Sadda Haq 18th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Sadda Haq 18th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
All the teams are presenting their cars. Its FITE’s turn but Randhir is still not there. Sanyu to present the engine. She says we have turbo charger. Sanyu feels nervous, other teams laugh at her. Sanyu sits in the car and starts it. She comes out and says like this energy is lost during combustion. We use that lost 20% of the fuel. We harvest the heat from exhaust system. Our engine is lighter so we can speed it up. The judges say we are happy that she is leading so well. One judge gives 8. The other says I was not expecting that performance. I can’t treat you special because you are a woman. You will get what you deserve and that is perfect 10. They all hug each other

Its the next round. Judges start asking questions. The captain has to answer them. Sanyu is missing

a lot of questions. Sanyu answers some questions in the end. She answers in last 10 questions. They say thank you.
Yoyo says I am really worried. Vid says randhir always does this. sanyu says we will manage. Parth says we can do this. vid says we need him you know. sany says can you see him anywhere? So we have to do it. Randhir comes and says did you miss me? SAnyu says parth vid get prepared we will participate. Vid says we cant do it without him. Randhir says you can’t do this without him. Parth says sanyu think practically. Vid says take him for the team sanyu. Sanyu nods.

The Pakistani team stops Sanyu and say you Mr. India is back? This wont help your team. I know everything. You have no choice. Sanyu says you know what I know what you are trying to do. I never give and you can’t manipulate me. And don’t worry about the win or lose, we will decide that on track.
Randhir goes in the competition. He answers a lot of questions. On position 5, its malasiya. India has grabbed position No. 3.

Parth says to sanyu this is enough. I am not blaming you but your personal issues are affecting the team. Take and stand and clear is for once and for all. Its high time. Let everyone know who is gonna drive.
Randhir says now other teams would know how strong we are. ANd I guess you all know who driver should be. Parth says sanyu handled us in crisis. Randhir says we would have been 5th if i wasn’t there. So Ms captain have you decided?sanyu says i have. You are important to team but I cant give this responsibility to someone who leaves the team. So I am nominating myself for dream driver.

The other teams come and provoke Rnandhir. They say these girls want to compete with us. We should show them their place. How can she compete with you? Randhir hits him. They hit back and a fight breaks out. sanyu comes and stops them. A member says she came to save you. SAnyu says randhir stop it. Randhir shoves him.Randir says to sanyu you can never understand me.

Precap-Its a race, sanyu is running, he is behind the Pakistan member and falls.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. This is too much. How can rd do this? I mean everyone know that he is intelligent and everyone appreciate him. Still he wants to show his importance & disappeared when team needs him the most. This is not his clg competition . its international competition where they have to represent India.

  2. Yes deepika ,they too are over emphasising the importance of Randhir and indirectly perusing Sanyu to take charge ,creating rift between Sandhir and take the serial to season 2.

  3. Karina where are you,waiting for your comments.

  4. Deep & Karina if u want to read really interesting story then read I am a girl but i do have life. I like that very much. Its on this site’s ff zone. And its true story.

  5. Hiiii Deep & Deepika…..u both are right rd is overeacting and his ego again will make a rift between sandhir….sanyu should stand up for herself more and she should drive the car with parth or vids or even yoyo as het copilot. Waiting for tmrrw’s epi….guys i think the next week will be the end of season 1 and from the week afterwords will begin season 2….i hope all the cast will be present in season 2 as well…..what do u guys think ???

      1. I read that after completion of 1st season there will be 1 week break & then 2nd season will start. I m not sure. But i have read it somewhere.

      2. Im not sure either but on fb said that param talked about it in an interview and said that SH will bring season 2 without a gap in between….but u could be right as well and maybe they ll take a break for about one week and then will start season 2…lets see 🙂

  6. Where is today’s WU ???? Pls post it soon….thank u.

  7. Plz post yesterday’s WU……thank u…

  8. Why no WU till now ?? TU Team & Atiba pls post it soon…thank u.

  9. TU Team pls tell me if we are going to get the WU of yesterday’s epi or not ? I’ve been waiting for so long and im really dissapointed that till now isnt posted 🙁 .

  10. Hy karina
    I m trying to give u an overview.

    Sanyu was trying to cross hurdle. Parth,vid,yoyo encourage her. Then opponent team( most probably Pakistan ) member was angry on rd as rd slapped him. He was the one who give an idea to disappeare rd.

    Next mrng , every team were on d ground. Committee declared for a hurdle race. there will be no elimination. But if they can’t complete in 15 mins then they will deduct time which he/she after 15 min.

    Sanyu passes many hurdles. But at the last hurdle she fell down. But then she manage to cross the hurdle. Then she was reall very exhausted so she fell down . So she reached finishing line 2 sec late. So 2 s deducted from main car competition.

    Then rd held her & take her to the tent . And apply medicine. He said i told u not to do all this. But u never listens me. She said u never understands me ( mind)

    Precap : sanyu was driving car and he come infront of car.

  11. Waiting for today’s epi….i hope we will get atleast today’s WU if we couldnt get yesterday’s WU of the epi. For me the WUs are priceless coz im not able to see the episodes on tv.

  12. Sorry for typos ….
    I am not really very gud at describing..
    So sry if u can’t understand

  13. Parth ,yoyo & even vid were encouraging sanyu. But rd didn’t even once cheer up for her … 🙁

    1. Thats not ok….he should be the one that stands by her coz he is her hubby….im sure rd will regret it very soon…

  14. Deepika dear thanks a lot for the WU…dont say sorry coz u typed it very well i understand it….thanks alot again 🙂 it really means a lot to me.

    1. Wlcm dear.. 🙂

  15. guys someone plz post the WU like deepika did if we don’t get today’s update too…

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