Sadda Haq 16th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 16th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aryan hits them. Sanyu hears police siren. She says lets go or they will know your reality. They run out. Aryan sits on the bike. His mouth is bleeding. sanyu asks you okay? He starts the nike. Aryan stops at a nursing school. Sanyu says i am fine. I will get it dressed from ISRC medical room. Aryan goes in and washes his face in anger. He writes sanyu’s name on mirror. The nurse dresses sanyu’s wound. Sanyu says where is my watch. Aryan says you are okay but I am not. I asked you not to interfere in my work. She says I tried to help you. He says what are you to help me? I was here so you get in ISRC not that you put our lives in danger. Next time don’t poke your nose. sanyu says I will. If you are in danger I will do it. You have done so much for me, you are so nice. He

says you don’t know me at all. Don’t tell me who am I and what can I do. Stay out of it okay. He leaves.

Sanyu comes back to ISRC, She says is there some secret I don’t know? I know him. Where is my watch? Sanyu sees it on table. She asks sanaya who placed this watch here? She says I dont know. sanyu sees her watch and says God bless whoever placed it here.
Aryan recalls everything. He is still freaking out. He says what if this is truth. Sanyu is not safe with me. I can’t put herself in danger.

Next morning, Joy is eating. Arjun says how long will you eat? He says you never know when Nirman asks you not to eat for a week. He offers kritika, she says I am full. She says eat slowly and smiles.
Sumit asks sanyu about her watch. He says you got your watch? She says you found it? Thank you so much. He says you should thank randhir, he found it and it was not working. He repaired it. I will see you later. sanyu says I should go and thank him.
sanyu sees randhir in cafe. sanyu orders her sandwich. Randhir picks the plate before her waiter says this is randhir’s ma’am. Your will be ready in 5 minutes. randhir leaves it there. Sanyu takes it to her table. She places sandwich on randhir’s table. He says its okay you can have it. sanyu says its fine I will wait. I wanted to say something, thanks. My watch, if it was lost. This is.. He says your mom’s. try to care what you value. You don’t get back everything you lose.

All of them are in lab. Nirman throws a lab at sanyu. She picks it its randhir’s. He says thank you so assurance with your expression that this task is going in right direction. He says do you all know that you all will be dependent on each other in space. You have to trust each other. I have given you all a file of another member. You have to find their deepest toughest secret. I hope it will be fun. Randhir gets his file.
Nirman recalls becky telling him that she found out randhir and sanyu were in a relationship in college. He has given sanyu randhir. She says when sanaya got to know about randhir and sanyu, there were issues between them. Once sanaya and aryan were drinking together. They were stressed out because they both got to know about randhir and sanyu’s past.
Nirman has given aryan and sanaya to each other.
There is a love triangle. Joy likes kritika but she likes arjun. and he hates her. Nirman has given joy and arjun to each other and sumit and kritika to each other.

Precap-Randhir pulls sanyu in elevator. He says I don’t care about this task. But no one related to me should be hurt. Sanyu says I was going to ask becky if I can change my partner but now I won’t.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. samy

    Sorry dere is more to precap….. I won’t . She says why did u stop lift he says so n dat ur so called friend doesn’t interfere .Sanyu opens door and finds a Ryan.

  2. karina

    Nice epi…at least sandhir are coming closer to each other…now at least they talk to each other

    • vishal

      Hey karinq dear it’s news that aryan will nt be,shown fr somedays n at tht time vidushi trck wikl be der…
      Hey nishu it’s a nice news ur vidushiwill cm back

      • karina

        Hey Vishal thanks for the info…im glad Vidushi will be back coz i really like her character. She gives spice to the show. I was missing her. Thanks again for the info.

      • sharon

        Thnx vishal for the news..its great vidushi a lot…
        N it’sok I dnt thnk u hacker..
        U r very sweet dear..I read ur oldr cmnts n u seem to kno all news dear..
        So plz sharewith us…
        Hey karina hii I m also big fan of vidharth

      • vishal

        Hey karina…u r welcm n u r nt angry on dat fake topicna dear?? It was jst tp..I didn’t knew peopl wil,strt thinking I.m hacker
        N same to princesses n sanakhi,also dears u r my frnds n dats imp dears:-):-)<3

      • karina

        Hey Vishal dont worry im not angry…that topic its long gone so dont bother πŸ˜‰ i reacted a little too much at that time…its just i was a little shocked coz of ur comment thats it πŸ™‚

        Hey Sharon πŸ™‚ im glad i found another vidarth fan…yup dear i love vidarth as a couple…i reallymiss them i want them both back in the show…

  3. ayeesha

    hey! Hello everyone. I’m ayeesha. Can i be friend with u all?? I’m a huge fan of sandhir

  4. Aahna

    Nice episode ,
    Nirman thinks that he is troubling sandhir but unowingly he is playing as mediator for sandhir.
    Frankly I don’t think that aryan and Sanaya would make a good couple .
    Now the story is getting interesting ,
    It is obvious that at the the end it is only sandhir ???

  5. Sanjana

    It doesn’t matter which pair will look good or bad. Randhir is totally disgusting and he is a toral psychopath.girls like u Mrs roshini,should be romantic but with their feet in ground. U should look for a sensible partner and not like randhir.

    • sharon

      Hhey sanjana..we respct uropinion bt maybe u r saying ds bcz u dnt kno randhir properly..
      N he is angry at sanyu n all cz it’s corrct…if u thnk ur bst frnd died cz of ur gf selfishness u will throw her out of ur life.
      So plz if u dnt kno randhir dnt say him psychopath…
      He has done numerous things for sanyu n he is the best…
      Most peoplr like ds show cz of randhir

  6. Hats off !! What a superb episode .. Now sandhir story is on track … And looks like I know it Santa and Aryan ! Atlast they paired up I knew it !! But seriously I like to play with fire and seems like Aryan too … Will really miss this dangerous missions after aryukta are over ????
    But loving sandhir???? .. Day by day I am falling for rd badly ..
    Hey guys why you don’t reply me ?? Is I am not allowed to enter in your group ?????

  7. Sanahki

    Welcome Ayesha! Hi guys I miss you all
    This episode was amazing I love Sandhir so much. Their love is so pure and innocent. I wonder what happened to Randhir in the past and I’m glad Sanyukta will be the one finding that out. I really don’t care if Aryan and Sanaya don’t match as long as I see my sandhir together..
    Someone hates Randhir and yet Randhir is the most loved character!!

  8. richa

    heyy ayeesha welcome πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€
    and @@@ nish hw do u postwa image ka linkwa i mean u snapshot urself naa soo hw to post self taken piuc link anyways thaare ko faarm me dekht k accha lagat
    thaare liye
    allle shacchi mucchi mish kia menno meli nisaa ne oooooo
    well fic mene kha tha 2 maheene ka oblivion matlab do mah hum likhat naahoo bilkal naaaaahiii warnaaa daaakterwa humko injectenwaaa lgaat hai πŸ˜›
    LOL but nishh i wil write for holi i think may b if allowed abi b zabardasti cmmntng…….
    aul pyaali nish hahaha maja aaya vid dekht k πŸ˜€
    aul aul aul maine dekhsa match INDIA buri tarah piti kal i didnt watch any other serial aalsooo
    u knw hum thaare ko teeaswa karatge vheriii shoon πŸ˜‰

  9. richa

    hww r u kareena sweety??
    LOL and hope like nisha u too dont mind me joking with u
    and friendss / guyss u didnt tell me do u mind my jokes and i think my day before yesterday’s anaylisis cum prediction u didnt like sorry if i hurt

    • karina

      Hey dear im fine πŸ™‚ and u ?
      No dear idont mind your jokes…sou can continue with them πŸ˜‰
      U are our source of laughing πŸ™‚ so keep i up πŸ˜‰

  10. Bk

    S- Jisne bhi ye dhunda, god bless that person.
    R-*Sleeping peacefully on the other end**##@
    priceless scene…..wtng 4 tmrw epi.

  11. awsome epi !!! sandhir is gonna be back !!!!! ya…y ! πŸ™‚ but will miss sanyan too …. πŸ™
    nirman feels like he is taking revenge on sanyu but he is wrong ! πŸ™‚
    aryan and sanaya together ! naa…. it’s like eiffel tower and a child standing together !
    hoping for the best (sandhir to happen !!!) ……. πŸ˜‰

  12. Shreya

    Epi ws gud.. 1st tym Becky did a gud job.Nw v wl gt our old sandhr bck…cute fghts nd trblng ech othr nd lst thy cre each othr d mst. i hpe thr fke hatrd 2wrds each othr wl melt slwly… 2day m so hpy dat sanaya s nt thre wth rndhr 4 irrtatng me. nd aryan – sanaya pair bhi acha hai.

  13. rits

    HI princess karina vishu nishu dear howru??
    I am so happy tht sandhir story is on track n vid is coming…..

    • Princess rabia

      I am fine dear how r u I m preparing 4 tomorrow exams. I can’t concentrate bcoz one hand is with books and other with iPad. I think I am so…… Much involve in sadda haq
      All the time sleeping,eating think about it
      Even when I remember sanyu and rd and smile alone. My friends think me as I become mad

      • rits

        Karina dearcan I cal u karu karina is big name dear if u dnt mind.:-) I miss vidharth too dear..I miss vids crazy talking..
        Pricnes al the best 4 exms well πŸ™‚

  14. UmMe

    Damn! I don’t want anything to create problems between sanyukta and Aryan..

    Aryan’s character is getting way more interesting day by day.. Love ? it.

    Good job writers πŸ™‚

  15. Suranjana Bhattacharya

    Good morning..hi.guys..hi karina nisha sharon vishal sanakhi shreya..
    So vidushi will be back..thnx fr the news

  16. ayeesha

    thanks guys for accepting me as ur friend. I really like ur comments n the views of urs on each n every character that shows how much u love the show… I was a silent reader but now would like to comment……

  17. Suranjana Bhattacharya

    Hi karina n shreya, I m fine…
    I jst cn say tht hope vidushi wl not be a fiddle fr sandhir n her past of ths two years will be revealed..because as I remember vidushi said to parth,tht many thngs hv chngd in these two years n she now doesn’t live in past

  18. nisha

    Boom boom boom tara

    tara hai khaamoshi ki yeh baatein

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    Life is hell right now but still smiling

    get a chance to meet you all today

    kal kaa bharosaa nahe hai

    but happy for today at least I can be able to reach to you all.

    Love u guyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    keep smiling

  19. nisha



    Seriously I am getting super excited for upcoming episodes

    I thought randhir getting jealous because of aryukta

    but here things are in reverse actually aryan get jealous because of sandhir

    super cool

    when Rd smile that moment is ufffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

    I am dead can’t tell you very much excited for upcoming episodes

    Finally an Rd and sanyu fight

    cvs are actually listening all our thoughts

    what say suru karu

    finally show will going to go uppppppppppppppppppppp

    and vids is coming our tadka of the show

    she is cominnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng

    happy suru love u suru karu shreyu , sahanki , sanyu, richu , ayeesha shreyu rits princess, nikki , ayana, priya

    hey nisha 2 love u dear same same name


    you know you are the 4 nisha I met here in tu

    sweet we are so many here.


    yes vishu excited for vids coming dear love u ,

    and hey sharon helooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo dear how ru

    hey princess which comment dear.

    helooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo vaani

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    and yaa happy holi in advance

  20. nisha

    hey karu all the videos are fab dear

    I see them all

    waitingggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg for today episode eagerly.


    Aleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee oo richu my sweetheart poky richu

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    but its ok niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee at least teeth toh chamakdaar hai

    I like it . Saksenaa jee eshtyleeeeeeeeeee

    mele ko lagaa ye telee pic hai

    pal maine jab telaa comment padaa tab pataa chala

    alee ye toh tume meri pic daalee hai.

  21. nisha

    Are oo richa

    Chaltee kyaa khandaala huh

    Ale vintakle mantakle chintakle kyaa

    Le tele liye ek gift

    What to do if colgate see teeth white naa ho

    Do this guyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    AGAR PHIR B white NAHI HUAY TO Colgate se daant saaf karne ka, Pepsodent se mazboot karne ka, Close-up se freeeeeeeeeesh karne ka, AGAR PHIR B white NAHI HUAY TO Bindaas β€œHARPIC USE KARNE KA”

    Uske baad sab saaf ho jaayegaa aur yahin bolenge god ke paas kya aapke colgate mein namak hai , nimbu hai neem hai

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  22. BK

    Adv…Hpy boli 2 u also nish….and each of every 1…..luv u 2 also nish….if u dntt mind can I cal u nish….?

  23. Sanahki

    Oh God I’ve watched the IVs but I didn’t understand anything but I must admit Param is so cute and adorable. I just want to cuddle him, I love Param Singh he’s so cute.. Honestly I prefer Parsh as friends they are just so precious together and I want their bond to last forever

    • karina

      Hahaha same here…i watch the iv although i dont understand what they are saying but i love to see Parsh’s bonding πŸ™‚

  24. karina

    Here comes another iv of Parsh by SBS

    Till now this iv isnt unploaded on youtube…but u can see it on the link i gave u…when they ll put it on youtube i ll post the link here πŸ™‚ this link i found it on fb…enjoy πŸ™‚

  25. karina

    Hey guys i donno if u saw but there are two persons who started to write ff on Sadda Haq…guys their ffs are really good so if u have time pls go and read them and pls leave ur comments there so that the writters of those ffs know that they have our support. I ve seen so many ppl writting ffs on other shows and i was really sad that noone started ffs on SH coz this show is really good and deserves our love…so pls guys do read and comment on the ffs on SH so that the writters feel our support and who knows maybe more ppl will get the courage to post ffs on Sadda Haq πŸ™‚

  26. NISHA









    lOVE U ALL



  27. Princess

    Hi friends Nishu,karina,sanahki ,Sanjana,rits,bicky,ayeesha,Sharon,Priya,vishal,shreya,nikki,richa. And many others. How r u. How your day is going. Today is so pleaseant weather
    Karina and sanahki. U guys accept me as a friend but u don’t reply me. That’s not fair
    And Nishu I was saying that I m replying to you(love u too) of your last comments. In which u as usually say love u princess,karina…. Thanks for complementing my name
    Hey ayeesha how r u. And u most welcome dear
    Guys can I change my profile colour I don’t like brown colour
    Hey is there anyone who was commenting in bigg boss9 telly updates
    And thanks rits
    And one more thing I want to ask did prince narula went to the sadda haq interview which was held after season 1

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