Sadda Haq 16th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 16th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu calls Randhir and opens the TV. She edits her diagram as Randhir directs. He says wait let me make and show it to you. he draws it and shows her sanyu edits hers. SAnyu says my parents are really angry with me. maa hasn’t talked me to since days. Randhir says at least you have your mom there with you to scold at you. He says in heart I will tell you some time how difficult it is to do what I did.

Scene 2
Vidushi is sitting on stairs and crying. Parth comes there and says are you in some new problem due to your attitude or just seeking attention. She is still crying. parth melts a bit and says vidusi what’s wrong. she hugs him and cries. She says you have hurt me. You are always up there for sanyu never for me.
Parth says this is what you haven done

out of jealousy. She says I am not jealous I am just hurt. He says just because I helped sanyu. She says you always favor her and you know what she did with randhir was wrong. parth says you’re no one to judge whats between them. Vidushi says enough parth I am better than sanyu. I love you but I can’t change myself neither do I want to.

Yoyo says to his pals I want to fly kaustuki but Jiggy is so jealous.

Sanyu comes and places the head pad in anju’s back. She says it will provide you heat and you pain will eradicate in 2 days. Agarwal comes there and takes the pad off. He throws it on the floor and says I told you no one will talk here about engineering. Why don’t you get it? sanyu is in tears she leaves.

Parth says to randhir come attend the lecture you helped sanyu and that was enough for her. Now come don’t miss your lecture. jiggy says lets go. Randhir says I don’t wanna go any where. part says you know how important these classes are. Randhir says I told you I don’t wanna go anywhere. You can go. They leave. Randhir is waiting for sanyu’s call.

Sanyu says don’t dare to talk about my family, I belong to them.

Anju says to Agarwal is there anything? Did you talk to them about proposal. Agarwal says I don’t know why I am being punished. Everyone is the city know about sanyu’s engagement. He says still my friend is interested in sanyyu for his son. we won’t get a better guy for her. Sanyu comes downstairs and says I don’t wanna marry I wanna complete my engineering. anju says stop it you have lost everything already. We have got this chance after facing a lot of criticism. Agarwa says there is one treatment of you. He grasps sanyu’s hand and locks her in the room. Sanyu says what are you doing papa? She knocks but he leaves. SAnyu is in tears. Anju is wearing the heating pad and it relives her. she is scared of Agarwal as well. Agarwal comes out. She hides the pad abruptly. he says is it aching? I can take you to hospital. she says no I am fine. He says I will go to gupta ji for the wedding of nsayu, till then look after her. anju says okay.

Anju goes to sanyu’s room. Sanyu is sleeping. she says what have you done to yourself. I wish I could send these problems away from you. I will pray that in next life you get parents from whom engineering isn’t a problem. She is in tears she says pardon me daughter.

Anju goes to sanyu next morning. She places thr beakfast there and leaves. Sanyu wakes her after she had left. SAn you sits on a sad and in disappointment. Agarwal says to anu I have fixed sanyu’s wedding. Sanyu is shocked to see this.

Precap-Agarwal is really angry on sanyu and is about to fix her wedding. sanyub chooses her engineering.

Update Credit to: Atibay


  1. Amit

    Randhir and Sanyukta both of them have the dumbest dads ever!!
    So now we have to wait till sunday hate the waiting :\ :\

  2. [email protected] changer

    aisa lagta hai jaise sanyu k dad k liye ghar me pade kisi useless stuff ki tarha jise wo kisi bhi halat me apne ghar se bahar phekna chahte hai….and its really disgusting….

  3. [email protected] changer

    aisa lagta hai jaise sanyu k dad k liye sanyu ghar me pade kisi useless stuff ki tarha jise wo kisi bhi halat me apne ghar se bahar phekna chahte hai….and its really disgusting….

  4. [email protected] changer

    feeling bad for sanyus mom…how helpless she is!!

  5. sasshi

    wow the episode i really nice and i also that sanyu will chose her dream as she want to engineer and she will be?/ right said friends

  6. [email protected] changer

    @meera ji……..mai kahi q jau jab mere yaha pr itne sare frnds hai to mai apne frnds ko q chhodu…..luv u all …..aur rahi bat gud girl hone ki to wo to mai hu….. 😉

  7. [email protected] changer

    @nupoor kaha ho?????come back…haha…. waise bhi mujhe pata tum is site ko chhod kr kabhi nahi jane walii….so just come back…

  8. [email protected] changer

    wen will rd and parth become frnds????
    will parth ever luv vidhushi???????

  9. Oye ji iss site pe doosron ke usrnames use karne waalon ki koi kami nai hai. Guyz, i hd posted just one cmmnt yestrday. The other one ws not me! U r right meera di, mai ye forum chodke kabhi nai jaa sakti! I luv u ppl dearly! Today i came here and saw every1 requesting me to cum back. I ws like, wha….??? So thn i went back n read d comments on yestrdays page. I magine how shocked i was!
    Anyways chaddo ji ( effect of taarak mehta ka ultah chashmah. Any1 watches?)
    ‘Randhir teleshopping channel’ wow! Mujhe bhi chahiye! Sum1 tellme how to tune MY tv to 33 mghrtz!

    • [email protected] changer

      apne tv ko 33 mHZ pr tune krne krna hai…its vry simple… just cut all the wires of ur tv…….kr k dekho

  10. [email protected] changer

    kya yar aap log na mere username ka faluda bana rahe ho…kitna cool user name hai ” game changer” … u guyz made it gc diiiiiii…..dnt cal me gc di simply cal me gc……

    • Nahi nahi aap hamse bade ho izzat toh banti hai naa 😉
      Aur rahi baat wire kaatne ki, pehle aap apne tv ke kaato aur agar mammi ne zinda choda toh mujhe bataana ki experience kaisa tha 😉

  11. Today’s episode had a different feeling to me as my mother was also seeing the epi with me and she liked the serial…and i was like thank god at least she wont taunt me that i watch this serial everyday rather than studying……….and yes i would also like to have “Randhir teleshopping channel” ………. and @saddahaqrox i didn’t knew that it wasn’t you i am sorry….

  12. Mdh

    Hi Evrbdy,

    Aftr watching 2ds epi I am here just
    announcing a “Rivalry/War” against Sanys Father.

    To Sanyu – good going , u deserve to be an Engineer.
    To RD – pls try her out of this situation
    rather to think about any revenge.

    Finally , Mone Hocce Sanyur Maa aktu aktu sanyu ke bujte parchay .valo Ashir bad o korlen.


    • Sanyu’s mother character is somewhat as confusing as it is her characterization…well at last sanyu’s character is back as bold…about sanyu’s mother she is good but is too much worried/pressurized by Mr. Agarwal..

  13. [email protected] changer

    @mdh plz read my commnt which i have posted for you in the 16 oct comment section

  14. [email protected] changer

    i m not saying u to read my cmnt cuz i want any rply bt mai ne sorry keh di hu isliye….

  15. Mdh

    @GC , Initially I would like to say that finaly I got ur commnt on 15th oct section,

    secondly , Interesting to see before u offering me to be a frnd in this SH forum u brakes ur faith on ur Frnd by directly blaming him that he changes his usr name.(which he nvr evn thought to be)

    ok , no issue ,its agreed , & as u know its an open forum & dont want to say anything more.


  16. [email protected] changer

    i did blame u…..u know y…….
    u posted ur comment like diz

    “Howeve ,I m not gong to
    anywhere or try to enter here
    again using a diffrnt usr name ”
    like others cowardly doing”

    aapke in lines ko aap ko return krne k liye….take aap ko samajh aaye k koi agar aapko faltu me blame kare to kaisa lagta hai…
    a/y i m sorry 4 that…

  17. Mdh

    I remember that time somebody discussing abut usr nme chngs; duplication;some boday using others name;combts and luv ,….luvvv.
    & my comnt was consequences of that.

    Howevr I didn’t blme some one dirctly and there u took that personally out of N numbers of member over this forum.

    Now I still wnt nt to blam dirctly some one.

    Pls let me to say Gdn8.

  18. nila

    Hello everyone!!!!!! I gonna miss u all a loads n loads as I will not be able to comment until March 2015 due to studies as I am in 10 th and have to crack science group
    <3 u all a lot n ALL THE BEST to everyone do well in academics as well as do a ver god job as SANDHIRIANs
    Take Care n don't forget me I will be back once my exams are completed

    • Meera

      March 2015???? ennadi sollare? mudinjaa eppavaavadu vanduttu poyen…. enakku ennavo March 2015 munnadiye inda serial mudinjudoon thoenudu.. adukudhaan sonaenen… appuramaa – um udamba nalla paarthuko.. nanna padi… sariyaa??? state 1st vaa enna?? en manamaarda vaazhthukkal!!! en thangame, en chellame, en rojaave, en vairame!!! seekirama thirumbi vaa deeeeeee! :):):-):-):-) :):)

      • nila

        Akka I love u lot
        Inga ena blush pana vakaringa 🙂
        Entha show mudinja na kadasi naal na comment panaven …..state 1 st try panaren
        Roumb roumb nandri unga vaalthkalgalk
        Naan enda show paath kitea erupen…
        DS uda amma eppu epadi irkanga??? Naan ineki oru comment panuven only for u

      • Meera

        he nila – en maragadame, paraavaa illai, ennada oru oru vaarthaiyum sariyaa purinjinde!!! awesome.. unnakum enoda nandri… DS’soda ammavukku ippo thevalaam… nee vijaarichadha naa avakitta solluraen.. unaa marubadiyum inga paarka aavalaa irukaen. LOL – idhu niraiya anbudan endru artham!! 🙂

    • Best of luck and i know how difficult it is to crack science as i had a fresh experience of that…but i must admit that science is not that easy…

  19. [email protected] changer

    @nila best of luck dear….March 2015!!!!!! pata nahi tab tak hum me se koi yaha hoga bhi nahi….aur sadda haq bhi hoga ya nahi…cuz its there final yr na isliye….miss u dear…

  20. [email protected] changer


  21. [email protected] changer

    aur @meera ji ye kya likha hai aapne???something prsnl?????ok if so then no need to translate…….

    • Meera

      i was wishing her good luck.. i asked her to come here whenever possible.. i told her that i feel b4 march 2015 this show wl b over… she thanked me n also asked me abt DS’s mom.

  22. [email protected] changer

    ha yar shayad sadda haq to jald hi khatm hojayega…….agar sh end hogaya to iska matlab hum log phir kabhi bat nahi kr payege!!!!…to kya hamari frndship bhi khatam hojayegi??????

  23. Afa

    al d vry bzt @nila… from ur comment i think u r a thamilian…i heard harshita reading out ur name ‘nila’ in her birthday gift shez frm kerala..

  24. [email protected] changer

    @mdh ye question marks kis liye hai

  25. sandhir fan and saddahaqrox

    Haan it was sandhir fan lekin I m doing this frm noopur’s lappy toh usrename type kiya toh f aaya hi nahi. This is noopur. Hi! and this is Sonia. Hi! ok hum aapko bore nahi karenge. excited for DIWAALI DHOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!

  26. sandhir fan and saddahaqrox

    Sadda Haq katam hone ke baad bhi hum log roz milte rahenge, ok???????

    • [email protected] changer

      kaha pr aap k ghar ki chhat pr!!!…

  27. AN

    nila di ALL THE VERY BEST FOR UR EXAMS !!! i jus hope ki march 2015 se pehle sadda haq end NA ho ….. we’ll miss u a loooooot nila di once again all the best !!! 😀

  28. [email protected] changer

    atiba plz plz plz update asap….and add some pics too

  29. [email protected] changer

    inteha hui intezar ki….
    aai na khabr koi update ki

    • Meera

      Samairaa this is for YOU I COPIED FROM FB…

      sadda haq ko bhaut kam dikhaya yeh unfair h yrr.. but phir bhi sadda haq ke
      parts ka update lelo..
      Yoyo aur uski gang ne bajaya Pkc ka band.. crackers podh diye aur Voh Kudta reh gya. hahha.. lol moment..
      D3 college organising diwali event..
      Randhir aur sanyu ki firse fight.. sanyu says tht she has no interest in going to diwali festival as she has to study nd
      Randhir forces her to come.. he wanna be with with her..
      Yeh kya bakwas rule diye h us education council wale ne.. Kaisa h yrr.. khud toh sare rules break kr rha h. aur students
      ke saath Aise.. Parth ne shi kha Aisa lg rha h 90s mai pahuch gye h.. huh.. Pkc ki toh.. usne hi complain hi thi na Jake..
      Sare event ki band Baja di.. par college students h.. Itni aasani se thodi maanege.. udham toh machayenge hi..
      Randhir was looking so hot in tht stripped t shirt.. (kya kru comment kre bina rha nhi jata)
      Video chat to decide ki kya krna h..
      Randhir ache se jaanta hi ki sanyu ko kaise provoke krna h.. bs ek baar randhir girls ki weakness sanyu ke saamne bol
      de nd hamari sherni pahuch jati h ladhne.. 😛 Abh sanyu ke pass idea aya.. 😉
      Hamare engineers ne kya idea nikala.. :* proud of them re.. :* :* they r superb.. :* online revolt.. :* awee.. tht chotu sa
      sandhir moment when sandhir joined their fist.. :* :* lost in each other.. :* sab college ke bache shor macha rhe the sirf
      hamare calm nd composed engineers ko chorke.. :* :*
      Sabki revolt ki tayari shuru.. :* :* posters,banners.. sanyu nd Randhir kaise ek durse ko Baar Baar dekh rhe the.. :* sharing
      glances.. :* :* smiling.. :* so much love is dere.. :* kb quobool krenge.. :* 🙁
      Finally moment successful hua.. 😉 us comminssion ki bhi aakein badi Ho gyi revolt dekhke.. 😛
      Everyone wishes each other happy diwali nd its now time for celebration.. :; :* Randhir was looking so hot in white t
      shirt.. :*
      #itstimeforcelebration ..
      Yeh ccd ke inspector ko Koi kaam nhi h khud hi inspection krne aa gya..
      Guys of fite arrived.. param aka Randhir was looking so hot in tht traditional wear.. omg.. i m fainting..
      Nd when the girls arrived.. hawa cli aur ladko ke dil mai baji ghanti..
      Sanyukta was looking beautiful.. Randhir was looking at her mesmarisingly.. Ohh god.. he was about to faint nd the
      way he held her hand nd dragged her to his side..
      Yoyo toh randhir ke upar gir hi gya.. hahha.. Vidhushi was looking pretty..
      Ganesh puja.. Randhir was literally dancing nd enjoying it like a kid.. he is just too cute yrr.. the way
      he was clapping nd enjoying it.. sanyu was looking so pretty in tht dress.. must say.. she complements randhir in
      his white kurta.. perfect together..
      They all make plan how to grab tht ccd inspector nd kya ullu banaya use..
      FITE ke hotties ka dance.. with vidhushi.. “dj chance dede,crazy hum bhi ho lenge..”.. Randhir was just awesome..
      he was enjoying the dance so much.. he was dancing his heart out.. cutiree.. the way he dance just took my
      heart away.. he was dancing with pleasure withoit caring.. I was lost in him.. tht full circle jump tht param left
      me awestruck..
      vidhushi also danced beautifully.. Parth aur vidhushi ki chemistry bhi awesome h.. Voh dono bhi badia kr rhe
      This dance waa just awesome.. full sadda haq gang danced together for first time :* randhir dragged sanyu too… :* :*
      Nd thn inspector ko sabak sikhaya… Randhir said right.. we r combo packed.. :* traditional nd western.. :; :* finally use
      kuch toh akal ayi inspector ko.. this delivers a message ki himari generation western h but they have not lost their indian
      values.. :* :* :*
      Last performance.. combined of all three shows.. :* :* “mauja hi mauja from jab we met”.. :* :*
      The way our fite guys nd vidhushi entered.. :* erectic.. :* :* randhir dances so cutely yrr.. :* :* he is awesome.. :*
      vidharth.. :* :* kaise randhir yoyo aur jiggy ne unhe disturb kia.. hehehe.. 😛
      They were enjoying to the fullest.. :* love uh randhir.. :* :*
      sanyu bahut kam dikhayi.. she came at the last for dance.. maybe because of . Hectic schedule.. but no wrorries.hamare
      Randhir ne kya dance kia.. :* :*
      the diwali dhoom ended on a good note.. :* :*

  30. [email protected] changer

    thank u so much @ meera……


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  32. [email protected] changer

    is epi me jitne bhi actors the un sab me sab se zyada hot aur gud lukin param hi tha……

  33. Meera


    MONDAY : sanyukta chooses Fite over her relationship with her family .But this decision affects her a
    lot .Randhir wants to help but is confused on how to approach her. (

    TUESDAY : Sanyukta confronts Randhir about his denial of their love. (

    Randhir’s mom decides to bring her fiance along with her to the YSA competition. Will Randhir
    pick a fight with him or will he be able to control himself? ( These are spoilers for Friday or next week

  34. Hi guyz!
    Missed u ppl LOTS
    Hole d spoilers r true yr they luk quite interesting. Rd n sanyu r both sad n confused with family issues. Shud help each other now!
    Any1 watched Mary Kom????? I just did, and i think it is total sanyu!!
    Bye guyz see u later

  35. [email protected] changer

    spoilers…..intrstng very intrsting….
    @meera r u on fb?????

  36. sandhirfan

    oh my god !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THESE SPOILERS R AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PRAY TO BHAGWAN KI YEH SAARE SPOILERS SACH HO JAYE GUYS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AUR KISIKE PAS KOI ACCHE FFS HAI KYA ?????

    • [email protected] changer

      what r u saying @meera ji…mai ne to kuch nahi ki ….sachchi…..kya such me i m nt ur frnd ?????

  37. [email protected] changer

    achcha to wo commnt aapka nahi tha…….tabhi to mai sochu k aap achanak aise q keh rahe ho……..
    aur jis ne bhi meera ka usrname name use kiya hai dnt you have guts to use ur own username???coward…

  38. aaheli

    *NEW SPOILERS* #Exclusive

    MONDAY: Sanyukta chooses FITE over her relationship with her family. But this decision affects her a lot. Randhir wants to help but is confused how to approach her.

    TUESDAY: Randhir sets up the lab with machines to help sanyukta divert her mind from her problems. Sanyukta confronts randhir about his denial of their love.

    WEDNESDAY: The youth scientist award(YSA) organised by randhir’s mother has been announced in FITE. Considering what happened the last time, sanyukta is worried that randhir would get hurt again.

    THURSDAY: Even though randhir has confessed his love, sanyukta wants to know the reason behind his initial denial.

    FRIDAY: Randhir mom decides to bring her fiance along with her to the YSA competition. Will randhir pick a fight with him or will he be able to control himself?

  39. [email protected] changer

    atiba plz yar aaj k mega epi ka update jaldi post krna plz…….bigboss se pehle plz.

  40. Acha tha guyz
    But im super confused about precap. Cant wait till mon.
    Atiba, plz post d w/u so tht we can conment n chat about d epi! But its ok if u r busy…….
    But i m sooooo cinfused

    • Meera

      there is no confusion. Sanyu decides to let her family know abt her decision to go back to FITE. Her dad slaps her… Vardhan enters, argues with her dad.. Ankit pushes Vardhan… Sanyu gets angry n slaps Ankit.. she tells her dad that his slap wl always remind her of her correct decision…

  41. Meera


    Hey guys , new interview of Sadda Haq team from d sets of D3 Diwali special Awww , it’s a
    short one but too awesome they guys r always too hilarious Parsh saying -” hamein yahan se
    jaan hai , we knew tum zaroor aoge IV lene ” and them Harshita said – ” ya , afterall Sadda haq
    is doing so well”
    and Param is is damn gud man , he said – ” Dada , kuch khane ko le aao ” Specially Param jumping lol!
    Ankit – ” hamein bilkul maza nahi aaya , ab batao mujhe Vidushi ke saath romance karne ko bol
    rahe hain ”
    here’s d link –

  42. [email protected] changer

    @meera kya bol rahe aap????aaj ka wu update to ab tak aaya hi nahi

  43. Suruchi

    Dear Atiba & TELLY UPDATES
    Whenever there is a delay in update.. let us know the time (like one day u did earlier saying update will be there at 10pm)
    So that we dont keep checking after every 10 minutes.

  44. [email protected] changer

    @suruchi actually atiba ko pehle bigboss k update post krna hota hai cuz sh aur bigboss ki timing same hoti hai…isliye especial epi ka wu wo 11 baje tak post krti hai….

  45. [email protected] changer

    ye atiba ne hi kaha tha is se pehle k spcl epi k wu pr…to shayad is bar bhi kuch aisa hi ho

  46. Suruchi

    I didnt know that
    Thank u [email protected] changer

    And what about the daily epi’s timings?
    Is it also fixed? If u know..

    • [email protected] changer

      u r wlcum….aur daily updates to 7:15 se pehle hi aajate hai….sirf spcl epi me hi late hota hai

  47. Abc

    Here is the half update
    Sanyu goes down with her luggage in the dark. Sanyu sees agarwal and says i don’t know if i’m right or wrong but i can’t leave my studies in mid. She glances at her house for one last time. She opens the door to leave. She looks back and goes out.
    Sanyu goes to randhir. He’s shocked to see her. He says what are you doing here? She’s quite. Randhir says tell me whats going on. Sanyu is crying. Randhir says whats wrong. Sanyu says i left my home parents everyone. I tried to make them happy but they never agreed. I tried to convince them but i failed. I lost the battle. The never gave the nod so i left everything. Randhir says how could you leave your family they were so important to you. Sanyu hugs him. Randhir says people crave for families. How could you leave such a caring family. Why? Sanyu says you know why. I had no other option. I know why didn’t you confess. If you had said something my family would have gone extreme. But now you can confess. Speak up. Tell me whats in you heart. Randhir wakes up and realizes it was a dream. He says what If she comes and asks. Of course i love her but i can’t ask her to go against me. She will long for an answer. He starts working on a machine.
    Parth is sleeping . Vidushi comes to his room. She sits
    beside him and stares at him. Parth wakes up and says what are you doing here. Vidushi says i was missing you. Parth takes her out and says never enter boys hostel again.
    Randhir is playing basket ball. Vidushi says why are you playing basket ball. Randhir says go and annoy parth not me. Vidushi says he never talks. Can’t he be romantic and emotional. Randhir says we don’t always get what we want. Vidushi says you case and mine are totally different. Everythin is sorted between you and sanyu. Still you’re not one. Randhir says yeah others problems always seem easy. Vidushi says she’s not even engaged now. Randhir says my feelings don’t depend on third persons. Vidushi says my feelings are just one sided. Randhir says you know why me and sanyu aren’t one. She says why? Randhir says i’m stupid to discuss all this with you. Randhir leaves.
    Vardhan writer question on board. He sees maya working. He says why are you so early here? She says can’t i come. She says i couldn’t sleep so i came. Vardhan says you know what the problem is and how to eradicate it. Maya says what is with your students.
    If sanyu doesn’t come i’ll will cancel her admission. That’s the college policy. So its better if you show your concern for her not for me. Vardhan says who knows it better than you how hard
    it is to break old relations.
    yoyo jumps in
    jiggy’s room and says see what i do to you now. He puts some glue in his hands and sticks a placard that says pkc is an owl.
    anju goes to sanyu’s room and knocks the door. Agarwal says bring me the breakfast. He says i talked to gupta he liked sanyu 3 years ago. He liked her a lot. We have to fix her wedding with his son. Agarwal says what if she repeats the same mistake. Agarwal says i will forget she is my daughter. Go and prepare for her weddin. I’ve seen what she had done. I’ll fix the wedding in one week.
    Jiggy wakes up and sees the placard in his hands. He says who did this how will i go out. He looks for his spectacles. He goes out to look for randhir. Yoyo says whats in your hand. Jiggy says stay out of my business. Pkc comes and sees the placard. Jiggy says i didn’t do this. Jiggy says you’re banned for next five classes. He hauls the placard leaving jiggy’s hands red. Jiggy says i didn’t do anything pir everyone laughs at him.
    Randhir is working in the lab. He recalls when he put some grease on sanyu’s nose and she smiled saying thank you. Randhir sees her passing by the lab. He thinks he must have seen some dream. Vidushi is looking a parth’s photos. She says i love you parth i wanna know your reaction when you see this shirt. Vidushi sees sanyu and says what are you doing here. Did your parents send you again. Sanyu says i left everything my parents vidushii gets a call. Sanyu sobs i ran from home. Papa must have wakened up. Sanyu breaks down in tears.
    Jiggy goes to yoyo and says i know you didi all this. Yoyo says what will you do. Parth says stop fighting like kids focus on randhir. Randhir is sitting alone. Vidushi comes in. Yoyo says vidushi is mad she’s talking to her ownself. Vidushi says sanyu has gone mad. She is back. Everyone is dazed. She says she is a zombie. Parth says whats wrong? She says she was quite and then started crying. Parth says i’m going to meet her. Randhir says don’t meet her. Don’t give her attention. Did she come here? They all leave for lecture. Randhir says i’ll meet her first.
    Randhir goes to sanyu’s room. He wonders should i go in or not. He leaves from there. Sanyu says randhir were you there. She says he’ll be annoyed most to see me back in college.
    Update in Progress
    Update Credit to: Atiba

  48. saddahaqrox

    GM and Happy Diwali guyzzzzzz
    BTW can any1 plz tell me ki spl epi ke w/u pe comments box kyun nahi aa raha hain?

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.