Sadda Haq 16th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 16th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Becky says to sanyu why you always want to check the cctv footgae. Sanyu says its really important. Becky says what have you lost this time? sanyu says my mom’s earrings. Becky says ask her to get you new ones. Sanyu says I would have if she was alive. becky goes silent. Becky makes the call. Nirman asks what are you doing here sanyyu? sanyu says I was looking for earrings. Nirman says you better focus on mission. Becky says it was her mom’s earrings. Nirman says your mom would be happy when you are successful. Now leave.

sanyu says I am sorry maa I lied with your name. I was just worried for aryan. Don’t know where to look for him.
Randhir breaks in aryan’s room and find something.
Randhir stops sanyu and shows him the dagger. He says you know where

I found this? From aryan’s room. Sanyu recalls when he showed her the guns. Randhir says do you even know him? sanyu says I know everything about him. he doesn’t enter others room like you. Keep your insecurities to yourself. she leaves.
Randhir hits punching bag. He recalls what sanyu said. Arjun says he brought his stress here. Joy says continue. He laughs. Randhir leaves in anger.

Sanyu sits outside she is worried. Sanyu is in tears. Randhir sees her. She keeps calling aryan. sanyu is fainting randhir holds and takes her to her room. Randhir recalls their college days. Randhir puts her on bed.

Scene 2
Next morning, Sanaya wakes up. Sanyu gets up. sanyu picks her phone and calls aryan. Sanaya says isn’t he picking up? Sanaya holds her hand and says when you are upset. It affects randhir the most. If I am wrong you would have been asleep on the campus bench. Sanyu recalls last night. She recalls her wedding with randhir. Sanyuv says I know what you mean. The fact is that randhir and I shared a special bond. If he wasn’t in my life I would have never knew what love. When two people live together respect is more important than love. Randhir never respected me. He wanted me like he wanted. He won’t even have let me come to ISRC. And Aryan, he is opposite. I am not comparing. but I know when I needed support randhir wasn’t there but aryan was. Randhir left me. He support without conditions. He cared for me. Randhir brought a magic in life but life is not a fairytale.You have to respect the other person. Randhir is overhearing it. Aryan respects me.

A man with food knocks a door and says open the door. Order is here. Someone opens the door. His hand injured. He takes the tray from him.
Randhir is hitting stuff, he recalls what sanyu said. Rndhir sits there. Sanaya comes in.Randhir sasys get out of here. He shuts the door. It hurts her hand.Randhir says are you okay? She says calm down. why you deny all the time. Accept it. Don’t harm yourself. I am your best friend. I care for you. If you don’t do something sanyu will commit to aryan. Control yourself or you will yourself and her. Randhir says I don’t care about her. get out.he locks the door.

Precap-Randhir says don’t you wanna know where he is? sanyuu says i trust him. Randhir says come and check with me. Randhir takes her to a room. They knock. Aryan says I didn’t place order who is out there?

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. richa (titli)

    Hey hy @@ MUkti first of all dnt mind but I never mistook u ok it’s the sarcasm in ur comment that’s the thing , nd dr remember ur on a social site, ok soo better don’t ignite a fire dear and m also not here for igniting …… Dia she is younger to you and she didn’t just say something that bad dr that u call her absurd user, she was just defending me on what u say my foolishness , you should correct the young ones not de-motivate them by calling them illogical or ridiculous just on a petty matter dear, u hav the right to correct them dear but please dear don’t ignite a fire for a fight now, I had no intension to fight but that sarcasm in ur comment was really not , ur type , I hav read ur comments many times nd never ever expected that type of mocking comment from you, let me explain listen I agree I created neuscence also ok fine kiddish comments but someone like Devga or Dia who didn’t , do that you are calling them kids and laughing on thm , may b they r kids but they r sensible and wise……mean dear it was illogical, and ridiculous to mock someone infront of some other people their comments may b kiddish but that open comment from you……. I agree that wasn’t too much of a thing but shouldn’t have done that dear , it was something very small but see like this small matter is slowly growing it could have been bad also , please I request u not to make fun of anyone in the open even you don’t mean bad but sometimes the situation turn topsy-turvy , u cant say how someone takes ur words dear , for myself I say I myself comment under name BeVkoof(fool/idiot) nd make fun of myself I don’t care what sm1 thinks about me, nd I call nisha with all silly names bcoz I know dear that she knows me well and wont mind , but dear sometimes even a spark can burn full forest hope you understand, and being a grownup handle the matter wisely ,in a mature nd sensible way dear ….
    Also saw ur reply to Dia it is a bit rude , u cud have been polite my dear friend/fellow commenter what I feel it was a bit egoistic dear, as an elder.

    • Dhruv

      Hey hey hey hey richu y such a long comnt to explain…y u r not closing matter…u made this cmnt on tht page n now here so tht everyone can whts the sarcasm…close the topic n mukti said ok.stil this dear..stop this now

      • richa (titli)

        heyy drv i posted on last update too and thoght she wont read soo justposted it here too unfortunatelyy it’s the 1st comment and i saw her reply on that pg she is repu;sive nyways no said ok well sarcasm is there bro nd ego i mean the way i got the reply thats a way too……. 🙁 anyways sorry 4 disturbance bbyy

      • dhruv

        Are kitty mau byby nai hihi bolo lol:-):-):-)
        Dear wo sab janedo..we r frnds na:-):-):-)kittty u like???
        N dnt,say by kityy say hiii:-)
        Helo kitty 🙂

      • richa (titli)

        ooon cartoonnn koi b chAlega xept that 123 waale Xtra chote bacchon k 🙂 anyways all r cuteeee i <3 cartoons

    • mukti

      Let’s be frnds now….not saying sarcastically with ego..
      Humble request to u can u stop this n be my frnd..choice urs.miss richa/bewakoof/titli..n now dnt again give lecture to people u dnt noones intrtsrd..k

    • Revati

      Hiiii frnds…today epi awesomeeeeee…loved it.n sanyu confession. Hm she didn’t remember wht rd did fr her.thts whtvr she,Said abt aryan shows she only thinks As a frnd forvhim…
      Hii dia n richu di u back:-):-):-)

      Waise I agre with richa di u said it so cclearly loved it di.impressed.:-):-):-)
      Mukti di u rude n egoistic little. Dia is very young na…not more thnm stil:-)
      Anywys its sorted now…
      Lvu all tc..
      Hiiii liyu di howru

      • richa (titli)


  2. Dhruv

    Hey frnds u trust me rit..I dntknoe how tht person hv same dp..I didn’t cmnt…hey richu I didn’t say u idiot..
    Guys choice urs if u believe me or not tell me..I will leave. bt my mom’s promise I didn’t did tht. I dntknow how.

    • sanyukta rathor

      Hey bhai aap esa kyu soch rahe ho ke ham aap pr trust nhi krte aap ke id hag ki gai the

    • Sheena

      Bro pls…ofcourse i trust u…no need to leave…i think someone just played a prank …pls, whoever has done this, i’m warning u. DON’T DO THIS AGAIN…..

  3. Hat’s offff sanyu.finally u said the truth. Now everybody will have to accept who is better. i m haaaappppppppyyyyy
    Aryan Aryan Aryan Aryan Aryan Aryan Aryan Aryan Aryan Aryan Aryan Aryan Aryan Aryan Aryan Aryan Aryan Aryan Aryan Aryan Aryan Aryan Aryan Aryan Aryan ROCKS

    ♣ ♣
    ♣ ♣
    ♣ ♣ RYAN R O C K S

  4. What an epi.loved it!Aryans hand is injured!why?is he on any mission.
    loved Sanyus confession. that was true in fact!

  5. Wow.Thank you Sanyukta for the confession. was waiting for this.Where is Aryan n what’s his problem??he isn’t coming out,why?sanyu cried fr him.maybe he is on any mission. i liked todays epi.perfect one

  6. deepak

    HaHhaha dhruv dekha wht I can do…anywys I copied ur dp frm site…so chil dude..bye tu I m 45 yrs old n its truth.bye..will nt come here busy

  7. Ena

    Aaj bhi Aryan nei tha 🙁
    And where r u all?
    I remember those days with mtv’s sometimes crossed 4000 comments.
    moreover sh2 has only a few episodes. so comment fast

  8. jasmine

    today i really loved the confession.its was true,randhir was not there for her n didnt respect her dreams.well,i am sandhir fan.but in s2 i am aryukta fan.but dont like aryan some time

  9. dhruv

    Ya..I know tht site..n I knowe can copy..n Id not hacked…I kno thtwas bad ha uncle…
    Hey sanyu everything fine mayu shivu its just tht he copied..I knotht site.anyone can copy.thre r al sorts of dps….gosh I was scared 1st..very bad joke uncle..ok chil. Now I kno cool ho ap etne badnai:-):-):-)
    Par plz busy rhna loll:-P:-P

    Hey sanyuuuuuu dnt leave everything sorrtrd its copy paste not hackrd dear..
    Hacking itna simpl nai hai tu pr..tu ke bahot strict rulrs hai dear:-):-):-)
    I read itnow. thnkgod unclr meri behne dar jati hai plzaisa mat kro plz:-)
    Hey sanyu jao mat santa clause gift to dooooo bachekooo:-P
    Sanyu chupchap wapas a. I will kill u nai ai to:-P
    Plzzzzz comeback.. n Dnt wry hacking nai chlt tu pr dear:-):-):-)
    So chil al my sisters…
    M plz no one leave ha plz..1 mnth remainig guys fir thodi melenge.
    Lvuy all sory I scred u bt initially I too was scared:-P
    Bt now it’s fine…kya sanyu comebsack fast with speed of lit.:-)

  10. respecting anyone or pretending the same is not love and love never needs perfection if you love someone then even i his harsh words you can find softness and rd was the best and he will remain till the show and instead of showing this dark shadow cv’s should just end his track and bring vidharth back and union sandhir to give the immortal love story of an mcp and a independent girl and how she changes him and he makes her more stronger and not a story of a overprotective mysterious boy and weak fully dependent girl as this was the real theme of the show and end it on a good note hope this happens soon

    • Ena

      your words r right but u take everything seriously. why?it’s a show only.don’t get attracted. reality is very hard.i understand u r a randhir fan,but yes,,respect is very important. respect is also a girls right. why do u always support Randhir even if he is wrong. i mean it’s just a character right????

  11. Hiii guyzz where r u al??? Karu princess anu aparna mayuri shreya n evry1… today sanyu’s confession ws mindblowng… n rd over hearing it… excitd 2 c who wud win d bet… j jsst hope sanyu nevr gets committd 2 aryan nt evn 4 a day… n flashback scene of sandhir ki shaadi ws awsm… wat say guyzzz???

  12. dia

    Mukti……I think its all happening because of me…..mukti i really want to apologise cuz it affected urs nd nishu’s friendship……nd yeah m a kid…..m 16 years old school going (12th) girl…..but i said all that as there were many fishmarkets created by us and no one ever said that….nd devga di just had 2 comments…….m sorry……nd as per nishu’s wish we can be friends so m forwarding my hand

    Nishu darlu luv u a lot……nd tell me about mukti also……

    Richu di khadu was awsm…..nd one more……dagaili……

  13. Aahna

    I love the fact that sanyu confession heard by rd…
    Now rd is just to get it away…..(if he really want sanyu in his life then he should firstly apologises to her and start respecting her and overcome his man ego)
    I love aryan too…..

    • no…show z nt ending ..I think… n SanDhir must unite…. plz Sadda haq team..its my rqst to unite dem soon…soon dey will confess their luv to each other…

  14. dia

    Nd plz…..mukti i request u not to leave this site cuz its nothing like no one here dislikes you or has stopped liking you…..many of them here are ur friends…..nishu is ur friend…..nd are we 3 so much imp for u that u’ll leave ur friends…..

    Nd nishu….if u’ll leave then i’ll…..well i’ll…..yea….i’ll stop reporting…….

    Richu di….dagali….

    • mukti

      Ok babe fine…lvu sweetheart..lets forgt whtevr happened….frndshp to desert mai bhe strt hoti hai yaha kyu nai babe..
      Anywys u a newbie so welcm cutie n fishmarket mai I wil come to buy pompfret cz I like it:-):-):-):-)
      Tht means tumhre reporting style . Liked babe reporter dia:-) cool ha..12th arts or science cutei????

  15. dia

    Reporter dia on duty again

    mausam ki kharabi (my exams) aur uske prakop (result) ke kaaran hamari khabro mein jo vilambh hua uska humein khed hai……soochna yah hai ki ab meri summer break start ho gyi hai and tabhi m vishwayudhh m apna samay vyateet kar rahi thi…..parantu summer break mein aane vaali khushiyon mein break lagi hai…….uska kaaran abhi tak kisko gyat nahi hua h…..hum jald hi uss karan ke sath vaapas aaenge…..aage ki khabro ke liye bane rahiye humare sath…..cameraman comment box ke sath m reporter dia apse ijazat leti hu….

    • Mayuri

      Awesome one ria … So dear u sure know reporting … I love the way u reported 😉 🙂

      Awesome 🙂

  16. Liya

    I wish to see SanDhir back again….plz CVs unite them naah…I now don’t think VidhArth is coming back…miss themmm…

    • today’s episode was awsm…sanyukta’s cnffsn heard by rd…hope he will realize his luv fr her….plz CV unite our SanDhir soon…plz plz…plzz…a big fan of Sadda haq n SanDHir also

  17. mukti

    N meri or my nisha ke frndshp to Lucifer(god of demons/ hell) bhi khrb nai karega..reporter sweeti kyu karegi..:-):-):-)
    A bt I admit ur reporting style I liked ha realy cutie…it was awesome..:-)
    N my nisha n m togthr forevr in hearts:-)

  18. today’s episode was soo soo awsm….sanyukta’s cnfssn heard by rd …hope he will realize abt his luv fr sanyukta…plz CV ..I rqst u to make SanDhir soon….

  19. Plz bring vidharth atleat for few episodes only missing ankit a lot he is far muck better than that dark machine and unite sandhir this month only

  20. sanyukta rathor

    epi was very nice , sanyu rockssss , aaru (aryan) come fast i miss u ,,,,,,sanyu looking cute when she cry …….

  21. Aaliya

    Oooo sanyukta I lovvee uu… I love uu Aryan…. I m eaaggrrrllyyyy waiting fr ARYUKTA!!!!!!! She is right…. Fr a relationship only love is not sufficient… Respect values a lot…..which lacks in sandhir….. I was also a huge fan of sandhir…. but in s2,,,, I support Aryan…..

    Ooohhhh myy dear ARYAN…. Im worried fr u…. Cme bk darlng…. I m missing u nd sanyu vrrryyyy vrryyyyyy mmch…..???????????????????????

  22. Rendani lyka

    Guys you heard it Sanyukta said Aryan respect her and Randhir loves her, Sanyukta respect Aryan but loves Randhir , it is the same as she said love without respect will not work but it also the same as relationship with respect without love. Sanyukta can start relationship with Aryan out of support and respect but without love it won’t work, she can be in good relationship with him but she will never be happy. And what is she saying about support, when she was in FITE without Aryan Randhir use to support her , even when her family turn their back he was always there for her and now because she got Aryan she says Randhir never support her that’s bullshit. Guys remember Randhir hate his mother because she focused on her career more than her family and Sanyukta was doing. The same to Randhir again , She was becoming the younger version of Randhir’s mother

    • karina

      Yes i agree….u are right…Sanyu forgot how Rd supported her…i like Aryan but for me SanDhir will always be meant for each other…

    • Aaliya

      Thn wht we girls should do dear!!????? Should we sacrifice our dreams fr our bf’s wishes?????

      Yaa randhir supported her cause she was under randhir in competitions and all academic backgrounds…

      But whn sanyu was selected as drm team captain as well driver,,,, where was randhir????? He jst suprssed nd emotionally totured her… And at last left her alone!!!!He also tried to drag her behind in her fathers factory…. Didnt he!!!????

      Yaa I admit that he loves her nd she too…. Bt now wht he is doing in ISRC is jst disgusting!!! He is now wht he was frm beginning…. He could never tolerate sanyu doing better thn he!!!! Otherwise he is fine!!!!

      Ask urself isn’t it true????? I m not going to the question of love,emotions and Aryan…..

  23. Avni

    Sandhir kab phir se sath ayenge?waiting for dat day.aryan kabab me Haddi hai.randhir ko villain banake rakha hai.aryan s irritating day by day.ek hi expression deta hai jab bhi dekho.

  24. Avni

    I agree Rendani.randhir supported her.n now aryan has becme her puppet.sanyukta’s character is self centered.

    • Aaliya

      Sanyukta is self centered!!!????? Oh my god!! Kya bol rahi ho yarr!!!

      It’s stunning!!!!!!! Apne drms koura karna self centering nahi hota dear….. It’s passion…. Aur randhir jaisa egoistic, narrow minded ladka Jo apne gf ko supress krta hay aur maa ki hazar sorry bolne par v zid dikhata hay uske liye apne drms ko sacrifice krna to bewokofi hay!!!!

      ENA…. I support u…. This serial started with sandhir.. This doesn’t mean ki though Rd is wrng,,,, sandhir should united!!!!!!

      Is inspiring learnable serial pe ‘chalta aa raha’ serials ki tarah hero-heroin union nahi krna chahiye….. It should b prctcl…..

      • sanyukta rathor

        Aalu u are r8 Randhir kitna hi sanyu ke prwha kr le but use lgta ke jo uski bat nhi manta , wesa nhi krta jo wo cahta h wo uska dusman h or use hate krne lgta h , sanyu is r8 pyar se kuch nhi hota respect bhi honi cahiye ja rd nhi aryan krta h …..tottly agrry with u …..

      • what dreams are every thing love is nothing sacrifice and understanding is second name of love and one more thing if sanyu can forgive her father who intentionally hurted her.then why not rd who is just suffering from misunderstanding if someone is upset from u then will u let him go or try to convince him .keep ur feminist brain on one side and then think rationally about this and then see the difference between career oriented and self centered attitude and one more thing in real life too love is above anything whether it’s repect or anything

    • Revati

      I agree with avni…yes carrer is imp.self respct n al everything is this world goes on cz of unconditional love..
      Whts the use of completing dreams n goals n having every mAterial thng in world if u dnt hv love…I thnk love is most imp..u wil love ur victory for somedays bt aftr tht u will be left alone..only love can bind the world..
      N rd supported her when she needed him…ie when her parents left her n when she was living alone….bt she forgot….
      Rd is egoistic ok bt his heart is most pure one like a child..
      Aryan is good bt rd is best…

    • Revati

      Rit kushgra sacrifice for love is very imp…I m not saying self respct chod little sacrifice is alwys imp everywhre…thn only u can say u love tht person…..n if someone misunderstood u dnt leave Thm behind..try to explain them…

  25. Avni

    Sandhir agar sath me nahi ayenge to interest hi chala jayega.jst love sandhir…amazing couple sanyukta n randhir

  26. Sheena

    Ohh…thank god everything is clear now…deepak sir, bad joke…muje lga ye site unsafe hai…i thought that anybody’s id can get hacked here…anyways sir, now it is clear na..sir, i just want to wish u a happy life ahead… 🙂

    N guys….today’s episode was so good…
    H r u all? Dhruv bro, maddy, karu, nishu, aparna, liya, aaliya, princess, bk, dia, ria, mayuri, richu, richa, devga….
    Swarna dear welcome back:)…how r u?
    Revu …….where r u cutie?? Missing u yr..
    N dhruv bhai, aap discharge ho gye hospital se?

    • Revati

      Hi di howru???sory I didn’t replied u..u std very hrd ha..:-):-):-)
      Di bhai discharge kaise honge aur 10 days lagege aur.:-):-)

  27. mukti

    Oh realy revati?????
    Now u too thnk??
    N who r u to decide?????
    Ur a crying baby no more..
    Dnt u dare weirdo…u r such a illogical immature person revati….u dnt hv guts to say wht u wnt I thnk..ur a looser..

      • Aaliya

        Yarr mukti!!! Ab revati ne kya bigada tumhara!!!! Dear,,,,,,Ye sb batein prsnal chats pe karo Na!!! Why r u fighting with frnds in this site????

        Pls guys!!!!! Stop this rubbish ego fight!!!! Kal dia se,,, aaj revati se?!!! What’s this yr!!!!!

      • Revati

        Dia prblm alag tha…ego nai usko confident blte ha dii…evn whn whole world is pointing at u..u stand boldly..thts confidence not ego.dii…

  28. Revati

    Ohh..Sory aliya diiiii…..wo mai aur mukti di French fries khate khate majak kr rahe the..
    Bt mere cmnts delete ho gaye..abi deka…
    Sory for thisdi….
    N mukti di ego nai dikhri di…n we r nt talking anything personal…we r free to tlk whtevr we wnt na like nish richa n all…

    • Aaliya

      It’s OK REVU…. Actually,,,,itne dn TU pe itni prblm chal rahi thi Na,,,, so muku ki ye post dekhte hi mujhe lga ki fight will strt soon !!!! So….

      Sorry muku….

      Good mrng all….

      Hi sanyu di,, richu…?? kha ho aaplog!!!???

  29. Revati

    Sanyu is self she only thnk of is nathng for her..
    Bt in reality u cn turn defeat into victory bt u cnt take back the words.N words can break ur relationship forevr u cnt mend it…
    No offence to anyone

  30. BK

    Wed spoilers- Sanyukta learns about the bet between Randhir n Aryan…….

    1big surprise come to isrc in upcoming epi…….guess wtt???

  31. Rehma

    I’ve been watching this serial since sh1.. and even back then when I watched the serial I always thought at times rd was a little over the line ..but that was mostly in the beginning of the season..later he turned to become better..he changed s lot for her..tried to help her with her dreams..sometimes being a little over protective..but for the good..and that’s a reason why I was a sandhir lover…but I have to accept it…I dint like that rd left sanyu when she actually needed that support system…he says he was upset about parths injury but hardly tried to even find out if he was alive even..he never followed the second season..he has become back to the old Randir. And how much ever you say you want them to be united .he cannot deny his mistakes from before..Aldo I feel if he is ready to almost choke Sanyu..or ready to even think to upset sanyu I thinkbthat love is gone..frankly speaking I wish after today’s episode he sees how much more right Aryan is for sanyu and he himself helps them get together…it might hurt him like Shit but I think that is the best way to end this season..finally…after all this…we should remember that this is just a serial..not real characters..all I want to say is real life this is never going to happen..if a guy chokes you…or hurts you mentally or’s not please keep that in mind and don’t let these TV soaps effect on your life…sorry I forgot introduce myself…my name is rehma …I study in 12th I am from sultanate of Oman..?

    • Aaliya

      Vry niccceellyyyy explained rehna….. U r tottallyy correct…. I agree with u……

      Wlcme to our SH family dear…. I have passed 12th stndrd…… We r of near ages….??

  32. Aaliya

    Yaar…. I know what’s love…. I m a girl too yarr…..

    I m not telling ki only respect nd career values not love…. Yessss,,, love is a bonding which can turn fights to peace…. But whn Rd will get sanyu?????

    Haa,,, jb sanyu ke parents uske sath nhi the thn Rd supported her….. Bt whenever sanyu’s drm’s questions come we don’t find him!!!!! Drm team competition ke waqt Rd ne Jo kiya it’s unforgivable!!!! Aur ISRC se sanyu ko nikalne ke liye v usne bohot Kuch kiya alng wit Nirman…..
    Rd is bst fr sanyu whn she is under him in career bt worst whn sanyu is in lead…..thts d fact….

    He loves sanyu vrrryyyy mcchhh but sirf sanyu kyun sacrifice Kare??? Aur Rd use suppress???? Love k definition pe sacrifice k sath sath cooperation, trust and respect v hoti hay……

    Sanyu jitni prblms face krke is mukam tak pohochi hay,,, Rd k liye she should not sacrifice it…….

  33. richa (titli)

    @@@@@@@@@@ NISHA ND @@Dia on ur order also minnal
    read nd tell just a shortie 🙂
    @@ karu plss read this 1 its short plss

  34. dia

    Richu di…..wt to read….nd what has devu di posted

    nishu if u won’t comment then i’ll not cont my report…..

    Hyy rehna….m also in 12th

  35. vishal

    Hahahahahaha fandom styleeeeee.brooooo….hahahahah…crocodiles dhruv hahahahah…YouTube check krrrr…teja bro read na..
    ;;;;;;;;;Frank______ hahahahah

      • srk

        Sanyukta n randhir in fooollkl mood broooo….rocketry…hahahahaha…fandom style.rir######!
        Hahaha aryan fooollllllll….yes..zzzzzz??!!!!!!###########

    • kelly

      Hahahahaha..noodhruv bhaiii..Hahaha.buddy YouTube check plzz.hahahaha…ninja hatodi.hahaha pokymon…

      • nisha

        Yes forgotten forevr..canada wildfire n ufo look at it man shows the alien lifreee…I told aliens r dr:-):-)

    • D rocks

      Hey kelllyy u came here…sanyukta gona suicide…..aryan is obsessive….rit..I cheked…
      Whre is shivani??????

    • raghav

      Hey bro..listen haaaa…
      Clg mai galti ki to 1st bench pe bethte hai n. Scl mai last bench..hahahaha..
      Dialogue of randhir shekhwat sheikhuuu..hahaha.dhruv rockstr bike ke keys whre?????####

  36. nisha

    Sham bhi koi jaise hai nadi
    Lehar lehar jaise beh rahi ha
    Koi ankahi, koi ansuni
    Baat dheemi dheemi keh rahi hai
    Kahin na kahin jaagi hui hai koi aarzoo
    Kahin na kahin khoye hue se hain main aur tu
    Ke boom boom boom para para
    Hai khaamosh dono
    Ke boom boom boom para para
    Hai madhosh dono
    Jo gummsum gummsum hai yeh fizayein
    Jo kehti sunti hai yeh nigahein
    Gummsum gummsum hai yeh fizayein hai na

    Suhani suhani hai yeh kahani
    Jo khamoshi sunaati hai
    Jise tune chaha hoga woh tera
    Mujhe woh yeh batati hai
    Main magan hoon par na jaanu
    Kab aane wala hai woh pal
    Jab haule haule dheere dheere
    Khilega dil ka yeh kamal
    Ke boom boom boom para para
    Hai khaamosh dono
    Ke boom boom boom para para
    Hai madhosh dono
    Jo gummsum gummsum hai yeh fizayein
    Jo kehti sunti hai yeh nigahein
    Gummsum gummsum hai yeh fizayein hai na

    Yeh kaisa samay hai, kaisa sama hai
    Ke shaam hai pighal rahi
    Yeh sab kuch haseen hai, sab kuch jawan hai
    Hai zindagi machal rahi, jagmagati jilmilati
    Palak palak pe khwaab hai
    Sun yeh hawayein gungunaye
    Jo geet lajawab hai
    Ke boom boom boom para para
    Hai khaamosh dono
    Ke boom boom boom para para
    Hai madhosh dono
    Jo gummsum gummsum hai yeh fizayein
    Jo kehti sunti hai yeh nigahein
    Gummsum gummsum hai yeh fizayein hai na

    shaam he haseein

    aisee mehzabein

    ke dheere dheere kuch keh rahee hain

    ke dia ne hai aana

    richu ne hai aana

    devga bhi dheere aa raheein hainnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

    ke boom boom boom tara tara ke khaamoshi ki hai baatein

    ke boom boom boom tara tara ke madhosh ye raatein

    ke naye nayee ye friendship ki ye yaadein

    ke 4 dosto ki yeh meethi see mulakatein

    ke rang laayengee yee fizzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa mein kuch naaya saaaaaaaaa

    ke boom boom boom tara tara ke khaamoshein ki yeh yaadein

    ke boom boom boom tara tara ke madhosh ye baatein

    ke gum gumsum ye hawaein

    ke gumsum gumsum hai ye fizaayein

    ke mukti ne kuch dheeere sse kaahaa kyaa

    ke kal tumhe ek tohfa milaa kyaa ( gift of friendship from dia , love u mukti )

    ke dia ne reporting shruu ki aaaa kyaaaaaaaaaaaa

    ke booom boom boom tara tara ye khaamoshien ke ye baatein

    ke boom boom tara


    hai madhosh ye raatein

    ke gum gumsum ye haawaaein ke gumsum gumsum ye fizayein

    ke dheere dheere kuch keh rahee hai n kyaaa

    ke richwaa bhaiseeyaan ko yaad karat ho kyaa a

    bechari tumhe yaad karke bhaitee hueeeeeeeeeeeeeeee hain

    becharee bechaari tohre binaa thodi gumsum huiiiiiiiii hai

    ke gumsum gumsum ye hawaein gumsum gumsum hai ye fizaayein

    kehrahe hain kyaa kuch sunaa kyaaaaaaaaaa

    kee karuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ne kuch sunnaa kyaaa

    we are missing u a lot kyaa sunaa kyaa ke jaldi jaldi project finish karo

    or else we need to come to u and submit sandhir assignment to ur sir,

    I know u don’t wish that too karuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu naaaa

    ke boom boom boom tara tara

    ke khaamoshi ke ye baatein

    ke boom boom boom tara tara

    ke madhosh ye ratein

    ke gumsum gumsuum ye hawaein

    ke gumsum gumsum ye fizaein

    ke dheere dheere se kuch kahein kyaaaaaaaaaaaa

    love u aall freinds always naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    ke boom boom boom tara


    ke khamoshi ki ye ratein
    ke boom boom boom tara tara ke madhosh ye ratein

    love u all friends keep smiling

    and always smiling

    I am veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy happy to get back all my friends wiht each other

    god knows I never cry but for the first time reading ur comments I cry with a smile

    and also add some lines for friends

    I am bad but try in happiness

    love u all friends

  37. dhruv

    Candda wildfire 1 cigrte cn create as…… Said bewakof….
    Ufo light refraction phenomenon..I thnk aliens tere gr pe atena.hahahahaha..
    NAsa tweet see..
    N isrc decoding system rit shyd…pad ke dekh…randhir says…epi 45

  38. Wat and all hapnd…. My heart is beating bit faster…. PLZ we dont want any mis understanding here….

    @mukthi frm some of ur commentz i am able gather tht u r frank….. Its gud…. But PLZ dont fight with dia…. I dont knw the matter fully….. But If u have some prob with me and dia conmenting then u can say it politely not harshly…. So SORRY frm me and dia’s side as we wer overwhelmed to c our best beloved Frnds nisha and richu ‘s name here v just commented thts all…… Dont want any more fight…. Cool tel us straightly wat u feel…..

    @nisha i knw u wil b reading this…. PLZ comment dear…. I dont knw wat hapend….. IS it my fault to have distrbd this page? If it is so i am SORRY….

    @richu can u explain me wat hapend… Coz u have tried to defend me and dia in ur commentz…..

    @dia dont worry dear everything wil b alright…… Stay calm its crucial stage of ur life u must b stress free and focus on ur stdyies….

    Love u nisha richu dia……

  39. nisha

    devgaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa dia richwaaaaaaaaaaaa

    kaun si fanfic

    hey reporter dia

    how r u

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww after so much time I am thrilled to see ur reporting style back

    i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee to read the updates sadda haq ki update de sakti ho

    reporting style mein

    challenging u dia for the first time

    This is your interview dear

    Come on it will be fun sadda haq update in reporting funny styleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    comee oooooooooooooooooooooon dia

    love u

    • dia

      I don’t kniw about sh….i don’t watch it…….all i kno is sanyukta wanted to be an engineer but her family did not support it….nd randheer is her collegemate…..nd rthere was also a girl named kaustuki…..

      But i’ll try through spoilers

    • D rocks

      Hey dear wo ufo aya hai New.unidentified flying objct..tht we talking..thy service errorso thy came here to tlk…

  40. D rocks

    Hahahahahahaha wo my sister revAti hai.hahahahahahaha ahab ahahahahahahha lol hhahahaahhaha chl by my hand bleeding.bye se u soon.
    Richu dear say hiii plz:-)
    Helo kity lol:-)

  41. richa (titli)

    😥 😥 unhone link delete kia and comment post kiaa :cru: anyways chk out fic LiFeturnouts huf!!!
    minnalll calm nd i want ur fic soon or susi is ready tooo lend knives
    @@@ REVU HYYY HW R U????

  42. Devga

    Hm i read the start of the prob…. U startd it mukthi…
    Mukthi who r u to decide wether v r Frnds of them r not…. U think whatever u want let it b tht v r kids… But IDC….. Dont fight anymore….. And with wat u said it became fishmarket…. I wil keep commenting…. As i got richu dia and nisha aftr quite long time…. (SORRY If i was rude)

    Dia not ur fault…. Stay cool….

    Richu nisha dia come back…. Do u guys want us to miss some wer again?
    Come back its my humble request…

      • richa (titli)

        nyways mitti dalooo kaheeee krnaaa buraa kahee aage bdhana matter ko ille comment on it kk minnal

    • rj raghav

      Stop bbashing mukti..n yes she has freedom of expression ok…u dntcare thn dnt if u gonna tlk abt mukti again n again thn I thnk we all wilk leave this pge Cz u all r doing this deliberately..
      Richa nisha dia n degya. .if everything was sorted aj firse q strt kiya mja arha hai kya???
      Dekho tum apne frnd ke sath ho to dnt frgt hm bhi hai…
      Jada bolo mat ab..

  43. dia

    Devuu dii…..the mattr is sorted out…..nothing left now……nd di one ques…..why had i conratulated susi di…..nd plz see my report nd u r the incharge of this case…..

    Nd di….how wr ur exams….nd result?? Did it come???

  44. nisha

    hey devga

    my masakaliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    calm downnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

    all things get sort now.

    the fight and all is clear now

    and also dia and mukti became friends now

    I think when u started talking mukti u also became friends dear

    we all bear a lot yesterday till today

    and now peace at everywhere

    we all are here

    and to be here we need to love each other and respect each other

    and also things get fine now between dia richu and mukti

    they became friends

    and now i think you and mukti can be good friends dear

    love u devgggggggggaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    keep smiling

    • rj raghav

      Nisha cnt u n ur frnds stop this nonsense????!
      Y u all hv to talk tht only???
      If ystrdy everything was sorted firse tamsha strt kyu kiya….
      See I dnt kno u bt n I didn’t cm here too fight..we r frnds of vishal n Dhruv n due to server error we came..n now WE see wht u r doing. If u r fr ur frnds defending thm n bashing mukti we too r here then….plz ye band kro mukti ko bar bar bolna

    • Devga

      Ok nishu once a frnd always a frnd…. I never forget this Line….. I dont have any vengence on mukthi… But only tht Line (‘”who r these dia Devga… They r not our Frnds rit'”) of mukthi hurt me more 🙁 …….
      And now as rj also fightin i think i am spoiling ur frndship also…. So its better i stay out of this page…. And rj i dnt knw tht Evry thing is sorted….. I just showd my hurt Feeling as evn my name was used by mukthi…. Y mukthi is interfering in my and dia matters wen we dint evn talk to mukthi…. (sory If i was rude)

      Its my mistake to have commented here….. Richu meet u @ fb wen ur acc became secured…. Nishu u can find me any time in edkv and krpkab and dehleez page….. Dia i am sory wil meet u @ fb….. Bye

      To make everything alright its better i go bye…. And If mukthi comes here anyone tel tht i wil not comment as he/she finds my commentz as a fish market……. not anymore anyone wil feel my annoyance

      • richa (titli)

        same here dr inhi vakyon ka bura laga soo i reacted anywayss minnalll ma angellll chilll alll fynnn sweety my emo masakkali

  45. vrushilka

    Ya ufo I seee..nasa site pe dekho na.Dhruv insta hottt picccc…movie me kam krna strt kr:-)lol bt u look damn hot..I see she is reva.
    Raghav epi 28 47 23 dekh

  46. yogiraj

    Hello guys…hw r u all.? I missed u all..nisha,Dhruv,richu,mukti,Shreya,sanyukta,Karina,rits,bk,Sheena,mayu n all…

  47. vrushilka

    Who r this degya dia richa n y thy bashing Madison????
    Wht happened Madison???
    Hey digya n all hold ur tongue….dnt get m 1st read all cmnts..everythng sorted…y u r opening matter again n again…
    Hey nisha dnt get m wrng bt tell ur thy r crossing limit ok…
    Hey Madison dnt u bothr chil dear..such people r everywhere.

    • richa (titli)

      heyyy all sorted calmmm down!!!! just a missconceptn okk chillll VRUShika ok dont drrragg it we all r mum now

      • vrushilka

        Hey titli dear I comnted befre.due to moderation it takes tim..anyways if mattr is closrd thn let’s not tlk abt it

  48. mukti

    Ohhh goshhhhh again strted.digwya I know fishmarket khlke rkho..I dnt I will say whtvr I want..
    Sadda haq my life my choice..

  49. richa (titli)

    जिस ने ज़ल्द बाज़ी में शादी की
    उसने अपना जीवन बिगाड़ लिया।।

    वाह! वाह!
    वाह! वाह!

    और जिसने सोच समझ कर की
    उसने कौन सा तीर मार लिया।

    • richa (titli)

      And he married in parlay Jhld
      He has spoiled his life ..

      Wow! Wow!
      Wow! Wow!

      And conscious of the
      Which arrow struck him.

      • richa (titli)

        it mean who married in hurry he ruined his life
        but the one who thought nd married still didnt hit bulls eye
        LOL hope i translated well

    • richa (titli)

      arreyy kyaa hyuaa???
      i accepted ur f;ship poroposallllllll chk last pgg ndd yaaarrrr moderation nd sooo many comments added to cnfusnnn anywayss chillll!!!!!

  50. nisha

    Guys did u see fiaherman video??????
    N yes I knw aliens thre…vrushi u kno na Einstein relativity theory says it..
    Hey genis dhruv u wr crct ha…
    Hi madison why people r bashing u???

  51. akash

    Guys ye telly updates kya kar rahe ho????
    N servor down kyu hai….
    Dhruv system ok haina????
    I dnt kno..20 lakhs videos ud jaynge guys y u l r so cool..Dhruv do smthng..

    • vrushilka

      Bro chil…dhruv haina..usne tu or YouTube ka connection kiya..smrt genius he is:-)
      Nish I saw bt it’s not updating…

  52. Egde Black

    I didn’t like Sanyukta’s confession. How could she even compare Aryan with Randhir. Does she really believes Aryan is better than Randhir. Even he disrespected her by betting on her. He kissed her when she was sleeping. How much she knows him. There could be some secrets which are still hidden, good or bad we cant say. Remember aryan himself said that he is dangerous and all. So how can she say that just because he respect her makes him better than Randhir, who always stood by her whenever she was in pain regardless of the situation. She remebers that he left her but did not remember why? She could see his hatred, anger but not the pain he is suffering from. I think He is still the same RD who cares for her, push her so that she tries even harder, can’t see her crying, but I think our Sanyukta has changed. Now she needs Aryan support for everything. I mean where is that independent girl who could risk her family her love her life for her dreams, because now i am only seeing a girl who wants to achieve her goals but with someone’s help. Hope to get her back soon.

  53. raghav

    Hey degywa hamra koi prblm nai par kalsbsort out huatha na..fir kyu strt kar rhe ho aisa maine kaha….
    Muje fight nai kRni waise I dont read tu…wo server down so camehere…n mai to yaha kacommter bhi nai mai tumse fit nahi krn chahta
    Aur I dnt want u to leave frm here cz of anyone….so dnt go frm here cz of others.sty for plz dnt tlk to mukti..
    If u r not getting well.I hv a solution u 4 dnt talk with each othr..yes this FOR mukti richa digya u three dnt talk with each othr bt stay for frnds.

  54. Amrita

    got 2 know that channel v will be revamped and from 1st july and the current shows will be aired on hotstar only …

  55. vrushilka

    Hey. Digya dia titli mukti raghav (juyal:-P)
    I thnk u shd all do some ramdev baba u all feel better..
    Guys noo fighting no leaving…Raghav n I r not ur frnds titli nishudegya bt hope we will be frnds ahead…I was sh so I will sty here bt raghav juyal cnt atleast for 1 day we cn be frnds na..
    Why fighting all..stop evrythng…
    By the way nisha sanyukta richu bk mayuri shivani aliya cn I Join u??

    • richa (titli)

      arrey welcm to join us in Saddda haq chat dr LOL i didnt c that cmmnnt poor mmee nd moderatn srry i said thayt

    • Aaliya

      Ooohhhh sure dear….. Wlcme to our swwwtttt happy SH family….. ?????

      I ask everyone the same qstn…. R u aryuktan or sandhirian?????

      • vrushilka

        Hii I am aryukta fan dear…I dnt like ‘rd character..he alwys hurts sanyukta while aryan alwys supporther..n care for her n most imp respct her..n this r the chrctrs every girl wnts to hv in their beau…u dear??

  56. dia

    Devu di……is this hell this much imp for u…..u cnt go leaving ur nishu, ur creature nd ur hasina…..

    Nd all if u…..plz….don’t leave from here… one but me and my friends will be blamed….

    Nd its DEVGA……not degya or digiya…..

  57. Madison(mukti)

    Hey vrushi u here so. nice thnx fr coming I cnt handle so much stress n bashing dear..
    U kno no one evr dres to tlk like tht with me…bt thy dntkno who I am na…
    N dnt talk with rubbish people dear…talk with ur standard people…here all othrs r very good frnds of mine….Shreya kAru nishu mayu shivu alu sanyu richu liyu raj n absolutely our dhruv!! !
    Talk with thm.or else some may target u sweeti…n I dnt wnt to here my vrushi being bashed.:-)

    • richa (titli)

      well dear i thought that the matter closed but my dear fellow commenter i think u still unapproove/disaproove us nd b a bit sensitive nd dont use words like rubbish people i thought u let ur ego aside and asked me for a frndship I GOT A GOOD IMAGE OF U DEAR buttt that wrd “rUbbiSh PeopLE” and we just stopped bashing u but my dear comentr seems like you still didnt frget the matter well take ur own time…
      0-THANK U

    • yogiraj

      Hey mint fresh…:-) wt happened buddy..? U r cool n stay always…n wt Madison tereko suit nai krta..

      • vrushilka

        Um..helo.Madison is her nickname.I mean I call her tht dear….for u all it’s mukti..
        N yep mint fresh:-):-):-):-)

      • mukti

        I dnt kno raj..I dnt feel like commenting here any more..
        Brother in 2 days I dnt feel like coming here..Its just I dnt kno wht shd . Say..
        Cz for my every comment I am being bashed brothr..
        Dnt kno wht to say n I dnt wnt to spoil frndshps…its just u kno I say my heart….bt I m not used to so much criticism n fights brother..
        So I dnt feel like commenting here..evn for 1 comnt of mine people will strt again..sojust wanna leave frn here….
        Titli I dnt wanna fight with u..n yrs who told u I call u rubbish…I didnt took ur name so plz..n dnt strt targeting my frnd raghav n vrushika plz.its egoistic request in ur words…
        N if u says u hv no rit to say anything to ur frnds..
        Thn wht rit u hv to call m egoistic n all

      • yogiraj

        Hey mukti chill yrr..n who called u egoistic.? n I dnt knw abt ur frnz raghav n vrushilka..y r u talking lyk dis…

      • yogiraj

        Sry I dnt knw wt happened…mukti ignore all n stay cool…pehle to tu strong grl thi den y nw…i want old mukti back…last tym u sorted out all abt Dhruv I remember…i want dat mukti back nt dis typ….so forget all.n be fresh….min fresh..

    • vrushilka

      He my Madison no no all r nice dear…richa is very sweet..I like her funy cmnts she evn welcmed me..n her name is titli butterfly so sweet na….
      Madison I am here na dnt wry n nodear no one will bash me dear…thy r nice girls dear.u try to patchup with thm na…if someone said tht to u too had felt bad..
      My Madison lvu .
      N thnx richa titlI n aliya fr ur warm welcm.hope we will keep this sweet sh fmliy happy till end:-)

    • Aaliya

      Muku darlng!!!!! Why r talking to leave!!!!! Yarr,,,, me, sanyu di,, liya karu nishu mayu mostly Vai everyone r u frnds Na!!!!! U told now…. Leave the past issues dear….

      According to nishu,,,, ones a frnd always a frnd…??

      Come on dear…. Chilll…. Bdw,, good afternoon all…

  58. nisha

    hey vrushika raghav

    actually I need to tell u that because of yesterday misunderstanding

    mukti and dia bear a lott

    and I really wish both of them to be friends and they start a new friendship

    but you forget one thing devga is not there at that time

    and when she came she read half of comments and as per that she reacted

    you know as a friend I am proud that my friends are same as protective for me

    you see so many fights but one thing u forget

    that dia devga richa and nisha ( me ) we are so protective for each other

    yesterday whatever happened I have two friends mukti is my sweetheart friend don’t u know it ask mukti then

    I write what my heart says

    the thing is both dia and mukti doens’t know each other

    I write some line to mukti about dia and some lines to dia about mukti so that first they know each toher and then they became friends

    yeah devga react later but she isn’t faulty she is darling at heart

    but not to worry nobody is leaving

    we came here often

    and I too love mukti a lot as we share a great bond too.

    and I also love dia devga richaa

    as they are my old friends and old is gold always too.

    so I try to not come in the matter and just reqeusted to be a friend to both

    and both agreed

    don’t worry now devga also came soon I hope so and I so wish

    and she also be a friend of mukti then all sort


    vrushika and raghav by seeing the concern of both of u towards mukti I am so touched

    we also share the same bond

    it is our pleasure to be your friend

    I know mukti and i share a great bond and then now we all too

    I am happy very much happy that you both stand for mukti

    Mukti my sweetheart you are so lucky to have such friends in ur life

    LUv u friends mukti raghav vrushika

    from now on I raise my hand for friendship with u all too

    luv u keep smiling

    and yeah now

    come on

    say to devga too

    that came here

    she think that by mistakenly the atmosphere is getting different here and she doens’t want to ruin it

    we all are friends and we don’t want to loose anybody from here in the last month

    so come on devggggaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    my masakali

    don’t u come for me urs nisha

    what u wish me to go from here

    if yes then u think u cannot find me anywhere

    or if no then came here fast

    or else richwaaaaaaaaaaaa is very devil

    she can add your name in her fic with along description

    you don’t know I bear that and naty too

    its very dangerous

    daro daro richwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa se she can do anything masakali

    so better came back again

    nahee to tuh to gayo thakur.

    luv u dia devga richa vrushika raghav mukti

    love u alll friends

  59. mukti

    Nisha I sharedagood bond with u..n we will shre good bond in our hearts for eachothr…
    Bt I dnt kno now wht to say fellow commenters may againstrt bashing me..n I am not used to it..its a l prefer leaving…plz dnt target my vrushi n raghav..k bye

  60. vrushilka Mehta

    Hi’s good tht u too rit ur surname..I usually rit but I see no one Rits here. bt seeing u wrote…I wrote 🙂
    Thnx for ur smiling welcm.
    Keep smiling cutie

    • sanyukta rathor

      U too keep smile dear

      Dear me apna sar name islye likhti tu taki kise ko ye na lage ke mene sanyu ke nam pr ye id banai h



  61. Ofcure vrutika u can joinnus….
    Heyyy raj I wanted to reply u frm so long…but as it is I was so busy……srysry sry sry….
    Dhruv bhai sanyyu aalu nishuuu karu mayuri apu sheenu dia devga richu dhruvs friend how r u all…

  62. nisha

    hey guyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz come on now

    just calm down

    I think we need time to get things sort

    so just let the things where it be

    we find a new place to talk

    and I came here too don’t worry I don’t leave the place I just fine another place too

    I hope now everything get fine

    really wish all to smile

    really by heart

    luv u alll.

  63. Heyy new newzzzzzz sanyuu what happened to her….mabe bcoz of aryan she fel sick
    Shivu sheenu raj ria bk kushagra hiiiiii

    Does anyone rwad novels here….im a big fan of sudha murty nd chetan bhagat

    • Mayuri

      I m also a fan of sudha murti from the time when it came as a chapter in English 😀

  64. Aaliya

    Oyy vrushu!!!!! Hat milao yaraaa!!!! Me v ARYUKTA fan!!!!! Oohhh my dear ????….

    Sanyu di,,,,, hamara aryukta supporter bar raha hay!!!!???????????????

  65. dia

    Whats this yr mukti

    on one side u calling me friend and in other rubbish people…..

    Nd u said to vrushika that talk to standardised people…..then what are you doing…..u r also efriending rubbish people

  66. Ok now I am realizing how tha we cannot sort it out…is it so font talk to them.mjust ignor them…thus is not only for muku but all……….
    Plzz dont fight hrre yaar…nd muku darling no one will bash vrushu….ill take care of it…now cum bak….
    Dhruv ritssss vrushu plzzz bring her here……
    No ones intentions r to bash or target u ..u r taking it wrong der…..
    Forget all lets make a new start…
    We havess days left…

    Awww aalu mujhe bhul gayi kya….
    Evn we r friends nah..
    Liyuuuu shreyuuuu diii sanyuuuu karuuu where r u….
    Seee whats happening….

    Ohhh cummon dont atleast loose hopes…hey raj u r free today….woooow gud..waise hows life…

  67. vrushilka Mehta

    Hahaha.thnkgod thr r aryukta fans here…hii ailya shake hands:-)
    Oh sanyukta u too a fan good.I thought I m alone

    • sanyukta rathor

      Hahahahahahaha dear mene bhi yahi socha tha jb me aai the but pher aalu aai and uske bad to bhut sare log aae jo aryukta ke fan the

      Me aryukta se jada aryan aka ashwini ke fan hu hahahahabahaha

      Be happy always dear ..???????????????????

  68. dia

    Vrushika…..i don’t wanna hurt u or anything…..i think u r a newbie here like me…..but wtever u told me (name and all) plz tell it to mukti also…….

  69. dhruv

    Hey richu dear howru???my possessive richu:-):-)
    Hi vrushi crushi.I m sandhirian:-P
    Are richu I am ignoring this frm 1st day itself..
    Firstly I only kno titli..I dnt kno dia n fat chance to tlk to thm..
    N mukti to my gf hai..if I speak out for her world war 3 will strt:-P
    So keeping mouth shut like a baby:-P:-P:-P
    N mere medicines etni strong haidear chakkr ati hai n dhre dhre depression a rha hai.:-(
    hope ye medicines chnge kare koi…

  70. sanyukta rathor

    Hey aalu mere mumma ne aam panna banaya h eska glass dekh krtumhari yad aa gae dear hahahahahahahahabahahahahahahahaha

    Me tumhe mango pai bulati hu na


    Fr u dear


  71. nisha









  72. nisha

    Yo boys i am singing song
    Soup song…
    Flop song …
    Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di
    Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di
    Rhythm correct
    Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di
    Maintain this
    Why this di.

    Distance la moonu moonu moonu coloru whiteu
    white background nightu nigthu
    nightu coloru blacku
    Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di
    Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di

    White skin-u girl-u girl-u
    Girl-u heart-u black-u
    Eyes-u eyes-u meet-u meet-u
    My future dark
    Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di
    Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di

    Maama notes eduthuko
    Apdiye kaila snacks eduthuko
    Pa pa paan pa pa paan pa pa paa pa pa paan
    Sariya vaasi
    Super maama ready
    Ready 1 2 3 4…

    Whaa wat a change over maama
    Ok maama now tune change-u
    Kaila glass only english
    Hand la glass
    Glass la scotch
    Eyes-u full-aa tear-u
    Empty life-u
    Girl-u come-u
    Life reverse gear-u
    Lovv-u lovv-u, oh my lovv-u
    You showed me bouv-u
    Cow-u cow-u holi cow-u
    I want u hear now-u
    god i m dying now-u
    she is happy how-u

    This song for soup boys-u
    We dont have choice-u
    Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di [x4]

  73. vrushilka Mehta

    Oh..good sanyukta…I m Fan of param:-):-)
    He looks damn cute…
    Dhruv. Fb piccs 1110 likessss… hot picccccc yrrrrr etna cute u r zayn malikkk broooo….tu movie me kam kr ja…B-)B-)

    • Mayuri

      Hiiii vrushilka dear …. Welcome to sadda haq family of Tu … 🙂
      Actually sorry dear I couldn’t welcome u before but it is like der aaye durust aaye … So …

      Welcome 🙂

  74. Ayushi

    Mayuri… Who u r … I know u very well … Who the heck do u think of yourself and these r your friends ….
    Then hii I m ayushi and mayuri’s biggest rival ….

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.