Sadda Haq 17th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 17th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhir says to Parth sanyu is really worried with her project. I couldn’t even help her. Parth says she is very strong she can do it. Go for your interview. Randhir says thanks and goes for interview.
Randhir is there for the interview. Sanyu says is not there. He says I think I should bring sanyu. Sanyu says its 80% done. Randhir says we dont have much time. Present it the way it is. sanyu says i hope they like my theory. Randhir says I am sure you will impress them. Now go get ready.

Its Randhir’s turn. Sanyu hugs him and says good luck. She says go prove you are the topper. He hugs her and says thanks. Interviewer says to randhir we expect best from you. Randhir shows them him project and design. They are very impressed. Parth wishes sanyu luck. Yoyo says

we are here for your moral support.
They are very impressed with Randhir’s design. They say people come with unimplemented ideas. You have complete project. Hope we see you in our company. well done. Why don’t you look happy? Randhr says just taking time sink in that I will shift abroad. They say yes we understand. Anyway Good luck.
Sanyuu asks randhir did they like it? Randhir says you do your best. He is worried for her.
Sanyu shows them their fuel. She says this is eco friendly as well. THis is more efficient than petroleum. It will cause less pollution, Its 80% stable. I need a little extra time. I will complete it. She shows them the fuel test. Randhir is worried for them. Interviewer says it looks good on paper but we are scared if it will be feasible. this is not safe. We are sorry. Sanyu says its okay you gave me opportunity to present it. Thank you for your time. Sanyu is in in tears. randhir is waiting for her outside. Sanyu comes out, she smiles at him and leaves.

Sanyu is sitting in the ground. randhir comes and shows her the letter. She hugs him and says I am so happy for you. He says did you see date of joining? Sanyu says this weekend? He says yes. they want me to go with them. sanyu says its after two days. Randhir says they want to test my engine there. sanyu says after two days you will go away. He says you will come with me. Sanyu hugs him and says I am so happy for you. And don’t worry for me. I will manage. Just get there for the new beginning. randhir says i knew you would say this. Sanyu says I am so proud of you. Make the best of it. He says without you? sanyu says I will find something for myself in a few months. Then we will live together. randhir sits there. sanyu says trust me.

Sanyu helps randhir packing up. He says I will put you in the bag and take you with me. sanyu says I am always with you. Randhir comes close. she says let me pack. sanyu says don’t wear old clothes there. She says this jacket will make you wear warm and cozy. She makes him wear the watch. She says i have set indian time in it as well. I will miss you all the time. Randhir hugs her.
RAndhir says to sanyu they want treat from me. sanyu says they are your pals they love you.

Everyone celebrates for randhir. Randhir sees messages for him. They all dance and enjoy together. Randhir dances with sanyu as well.
Randhir takes vid’s hand and dances with her. sanyu is in tears.
Sanyu goes out in ground and sits there. She is in tears. She calls their moments together. She says I can’t believe you are going that far away from me.
Randhir is in his room. He is upset as well.

Precap-Randhir says I will postpone my date and take you with me. sanyu says go get ready you will miss your flight. sanyu says to parth come to airport with me I will see randhir from far away.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Such an emotional epi…loved sandhir scenes…waiting for vidarth’s reunion..

  2. Such a emotional epi…

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