Sadda Haq 17th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 17th February 2014 Written Episode, Sadda Haq 17th February 2014 Written Update

Randhir and Sanyu’s argument continue. Randhir says he’s the captain. Sanyu says he’s captain because of her. YoYo comes and calms them down (for a second). He says other team has already started working and some team members went to the city to buy stuff for generator. Sanyu tells Randhir to start thinking something out of the box. Randhir tells her not to teach him. Both continue arguing.

It’s night now and FITE’s team still hasn’t come up with anything. Sanyu says she will go and make tea. She comes inside and sees Aunty is not well. Sanyu calls everyone inside. Aunty is suffering from an attack. She asks them to give her medicine and then says she doesn’t know for how long she will have to suffer from this, if she was in city, then she might

not have to suffer from this. This problem is with other village women as well. Sanyu says she figured what they to make. She makes aunty sleep and then goes outside.

She tells everyone she figured out what they will work on which is a chimney. By making a chimney, they will make many village women like aunty who risk their health to cook. Their lungs get bad due to smoke and by making chimney it will help them. Randhir opposes her idea and says he has decided he will make the generator. Sanyu says she didn’t expect any sensitivity from him anyway, but at least he could have used his common sense. The electricity will be useless as the villagers can hardly afford food for two times, how they will have money to buy electrical appliances. Randhir still opposes and says what’s engineering in her chimney, she’s just saying chimney because it’s simple and she can’t think of any greater things. Sanyu agrees it’s a simple thing, but it will be more helpful. Randhir asks all students to choose whether they will work with him or with Sanyu. Vidushi goes to Randhir straight away. Sahil follows. Jiggy tells Kastuki to join Randhir with him. Kastuki says she is with Sanyu. Jiggy says, you’re my girlfriend. Kastuki says but Sanyu is my best friend. She goes to Sanyu. YoYo joins Sanyu (to impress Kastuki). Vidushi tells Randhir let’s start working and it’s good, less people, less trouble. Randhir asks her to shut and says he will let her know if he needs any help. He goes to work on the project.

Randhir makes his plan and decides to use wind energy to save cost. He then goes to talk with Vardhan. Meanwhile, Vidushi is frustrated and asks what Randhir thinks of himself. She decides to come up with her own idea as well. Sanyu discusses the issue with Aunty. She asks her why village leader or panchayat would do anything for this problem. Aunty says panchayat is of men and they don’t care about anything except productivity in their farms. Sanyu assures her she will come up with a solution.

Randhir bumps into a man and apologizes to him. The man says that’s not Randhir’s fault as he’s not used to dark, but they are all used to dark. Randhir tells him they won’t have to stay in dark for too long as he’s bringing electricity. The man says it’s good, but not sure whether they will be able to take advantage of it as they hardly save any money and most of their time go in farming. He wishes there was something that would do farming automatically.

Randhir meets Vardhan. Vardhan asks him if he came up with their project. Randhir says him about generator/electricity project, but now he just changed his mind. They should think of something that would increase productivity of farmers and which farmers can use every day. Vardhan asks him if Sanyu gave that idea to him. Randhir recalls her words and says no, he just got this idea after talking to a farmer. Vardhan says he just felt it’s Sanyu who is talking about this idea, instead Randhir because he just sounded like her. Randhir says it’s not like that, he was thinking about generator first, and electricity is good for long term, but for now it would be better if they make something simple. He then says in his mind, what am I saying? Shit, Randhir it’s you talking, not her. How can you think like this? Vardhan asks if anything else. Randhir is confused. He says yes, I mean no.. I don’t want to say anything else. Vardhan asks him to start working then.

Now Vidushi meets Vardhan and she complains to him about team getting divided in two and Randhir not letting her do any work. She asks him to do something else his dream team will just a dream. Vardhan asks her not to say anything again for the dream team and tells her they can do whatever they want, but never again come to him with complaints.

Vardhan then comes to some place and sees a scarecrow. He remembers that Niharika (and him) planned to make a moving scarecrow so birds think it’s a real human being. He makes it stand and it moves. He says whenever we used to fight, the outcome was always the best, Niharika. Same is happening with my team. Wherever you’re, you will see how they change future of this village. I have full faith, Randhir and Sanyu’s differences will create same magic as us. Their divide will bring them together. Everything is going the way I wanted.

Next morning, YoYo is looking at Kastuki sleeping. He tells Randhir all girls look so beautiful when sleeping. Randhir is not interested. Vidushi is still frustrated after what happened last night and she’s going around in the village. Sanyu comes and sees YoYo looking at Kastuki. She says all boys are same. She goes and wakes Kasturi up. Jiggy is already in a bathroom so Aunty tells Kastuki to use the other one which doesn’t have lock. Sanyu tells Kastuki to manage it for today. Kastuki says okay, but asks her to stand outside.

Some of the Kabir’s team are bored in the village. One says there is no proper food, no alcohol, no girls. Other boy says there are girls.. of FITE team’s. They two go. Vidushi wonders where they are going and she follows them. A rock comes in her way and she loses her balance. Parth comes and catches her. Vidushi smiles.

Precap: YoYo starts fighting with Kabir’s team boys as they were staring at the girls. Randhir joins in. Then Kabir comes and asks Randhir what’s going on. He raises his hand at Randhir, but then Vardhan comes and blocks it.

Update Credit to: Nishi

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