Sadda Haq 17th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 17th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhir says to Sanaya if I don’t force you, you won’t do anything. She says you did it. You are feeling guilty. He says yes I do. He dresses her wound. Sanaya says you can say sorry. I might forgive. If you don’t I wont pardon you. She says remember last time we fought, you missed me right? I was pretending and not talking to you. Aryan maybe doing this to make her miss him. So she feels it and commits. He can do anything for the bed.

The waiter says to manager that man in room is weird. There was blood in his hand and I heard someone screaming too.
Randhir tries to track aryan’s location. Randhir says his encryption is of top level.
Randhir tries to hack and he tracks Aryan’s phone. He says there is a smart way of doing everything. Sanaya

says this area? What is aryan doing there.
Sanyu tries callig aryan again. Randhir says street lights hotel, room 102. Thats where he is. Its a shady hotel. There is something that you aren’t accepting. sanyu says just shut up. Randhir says don’t you wanna know where he is? Are you scared? sanyu says I trust him. Randhir says then come and check. Or is your confidence weak like you?

Randhir and sanyu come to that hotel. Randhir takes her to counter Manager knocks. Aryan opens the door. Manager comes in. He says we have to check your room. They come in. they see kids in there. Aryan says they are slum kids I brought them here to feed them. Sorry I didn’t inform you. Manager says I am sorry. Aryan says no no its okay.
Randhir comes in.manager asks where are you going?Randhir says 102. Randhir breaks the door and goes in. Manager says we will have to call guards. There is no one in the room. Randhir opens a small room. There is no one in there either. Sanyu leaves in anger. Manager changed number of room. Sanyu leaves in anger. Aryan says in heart I am better randhir. Randhir says listen to me sanyu. sanyu says stay away from me.I was foolish that I listened to you and came here.

Sanyu enters ISRC, Aryan is there. She is shocked. Sanyu hugs him in tears. Aryan hugs her back and kisses her forehead. Sanyu says where were you? You could tell me. I was so worried for you. I looked everywhere. What is this on your hand?Why didn’t you call me? He says shh. and hugs her. Aryan says I am very sorry. Sanyu dresses his wound. Aryan says its better that I get injured and someone’s saved. These marks remind me who I am. I am sorry I didn’t call. I didn’t expect.. sanyu says you think I wont be worried for you. Aryan says why will you be? sanyu says what you mean.He says why would you be worried. sanyu stands up.Aryan says what do I mean to you? sanaya is overhearing.She says its not good.

Aryan sees his bruise and says I want to spend my life with you. Kritka says aryan is back and quite inbjured. Randhir says what..
Randhir comes to aryan and says how much will you drink? Aryan says I am celebrating. i am not defeated. I realized.. I won a friend. Whoever hacked my mail didn’t know what his stupiudity helped me with. Randhir says cheers. Randhir says you were in a shady hotel with another girl why are you wasting time on sanyyu? Sanyu manipulated so many people. Now you are using her to win bet. She deserves this. Aryan grabs his collar.
Aryan says don’t force me to do something I won’t want to do. Randhir shoves him and says all thanks to you. Randhir says you manipulated sanyu. She is the biggest manipulator in the world.Aryan starts hitting her. Aryan says I can kill someone but can’t hurt sanyyu. You know why I left so she misses me. and she did and she will commit to me. and I promise you that. They hit each other. Sanyu comes in.

Precap-Sanyu slaps randhir and says you ruined my life. Randhir says why would I do that? Sanyu says you are happy to hurt me. Randhir says I didn’t do it. SAnyu hit him and says just shut up.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. yahooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    thank u cv for the hug.actually i never felt so good for these fake romance. i mean tv shows.but today it just rocked…..

  2. wpw.what an epi.precap was terrible. maybe the video is leaked!poor sanyu.and rd to.he didn’t do this obviously. Sanaya i guess. it’s not her fault either.she is helping rd after all. loving the track.but wht will happen with Aryan. he will be broken.
    Aryan please don’t cry.tumi best and best. amra tomar kanna tolerate korte parbona…..

  3. Hadd hai… todays precap ws hrt breaking…. sanyu rd ko slap qaise kr skti h… aaj aryan ko aise hug kr rhi thi dkh k bura lg rha tha…plzz CVs aisa mt karo its a request… bt i m eagerly waitng 4 d momnt wen sanyu wud realise rd’s luv n dey wud apologise 2 each other…

  4. jasmine

    It was superb…i loved aryukta.but i wish it was only friendship…or else aryan will turn negative

  5. dia

    Nishwaaa…..kaisanva????…..humra rapatva ban raha h abhi……tumra challengva hum acceptva kar liya h…..


  7. BK

    Hiiii guyzzzz gd evng …..
    2days epi.z really irritating 4me….btt last scene arydhir fi8…..z really awesome……….

    Aryan purposely hid to make sanyu realise his presence and he says he will never hurt her. and fr sanyu this is respect.really???

    Precap-Just the way those wrds escpd his mouth: maine nhi kiya & his eyes full of guilt 4 smthn he didnt do.I cnt evn :……

    And guyzzz sm1 tell me that sanyukta kiss Aryan!!m ntt sure…….btt 1thing sure that kal aryukta pe song play hoga……..
    Poor Rd……

  8. mukti

    Hey raj yabro m strong n same as bfre..n as freshas mint fresh for u dear.:-)
    Listen dia digya n all u r not my enemy infact no one is u r stretching it too long….
    Ok I said u r not frnds of ours cz I came aftr many days n saw ur cmnts n also,tht no one frm my frnds replied to u..u cn see in cmnt section..
    So I asked my frnds tht thy r not our frnds…
    Secondly I called u fishmarket cz the cmnts made m laugh n was not insulting was just the way of ur writings..
    Thts y I said….
    Bt I nvr said anybody to leave still dia said I will not leavefor someone n tu is not owned by someone…
    N yea she is not so small tht she dnt undrsndt evn the comnts..
    Aliya Shena n evn revati r ofur age…thy dnt say somuch…tht someone’s owns tu….
    So I told her in my way…
    Next she said…… n stupid to me n when I askes her she showed me the,way of court tht if name is nt taken n bla bla…
    Thn for nish we sorted everything..
    Bt thn richa came n said to her frnd muje bhi dusro jaisa bad cmnt krn chahiye tha..
    Then she gave m big lec…abt being egoistic n illogical ridiculous…n immature insensitive Repulsive keep aside ego n all..
    N thn whn dhruv told her not to repeat she said whre is sarcasam n ego n all..
    N thn digya came n omg now I m tired to write…n nisha telling I wil go I wil go..
    N thn again.richa dia started bashing..for my each cmnt thy hv a reply…n tht too caling me egoistic n all..
    U al look at urself 1st…n my fishmrkt word was nothing infrnt of to richa words..Repulsive egoistic immature iilogical immature insensitive rude……
    Anywys I cleared everythingn I dnt wnt fight with u now..people like u only knows blaming…

    • dia

      Mukti dear……thanx that u cleared the matter

      but i wanna say something…..its not any answer back to you or anythin…..nd m not dragging the matter but clearing it like you….plz regard this as a rubbish friend’s saying…..

      When we both sorted out the matter, richu di didn’t knew it….and she gave her comment….when matter was sorted between u and richu di, devga di came and put her view…..she also didn’t knew that the matter is sorted

      this is all because of the time taken in comment moderation…….

      And whatever i said after that, i apologise for that to u and vrushika….

      Nd its DEVGA

  9. sanyukta rathor

    Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu wow what a epi loved it

    Aryan lots of hug fr u

    Are re re re ye kya hua mene nhi jana …….

    I am so happy to see u aryan

    Very very very ………cute epi

  10. Liya

    Epi was terrible for me…esp.the precap..
    It may be coz I am a die hard fan of SanDhir!..
    But I lyk aryukta as friends only…sorry but no offense…
    Someone have leaked the video and in the spoilers it is sanaya..I donno why she is doing it..
    And i hope sadda haq ends with a happy note only…

  11. dia


    namaskaar….m reporter dia aaj uss kaaran ke saath vapas aayi hu jisne bachchon ki summer breaks ki khushiyo m break lgva di h……vah kaaran jisne students ka jeena haram kia h….vahi jiske naam se students darte h…..vahi jiske naam se bachcho. par zulm hota h….uska naam h, homework……issi cheez n bechare masoom bachchon ka bachpan keval kitabo ke dher tak simit rakha hai…..mamle ki jaanch m jut chuki h inspector sahiba devga ji…..aage ki khabro ke liye bane rahiye hamare sath…..cameraman comment box ke sath m reporter dia apse ijazat leti hu….

      • richa (titli)

        tell ur tea u went on a trippp nywaysss yaar
        ati khed se khna pad rha h ki minnal missing πŸ™

      • dia

        Di ni kia na toh mera murder h…..nd my bro studies in the same school nd that chatar singh has done more than half of the homework…..

        Nd teachers just want homework not excuses

    • Devga

      Reporter dia aap bilkul achi kaam kar rahi ho…. And haan hum is mision continue karenge…. Par yahan nahi… Aap thoda dhyaan dhijiye yeh hamra mmz ya nauc page nahi hey toh idhar hum hamara mision nahi kar payenge…
      Toh abhi bahuth jaroori mission yeh hai ki hamare officers mein se kisi ko ff shuru karna bahuth hi aavashyak hey… Thaki hum aaram se bath kar sakey….
      Philhal mein idhar aapko yahi bathane aayi thi…. Aage se koi bhi bath ho toh inbox kijiye…. Ya phir edkv page mein mujse miliye…. Yahan agar aur bath nahi kar sakthi hoon…. Bye…. Bane rahiye apne duty mein…..

    • Devga

      And yes thank u for making othrs realise tht my spelling is DEVGA not some rubbish spellings…. But still they dont value our comments so better v not comment here…. Richu did u finish ur acls eht? If yes then start another or continue PLZ…. Nisha u too just write any ff evn small no prob i want ur stories

  12. Liya

    Guys I won’t be commenting here for 2 days….have some busy plans…that’s y!!
    Will miss u guys terribly…

  13. yeah…totally mind blowing fantabulous episode…ARYUKTA <3 …HATE randhir…aryan really cares for her…i hope he win…..d best character of d show-aryan…

  14. Today episode was gud for me but precap is really weired. Sanyu had slap rd thirice.
    Hi every one how r u all
    Hey liya take care
    Hi swarna,Karu,Nishu,mukti,dia,Richa,richu,yogiraj,dhruv,ayaana,anu,opshoro,ena,aliya,ayeesha,rakshi miss u all how r u all. Gud night have sweat dream
    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  15. Aaj iss thapad keliye mai sayutha ko maff nahi karunga…yaar uski himmath tho dheko meri darling ko slap kiya how dare she is…… cv’s atleast Rd keliye sanaya ko fix kardo warna aryan ko maar do….. I HATE ARYAN…… LOVE you RANDHIR……. u r my sweet heart…..

  16. Sadda haq team ..y u ppl r making Aryan ..a hero of story…he z gud for sanyukta BT as a frnd…. our SanDHir z best…. plz unite dem soon na…plzz

  17. vrushilka Mehta

    Wowww.aryukta hug mind blowing….very genuine hug…
    Bt rd he is nt tht bad…dnt kno wht wil hpn to aryan.

  18. Rendani lyka

    I guess we have to wait for 2morro to see why Sanyukta is slapping our poor Randhir

  19. vrushilka Mehta

    Dhruvvvvvv 3009 likes…kitna update deri hu dearrrr…n all saying same..
    New zayn all wnt u back in Action..
    N ufo vdo successfully uploaded sir…

    • vrushilka Mehta

      Hey dhruv Madison n kelly commnted bt still srvr down…n yea siya said zayn..:-P
      Hehehe…zayn u r bt yr so same kaise ho??twin to nai budy

  20. vrushilka Mehta

    Hey I wanna post one I Dnt kno how to post it here..plz someone hlp me..plz sanyukta aliya richu titli nisha digya raj plz

    • Devga

      As u became genuine… It would b rude If i dont accept ur frndship…. I value frndship a lot…. So hi my new frnd…. I like ur unique name….

      I wil help i my frnd… Go to gravatar.Com and sign in wid ur mail id wich u use here in tu and its password…. U wil get a link on ur mail id…. And then u can log in it any time and keep changing pics…… Try If u not able let me knw…

      Plzzzzz do corect my spelling…. Devga…. I love it so plz

  21. raghav

    Hey Madison kyu apne najuk hat ko tang kar rhi hai dear..the peoplefor whom u writing dnt evn care or else thy hv sorted out dear…
    Dia degiya she wrote to sort sort it out rather thn commenting among urs…

      • dia

        Told u na…..comment moderation time has caused all this

        nd m sorey as i have been taking ur name wrong

        its vrushilka nd took it vrushika

        i missd l



        can i call u vrushi….?? If u like

      • vrushika Mehta

        Hahahahaha.dear my name is vrushika..:-)
        N yes u can call m vrushi..everyone clls me dat.

  22. vrushilka Mehta

    Thnku so much for ur help devga N dia..
    N sory devga I read itdigya before..
    Um but I wanted to know how to post links like our frnd Richa post or nisha the pic of parsh….
    The reason is I realy dnt know anything bt tu.I opened it for 1st time ystdry..
    I know its foolish to ask bt I wanna know how to post link..:-)
    Plz anyone hlp..plz

    • dia

      If u wanna post a link then go to the page or site u wanna post the link of…..then copy the link and paste it on the TU comment box…..and post it…..


      to copy the link of the site, when u go on the site there is a link in the URL box……just long press on it or select it in any way……and then comes the copy option….

  23. mukti

    Ok dia n devga…no prblm..
    Bt ur 3rd frnd must apologize to me for using words like
    As she said this is a public platform u cnt abuse someone…
    So apology is needed….

  24. dhruv

    Gm frnds.howru mayu karu nishu my possessive richu santa clause chotu pari comeback soon ritso vrushi raj alu???
    Lvuall hv nice day..
    Vrushi now thts my styleB-)B-)B-)

  25. Aaliya

    Hi DHRUV VAIYA…. ?? good mrng…. Aaj kaise apko meri yaad aa gayi!!!! Wese to aati nhi hay!!!! Oyyyy,,, aap aise hoo ab????? Wo strong dose av v chal raha hay,, jisse chakkar aati hay!!!!!???

    And my swwwtttt SANYU DI….. Mujhe v aam pana chahiye!!!!! Me jab aapse milungi,,,, mujhe pilana aam pana…. OK!!!!???

    RICHU swthrt… ??hi…hw r u!!!????

    And VRUSHU,,,,, mujhe nhi aati dear link add krna…. I never tried….

    Nd hw r u all!!!!! Sanyu’s slapping was awesome!!!!! Isn’t in Kira, di, richu, Priya , vrushu and all aryuktan frnds?????

  26. Egde Black

    Today’s episode was worst…I dont understand why the CV are spoiling the show at this moment when we have only one left to see our favourite sandhir together.
    Aryan was purposely hidden but says that he wont hurt her. What a hypocrite.
    Its a request to the Cv to stop ruining RD’s and Sanyu’s character. We all want to end our Sadda Haq journey with a happy note with our same lead pair…Sandhir….
    I am not anti-aryukta but I think they are good enough for being only friends not more than that.
    Just my opinion, no offense to anyone….

  27. kiara

    hey im new here bt a old fan of sandhir and specialy sadda haq season 1. wanna know why is she slapping rd. and is it true that sadda haq 2 going to end soon…….

  28. vrushika Mehta

    Gm frnds.howru mayu karu nishu my possessive richu santa clause chotu pari comeback soon ritso vrushi raj alu???
    Lvuall hv nice day..
    Vrushi now thts my styleB-)B-)B-)

    • vrushika Mehta

      Dhruv etna bada msg tu kabse krne lga…?????????????!!??
      Hahahahahahaha..sri girls ke nam lekar…so swt…
      Bt reality mai to kisiko bhaw nae dta yaha etna?????
      N yes 5000 likes my zayn malik

    • vrushika Mehta

      Dhruv sandiago California video uploaded…hehehe…
      N yp ufo went vilrall online..trending on net…Soo hapys dhruv…

    • sanyukta rathor

      Hey vrushika tumhara msg bilkul dhruv bhai jisa h dhruv bhai ne same msg kiya h

  29. Sheena

    Helllo everyone!!!
    Dhruv bro, revu dear, mukti, maddy, richu, richa, devga, dia, princess, liya, aaliya, karu, rits, sanyu, bk, raj, ayeesha, opshora, mayuri, ashivani,shreyu di…
    Liya dear nice dp πŸ˜‰
    Dhruv bro, are u feeling better now? Or is the wound as bad as before?
    N how r u revu dear??
    Hi vrushika…nice name ! R u mukti’s friend?
    Hi kiara! Welcome here..well..i don’t know about the slap but yaa sh is gonna end coz channel V is gonna turn into a music channel after 30th june..

    Hmm…well…i’m not so happy with today’s episode…i wish vo hug sandhir ka hota…
    Anyways, guys today i’m in a very good mood…guess why???? πŸ˜‰

  30. dhruv

    Hiahaha…vrushi those girls r hallkat..
    These r my litle sisters:-):-):-):-)
    Wht did rambo said??
    Jealous…he isa joker n mere sath compete hahahahahahaha….he cnt not evn in his dreams..looks n intelligence go hand in handB-)
    N dearwht abt sandhir ff??????

  31. Hey everyone im busy..and ill not be commenting…
    I wish to see a nice goodbye for me..
    Byreee guyss dhruv bhai sanyu aalu karu liyu nd all

  32. Aaliya

    Sanyu di. . …. Kha hoooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????? Missing u…..

    And richu darlng,,,, we will miss u……

  33. dhruv

    Hi frnds..I dnt thnk I will come back here again…just nt feeling to no why…no mood..
    So by.

  34. Sheena

    Why yr richu…why r u leaving????
    N dhruv bhaiiiii?????aap bhi?
    This is not done yr…only one month is left n abi se hi everyone is leaving…pls mera b’day gift samaj k mko de do…pls yr nobody will leave…n no one will fight from now on…

    • dhruv

      Hapy budAy..are yr kyu kru yaha mai..wht?
      N vrushika mera YouTube chnl offkr.
      Paswrd-dhrocklbw785…muje nai krna hai on k.

  35. Hi vrushika how r u dear. R u a regular commentor
    Hello guys I m very sad that u guys forgot me u r not replying me in my every comment
    Rakshi and ayeesha also leave tu because they thought that no one remember them
    Hey ayeesha and rakshi if u r reading my comment so please reply me at my mail. What happen to u both. I m missing u. πŸ™
    Well gud night to u all

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