Sadda Haq 18th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 18th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu comes back to ISRC, randhir scares her and says first time you look scared instead of desperate to win. Where you bring this selfishness from? You used to manipulate me for your stuff. But everything has a threshold. You played so many mind games with old randhir that he died. And this new randhir can kill anyone for his motive but I am better than you like always and I will prove it. Even if I have to do anything to you for that. He leaves.

Everyone is throwing sanyu’s stuff outside. Sanyu says what you peopled doing? Who asked you to do this? Randhir I did. I will become lead astronaut. I was hoping a competition but you disappointed me like your parents and teammates. They supported you and cried. We don’t need failures here. He shoves her, sanyu says I wont go.

She wakes up. It was her dream.

Randhir is working in lab. Sumit says I am going to get coffee. Sanyu knocks Aryan’s door he doesn’t open. Sanyu comes to lab.She says where is he?
Sanyu sees a circuit she completes it and leaves.
Everyone comes back after coffee. Randhir says who touched my circuit it was incomplete when I left it? Kiritka says someone must have come here. Randhir says but how that person knows my coding arrangement. He says in heart sanyyu? You don’t know whats gonna happen top you now.

Arjun takes becky to a side and asks what is gonna happen in lead astronaut test. She says i know but I won’t tell because I am not retiring. He says once I become lead astronaut you don’t have to do a job. She says you think i will depend on you?I am not cindrella and you are not a prince. Better luck next time.
Nirman announces 23 seconds to report.Randhir says the game has just began.
Becky stops arjun and says you are not prince but not that bad. Space simulation is your first task. Good luck. She leaves.
Sanyu asks sumit if he has seen aryan. He says no.
Randhir and Nirman come. Nirman says this remote is of missile you made. couldn’t find it when we launched. Now press it. sanyu presses the button a missile is shown blasting.Everyone is dazed. Nirman says its gonna get more interesting. How would you feel when you will be in this aircraft. To save your life better start how to fly. Joy says none of us can fly a jet except arjun. Nirman says neither do you have to. You have to put a simulator in aircraft.

Randhir says ready to crash sanyu? Sanyu texts aryan where are you?He comes and says got the message already. Sanyu hugs him and says where were you? I looked everywhere. And why are you not participating? He says I have nothing to do there. Sanyu says why you came here then? He says in heart I think you know why I came here? Here there is another one when sanyu win, I will win competition of cheering her name.

Becky stops randhir and says No one is allowed in nirman’s room. Randhir says i am not like others to him. I have been trying to contact him.
its urgent. Randhir comes to nirman’s room and says please send sanyu in last. Nirman says are you done?He leaves.
Mrs. Subri explains the task to team. nirman says rest of instructions are in this manual. You will have 5 minutes and whoever damages it will be eliminated.
Joy first.. Oh wait.. sanyu any special request what post do you wanna go on? Well you can’t do it on any post. Arjun will be last one to go. Randhir is dazed. Joy starts the task. 20% of it is damaged.
Randhir says in heart nirman can’t do this. I have to do it anyhow.

Precap-Sanyu is doing the task well. Suddenly everything goes off. Sanyu tries to control. Randhir smirks.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. dhruv

    Hahahah bt serials reality nahi hoti isley to serial khte hai use. :-D:-D
    Anyways ladke ladki ke diffs mat lao bhai…

  2. dhruv

    Ohhh sanyu kuch alag hi chakkar lag raha he tera too..hahahahah…
    Interesting very interesting full too chal gai..kya kehta hai teja??????

  3. maddy

    Chal gai..ud fantom called style.. fida hi tujpe
    Bhen ke namse…hahahahah…
    Lkdff kya dhruv riskkkss skyssssss…whts say?????…
    Classical herrrstoryyyyyyyyy..
    Balika vadhuuuuuu…hahahahah…
    Riskkkks n skyss..
    Kare kya start????
    Tu page will be deserted….hahahahah.
    Risks n sky’s no 11111111111.

  4. maddy

    Shadi ke rAaaaasaaaaaaaaaytttttt fullon… PunjabI disco….
    Kya sanyu???
    mera bhai etna pasnd aaa gaya. dusra kuch boltI nai???
    Hahaha just kidding don’t mindddd..

  5. yogiraj

    Girl chahe kaun se bhi state Ki ho Maharashtra kw boys se bachh nai sakti…:-):-)wt say Dhruv bro

  6. vishal

    Hahahaha no mady noy
    T.Punjabi it’s frankkkkkkkkkkk flyyyuyy kis ka?,????
    Hahaha….Dhruv khola simsim….hahaha…
    Gf wife one n only 111111111 baby ka reply dekhooooo toooo movie maiiiiiiiiiii….
    Lat laggg gaiiiii…
    Hey tejas kuch smj raha he to dekho….

  7. oh karina , u r so lucky 4 having such a lovely climate….. I wish i could have such a weather. But hr my fan is restlessly runing 4 me.

  8. dhruv

    Hahahaera rajaaa vishal agaya tuuuuuuu…
    Corect haimovie to on hogai bhaiiiiii…
    Balika vadhuuuu..
    Chodooo achall jamana kya kahegaaaaaaaaaa…
    FNtom styleeeee madangle…
    Ye tejaa kahaa haiiii….
    Meri shadi karwaaaaaaa
    Fantom style meri pyar mai..kya bahi kadak…roxxxxxx…
    Ritsoooooo where r u..smj rhi haina….

  9. dhruv

    Sanyukta toooo randhir ko milegiiii..jRa wakt to dooooo…
    Story to strt hui abhi rangoliii…kya kehta bhai?????

  10. tejas

    Rocxkkkkkkkkkkkkk bhaijannnnn dhruvvvv…are mom ai hai….
    Sab smja maiii….
    Hahaahhahaahha seriously raj Maharashtra ke Boys se sherni bhi nai bachege….
    Hey dhruv strt karna fantom style…..
    Balikaaaaa vadhu…

    Finding fairy on
    Guess kr vishal:-P

    • dhruv

      Aaaaaaaaaa teeereee bare me thodi bol rahe hai????
      Tuje kya hua..maine mjk kiya..chil…
      Gusa aya to sory..
      Pr hm tere bare mai nai bol rahe

  11. rits

    Hey frnds..I kno..I also watched..
    N bechra randhir yr….
    Sab smj raha hai bhaijan…:-):-)
    Hey nishuuuu thnx..
    Dear bahot kam heclg mai isley time nai mlta

  12. dhruv

    Wha the hell..
    Mere bare mai itna majak karte ho maI kuch nai bolta…
    Apko bola kya chakar hai to gussa aa gaya…
    Or ap to muje bhai mante haina to mjk bhi nai smja kyya??ek hi to joke kiya..
    Agar nahi acha laga to sory..madyy to pgl hai kuch bhi bolta hai

    • sanyukta rathor

      Ooo really tumhe lagta h ki muzee ye mazak acha lagega

      Sach me ye acha lagne wala mazak h

      Bhai sorry agar aap ko jada mazak kar ke paresan kiya to

      But khud hi dekh lo dono mazak me kitna fark h

      Bhiya sooooooo sorry kan pakad kar sorry

      Aaj ke bad kabhi aap se mazak nhi karugi

      And off course agar aap ko mera mazak bura laga to very sorry

      Par mear pyare bhiya khud soch kar dekho kasa mazak kiya h aap ne

      Bhai me to aap ko or yaha jo bhi h usako apna bhai hi samz ti hu

      Jada bola ho to phir se sorry

      I am really sorry brother

  13. dhruv

    Hey sanyukta dear..I only said kya chkr chl rha hai…n intresting I copied from vardhan…
    Bt it was a joke….
    N maddy majak maibola tuje usme itna kyA gussa…
    Mai terko sach bol rha hu..
    Or baki sb to rits ke bare mai hm bol rahe the..
    U can ask her..we are frnds on YouTube n all other sites thtswhy…
    Tere bare mai jobola wo joke tha.
    Fir bhi if u dnt trust us wht can I do..
    It’s ur desicinn…

  14. dhruv

    Ok fine…I nvr asked anyone even ti open the topic…
    Nd if u al dnt trust me then y mera Majak banaya??
    Majak ko to Majak jasia lenachahiye..

  15. dhruv

    N I’m not interested in ur vardhita..u asked m yarrrr…
    1st read ur own comments sister then talk to me like that.ok

    • sanyukta rathor

      Ab tak to thek h bhai but pls esa mazak dubara mt karna

      I understand what’s ur mean but jo tumhare sath mazak kiya wo alg tha mere bhai ye alag h

      Mazak karo pr limet bhi to hoti h na

      Mene to kitni bar us mazak ke liye sorry bola tha chaho to dekh lo

      Or dubara bol rahi hu sorry bhai us mazak ke liye

      And No need of sorry but pls etne time se bhiya bhiya bhiya bol rahe hu toda to bahen samz lo bahen se esa mazak nhi kiya jata

      Any ways it’s ok

      Or gussa karne ke liye big sorry

      Ok bhiya

      • rits

        Omg goshhh hey sanyuuu they wre nt talking,abt uu..
        They were tlaking abt me..
        I like pratyusha n balika vadhu…thts why..
        We r frnds on many sites…
        That’s why they r talking abt…
        They also took my namr dear..u read their comments..I too commented.

  16. nisha

    Kaun kehta hai that girls talk more huh…..????????????

    Yahaan toh boys ne girls ko bhi peeche chod diyaaaaaaaaaa

    just see the comment box no. and no. of boyzzzzzzzzzzzz comments omg

    hey sanyu why bye forever dear I am with u , I told u my sweetheart bang on dear Be brave

    hey dhruv , i didn;t understand any of ur convo

    Sab uper uper se nikal gaya

    Balika vadhu ????fandom????God knows what u all talk ??BOyzzzzzzzz talk How can I understand???

    But seriously ye sab sanyu ke liye zyaada ho raha hai boyzzzzzzzzzz

    I understand this tooo

    So plzzzzzzzzzz isse pehle wo bhaag jaayee

    Plzzzzzzzzzzzzz mana lo apnee little sis ko.

    hope u understand buddiessssssssssssss.

    here weather is ok ok not too cold not too hot 41 degree karu and friends

    but who cares about it when U have Coolers and ac. Do you or don’t

    aur waisee bhi bareesh ho yaa tufaan work comes first kisi ke liye nahee ruktaa

    love u all friends

    keep smiling

    and yeah find something more interesting now this

    game of wedding make me a little bore

    hey richu don’t worry don’t confuse dear

    when I write for her my poky richu so I write poky for her and I write for u then i write richu

    so there will be no misunderstanding ok luv u

    hey my sweetheart poky richwaaaaaaaaaa

    itnaa tam lagaa det ho ki tumhree intezaar me to bhaiseee yaa gana sunat sunat 4 baltee dudh de gayee re

    Kaha firat ho aa jao tanek apna commentwa do

    are oo richwaa mansi ko bahut miss karat re bheen

    ooo ek sher bolat rahee aur hum ukaa jawab det rahee

    chalo tum hi aaj ek intense wala sher bolat raho to hum ukaa jawab dene ki pure kosis karat rahee dear

    kaa kehat ho

    ho jaayeeeeeeeeeee thodeee purana din ko yaad

    luv u richwaaaaaaaaaaa kheep esmilinggggggggggggggg dear

    hey bicky dear , I don’t know it happened even I thought that you are on some forum

    that’s why you get news so fast

    and even I am so happy about it that we all get to know something new everyday from you dear

    and photo i love watching sandhir pics so I share with my friends too thinking you all also like it that’s it nothing else

    but who cares you also give us photos so that we all can enjoy it too

    what all we want news of sandhir

    ki farak pehndaa ee mai du yaa tum

    all we need is the news

    love u bicky

    keep smiling friends

    • Bk

      Yaaa u r ri8……nisha…..luv u too…..u r so sweet dear………….aur rahi baat news ki…..I also know smthng new from u my nisha…..always keep smiling ……

  17. nisha

    he dhruv why so many explainations dear

    you don;t need to write so much

    simply said mazak me thoda zyaada ho gaya behnaaa

    dear behan kaaha hai itnaa toh hak banta hai naa

    hai ke nahee

    hey sanyu ab to reply kar do meri jaan meri behnaaa

    ladki mile yaa na milee itnee pyaaree behan ko

    jaanee nahee dungaa

    sweetheart come fast

    we all are waiting for u dear

    hey sanyu dear come fast

    luv u dear

  18. nisha

    teri meri baatein jab bhi yaad aate hai
    yeh boring se atmosphere me khushiyaan de jaate hai
    alag alag bolee mein yun ghanto ki yeh baatein
    kuch teri kuch meri yeh meethi meethi yaadein
    yaad aayengee tujhe yaad aayengee mujhe
    jab naa hoga ej duje ka saath, to karna phir mujhe yaad
    aankhe band karna tum,
    thandee aahein bharna tum,
    yu chupke see hum chod jaayenge ek meethi muskuratee yaad
    ke phir naa kehnaa nisha ne apnaa kaam naa kiyaa
    ajee hum toh kal bhi aaj bi aur aane waale kal bhi yahee karenge
    tumhe muskurahat dene ka kaam
    luv u richwa poky meri jaan .

    keep smiling forever.
    I miss u so much also shayeri talks with mansi yaar so arz kar hi diya luv u richwaaaaaaaaa

  19. Hey sanyu chiill dr
    Y fikar whn I am here

    Seriously boys can talk anything. …
    Balika vadhu fandomm..kuch bhi..

    Thanks fr clearing it nishu…
    Huh sid kam se kum u undeestand grls se bhidne ka matlab..

    Agar bhai bhola nahi hai toh ho jayega..huh sochkar taras aa raha hai..aapko sudhaar ne ke liye sucheel nahi tez taarrar katar dhundni padegi…
    Tast mushkil hai…

    Ty sanyu itni toh bol hi leti hu…
    Nishu dear where do u liv….
    If possible karu send aall of ur gud climate …its very necessary. …..
    Vishu bhai bohoaut dino ke baad dikhe..nuc to see u..

  20. nisha

    yes aishu they had once gone to kerela trip

    kerela music listening in the way

    and then the pics of kerela with ankit with param

    there has been so many pics of kerela trip

    and yeah

    well we all know who is the winner of this current track of sd

    but when someone ask ali merchant to who is the winner

    then he write that very soon we all will get to know and we will be proud on what nirman decision will be

    so i think we all can understand what gonna happened a little.

    luv u all.

  21. sanyukta rathor

    But gussa aaya tha dear muzee ese mazak pasand nhi h

    Not it’s ok

    Good eveng karu , nishu , aalu , richu

    Dat 25/4 Monday

    All d mmbrs in d group r hereby invited for d swayamvar of our beloved bro DHRUV.
    Time: 5:00PM
    At :at INORBIT mall
    All the grls frm anywhere who r mad over dhruv can cum in bridal dress…

    Sry bhai agar zada hua….
    Sanyu ke liye karna pada.everyone should cum compulsaril

  23. Aaliya

    Wht happened here!!!!!
    Diiii???? Vai??????

    Plllssssss fr urr this swt sisy aap dono pehle ki terah ho jaw!!!!!

    Everything is nrmal,,,, right??????

  24. rits

    Hey sanyu dnt leave dear..
    Agar wo tumhe bhen manta nai to tumhre itne jokes tantrums nai sunta tumhne sory bola hota to bhi nai…
    Koi ladka nai sunta guys…raj sid vishal no one…
    He listened n took very friendly….
    N I also. Thnk wo jada ho gaya tha..shadi ka..
    Bt he listened everything guys..n still blaming him…

  25. rits

    Nd jo usne kaha anyone had said…
    Bhai behen mante hona trust bhi karo guys…
    Naito kisika majak mat yaha kisiko jante nahi..
    Or agar frnds mnte ho to uske jokes be frndly lo..
    Take everything as joke dear Sanyu..
    Wo apke pas nahi ayega dhruv dear stay away from her dnt tease her Ok.

    • sanyukta rathor

      Not ur fault dear

      Sab mere galti h muzee itna mazak nhi karna cahiyetha

      Sab kuch jada ho gya and sab karab ho gya

      Mene kuch jada hi bol deya

      Sab bigad gya

      Me bhi ek dam se jada hi gussa ho gai

      Ab bahut gulty feel ho raha h

      Ooooooo me kya karu

      I am sooooo sorry guys

      Really sorry


  26. cool…… I think KARINA’s magic really worked….. N i am feeling very well n coooll…… afterall karina sent her luv with climate…. Thank u dr…. Luv u……

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