Sadda Haq 17th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 17th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu looks at randir staring at her. she says why are you staring at me? He says i was seeing a mad girl talking to machines. you should go to a psychiatrist. she says you need psychiatrist. Why were you noticing me? He says your stupid things get you noticed.sanyu hugs him and says you have no idea how glad i am. Thank you for always standing there with me. all the dream team comes, parth says lab started of first day? Vid says its an old experiment. Sahil says we all deserve a hug. they hug each other. yoyo says lets party.

The party starts, sanyu comes in black. randhir stares at her. He unties her hair and says you look good this way? sanyu says not that way? He says why you ask so many questions. He gives her a drink. Vid says to parth can i have a drink?He gives her stern

look. she say the case is closed FITE is reopened. he says how can i know you wont levae me alone in crisis? Vid goes and starts dancing with other boys. Parth comes and shoves him. Vid says what you want? He touches her hair and starts dancing with her. sanyu and randhir dance together.

Next day, whole team is asleep in the hall. Nikhil wakes yoyo up and shows him paper, it says dream team is out of dream team competition. Yoyo wakes everyone. they are all shocked. sanyu says lets go and talk to dean.

dean says to PKC says the situation is like that. dream team comes in, Dean says i am glad to see you all. you are much appreciated. I am proud and happy about what you have done. sanyu says what is this sir? why are we not going to international competition? Dean says FITE just reopened this year so they don’t know about the team. he asks the team to leave. Dean says to pkc says we don’t have any mentor to hire, no one wants to come here. I don’t know when will we get our status back. PKC says there is one person we have not approached, abhay. Dean says him? PKC says yes. Dean says you know everything? PKC says he will be in our budget. PKC says we have no other option. dean says okay talk to him.

PKC calls a man and says i wanted to asks about abhay ranawat. The man laughs and disconnects the call. PKC calls another person and asks if he know anything about abahay? He says i tried to find him a lot. none of us know where he is. PKC goes to a tea shop, he asks the man if he has seen ranawat. He is a professor. The tea shop owner says professors don’t come here, labours drivers do.

sanyu overhears dean saying on phone did you talk to him? did he agree?e need best one for dream team. SAnyu comes back and tells team that they have a new mentor coming.
PKC comes to tea shop and asks did abhay come? The keeper says no he has no time.
Randhir says who is the new mentor? The keeper says why are you wasting your time sir? go he wont come i think.
The dream team is glad about the new dean. Sahil says whoever it is we will accept him.

PKC comes to college, dream team comes and ask him where is our mentor? Sanyu says tell me who it is? PKC says abhay ranawat. sanyu says when will he join? PKC leaves . sanyu says the name sounds good. I am excited to meet him.

Precap-Ranawat enters the college and falls on the floor. PKC says are you okay? Ranawat sir please get up. dream team is shocked to see him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  8. Spoliers for d coming week

    Mon : D DT may have to work with d alcoholic mentor.

    Tue : d new mentor refuses to sign a form regarding supporting d participants in international DT compition.

    Wed : d DT members try to forge d new mentors signature n r caught by him.

    Thus : d DT new mentor gives dem a strange task n refuses to sign their form.

    Fri : d new mentor say dat he will back out if dey succeed in completing his task .

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