Sadda Haq 17th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 17th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vidushi reads in paper that agarwal foundation might not be able to produce before deadline. She shows the paper to sanyy. sanyu says i need to go to factory. Anju calls sanyu and says whats wrong in factory? your dad was doing breakfast suddenly he saw paper and got angry.

sanyu comes to factory and says raghu thanks for that day. Randhir comes and says what day? sanyu why don’t you mind your own business. randhir says what will you do when this factory will shut down? Production is slow every single day. Sanyu says i wont let this factory shut down.

A man asks kabir what about rest of the files? Kabir says i am working on vardhan. the man says abduct him and torture him until he spill it out. kabir says that wont help. I know how to handle him. We will get the


A new girl comes in the college with a camera. she comes to kabir’s room and says hi i am arpita. I am final year student of journalism from tele college. I have to make a documentary film . i wanted to shoot this film in your college. you can ask you trustee mr. Sharma. I gave him my application and he approved. Kabir says yes i got your letter. He says why you wanna shoot in an engineering college? She says engineering is in all walks of life. Kabir says you can work here but dont force students to bunk classes. she says can i stay in hostel until i complete my job? Kabir says yes you can.

Arpita goes out and starts shooting. she collides with vidushi, vidushi falls down. arpita says i am so sorry. Vidushi takes her camera and throws it away. vidushi says you were making my comedy video. SHe says i swear i didn’t see you. parth comes and says how are you behaving vidushi? you broke her camera. Vidushi says do you even know whats going on here? Arpita says i don’t want you guys to fight because of me. I want you to smile when you hear my name. Btw my name is.. Vidushi says no one is interested. She leaves. parth says i am sorry for her behavior. She says its okay. My name is arpita. Parth recalls his old gf arpita. She says is my name so magical that you started thinking? parth says nothing, i am parth final year.

Agarwal says to vikram should we hire more workers? vikram says no that wont work we don’t have budget and these workers wont let new one come in. agarwal says what else should we do now? Vikram says when i left last night production was 60% when i came today it was 75%. agarwal says whats happening here. and i want it to be 100%. sanyu over hears and calls a woman. she says can you arrange 20 more women? She syas i will try.

Parth is working in lab, vid texts him. she syas you were favoring her? I wont accept this break up no matter what/ Arpita comes and starts clicking his photos. she says i know its not my business but why are you so angry. Parth says i am stressed out please go from here. she clicks another photo and says you dont look good in anger. look its such an ugly picture. okay okay be mad at this welding. she leaves.

Vidushi goes to arptia and says what were you doing in lab? And what are you doing in this college. she syas i am arpita. your name? Vidushi says why are you after parth? she says i am doing my documentry i am after whole college. vidushi says then.. arpita says your eyes are so beautiful.

Randhir pretends like he is stuck under a machine. He says these machines are useless. all the workers say we wont work in these unsafe machines. vikram comes and says whats wrong here? Worker says we will only work when we get new machines, we can’t risk our lives. agarwal says we can’t stop prodution for a week. when we meet deadlines we will get new machines. workers start protesting.

Agarwal is not well. He sits in his cabin. SAnyu says papa are you okay? viram and sanyu call doctor. anju comes with doctor. anju says please keep resting. agarwal says whats going on? Vikram says workers are not agreeing. sanyu comes in with women., she says they will work in factory i have explained them everything. agarwal says what you mean? sanyu says since these problems occured they are working with me at night here that is why production is increased. they are quite slow but we will meet deadlines. agarwal says you were lying to me till now? A women says you said we will get pay? agarwal says have you gone mad sanyu? sanyu says i did this to help you papa. agarwal says did i ask for your help? i never hired a woman here and you brought all of them here. sanyu says i am sorry. agarwal says you have crossed all limits. He faints. Anju says whats happened? Women go out. one says she made us fool. we thought she is helping us but she was being slefish. sanyu comes out and says i didn’t want to fool you. i am sorry. woman says what about our insult? sanyu says i didn’t want you to work for free. i thought i would pay your from my internship. I thought i will tell my papa. They says didn’t you know about your papa? you used us. they all leave.

Doctor says his life is safe but he shouldn’t have more mental stress. Vikram comes in and says i wanted to talk to him. production has stopped. sanyu says he is not in condition to talk. vikram says okay i leave this decision upto you now.

Randhir comes to sanyu and says you were letting women work here. What if the worker knew? they would be mad at their wives. why don’t you use your mind? SAnyu is in tears. randhir leaves.

Vidushi calls parth he doesn’t pick up. Vidushi texts i want to tell you something about sanyu. parth picks the call. vidushi tells him about sanyu’s dad. she says i think we should go meet him. Parth says yeah lets go, meet me in ground.

Rana goes to a man and says kill him like no one get to know. If you do my work i have big to pay you. Parth is waiting in the ground. a man comes and attacks him on the back of head. arpita sees him. she runs after the man but he flees. she says parth please get up.

SAnyu and anju are with agarwal. Doctor says his condition is quite stable. sanyu says can we take him home? He says not yet. anju says when will he be conscious? doctor says i can’t say yet.

Arpita brings parth to medical room. she asks how you feel now? He says better. she asks who was that guy? parth says i don’t know. did you see him? She says no he ran away, parth says he must be scared of you. Vidushi come in and says who did all this parth. vidushi says i have been waiting for you. i will stay here with you. parth says i am fine go from here i don’t need anyone. Go. She leaves. Arpita says i think i should go as well. Parth says you can stay.

There is a party going on, of rana’s workers. rana comes in. Yoyo says its so much fun. rana says you can dance but after a snort. yoyo says i thought i should dance without it. rana says you are not allowed to think you will do what i say.

Randhir gives sanyu food and says you have not eaten anything since morning. she says i am not hungry. randhir says as you wish. she takes it. Radhir says you dad will be fine, don’t stress out. he places his hand on her head and leaves. Vikram comes and tells sanyu what papers have printed. He says sir is not i position of taking decisions. Sanyu says there must be a logical solution. vikram says workers are not working at all. Investor call him, sanyu says give me phone i will talk to him. investor says agarwal says there is not place for emotion in business. try to understand, i am really sorry. sanyu syas can you wait for papa to recover? He says sorry i can’t help. sanyu calls sujata aunty but she doesn’t pickup.

Precap-sanyu is with worker ladies. men workers come there and says you come here by lying to us? Anju asks randhi where are you going? randhir says to tell agarwal whats going on in your family. anju says you love sanyu and you want to take life of her dad? Randhir says i dont love her. anju slaps him.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Pehle laga tha k thur k spoiler rd ka plan hain
    Aajke epi k baad chances of dat happening r down 2 50-50
    So lets c now
    *crosses fingers*
    For those who dont know,
    For spoilers refer 2 fri w/u, the last few cmmnts. I hv posted apoilers der

  2. AN

    anju slaps rd na kash ke rd ko ab samaj mein aaye ki uska role “villan” ka nahi “hero” ka hai yaar ! he still cares for her phir kyo apne feelings ko andhar rakh rahe ho ….

  3. afra

    Hi guys!! πŸ™‚
    yaa AN i totally agree wid u. Strtn me mazaa aaya tha rd ke ke charcter me change dekh kar. Ab itna kaafi hai hume, so plz stop dis team SADDA HAQ pretty plzz. πŸ™ I guess rd is doing all this to make sanyu more strong πŸ˜›
    n plz vids ko parth n arpita ke middle me math phasaao yaar, she is not so bad πŸ™ bas slight sa change chaahiye in her.

  4. [email protected] changer

    Arpita..wapis aagayi????
    bt wo to mar gyi thi na..
    a/w Afra IF pr q nhi aarahi ho????

  5. afra

    hi gc di!!!!
    wo exam prep chalre so thoda busy hun πŸ˜› πŸ˜›
    aap bhi to thode din gaayab thi kyun????

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