Sadda Haq 17th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 17th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Yoyo says i dont know what he is gonna ask us to do. sahil says we must never have done this before. ranawat says welcome trash team.ranawat says i wanna make some changes in the team before that i want to know how can you work in pressure situations. He explains them the task.
The tea starts working. The temperature is so high in the room, Ranawat goes out and presses remote. its a short blast, the team runs out. Ranawat says now you know what i was talking about? sahil says you did this intetionally. ranawat says yes to show you how you get blind in love. Randhir was busy saving neither on focusing where the smoke was coming from. it was fake smoke, you lost capability. No relationships will be allowed in dream team. We have kick the trash out of this team.

Harsh comes to

anju’s place and knocks the door. he says who is in my house? open the door. anju calls sanyu, she doesn’t pick. sanyu calls anju back but her phone is off. randhir says lets go home and see.
They come home and see that harsh is in the house. harsh says i am out on payroll. She is here, she is a thief. Lets go catch her. sanyu says she is my mom. anju comes out and says what is all this sanyyu? sanyu says this is randhir’s house. Anju is mad. harsh says kick them out. sanyu says i am sorry maa. Randhir tries to control harsh. He takes him out.

Randhir comes back and says please pardon me. Anju says its not your mistake, anju says i know you are not like your dad but i need time to take the decisions. i know you are good but sanyu is my only daughter i want her to be respected. randhir says please dad.. anjuu says for now you should go and we will go as well. sanyu says please forgive me maa. anju says this is enough and for heaven’s sake leave me alone. she goes in the room. Anju goes in her room, agarwal calls her. she is shocked to see his call. he hangs up. then calls again. Anju says helloo.. they are both in tears.

anju is packing her stuff, she finds a sorry note, sanyu says cant you forgive me, anju says think about future now. I will bring the tea. anju says you shouldn’t have lied, sanyu says its not randhir’s mistake. Anju says there is so much to think about. sanyu says what is it? Anju says that is what i am thinking. Maybe, i should go back. sanyu says no maa you can’t. We will arrange another house. anju says i wanna go back i want you to decide something about yourself. sanyu says yes i will. I will find another place.

Vidushi is sitting with amit. She says we have worked hard. He takes out a gift and says you deserve this. She opens its a phone. She hugs him. sanyu comes to college randhir says why were you not picking my call? he says you know hpow dad is like, its not my mistake. sanyu says i know my promises. I wont leave you. He says why were you avoiding me then? sanyu says i was with mom. randhir says is she still mad? sanyu says she will forget it. we will handle it together. Peon says ranawat has called team in his cabin.
The team is in ranawat’s cabin. Ranawat says after this task we will decide your future, I will choose a new captain.

Precap-randhir says just prove someone else is more deserving than me. ranawat says parth will stand against you.

Update Credit to: Atiba


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      Well I think dere’s a big twist I donno anju will die or not but I seriously want her not to n also may b her dad will Come blaming her 4 DAT n m not sure about sandhir coz may they r gonna make a big fi8 4 sanyu will support parth…

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