Sadda Haq 17th July 2014 Written Episode Update


Sadda Haq 17th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu says its Randhir. Kaustuki says that arrogant randhir. Sanyu says he is just like you a good friend. Kaustuki says go then you don’t need me anymore. She says so you are alwasys special and right now Randhir needs me. She gets a text from Vardha. she goes along with kaustuki.

All the five dream team members are in front of vardhan. He asks where is randhir. Randhir comes in. Vardhan says new dean has canceled the funds and renuka sanyal foundation will not sponsor us anymore. They are dazed and they says how will we get the funds now. Vardhan says I have made a list of sponsors and I will invite them after 5 days. we have to show them our capability and for that we will make a prototype car. Vidushi says how will we do in 5 days. He say you can leave if you think you can’t.

We have to work hard as one team. if you wanna save dream team we have to do this. He leaves.
Viduhsi says we can’t do that in 5 days. parth says with this mentality you can’t do that even in 5 months. Vidushi says why renuka has to cancel the funds. Because of her divorce we can’t get the funds and we have to do all this. Such a selfish woman. Sanyu says don’t forget she is Randhir’s mom too. you can’t talk like that about her. Randhir says you don’t have to say anything on behalf of me. SAnyu says why don’t I have to ? you are my friend. he says oh please don’t favor me. He says and you vidushi, mind your tounge. he leaves in anger. Vidushi says in heart everyone insults me in have to make my place. They all leave one by one. SAnyu says in heart not I got why are you bugged since so many days. I am your friend and I will help you.

vidushi goes to Maya. Maya asks whats the next game ? She says no I just wanna congratulate you on becoming new dean. Maya says I am on FITE’s side now stop the cunning plans in your mind. vidushi says I am always on your side. No one is happy about your appointment but I am so happy. Maya says why don’t yoy leave the team. Vidushi says anything for you.

Vid comes out, parth stops and says you are still cheating your team. I heard your conversation with maya and better not comment Randhir’s parents. Vidushi says it wasn’t me. parth says I am not blind how can someone else be so untrustworthy. Vduhsi says stop I have my own reason. I am leaving this team.
He says yeah people like you leave first when problem comes. She says I will enjoy the comfort.

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Scene 2
parth comes in. Everyone is working of the design. Sanyu asks where is vidushi? Parth says she has left the team. Sanyu says what at this time when we need her ? Parth says we don’t need a cheater like her. sanyu says okay let me bring randhir.

Sanyu goes to randhir. He asks whats your problem ? Sanyu says problem is your won’t you share ? You are my friend. he says what is this friend. Sanyu says okay atleast come to the team we need you. Only you can save the team. He says I can’t save my third year and you’re talking about team. Sanyu says what you mean? He leaves.

Maya gets a call from sponsor and says okay if you can’t come after 5 days inform Randhir.

SAnyu comes back. Sahil asks where is randhir ? she says he is not coming. Sahil says we are just 4 people now. SAnyu says we have to focus. parth says yeah lets just work. Maya is looking at them. Parth and sahil come with the blue print. Sanyu says lets just assemble it. Sahil says we don’t even know if it will be working or not. What if we assemble it and it doesn’t work. Parth says we need randhir for this. if he is not coming with you sanyu let me bring him as the team captain. Sanyu says he is already so disturbed. We should no poke him anymore. he says you mean dream team can fail but he shouldn’t be disturbed. Sanyu says leave him and give him some time and space. he will come if he wants to. Lets focus on our work.

Randhir calls chacha. He says I am in a trouble. I have to pay my fees. Chacha says I will help you as much as I can. Randhir says its in lacs. I have to sell the bike I made in your garage. Chacha says you made it for yourself. He says this is all I have. I have no family no friends and the ones who should have been with me were never here. You always told me that people come and ask about this bike. If any costumer now asks about it, sell it. chacha says okay then, I will try to sell in as much price as I can. Randhir says thank you chacha.

Scene 3
At night, randhir recalls how he worked on that bike. He told chahca that its a special edition bike. These engines were just 20 in number. This is the last piece.

SAnyu opens the light. Vidushi shouts why have you opened the light. Kaustuki says yeah I know why you are shouting. Parth told me how you were talking to new dean. Vidushi says go sanyu and get wed. You know why I didn’t bring her on yoru engagement I wanted to see your destruction alone. tomorrow the sponsors are not going to give funds on your face. Hwo some guys came to buy but he refuse to sell.

Precap- vardhan says tomorrow sponsors will come on 12. I know we are in this type of situation for first time. So I am also going to to do something I never did before. Sanyu says in front of sponsors that It was impossible for us to make prototype in 8 hours. one of the officer says you mean your prototype is not ready ?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I am disappointed… will there be no active participation from RANDHIR?????

  2. OMG precap looks interesting very interesting btw epi ws great πŸ˜€

  3. sorry gd not bad either but not great.. :p

    1. why i felt it wasn’t great for me was – Earlier water heater task me sanyu jeethi, motorbike task me Randhir did not hv presence of mind…aur ab
      ye.. kyaa woh name-sake genius hai??? I def want to see Randhir contributing in a major way…

      1. Its not abt namesake genius … He did the things in his own way .. water heater he was abt to make it out of waste materials ….Moterbike ..task .. he did his part successfully .. the suspensions was on this part…the only lacking part on Randhir’s side .. is he is not a TEAM PLAYER .. he wanted to do everything as a SOLO performer … Which he started changing a bit in last competition .. where he was acting as a part of the TEAM …Sanyukta on the other hand ,.. is not as genius as Randhir .. but she is a GOOD TEAM PLAYER … she asked for help from her team .. and she gets it .. Being a TEAM PLAYER is important and required in REAL WORLD …

  4. feeling bad fr randhir to sell his own made bike… 😐

  5. Dis is becoming boring. RANDHIR come back 2 ur real attitude

  6. @DS ummm what u think tht will randhir stop sanyu’s marriage?? n did u see the new promo?? πŸ™‚

    1. yes, i did see the new promo wherein sanyu is shown in bridal attire…. n question raised wl she continue her engg. after engagement… Honestly, i hv no idea how Randhir wl stop sanyus marriage…. Agar samir k family ki taraf se rukh jaaye toh aachaa hoga….

  7. Poor randhir..anyone read an article abt upcoming track of shq in fb??(may or may not b true)

  8. Amrutha Nidhisha

    so sad for randhir hez now selling dat special edition’z bike wich iz only available in a very few no…………:'(
    feeling so sad for him i do understand his pain……:'(

    admin plz do upload pictures of this update plz understand plzzzzzzz

  9. randier kitni problem m h or koi uski help bhi ni kr rha bechara

  10. feeling really bad for our RD
    kithna hardwrk kiya uss bike ke liya and ……….
    @DS i too am expecting to do smthing out of this world at the last minute !!!!!!!:)
    good that sanyu realised randhir is like a feather from inside!!!!:)

  11. i wish sanyu could help him atleast indirectly can’t see RD like this……….. i want our sweet, cute, smart MCP RD back on track !!!!!! πŸ™‚
    and i miss the cute little fights they used to have ………………….:(
    but now he’s shown all bechara bechara i just β™₯ that attitude wala RD !!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Agar mai randhir ki friend hoti to mai uski help karti.

  13. Photo of Randhir & Sanyu motorbike ride in rain…..


    karishma mam tweeted this # await # crazystuff # rain # saddahaq # comingsoon # behindthescenes

    1. can also see the photo at :

      R V REALLY GOING TO SEE THIS SCENE IN SH???? or is it just a prank???

    2. behind the scene,,matab ye offscreen pic h

    3. Well,me bhi yha rain enjoy kr rhi hu,kash rd ki backseat pe me hoti:-D lol

  14. @DS tfs… πŸ˜€

    1. did u ask if Rd wl stop sanyus marriage based on the link given abv in tdys WU?????

  15. Ver r u choti? Der’s no comment of urs.

    1. Choti is here!
      Heres a guess from me, a bad guess,i know,
      Maybe dream team ne prototype banane ki koshish ki,par woh utne kqm time me bana nahi paye but last moment pe randhir entry maarta hai and he shows them the prototype that he made single handedly! I know its a bad guess, but hope it happens this way. BTW can any1 tell me what IS a prototype?

      1. A prototype is the original / 1st / preliminay model of a device or vehicle (like a sample) on which to base fuure designs or from which other forms are developed…..

        my idea- just an idea!!! mujhe pataa hai ki aisaa kuch honewaala nahin hai, phir bhi – when DT wl not hv the protoype of a car ready, in the last minute, Randhir wl come forward & present his bike (which is unique) instead…….

  16. From piyu di: aaj ka epi bohot boring tha, i wass hoping ke kuch to sandhir scenes ho. I think, afar sanyu rd ko ek baar, bus ek baar hug kar le then he will share everything with her. He just needs to know that sanyu is really on his side now. That idiotic sanyu needed vardhan to tell her that. And even more idiotic rd needed a kid(chotu) to tell him that! Its that bad.

  17. Btw, DS, i hope that pic isnt a prank, otherwise i will cry.:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(=(=(<3:S:-(:(:|:'(:'(:'(:'(<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

    1. go to official fb page of sadda haq….OMG…OMG…they have just posted a video wherein randhir is heard saying I LUV U yo sanyu & she is riding wid randhir…i don’t think its offscreen pic…i think this will happen……..goin crazy.. πŸ™‚

  18. episode was good.. Bas ab randhir bhi sanyu ko as a friend treat kare. Though i like to see fights between them too.

  19. Randheer y dnt u accept ur feelings for sanyu y dnt u accept that u need her u need her frndship u need hr luv…..come on yar kill u r ego….confess ur feelings 2 hr……………..

  20. Thnx a lot DS.
    Godd morning everyone, hope u r all looking forward to today’s epi of shq, wich qill be telecasted in another 12 hours. Dont forget to watch*;)

  21. @afa,
    Can u plzz post the upcoming track of shq that u read in fb? Plz dont give the link, just copy paste it here. Im not on fb and cant view it there. Thnx a looot.

  22. DS how old r u?agar rply na krna chaho to koi baat nahi……….

  23. Vardhan sir u r great,aap na ho to hamare sandhir ka kya hoga..

  24. plz randhir you share your problem to sanyu and join your dream team and vidushi ko bahr nikal pheko aur sandhir plz be a good friend so you share your problem to each other

  25. Guyz read the last epsiode of Paanch-five mistakes makes a wright and give ur suggestions…post ur comments

  26. —- NEW PROMO PICS – May or may not be true…… —-


    courtesy :
    courtesy :

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