Sadda Haq 18th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 18th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu says I have to be strong and do it on my own. The warden comes and says your room has been allotted. Sanyu says has nirman changed his decision? Warden says this is only for security purposes.
Becky serves Nirman coffee. He says I didn’t ask for it. She says you are so stressed out. You need to take a break. Eat these muffins too. Please eat it. You need nourishment. He eats it. A man comes in with Aryan. He says Nirman, Aryan says yes I know him. Thank you so much.
Aryan says I have your attention. Aryan says its easy to say you made this device. I am stake holder of company investing in ISRC. I will actively be involved with your team. I am back permanently and not as your employ. Nirman says I am sure if you will be all right if we kick you out of our membership.

It will be too much to handle for a minorty stakeholder. He says becky give him a form. We can terminate your form whenever we want. Your wish is fulfilled. You can stay here 24/7. This is my mission I am the only boss and stakeholder here.

Randhir is sitting outside. He shouts mom. Sanaya says I have been calling thrice. I think I know where he is. Sanaya comes out. Randhir says please go from here. You know I can’t.. She says sleep. I know. Rest for a little time. The song ‘dooriyan’ plays in background. He rests his head in her lap.

Next morning, everyone gathers in the lab. He says this is mass nova. This is not an ordinary vehicle. I want you all to use your intelligence in right direction. I want to see a working design in 24 hours. Aryan comes in. SAnyu is dazed to see him. Nirman says come on in. Aryan shakes hand with randhir. He meets everyone.

Sanyu says to aryan I am in intern here. Thank God you didn’t say anything to Nirman. He says in heart I didn’t even want to talk to her. Sanyu says you said I trust you, now what happened? And what is this special consultant. He says I trust you but.. I was missing you. And now I am here. He says tell me what have you thought? Sanyu says I am planning to involve in everything. I want to be prepared for everything. Listen now you are here, you have to promise me one thing. Whatever nirman says you wont say anything. He says I can’t I am sorry. I can bear. I don’t want my dream to be shattered. He will throw us out. Promise me.

sanyu helps arjun with his task. He says better stay out of it. And one black coffee for me. sanyu says to sanaya don’t worry I will take care of it. Sanaya says I feel like I am already in mars. You are randhir’s college friend? How was he in college. Did he have an affair?

Precap-Nirman says show me presentation in 30 seconds. Sanyu says sorry to interrupt this design is faulty. I have an alternate for it. He tears her chart and says I don’t care about your. Randhir says this design is flawed. Sanaya says that means sanyu was right.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Suranjana Bhattacharya

    The bst part abt randhir’s charctr is his efforts to hide his inner turmoil..
    Most probably randhir’s mom is dead and he regrets not being with his mom in her last moments..
    Same goes for vidushi..She is also a fighter..And as far I remember her parents dumped her at the age of 18 and she lead her life alone..
    So i really hope cvs will show this someday
    and those who feel vidhir doesn’t value emotions..its not tht..
    Their inner turmoil doesn’t let thm to do so and i m sure ths 2 yrs ws not easy for vidushi..n only parth and sanyukta are their only family

  2. Why does nirman always have to act rudely wid sanyu? ?

  3. Today epi was ok…again the epi revolved almost only around aryan…for heaven sake the cvs need to bring on screen other ppl as well…and im refering to the old cast…coz this new entries are becoming really boring…
    Nirman is such a pain in the a**…i hope tmrrw he will get to know that Sanyu was right and that design is faulty…
    Whats up with Rd ??? Why was he shouting „MOM”??? Did something happen to Renuka in this two years???
    How i miss vidarth & sandhir and yoyo and the gang 🙁

  4. What an entry by aryan….. Looking forward for aryan n randhir’s tashan next…. Such an MCP is that nirman… His ego has touched the water mark. GOD !!!!

  5. Nyc pre se lagta h sanyu back in action nd nirmaan hez 😛 heights of attitude y dont they lock him up and send him to mars his mars mission nd dream fulfiled ☺ and his secetary

  6. Irritatng epi…especially sanaya….she dn’t hve any 0ther j0b rather running aftr Randhir!! And ths Nirman….wht he thght abt him? He can’t undrstnd dat…dat m0del s faulty thn hw can he dream Mission Mars!! T0tally irritang…. Aaj agar Aryan ne Nirman se kuch b0lega t0h….i w0uld be happy…. Wrtrs….plzzz dn’t seperate 0ur SanDhir… We wnt 0ur 0ld Sandhir back…. Sanaya keliye jaldi ek pair search kar0…xcept Randhir!!

  7. I like Aryan’s entry…..

  8. awww Finaly
    aryan Cme…
    ilove so much aryN.

  9. Well said richa.. Nirman deserve it..

    1. U r most welcm nidhi ☺

  10. Aryan is better than Randhir for Sanyu…Aryan supports Sanyu whereas Randhir always showed that she can’t do anything right…

  11. I think the same as riz.. 😀

  12. Suranjana Bhattacharya

    Guys its officially proved tht without vidarth SaddaHaq is incomplt….
    The trps are extremely low ..its 0.6..
    And aryan n the nw charctrs r jst makng it worse..
    So officially sandhir n vidarth are soul of SaddaHaq

    1. I knew this would happen coz Aryan and all this new characters cant never match the chemistry of sandhir, the passion of vidarth or the craziness of yoyo…never ever…i hope now the CVs will wake up and bring yoyo and vidarth in the show and stop showing so much scenes with Aryan and all this new entries…


    check this link sweethearts you will love this.

    love u karu and suru how r u both

    yes even I didn’t like these episodes looks like they make us watch all that what we doesn’t want and the result is

    Low TRP

    make the scene what we wnat


    high trp.

    we are not against with the new commers but removing the old cast never be justified or never a justice.

    keep smiling

    once a friend always a friend.
    love u suru karu shreya richu

    1. Hahaha love u for this pic dear :)))

  14. now check this our suru

    yesterday I give u a news about parth in vishkanya

    this one is the effect of all this

    check this suru especially for u.

  15. Where iz elly? What the wants to say me?

  16. Suranjana Bhattacharya

    Thnx u both.karina n nisha..
    I hv seen ths already on twitter we r demanding vidarth’s comebck…n evrybody thngs tht the show has lost the charm
    but creatives r stubborn…..

    1. Love u too dear…let hope for the best maybe the CVs will wake up and bring vidarth and yoyo agin in the show and will give them screen space and for sandhir as well…

  17. Being a couple is not about being perfect its about being perfect for each other, bringing the best to each other. Sanyukta is the weakest around Aryan and that’s not good but with Randhir she’s strong. Sandhir motivate each other that is why they’ll be perfect together…
    Sanyukta is not happy with Aryan so is Randhir with Sanaya!!!! They need to fall together to bring the best in each other!!

    1. I couldnt have said it better…thanks dear u just said what i was thinking 🙂

  18. OMGod I hate Aryan all the new entries and I hate CVS for giving Aryan too much screen place.. I wouldn’t mind watching only Sandhir and Vidarth the entire episode

  19. lve u nisha… and wht abt vidharth? nisha s thre any chance to our vidharth nd yoyo again???

  20. Damn Cool Aryan…Again Loving ds Show…Hope Aryan Stays…???

    1. You do realise that we can all see that u as Sara and the other comment as Ayanna are the same person ?? See the TU Team put those dp pictures for this only….so that ppl wont comment with other names and to eliminate confussions. Sara and Ayanna have the same dp picture so that means its the same person 🙂 pls dont mind but i wanted to clarify this to avoide confusions. Have a nice day.

  21. OMG!Aryan Made A Super Entry.Aab show mai aya hai jaan.Looking forward

  22. Huh… I gonna protest for sure on twiiter very soon…

    1. Yeah pls do it…i would have done it myself too but i dont have a twitter acc…

      1. But there is the problem i.e. I hv deactivated my account for my exams nd I can’t open it till 20 th of march otherwise i wuld hv done that nicely.. They don’t kno my circles!

    2. Oh i see…its ok u can do it later…

      1. I will for sure!!

  23. Pls update the episode little faster

  24. Where is today’s epi

  25. Pls post today’s WU…

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