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Sadda Haq 18th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vardhan I is studying something in his room. Door knocks maya comes and asks am I disturbing you ? he says not at all She says good. I came to tell you a bad and good news. The sponsors are coming tomorrow. Vardhan is shocked he says how is that possible.

Vardhan says how is that possible ssponsors were coming after 5days. Maya says its their decision. You can ask them if you want. You have to impress them by tomorrow. or they can come after one month but till then the compettiton would have started. Sanyu comes in and sasy is that possible to do 5 days qork in 10 hours. How is that possible. We are just four left. Vardhan says I don’t care if anyone comes or not. We have to do this for dream team. Inform everyone that I want them all in lab in 15 minutes. Sanyu comes out and

call parth.
Parth wakes up and says how is that possible. I have to talk to Randhir now.

He says to randhir its a difficult situation for all of us and specially for sir vardhan. Randhir says I am facing a lot of personal problems already. Parth says you have to do this. You have worked hard for this team you just can’t waste it all.

Kaustuki calls yo yo and asks him to by the parts to prepare the prototype car. He immediately wakes up his friends.

SAnyu is jumping in randhir’s room. He helps her in hopping in. He says I can’t believe I helped you in jumping in my room. Sanyu says you help others why don’t you help the team. We need you the sponsors are coming tomorrow. He says I don’t have energy to do al this anymore. I am your friend you can share. He says I have no friends. Sanyu says okay if you think you have no friends you will come to lab if not I will show everyone tomorrow that you are my friend. You will have to deal with the embarrassment then.

Scene 2
Vardhan says we just have few hours. the work should be on going. This type of situation is first time in front of us. I will do something that I never did before. I will teach you and point your mistakes out. And you will have to rectify and for now this whole design is wrong in front of me. Tell me whats wrong with this design. Parth says I think we should change tyre dimensions. they all point different mistakes. Vardhan teaches them different parth. He says I have taught you technology and design now you have to walk on it. Randhir is sitting but not doing anything while everyone else is busy in working. Sahil says 3 hours are gone already. parth says we can’t back out now.

Scene 3
Next morning the sponsors comes and meet maya. Maay says I love he way you are so punctual. vardhan and maya take the sponsors in for presentation. When they enter the lab they fin d all the students sleeping. Maya says can’t your dream team stop dreaming vardhan.
Vardhan grunts wake up. They all get up SAnyu says we had not enough time to create a prototype yet our team has invested in all the efforts. One official sasy are you telling me that prototype is not ready ? Sanyu says no I mean we have prepared a live presentation. Parth starts giving the presentation about engine. They are saying while sanyu is portraying it on the poster. Sanyu says this is what we prepared for you. Sponsors says you have designed this all very practically. We were not expecting any prototype we were just checking your mentality. You have given working of a car that is not prepared. They says mr vardhan your team has the potential we wer looking for. Maya says but being practical is something else. On paper we can roam around the universe but in reality its the different thing. You got ready so easily are being sarcastic on my students ? Sponsors say that we are saying this all genuinely. it was impossible to create a prototype in this time. Maya says dream team is made to do the impossible.
You are five sponsors you came in five cars. I have made your engines defective and these five students will rectify your engine in 15 minutes.

A sponsor says no offense miss maya you could have rented five cars and tested in them. Maya says they will be feared to ruin your car. That’s the challenge for them. Another says how can you damange our cars ? Maya says you are investing millions on our team invest a little trust too. After this challenge you will have no doubts on them.

Precap- Maya says to the team you have five cars in front of you their keys are locked inside and you have to fix their engines. Maya to vardhan even if you get other sponsorsI will make sure you don’t make this dream team or else you will have to resign.
SAnyu and Randhir are outside in the rain. She says you can take me for a ride. It will be fun in rain.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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