Sadda Haq 17th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 17th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhir says you have fever you have to rest. Sanyu says no I can’t. I cant afford to miss this class. he says you cant even talk. Sanyu says I wont let this rui my goal. Randhir gives her medicines. He places a voice recorder in her jacket. He says lets see who annoys you. Randhir says let me drop you. sanyu says lets go.

Anju and Agarwal are outside the college. Anju syas lets go in. He says she ruined my name for this college. I wont go in. You can go in. Anju goes in and asks a guy about sanyu? He says I haven’t seen her. she sees vidushi. Vidushi says what are you doing here? anju syas I wanted to see sanyu and wanted it give her this food. Vidushi tastes it. Vidushi says she is taking classes. I mean she is in lab. anju says is she still in this college? Vidushi

say actuallu she has gone to TCC to give coaching classes. she had no fees for college. Didn’t she tell you? Anju says yes she did. Anju leaves. she is startled.

Receptionist asks sanyu are you okay? She says yes just flu. don’t worry I wont be wet today. When she enters the class there are no students. On board its written go back sanyukta don’t spoil our career. Receptionist comes in and says sorry no one came today. Randhir tries to listen throw microphone but its not working well. Sanyu says I have to teach them. Its upto them if they want to study or not. She sees that her phone is off. She asks pyari can I use your phone? I will make a video and you will distribute the copies of it among all the students. Those who want to study will. Pyari leaves her phone and sanyu starts teaching. Anju comes in. sanyu is shocked and in tears. Anju hugs her. They are both in tears.

Anju asks do you have flu? don’t you take care of yourself? sanyu asks how is papa? She says he has gone to meet his pal. Sanyu says and you? Anju says I made an excuse that I have to ask my friend’s son in TCC so I came here. When did you start taking these classes and why? sanyu says I wanted to tell yiu. Anju says informing doesn’t make wrong right. sanyu says I had to pay the hostel fees, Anju says here is the money. Sanyu says I can’t take money from you. anju says do you like suffering? Sanyu says I wanna do it on my own. I will never be able to respect myself. Anju syas we used to pay for you where was your respect back then? sanyu says I didn’t decide to live on my own back then. anju says we are so worried for you. what will you next? sanyu says I wanna make my own future and you don’t have to worry for me all the time. You wont ever be worried for me.I am okay here. Priyali comes in. sanyu says please see maa off and get her a cab too. sanyu says go home and don’t worry about me. anju says take care and take medicine for he flu. sanyu says keep surprising me like this. anju hugs her and leaves.

Sanyu asks priyali to make send the CDs to students. vikram calls sanyu in his cabin. Vikram says what was the attendance in your lecture? sanyu says not a single student. I was making CDs to distribute among them. he syas do you think you can teach them this way? She says I have no other option. He says you cant even teach them. You are not meant for this job. sanyu says they don’t wanna study. You can watch this CD. He throws the Cd on ground. He says even the receptionist can talk in empty class. teachers have to interact with pupils. These courses are available online. now why are you still here? Leave and make sure this doesn’t happen again.

Randhir says I thought I would listen to her but the receiver isn’t working. Sanyu comes out. He asks how was your day? sanyu says it was normal. no one misbehaved today. She says you know maa came here. I was so surprised. he asks how did she know you are here? sanyu says vidushi told her. She came with money. but I don’t wanna dependent on anyone. He says what about me? sanyu says you are close to me and you help me in many ways.

yoyo says to randhir and sanyu, admin has thrown your stuff out. sanyu says why? The admin says, you we have to shift people in your room. Vardhan gave you an extension. vidushi says how can you go against vardhan? He says vardhan is out of country. sanyu has to leave the room. Sanyu comes there and says sir I have arranged the fees and I will pay it. randhir says why did you touch her stuff? he says we tried to contact her but she didn’t receive. The person has paid her fees for your room. You can pay the fees right now only then you can stay otherwise you have to go. HE says I am nt doing this with my will. We have been asked to do this. sanyu says I will pay it in a few days. parth says we will contribute. He says you have to pay for a semester. yoyo says let us sell our stuff. sanyu says I don’t want money from you guys. randhir says enough sanyu you don’t want help from us, from family from me. Lets call vardhan he will do something. Sanyu says he has done a lot of favors on me. admin comes and says go out. Randhir holds his collar and says what get out? sanyu calms him down.

Sanyu shows randhir earings and says maa gifted them to me when I got 94% in matric. He says what will you arrange from these? sanyu says I will live in some rental or PG.

precap- sanyu and randhir are going to different PG’s. sanyu says you will have no complains from my side. they say we have some rules in he your bf? Sorry we can’t give you room.

Update Credit to: Atiba


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