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Sadda Haq 18th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sujata comes to sanyu and says i only came because you asked, i knew your intentions were not wrong. sanyu says thank you. If this factory shuts down papa wont be able to bear it. And life of so many workers are related to it. Sujata says what you want from me? sanyu says i know you can’t go against your husbands. They are striking here. I don’t know why they are protesting here and when they realize the truth it will be too late. Sujata says what will be the benefit for our families if we work here. Sanyu says your husband’s job will be safe. you will be hired permanently if you save this factory. Sujata says after so much will your dad let us work here? sanyu says don’t worry about that i will ask maa.

sanyu asks anju how is papa? anju says he woke up

but doctor gave him tranquilizer. sanyu says i wanted to talk to you. media is calling again and again to ask if workers are on strike who will complete the tasks. anju says what you wanna say? sanyu says the women still want to work. anju says your dad was so mad at it. Sanyu says we don’t have any other option. will papa be happy for hitting the target or mad at the work by women. at least factory will be safe. anju says okay start it.

Sanyu goes to factory and says to workers i am going to work, its upto you if you want to work or not. Worker says we wont work. sanyu says what will you do for your expenditures when this factory will be closed. papa has done so much for you, now when he needs you you people are not with him. Raju says you can’t fool us like this. sanyu says okay as you wish. she starts walking in. Raghu comes and says sanyu i am with you. Sanyu smiles and says you people please come in. The women walk in. Male workers are shocked. Rajesh says what are you doing here? Raju says these women can never take our place lets see what they can do.

Scene 2
Sanyu directs women what and where they have to work. Raghu says to sanyu can you complete all this in four days? vikram comes in and says you will do it in four days? its possible if you keep temperature on 73 degrees. sanyu smiles. Vikram says you will get salaried for all your work. He says good luck to sanyu. sanyu says thanks. sanyu asks a woman where is sujata aunty? she says gupta is not well so she stayed home. Sanyu says i will do anything to help her. The male workers come in and say this is all useless. sanyu says at least let them work. raju says they are not going to get any salary.

Aishta is with her friend. she drinks her coffee and faints. her friend gets worried. Rana is there, he calls yoyo and says come to medical room there is a good news for you.

Kunal says to randhir i have to go in, they women are working in there. sanyu will win best intern trophy. randhir says she can’t do anything. Kunal says she has spark she can do anything. Randhir says you are such a hypocrite. Kunal says you can’t even handle a girl. Keep sitting here. Kunal says i can’t keep sitting here like you.

yoyo comes to medical room and asks doctor how she now? He says its because of drug overdose. someone mixed drugs in her coffee. Aishta says why would someone mix drugs in my coffee. yoyo says in heart i know who did this. parth comes in and asks aishta how you feel now? she says better. Parth says do you know who could do this? She says i have no idea. parth says let me know if you get to know anything. he says yoyo take care of her.

Sanyu is working on machine she is stuck in something. Kunal says i can help you. sanyu says yes please. he says but let me be in your team. sanyu says of course a genius engineer like you in my team would be great. he says but i need my name ti be on credit list even before you. sanyu says i don’t need any credits, its all yours. The machine starts working fast. Suddenly overload alarm blares. Raghu says its because of him. He controlled the machines. Kunal says i didn’t do anything. Someone is hacking my system. raghu says who would hack your system. sanyu says i know who it is.

Parth is working in lab, arpita comes there. she asks what are you doing? He says i am working on drugs gadget. this will detect drugs. There have been some incidents related to it in the college. she says you are doing it for such a good cause. parth says i lost my friend due to it. Arpita says never knew engineers have a golden heart too. he says do you praise everyone like this? SHe says i like bringing smile on people’s face. you can bring smile on someone’s face as well. parth says i know you are talking about vidushi but its not going to work out. She says okay do your work. she leaves. vidushi sees her. She wonders what was arpita doing with parth.

Sanyu goes to randhir and says you wont leave these stupid things? randhir says i wont let you achieve this target. sanyu says what will you do? Randhir says i rope you in some corner of this factory, no one will come save you. Vikram comes in with raghu and women, he says you can’t do that. i don’t have time i would have thrown you to jail. Vikram says sanyu you can file a complaint against him. sanyu says workers are on his side. it will create another issue. leave it. vikram says okay.

Randhir says in heart i was quite because of agarwal’s condition but i should not go to him and tell him about whats happening in factory. he is about to leave anju comes in, she asks where are you going? He says i am going to your husband to tell him whats going on in his factory. anju says you love sanyu how can you go against her and provoke her dad. randhir says i don’t love your daughter, go ask your daughter what you wanna know. she insulted me every time, i will shatter her dreams. anju slaps her on the face. she says how dare you to say that about my daughter. you will break her dream for which she fought from her dad and ankit. she is alone enough to fight with people like you. you can never shatter her dreams. anyone who comes in her way loses, you will lose as well. i will get you arrested and don’t ever dare to come near my husband.

Shakuntla gets a bruise, Sanyu says bring first aid. her husband comes in and says i told you not to work here. vikram comes in and says they are working so your house runs. now if you want to work here you will have to work with them. Vikram says to sanyu all the raw material is used. We need new for tomorrow. we need signature of agarwal or ankit to get the funds. sanyu says maa’s signatures will work? He says no. sanyu says what should i do now.

Arpita goes out of her room. Vidushi clambers in her room. she sees parth’s video. He says my friends matter more than money to me. i know you are talking about vidushi i can make her smile but when i know nothing is gonna work out, there is no point of fake happiness. vidushi is in tears.

sanyu comes to anju and asks how is papa now? she says doctor says he is recovering. sanyu says there was a problem. sanyu says in heart i shouldn’t tell maa about it. anju says i know you are talking about randhir. He said he will shatter your dream. i never liked him. sanyu says no one is listening to him. sanyu says go and rest. anju says you need rest. sanyu says i will sleep here. anju leaves. Agarwal opens his eyes, sanyu says how are you now papa? He nods. sanyu says to some officials came to talk about you stay here. you have to sign here so we can shift you to hospital. Aagrwal signs the papers without reading them.

Sanyu goes to vikram and tells him that she has got funds. they can now even give salary in advance to the workers. vikram says this is so good. he announces it among workers.

yoyo is worried for aishta. He says i don’t want her to get stuck in all this. should i talk to parth? Yoyo goes to parth’s room. parth is sleeping with his head on other side. Yoyo says rana is behind what is happening in the college. i was with him as well but i want to get rid of all this now. rana is doing this all. will you help me paa ji? its not parth its rana. Rana gets up and says you will go against rana? Rana takes out pistol and says i will kill your special friend and you will be blamed for it. you will go to jail. rana leaves, yoyo is scared.

SAnyu goes to randhir and says how dare you to talk to maa like this. randhir says can you call your mom? i want to talk to her. SAnyu says what? He says i will apologize to her. Randhi says i said so much wrong to her. i didn’t realize she is not like my mom. you must feel good to have support of a mom. she supported you so well. i made such a big mistake, my mom never taught me how to respect others but your mom taught me in a day. i want to apologize to her. sanyu says she wont talk to you she is not like me. randhir says fair enough i should apologize to you. i am sorry i wont do this again. i wont come between you and your mom. i will help you on floor, i know you wont trust me but i will achieve target in four days. Sanyu hugs him and says thank you. Sanyu says its okay you have one chance to rectify it all, she leaves.

Scene 3
next day sanyu comes to factory. raghu says you are late sanyu, sanyu says i am sorry. they all start working, sanyu says in heart he said he would come, he must have changed his mind. randhir walks in. everyone is dazed. vikram says what are you doing on floor? He calls security. sanyu says he has realized we are right he is on our side. He will work here in assembly department. he has changed. vikram says what if he changes again, its up to you. i hope you know what you are doing. sanyu says to randhir lets start the work. He starts working with the women. sanyu says to randhir i told you these women are smart. Raju and ragesh come in. They says randhir? did we make any mistake? you changed party? you said we wont work until new machines are here. randhir says i have realized my mistake, so should you. raju says we dont change our decisions like you. dont come to us again. sanyu’s foot gets stuck under a machine, randhir says are you okay? lets go to sick room? sanyu says i am fine but we don’t have time. randhir says i will stay with you. shakuntala comes on the floor and joins the work. Her husband says my wife is doing what i should do. I am going to floor. some other workers support him as well. they go to sanyu and says can we work with you? sanyu say anyone who wants to work can work here. your machines were missing you. They all get jolt in working.

Precap-sanyu says all set, when are delegates coming? Vikram says soon. agarwal comes in. sanyu says please don’t be mad papa. Agarwal says you lied to me. you did this to save your ego not this factory. Randhir overhears it and says i wont let anything wrong happen to you sanyu.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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