Sadda Haq 17th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 17th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Maaya asks the manager are all the arrangements done ? He says yeah some final checks left. vardhan comes and says you are doing this to down my students. Maya says they are FITE students first before you team. She gives him the organizer card and says here is your post. keep everything organized our chief guests are so special. They are highly qualified professors.

Randhir is talking to someone and says sell the bike to someone who knows how to take care of the bike. Sanyu comes and asks what are you doing with the bike ? He says I am giving it to mechanic. Sanyu says yeah the bike is special for you. He says in heart you are more special to me so I will sell it and do something for you.
SAnyu says lets go final work in being done on the bike.

Randhir asks sanyu tell

me which nut bolt to fix. Sanyu says we have to weld in the last and you are still on bolts. He takes a bolt and start fixing in her finger to know her ring size.

Jiggy says me and kaustuki will do couple dance. Parth says I will do the guitar. SAnyu says me and randhir will dance as well. randhir says I can’t dance sir vardhan will find a way out. Vardhna sends the the forms. SAnyu says he is organizing himself.

Vardhan says I will make it special. And you so highly special guests are going to enjoy it.

The team get the directions what they will do. They have been assigned things they didn’t write. Vardhan says software has assigned you random stuff to do.
Vidushi comes in laughing and says this is so funny. You messed with the dean for the team. You all will become a joke. Randhir stops her and says what you think of yourself. We are not messing with dean your un after her like a dog. Vidushi says mind your tongue. SAnyu says come randhir don’t talk to her. vidushi says you run like a dog just see how she will make fun of you.

Vardhan says to maya I have managed everything you should call media to publicize this event. Your chief guests will be happy to see that. Maya says yeah ou know what professor likes and what not. he is the chief guest of the fest. I wanna respect him by making him a chief guest and I am sure that his son will prove that he is grooming his students. Vardhan says in heart I can’t make fun of my students in front of dad.

Vardhan goes to the team and says you all will do what you wrote and you have to perform it well. Take it like a drea team task. Sanyu says why are you so serious about the fest ? Vardhan says there is a special guest coming you will come to know.

Sanyu and randhir are doing dance practice. Yoyo comes and says there is no love in your dance. Sanyu sys how can I act like I love I have never been in love actually.
Sahil says you never loved someone ? SAnyu says i just loved machines. Yoyo says you can act at least. You are doing couple dance, you have to show that you are a couple. Jiggy says now this yoyo will tell how to do couple dance.
SAnyu says to randhir lets pretend we love each other. he says in heart why do I have to pretend I love you guys. SAhil says you just have to pretend, if you get so close you will actually start loving each other. sanyu says lets us focus please sahil

Scene 2
man comes with rings. Randhir measures it with the nut. He laughs. Randhir says which ring will a girl like among these ? He says their choice keeps on changing with time.

In bed, sanyu sees a dream. She is in bridal wear. Samir comes and says finally the day is here you are mine and you have no excuse to miss my calls. SAnyu says I don’t wanna marry you Samir. He says what are you saying ? You can’t just say no. You have to come with me. Randhir comes in his way and gets sanyu on his side. he shoves Samir. Sanyu says thank God you are here randhir. Take me away from here. he says yes sanyu I will take you with me. Sanyu wakes up and says I was seeing dream with sanyu. Randhir is my friend.

Scene 3
Sanyu is doing the dance practice. Randhir comes in. SAnyu recalls her dream. She says what are you seeing ? Come on.
he says I was expecting an old vintage car here is the new model. SAnyu says stop it. Are you ready ? he says yes. Sanyu says we have to bring romance in our dance. He says yeah I remember. SAnyu says you are in mood to surprise today. He says yeah just see there are so many surprises left. They start dancing. Randhir catches sanyu in his arms but just in his imagination. SAnyu says where is your mind ? Didn’t you sleep last night ? You entered like a hero. What happened now ? He says I wanna tell you something. SAnyu says speak up. he is quite. SAnyu says I am hungry lets go to canteen and till then you will remind yourself what you had to say.

sanyu is eating. Randhir takes out the ring. jiggy and kasutuki come. SAnyu aks how is your practice going ? Will you eat come thing ? Randhir says in heart did they have to come this moment ? Kaustuki says yeah I think I should eat something. jiggy says yeah me too. They sit along sanyu and randhir.

Parth is practicing with his guitar. Vidushi comes there. She says parth are you okay ? why are your hands shivering. he sys I am fine. Vidushi saysi don’t think so. You used to play it effortlessly. He says because of the gap I am finding it difficult. If you keep your mouth shut you will find it difficult to speak. But you will never keep quite. She says hope you will ever talk to me respectfully. He says please go vidushi.

Sanyu and randhir are practicing dance but talking about the engine. He suggest something. sanyu hugs him and says I love you randhir you are such a genius. he says let me bring the books. Sanyu is practicing she falls. Samir catches her. Sanyu is shocked she says what are you doing here ? He says were you expecting someone else ? Why are you doing this dance and all ? Sanyu says there is a fest in college. Samir says you don’t have to all this. Tell your teachers that you will be engaged soon. You shouldn’t dance in front of other boys. I have placed some broachers for our honeymoon on the table. Go through them and decide the destination for our honey moon. Sanyu says I have so many things to do ? he says what work ? To dance before other guys.
Sanyu says I am talking about my team’s work which is important for me. He says what will you do ? make a stupid car like this there are so many in the market. Sanyu says this is not good to come to my class. I will go through them. Samir says you love your college more than me. sanyu says you are important to me as well. he says who else is ? sanyu says there are a lot of things going in my mind. sanyu says we have to run our car over 100. he says laughs and says you will do something famous automobile companies can’t. well best of luck. go through them when you get time. When you are done come to me in you car. He laughs again. He says even if your car doesn’t run I will wait for you.

Sanyu comes to randhir. He asks where were you ? sanyu says I went to washroom. Randhir takes the book and places the ring in it. she says this is so important for me. We have to impress the sponsors and reach the competition. he says why this stage ? Sanyu says if we clear this only the we will reach the last stage. Sanyu says on which page is the reference. Randhir takes the book and takes out the ring and returns to sanyu. He says in heart I will not distract you during the competition. I will be with you so you keep your focus.

Scene 4
The fest starts. Vardhan says welcome to FITE cultural fest. I am the host there. I am glad to welcome our guest professor Rao. Rao comes with maya and inaugurates the fest. Vardhan says lets began and enjoy the evening. Sahil is doing he first performance. He dances well on song’ illahi’. Sanyu says randhir our performance will be enjoyed by everyone like this.

Next performance is by yoyo. He disguises as vardhan. He says interesting very interesting. Where is your passion. Vardhan says its interesting yoyo very interesting. the challenge is not getting in the college. The real challenge starts after that. Bring out your passion and fire. Yoyo says lets imagine vardhan in going to look for a girl to get wed. PKC and ma’am are the girl’s parents. He will says I am professor of FITE. PKC says are you professor ? you look more like a hero. Vardhan asks the girl whats your name ? Speak out loud increase you voice level. Everyone is laughing. He says do you make roti ? With how much pressure you cook it ? What is the radius of your roti ? The average radius should be 7 cm. The girl asks with what velocity will you run that I don’t hit you ?

the next performance in by parth. he sings the song, ‘kabhi jo badal’. Vidushi is staring at him with smile from the stage’s corner. Vidushi roams are around him and dances but just in her imagination. She gets closer to him but he shoves her. Parth is done. Vidushi says parth your finger is bleeding. You need medical attention come with me. Parth says you are the one who needs attention I can take care of myself. Vidushi says can you talk to me normally ? he says who would talk to you normally? You are good for nothing. you act like a friend and then hurt ithers’ feelings. Money is everything for you. You don’t have self respect. If I was you I would have left this college long ago. How do you even see your face in mirror. Sanyu comes and says parth your finger is bleeding. come with me. She takes him to aid.

Next performance is by vidushi. She does a hot dance on the song ‘kamli’. she recalls all the words of paarth that he just said. Parth is looking at her in anger. She ends the performance amidst.

Vidushi comes on stage and announces last act will be by Randhir and Sanyu and the surprise is they will be blindfolded. SAnyu says we didn’t write it in the form. Randhir says what the hell is she doing? Vidushi says may I please have randir and sanyu on the floor. Jiggy says they would dance that was enough how will the do it with closed eyes ? Sanyu says randhir lets start just keep the hold of my hand. do you trust me ? he says yes. he says do you trust me ? Sanyu says yes.
Randhir and sanyu starts dancing on ‘pyar ki kahani’. they are doing pretty well. Vidushi is stunned. Randhir holds her hand takes off his black cloth from the eyes and says I love you sanyu. Will you be mine forever. He takes out the ring. Sanyu laughs and extends her hand. Randhir makes her wear the ring and they both smile. Everyone cheers. Randhir opens his eyes to his surprise he was just imaging.
Sany hugs him. He says in ehart imagining to propose you makes me so happy. I will get mad when I actually will. When will this compettion end and I will propose you.

now its time for the judges to decide the winner. Vardhan, rao and maya contemplate.
vardhan says everyone performed well. It was really difficult to choose one winner. After the total the winner for the fest are ? Are guesses ? Everyone says randhir. Vardhan says everyone was good the one who won the competition are Randhir and sanyu. Everyone cheers. Randhir and sanyu are so happy.

Precap-yoyo asks where is the car that runs on 100 miles per hour. Randhir says come let me show you. He starts the car but it burns into flames. Parth says I told you to check the cylinders but you fixed them without checking. Randhir says I didn’t I was in canteen with you all.
Parth says you ruined the prototype of the dream team. I have to talk to vardhan sir. Randhir says what will you talk to him ? Now either you will remain in this team or me.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. game changer

    just luvd todayz epi it was superb ………bt feeling so sad for randheer wo sanyu k liye apni feelings confess nahi kr paya… todays epi all the performnce were suprb especially sandhirs prfmnce

  2. game changer

    waise yar ye sanyukta to badi lucky hai…ek to ek chalte phirte girti rehti hai uper se use catch krne naye naye hero hote hai….randheer,parth and now sameer……waise harshita ko acting se zyada girne ki prctice krni padi hogi……haha keep it up sanyu

  3. AN

    ♥ed 2days epi !!!!!!!!!! sandhir u were sooo sweet & cute !!! yoyo was intresting very intresting !!!! JST FAB !!!!!!

  4. nila

    I feel giving s tight slap to Sameer everytime comes and taunts Sanyu …..Randhir what yaar ?????? 🙁 I thought you will confess her today….anyways nice try for proposing a girl 😉
    Sanyu was extremely s*xy…T-shirt and Jeans looked perfect on her
    Nice performance by Sandhir but I loved Sahil’s performance even in todays epi his acting was gud…..
    Coming to precap …..I think Parth or Vidhushi would have done it

  5. Natasha

    Sameer ko bahar nikalo!
    Vo chomu sandher ko barbadh kar dega!!
    Sameeeeer i feel like kicking u on ur ass!

  6. AN

    sanyu was looking fab today wow soo beautiful !!! and our rd as always cutest one !!!
    sahil too did a gud job !!!

  7. game changer

    sanyu ne jo drm dekha us k baad hum guess kr sakte hai k aage bhi aisa hi kuch hone wala hai

  8. saddahaqrox


    So finally,the grat MCP Randhir singh shekhavat and womens rights crusader sanyukta aggarwal,oh sorry, Sanyukta Randhir Shekavat are married.
    The vidaayi is done n sandhir r in the beautifully decorated car,speeding towards the shekhavat mansion. Right behind them are yoyo,kaustiki,jiggy,saahil,VIDUSHI,parth,ARPITA(yes,se was alive and parths finance),vardhaan sir n nihaarika ma’am in a minivan,closely in tow. They were gonna stay in the shekhavat mansion for the next month as kaustu n jiggy’s wedding was to bee held then n going back home would be hectic-most of them,all exept vardhaan,nihaarika n yoyo lived abroad.
    they finally reached. Randhir’s mom was standing in the door,waiting with an aarti thaali. She did the required rituals n they went inside. She took sanyukta to her n randhir’s room. After that she came back down to the place where the others were chatting. after chatting for a while, they all went back to their rooms. Randhir entered the room where his mom had taken sanyu to. he found her, on the bed,sleeping peacefully. he thought how cute she looks while sleeping! he went to her side n quietly lay down………..
    At around 3 am, he woke up at the sound of sanyu coughing furiously. He poured sum water into a glass and gave it to sanyu. But her hands were shivering,so much that she dropped the glass. He touched her forehead. She was hot,almost scalding randhir’s skin.But,as hot her body was,her hands n feet were cold. Not the normal cold either,but, VERY cold. he now knew there was something seriously wrong with sanyukta. He picked her up as she was n took her to the hospital. by now,kaustuki n the others had woken up,so he told all of them to meet him @ the hospital.
    rd had taken sanyu into the emergency unit of the hospital. He held her hand while they examined her,assuring her that she was alright.They finished their examining n took randhir aside to tell him something that he never ever ever wanted to hear:SANYUKTA HAD CANCER,N HAD JUST A FEW HOURS TO LIVE.
    He went back to sanyukta n company,and gave them the horrible news. They each spent some time with sanyukta n then left sandhir alone. Randhir held sanyukta while she sobbed into his arms. they sat that way for a long time,sanyu pouring all the love she ever felt for him in that hug and Randhir hoping to transfer his own energy into her bodyFinally,Randhir could no longer feel her sobs and felt her arms go limp around himself………….sanyukta had died in his arms…….
    he screamed her name loudly-SSAAAAANYUUUKTAAAAAAAAAAAAA
    he felt everything go black around him n feel him self crashing down to the earth……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

    THE END.

    There. I m done. please do not expect any more comments frm me,i do not think I will be able to Comment any further. hope it did not affect u so much as to have tears in ur eyes,coz I do.
    gud bye for now.

    • AN

      ending thoda change nahi kar sakthi kya plz plz plz …. koi happy fairy tale ending wala tum kuch bhi likho agar sandhir happy hai toh sandhirians bhi happy hoga !!!!

  9. nila

    @ saddahaqrox tum itna bura ending nehi de sakti 🙁 🙁
    Nice try as this your 1st FF and congrats for completing it
    Sorry to say but I didn’t cry but had moist in my eyes
    Keep it up try writing more FF if you have time as the more u write the more you will be perfect

  10. game changer

    samidha wat a cheap girl u r is tarha k cheap comments krne k liye bahot sari sites hai jaha tumhari comments k rply krne tumhe bahot log milege…. do nt spoil this sites purity….just get lost from here….

  11. game changer

    sh rox yar waise to i m nt intrstd in reading ff bt mai ne tumhara abhi post kiya hua ff padha dear plz is ff ko thoda change karo are sanyukta ko zinda karo yar…..plz do write this ff again if u can aur koi achcha sa end likho story ka jis me sandheer dono zinda aur happy ho

  12. Meera

    @ SAMIDHA — seriously, i am going to write to the admin of this site immediately rqstng them to remove your comment…. i think i had warned you once b4… this is a public WS,.. a 7 yr old…omg!!!

  13. Meera


    Quote –

    I wld like to bring to your notice abt a comment made by one @samidha – TODAY, August 17, 2014 at 4:31 pm wich begins like this : hahaha,that was the way, did they not have suhaag raat??….. and goes on explaining openly about s*x…. she is posing herself as a 7 year old girl and has been asking if anyone is interested in knowing about what s** is and that her mom has taught her and is willing to teach anyone the same.. We had warned her that this is a public website which seems to be of no use….

    Rqst, pls delete or atleast edit samidha’s above said comment.

    Rgds, Meera.

  14. Well achu,in my ff they r both alive.
    Guyz,ok if u want it so be it- i will continue this ff and u will see that it turns happy in the end…….may be rd falls in luv wit smone else,maybe not. Continue reading to find out!

  15. Meera

    for those who missed SANDHIR SPECIAL EPI TDY, the same wl be aired AGAIN tdy bet 7 to 8 plm dont miss it…

  16. game changer

    well done @meera……ye apne aap ko 7sal ki bachchi bata rahi hai bt iski comments pad kr to ye koi 40yrs old aunty lagti hai

  17. AN

    gd night guys i won’t be able to comment further cuz i hv to study na !!!!
    i week left 4 my exams … sooo tensed 🙁

  18. Meera

    ‘s epi – SANDHIR DANCE – ye vidusi ne saaraa mazaa bigaad diyaa… i so wanted to see SanDhirs eye expressions and eyelocks,.. it wld have made a HUGE DIFFERENCE…. but all thanks to vidushi thy were blindfolded…. SAHIL – his dance was too good..

    VIDUSHI – as always s*xy, PARTH – as expected.

    The highlight : it was Mayas turn to give Vardhan a reality check…. Maya informing him that his dad is going to b the chief guest and behold!!! Vardhan was full on… as an organizer.. All that know from Maya’s decision is she holds Vardhan’s dad Prof. Rao in high regards… can’t be denied…

    the 1 thing that i don’t u/stand is why the hell is she bent on creating troubles for DT…

    OK,, so RD has finally decided to confess / propose after the DT competition!!! hope it isn’t to late by then…..

  19. game changer

    sorry actually koi 40yrs old aunty bhi agar sanskari ho to aisi comment comment kabhi nahi karegi…ye kaam samidha jaise shameless log hi krte hai

    • rosy

      sameer ko nikalo.he is gettng on my nerves.,he is ruining evrythng..randhir ko chance pe dance karne ka mauka kab doge directrs?????

  20. aishwarya

    @telly updates owner y haven’t u removed tat samidha’s comment yet..and samidha shame on u and don’t u dare call urself a girl…u suckk and to hell with u and ur sugaraay ff
    – as a girl and a sadda haq fan

  21. Parineeti

    Well done @meera. And u samidha dont post ur cheap comnts in this site, keep ur cheap thoughts to urself, GOT IT………?

  22. anamika

    Tdys epi – i loved SANDHIR hug & Rds mind voice :
    S-i ♡ u randhir….u r a genius
    R-as a friend hi sahi par tumne i love u to bola… RD feels so comfy & happy when he is with Sanyu… & what was that – dance rehearsel me bhi engine ke baare me tension??? lol!!! truly thy r MFEO…

  23. nila

    Admins please remove Samidha’ s comment there are many people who are reading updates here and not adults pls remove it…..
    Meera Di you did a nice wrk by mailing

    • Meera

      SH rpt telecast – omg!!! i so loved the fight scene and the bus scene… it never tires me to watch it again and again…
      handsome PSB…

  24. game changer

    guyz samidhas comment is removed…… thanks to admin……so miss samidha i wish k god aap ko sudbuddhi de……..aur thodi si sharam bhi…

  25. Madhura

    I mean the story SH rocks have posted.. everyone is calling it FF.. what is the fullform of ff???

    • rosy

      sanyu may nt wear a frock bt narrow jeans n kurti wud luk gud…aur jo hairstyle i mst tl its boring n sanyu try sum nw n cool luks u wl luk grt dear as u r beautiful….

      • rosy

        sanyu fall in love dn u wl undrstnd sajne sawarne mein dil ko khushi milti hain…u wl get to see ur new avtar den,u wl remember randir 1nce changd ur luks n evry 1 in colge wr starring at u…

  26. AN

    mujhe bhi esa hi lagtha hai yoyo ko first milne chahiye the kya performance tha even vardhan sir was laughing !!!!

    • nid

      Hi an,mene 1st day se ye show dekha h,n i luv it,raman n ishu r so cute n their fighting uff,n i luv mihika n mihir also,they r cute couple

  27. AN

    any ways mera toh hogaya !!!!! 80 ab mein jaa rahi hoon guys bye bye !!!!!!!!!!
    ab lagtha hai mene kuch zyada hi baathe kar li i’m sorry !!!
    BYE SEE YA IN THE NXT WU !!!!! 😀

  28. AN

    nid gud to know u like YHM !!! so cute na raman and ishitha soo sweet but i don’t watch it now i used to watch it its a superb show but not more than SH !!!! 😉

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