Sadda Haq 17th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 17th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
PKC says the dream team thinks they can do anything. He places a notice on baord. It says the dream team has to submit assignment yoyo reads it. He says oh God we are done.

Team is in ranawat’s room. Vid says is there some task sir why have you called us? Ranawar asks pkc to come in. Ranawat says dream team is here you have complaints. PKC says they dont attend classes. They dont respect me at all. sanyu says its not like that. PKC says you think everything is a joke. Ranawat says what punishment you have for them. randhir says you are getting us wrong. Parth says we respect you. Ranawat says you can punish them if you want. Vid says but we have done nothing wrong. Ranawat says we are done here. Leave.

Vid and parth are working. Yoyo comes and says how many left?

I am here to give you company. Vid says they are just too many questions. Sanyu says randhir solve the questions. He says they are too simple. She takes his phone. Randhir tries to snatch the phone from her. she says if you solve the questions you will get something else with the phone as well. He says what? Sanyu kisses him on cheek and says something like this.
Rishab texts vid we have to execute the plans somehow today. Time has come. She replies okay. Parth says whom are you texting? She says no one.

randir says sanyu what is the answer of 3rd question? He turns back and sees that she has fallen asleep.
He says later give what you promised. she hugs him. Watchman comes, they pretend a fight.

Rishab burns randhir’s ssignment and says randhir ragging in not a good thing at all.

Scene 2
Next morning team is in class with dr4eam team.
PKC says to the team next morning. He says i am reading the same that have not qualified for dream team. Parth rishab vid you are submitted. PKC says randhir and sanyu you have not submitted it. Sanyu says what but we did it? PKC says you are both not qualified for it. sanyu says to pkc we have done it. PKC says you take me for granted. you all make fun of me. sanyu says we respect you a lot. He says stop bothering.

Rishab says to vid i will become the co driver. She says no parth will be the co driver. Rishab says no you will help me to be your co driver. VId says what? Parth will be co driver. He says if i leak something your dreams will be finished. Vid says what you mean? He says i know where you got all this money from. If parth figures out he will be hurt. I knew you and i can make a good team.
Randhir and sanyu come in ranawat’s room. He says you are both suspended. sanyu says but competition. He says team can work without you as well.
SAnyu and randhir go out.

Randhir is trying to hack pkc’s email. Sanyu says dont do this. He says we have to go back in team. Sanyu says come out of your i me myself mode. He asys you think what to do now. sanyu says idea.
Yoyo says in front of PKC dream team has named their car after PKC sir.
ate at night PKC goes to lab to check if what yoyo said was truth. He says where is it? Sanyu and randhir are in the lab too. PKC hides. Randhir says this is our last day with car. The one whom we named this car after threw us out of team. Randhir says there couldn’t be a perfect name for the car. She says PKC sir is so amazing. Strong. Randhir says he never backs out. Sanyu says its all our mistake. randhir says he right we dont deserve to be in the team. Randhir says he is right.

Precap-Parth gets a text good morning everyone get ready and come to lab Sanyu says you have 10 minutes? Ranawat says you will all make steering wheels in one hour.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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