Sadda Haq 18th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 18th February 2014 Written Episode, Sadda Haq 18th February 2014 Written Update

Two of Kabir’s team boys are looking for a girl. They see Kastuki coming out from the shower. They start talking it’s so sad she has to take shower in bathroom with no lock. They ask her why she even came here. She would have finished her studies and then get married. Kastuki asks to them to stop else she will slap. They make fun of her Hindi and ask her to slap them. YoYo comes and slaps them on behalf of Kastuki. He gets into fight with the boys, and one of the boys tries to attack with a rod. Randhir comes and blocks it. He calls the boys blo*dy racist. They start fighting with Randhir now. Kabir comes and stops the fight. He asks Randhir what’s going on. YoYo takes a rod in his hand and Kabir raise his hand at him. Now Vardhan comes and blocks Kabir. He asks all students

to leave.

Vardhan says Kabir has no humanity and he’s still the same. Kabir says he was just supporting his students. Vardhan says he has habit of supporting wrong. Kabir says it’s his way to win the dream team competition and he won’t let anyone harm his students. Vardhan asks him to stay in his limits, else he will cross his limits too and it won’t be good for him. Vardhan leaves. Kabir says to himself, he loves his students, right? I will show him now.

Parth helps Vidushi and asks if it’s better. Vidushi says yes but she won’t be able to walk. Parth says he will drop her. He carries her. Vidushi smiles.

Kastuki thanks YoYo. Jiggy comes and takes Kastuki on a side. He asks her why she’s giving signs to YoYo. He wouldn’t have done anything if it was someone else. Kastuki asks him to stop him. Sanyu asks them to stop arguing and tells Jiggy to work with his team. Kastuki sits beside Sanyu. YoYo joins them. Jiggy can’t see it and he sits in between YoYo and Kastuki. Kastuki asks him why he’s not going to his team. Jiggy asks so her and YoYo can move their story forward? Kastuki tells him he’s disgusting and has no faith in her. She asks him to leave her alone. Jiggy now apologizes to her and kisses her hand in front of YoYo.

Parth comes with Vidushi. Everyone rushes to them. Vidushi says she fell while walking and Parth helped her out. Parth and Sanyu talk about the competition. Parth says to Sanyu that it’s going to be difficult for them to beat them. Sanyu says they will see. Both wishes all the best to each other. Vidushi doesn’t like seeing that!

Parth tells some workers to cut woods a specific way. Kabir praises Parth. Vidushi watches them from far and thinks their team has so much unity and their professor is so good who guides them and support them as well. Kabir sees her. Later, he stops her and says that he heard FITE’s team got divided in two. Vidushi asks who told him. Kabir says no one, he keeps his friends’ updates. He tells her that their professor doesn’t help them at all, Randhir and Sanyu don’t get free from their fights, Jiggy and Kastuki are the love birds and they have their personal issues, other guy Sahil is good for nothing. Kabir asks how he knows all that and what he wants. Kabir praises her and says he wants her hard work and struggle to be paid off.

Randhir helps a farmer to do some work a quick way. The farmer is impressed. Randhir says this is nothing, he will make such a machine that their lives will become very easy, but he will require their help. The farmer asks him what he will need. Randhir discusses it with him.

Kabir continues to praise his team and college, if his team wins, then all students will get scholarship and cash prize. Other hand, FITE treats their students like shit after they lose. Seeing current team, they are definitely going to lose. Vardhan doesn’t care now, and he won’t care at all after his team loses. He offers her to join his team as they need one more team member. Vidushi says, but this is like betraying her FITE team. Kabir says he’s just saying to betray a team that is going to lose. In his team, she will get respect and what’s point of staying in sinking boat. He asks her to think about it. Parth seems to have heard everything or at least seen them talking.

Vidushi is confused thinking what to do. She says she will have to choose one boat. Kastuki is impressed with what Sanyu’s team has got so far. She says they will rock this project and impress Vardhan. Vidushi says in her mind, do whatever you want, I have already decided what I have to do.

Precap: Kabir tells Vardhan about one of his team members going to his team. Vardhan gets mad at Sanyu and Randhir. He says he cannot accept defeat against Kabir. He gives them couple of hours to give him an update on their progress. Randhir asks Sanyu to return his tools else he’ll destroy her project. Sanyu destroys Randhir’s project. She calls him a coward who wanted to submit his project after destroying hers. She asks him to submit now if he can.

Update Credit to: Nishi

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