya kisi aur serial ko ethna zyada fans mila hai???
    continue continue…….

  47. Game changer

    are rozina naam me kya rakha hai!!!insan dekho na!!!aur hum log to kitne sweet aur pyare hai…….right na sandhirians

    • AN

      humse zyada sweet aur pyare fans hone ke liye ek ensan ko 10 janam lene padenge !!!!!! jst joking!!! πŸ™‚

  48. AN

    are ha meine abhi abhi dekha ki ek baar unhone 500 cross ki thi but all the comment were either only with symbols or with hi’s and 1 line sentences par hum toh rozana paragraph mien commentspost karthe hai

  49. Afa

    Hey u know d song “manasinnu marayilla” from d film happy dayz..its perfectly match 4 dis frndshp phase of sandhir…
    Oh my frnd..nin kannukalil njan kanunnente mukham..oh my frnd..nin vakkukalil njan kelkkunnente swaram…;-)

  50. rojina

    Game changer u r right aap sb log bahut sweet ho really kya me bhi inme samil ho sakti hu ans me

  51. rojina

    Afa jodha akber ka 500 comments cross karne me hme pura din lag gaya tha lekin bahut maja aaya tha…..

  52. rojina

    Frnds 200 comments crosser yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee@@@@@@@@party to banti he dosto chalo aa jao…party enjoy karte he….

    • nid

      Rojina,yes its party time dear,bt abhi to koi h hi nhi sh rox,gc(game changer)akshara pta nhi kha h sb,
      u know i ws lil busy,abhi mene cmnts dekha i ws shocked,kha hm 132 ke liye try mar rhe the or ye to 200 ho gya,yipeee

  53. rojina

    Nid fb pe thi lekin block ho gaya he abhi fir se banaogi na tb pakka apko id dugi ok dear

  54. rojina

    Yeah sahi kaha 1000comments impossible he dear lekin 500 possoble he kyou ki mene kiya he jodha akber serial me akeli nhi ha sb dost the vha itna maja aaya tha ki kya batao….ha yha bhi sb milke karege to ho jayega…lekin sn kaha he yaar…

  55. rojina

    Nid aa gayi aa me aaj hi yha aayi hu time nhi mila dear collage start ho chuka hena meri age 18 n apki

  56. rojina

    10:30 honewale he lekin party abhi baki he…hohohohohoho…sare frds he gayab lekin party abhi baki he….plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ab aa jao dosto

  57. Game changer

    chalo abhi 200to hogaye ab award ceremoney rakhte hai…jaise fifa me sab se zyada goal krne wale ko golden boot milta hai waise sab se zyada comment krne wale ko golden comment award milega

    • AN

      han aisi ceremony toh honi hi chahiye com’on ab mein akheli comments bechungi toh maza hi nahi ayega yaar !!!!!!!

  58. AN

    actully i am a brazil fan and a neymar fan !!! did u know he came to kerala in trivandrum for ayurvedic treatment wow !!!!

  59. AN

    aur patha hai kya mein apni saare school wrk friday hi cmplete krne ki koshish kartha hoon muje non stop commentry jo karni hai!!!

  60. rojina

    AN u r right kuch or log jyada hote to maja aata jese jodha akber k comment karne me aaya tha

  61. Afa

    I read that randhir wil make a grand entry in sanyu’s room on her engagmnt day..nd make her promiz dat she wont get engaged..

  62. OMG i cant blieve it!
    Itne saare cmmnts!!!!
    Maine tum logon ko bas 132 ka target doya tha. Target toh cross kar hi chuke ho par ab mew target! Woh bhi 500!
    Kya baat hai guyz, keep it up.
    Sorry mai ab tak nahi aa payi, but mom phone leke bahar gayi thi. Mai toh ab sone jaa rahi hi, kal subhe 6:30 ko bus aa jayegi par subhe subhr agar koi hoga thn plz cum

  63. Srry guyz, 500 ka target toh abhi nahi ho payega, its already sunday night. But nxt weekend, we will start with 500 as target toh ho jayega. Gn guyz!

  64. Ok guyz, ab tum log bhi wo jaao. Im sure kal subhe tum logon ko bhi school/ college/ work pe jaana hoga. And achu aapko toh meri tqrah school hai.
    Oye sandhir fan aka sonia! Kal maths exam hai and tu yaha par cmmnt kar rahi hai?? Cum on guyz…chalo,every1 say gn now,like gud gals
    BTW,any paanch fans here? I heard ki it is finishing so i wanna confirm. Thnx, and now final gn

  65. kk, ab baki ka centuary kal subhe.
    Par agar bohot saare ho jaye and bas ek hi baaki rahe thn keep ot fre plzzz coz kai last mnt karna chahti hu
    Agar subhe 7:00 tak mera cmmnt naa aye to tum log 300 poore kar lena, adhura mat chodna.

  66. AN

    achu i’m a big neymar fan and i hv collected so many pics of neymar
    my heart too was broken ven i heard abt neymar’s injury !!!!

  67. AN

    han muje bhi school jana hai par mujse jithna comments hoga na mein karungi
    after all eh SH ka sawal hai yaar !!! hum log 300 toh bana hi lenge i’m sure of it !!!

  68. AN

    yeah me too i also did’nt read ur comment ok baki sab baad me
    GD NIGHT DEAR SANDHIRIANS !!! sweet dreams to all !!!

  69. rojina

    Uthte ho ki nhi sb ki aap sb k ghar aao me sb ko uthane bolo utho mene kaha tha na ki wait karna meri to kyou chale gaye sb

  70. rojina

    Lagta he sb so gaye thik he dosto me ja rhi hu yha se ab nhi aaogi..aap sb se jitni bhi bate ki bahut achcha laga…miss u dosto GC,AN,sadahaqroxs,akashra,afa or jo bhi yha frnds he un sb ko bye GOOD NIGHR SWEET DREAMS…..MMMMMMMMMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS MISSSSS U AALLLLL BYE…..

  71. rojina

    Ab tum sb aao to record banana 320 to crossed ho chuka he ab aage tum sb le jana ok dosto bye….mene bahut wait kiya aap sb ka ap nhi aaye ab muuje jana hoga dosto BYE GOOD MORNING…..HAVE A NICE DAY…………miss u sandeers frnds…..

  72. rojina

    Sadahaqroxs me puri rat nhi 12baje tk hi jag rhi thi aap sb ka bahut wait kiya par aap sb nhi aaye

  73. nid

    Hi,rojina n gud mrng to all,
    rojina ab me aa gyi hu,don’t worry,aaj 6:30 tk to target cmplete ho jayega

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  75. nid

    @Afa i’ve read sandhir ff on fb,the last letter,together forever,mcp weds farzi..
    Or bhi h bt abhi nam nhi yad h
    Guys where r u plz cum,sh rox ka to school h,baki sb kha ho plz aao

  76. nid

    finally its monday,ye week ekdum faadu hone vala h
    rojina tm chali gyi kya,me akeli hu,plz sb aa jao.
    ok me bhi ja rhi hu

  77. Game changer

    sab kahaniya hi sahi
    mubalge hi sahi
    agar wo khwab hai
    to chali tabeer kr k dekhte hai

  78. Game changer

    taaqir na intezaar
    meiN neeNd aaye umr
    aaNe ka ‘ehed kar
    gaYe aaYe jo khwaaB mei

    • AN

      agar film industry mein toh ranbir ko choose karoongi par agar serial mein toh the one and only param singh

  79. Game changer

    neymar is the soul of brazils team right…….q k us ke team se bahar hone k baad team ek bhi match nahi jeeti

  80. nid

    Yha pr sb fifa ke liye crazy kyu ho gye h,i don’t like to watch football match,i luv cricket

  81. Game changer

    no an itz nt difficult at all….infact roze me itna achcha lagta k jo mai bata bhi na sakoo…..poora din kidhar jata hai kuch pata nahi chalta

  82. nid

    Sh rox,afa,ds,sandhir fan,riki,akshara itne big sandhirians pta nhi kha gayab h,
    ds to kl se nhi aayi,i think ab 21 july pr hi uske cmnts milenge

  83. Game changer

    ok guyz now i have to go…rozina baad me baat krte…k bye guyz and best of luck for ur target

  84. AN

    fifa ke liye crazy hoon, neymar ke liye crazy hoon , SH ke liye crazy hoon
    sandhir keliye crazy hoon par cricket ke liye kabhi nahi !!!

  85. nid

    me ek joke sunau..
    Jo mere sadu bhai ne mujhe abhi sunaya,
    -girls n cold drink me kya similarity hoti h
    Dono hi cool hoti h,sweet hoti h,sbko pasand hoti h,
    n sbse best(worst)
    dimag ki jagah dhakkan hota h..

  86. nid

    Maine dekha tujhe bhula ke,
    hr ek tarkeeb laga ke,
    pr dil se kbhi na utre
    Hangover teri yaadon ka…Dedicated to sandhir,
    kis kis ko ye song pasand h

  87. AN

    com’n evry1 kaha hon ab mein akheli toh yeh sab nahi kar sakthi hoon plz aajao plz plz plz plz……………..

  88. nid

    An,rojina aa gyi me,tm log kha the yr abhi tk, me pure din tm sbka wait kr rhi thi pr koi nhi aaya

  89. nid

    Bar bar ha bolo yr ha,
    apni jeet ho unki har ha,
    koi hmse jeet na pave chale chalo….
    mit jave ji takrave chale chalo…

  90. AN

    525 sharth toh 500 banane ki lagi thi ab dekho na 525 hogaye !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. Santh kabeer ne teekh hi kaha tha”kal kare so aaj kar aaj kare so ab”.
    Hamne himmath nahi hari. Hamne pran liya tha ki ham ye karenge aur hamne kardikhai. To ham sandhirians se panga math lena

  92. AN

    hum sandhirians hai hum jo kahthe hai woh karka dikhathe hai aur jo hum karthe hai usse doosro ke hosh ud jatha hai !!!

  93. AN

    as i said “impossible ko possible karne walo ko hi sandhirians kehthe hai”
    esse JA dekhenge toh woh toh jealousy se pagal ho jayenge !!!! πŸ™‚

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.