Sadda Haq 16th March 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 16th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sahil sees some placing the notice and says i should inform the team. All students gather there. Dream team comes as well. sanyu looks at the notice, sahil says ignore them. randhir says we need to answer them, sanyu says we will answer them. Dean has planned a test, lets do this. They all join hands in hands.

The dream team comes to the class and see that all of the students are there. yoyo says we will beat them all. Vivek comes in, he says its good to see so much participants. you all know that its a written test. there are PSG students for this test as well. I will shortlist 50 people from here for dream team competitions. vivek says you have one hour. everyone is so confused with the papers. A student gets done with it. Yoyo says they are so scared. Sahil says their test is

completed. sanyu and randhir are stuck as well. Time is up, vivek says your marks will be displayed, thank you so much. They come out, vidushi says is he some oxford’s mentor? this was so difficult. sahil says yeah you are right.

Sanyu looks for her name randhir has got 49% and sanyu 43%. Parth has scored 39%. vidushi has only 18 %. yyoyo has 14 %. yoyoy says was the paper leaked? the psd boys come and start taunting at them, randhir says let them fly, they will fall hard. sanyu says we have to work hard. randhir says we will do anything to stop them. sanyu says we can’t make any mistake. dream team will be ours.

Scene 2
They all start working and studying together. azaan is also studying. sanyu sees vardhan’s picture. she says this is the last sign of vardhan we have, we have to save the team. please help us. Vivek announces all students scored 15% or more assemble in class room. Vidushi wakes up and says i am sorry vardhan sir. sanyu says say thanks we will win because of him.

Randhir says to azan, the best team has been made and there is only one best. They all gather in the lab. Vivek appreciates the PSD students. He says i had to shortlist 12 idiots. you all are bunch of useless people. from another test will shortlist 12 more students.

They all start seeing the question paper and get confused. sahil says i can’t do this anymore. They leave. Sanyu follows vidushi. sanyu says we boycott this test, they leave the class together. randhir says he is showing power because of the seat. Vivek comes and says yes i am showing power, all i want is best in my team. randhir says best are in front of you vieken says its not that easy. Make a wish for dream team and list all over. sanyu says we have to other option, we have to give the test. They enter the class.
Sanyu asks randhir where are you going? He says i am going to burn papers. Parth says but your went well. randhri says but mist of us suffered. if we burn, they will have to take out test again.sanyu says okay then,

Precap-randhirs and sanyu clamber in teh room. They burn the papers. vivek sees them.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. M 17 too bt m in 12
    Happy birthday naz on kyy my other friend sara is der its her birthday too today I just wished her der
    Wat abt others wat r ur ages??

  2. akhil

    Which board exams are you writing alisha??? Sanyukta is your birthday before or after june in an year

  3. akhil

    Oh ur just like me sanyukta. Shenaz said in another episode that she said wrong age fr some reason

  4. shenaz

    Sanyukta I didn’t new u r also from Mumbai. Well I have some1 in my company. I m not alone here.

  5. shenaz

    I read ur commts i so sanyukta u r finally free bird n akhil tumhara tho sapna pura ho gaya TU pe first aake congrats to u both guys but reason r different.

  6. shenaz

    Tk u but is it really my photo dat hasliked.n yes I am a Muslim don’t be sorry my net problem is going on so I can’t see d photo.

  7. Carron

    Even me I used 2 watch kyy but now I only read the update , don’t know y and now 4 3 or 4 days I am doing the same 4 shq , currently I am only Waciting mdg

  8. Carron

    Even me .. I also am upset of vds sir leaving the show but it seems that he got a bigger opportunity to play as a lead in a daily soap .. so I respect his decision but I soo badly miss” interesting , very interesting “

  9. shenaz

    D show was awesome carron really loved d precap DT back in action n new DT mentor vivek is also good.

  10. Forget it akhil now leave d topic some ppl here r not gud if they get to know abt a girls personal information they misuse it same is going on in kyy

  11. shenaz

    OK I got it. I will not display it over here. N akhil I also visited ramoji in 10th but I really liked d snow world.

  12. akhil

    I’m nt understanding what u guys are speaking??? Pics??kyy?? Can u guys just brief me about it

  13. akhil

    Haan sh reel life aur yahan real life mai mere whole claaa mai ek ladki bhi nahi hai. Out of 6 sections, only 2 girls. Veey aad about it

  14. Akhil c shenaz ka PIC was leaked by someone n a similar incident took place in kyy update n dat girl whose PIC got leaked der is in a get trouble she left d pg

  15. akhil

    Chalo 4 saal mai meri sanyu ko dhoond loonga. Aakhir mujhe apni sanyu mai kuch qualities chahiye

  16. carron

    I am back again !! Sanyu u know what I miss my old times in kyy, do u remember them, but now many left πŸ™

  17. shenaz

    Hi saddahaq rock n carron.sorry I have to go for next 15 min bye till den u guys enjoy n leave ur intro n day.

  18. carron

    Mechanical eng ,??? Wow r u lyk randhir ? And are there girls lyk sanyukta there??
    Sry 4 the many questions .. πŸ™‚

  19. carron

    Sanyu what about ur exams ? Did it finish or did it even start okay I am sry I really have no idea about it

  20. carron

    Okay bye then sanyu and bhai ..hope I can cum again and disturb u guys ..
    sanyu best of luck 4 the entrance and bhai all the best for ur”sanyu” πŸ™‚
    nice meeting u guys , then bye gud n8 salt dreamzzzz!!

  21. Haha hey bt I don’t promise u dat u will surely find ur choice arrange larva dungi find her urself
    Pehle k comments padhlo tell me kon chahiye lol(my tummy is aching now due to continuous laughter)

  22. K bye guys now m seriously leaving bohot dat padi hai mumma se gn akhil I’ll surely help u to find ur girl n shehnaz u pls help me in finding his dream girl haha lol bye gtg

  23. akhil

    Sanyukta quoted quoted me as randhir of TU
    Sanyukta said she gonna help .e finding my sanyu πŸ˜›

  24. Leo

    Love ^_^ u again change ur name dear 😐
    Sadly I came to meet u n u left anyways bye angel ill come again when m free bye gn if u c dis

  25. akhil

    Randhir and I’m watching shq from the very first episode, from when sanyukta became her school topper

  26. shenaz

    Yup I will surely help u sanyukta in finding ur TU randhirs sanyu mission kal subah se chalo hoga .

  27. shenaz

    U r new n I request u to plzz don’t use such comments over here we all avoid all this so plzzz

  28. shenaz

    Arre ha sana related happy bday u didn’t told me first other wise I would have wished first only so sorry for wishing u so late.

    • sana

      What?? Its 27th may abhi bht tym h or related happy bday kya hota h belated suna h advance suna h ye frst tym suna

  29. shenaz

    Arre sana sayukta me 1pg pe ek comment leave kiya tha usme likha tha ki aaj usski friend sana ka bday hai n she told dat she is from kyy I m so sorry sana if its not u den aur ha belated ki spelling wrrong ho gai sana hope u understand.

  30. shenaz

    Guys I wrote this long back as I thought something will happen with Maya n vardhans relationship but at last he died so this was n is from me to him – bhagwan ne engineering ki bhakti se khush hokar Kaha(2)
    Vardhan mei tujhe ek vardaan dunga
    Vardhan ne kaha
    Mei khud hi ek vardaan hu mujhe bas meri Maya de doo.
    Gm guys have a lovely day.

  31. shenaz

    Aaj bhi tum he akhil ki sanyu ki topic pe usse chida o gi den I am with u in finding akhil ki sanyu

  32. shenaz

    OK den chk it later alia now say did u both liked d episode I think reading se accha tho watching part tha.

  33. alia

    let me clarify sanyukta said akhil se sanyu wali baat joke thi
    n asked kya hum os read karte hai

  34. shenaz

    Nahi nahi sanyukta ne uss Baat ko joke nahi bola aalia she told me arre sanyukta sometime they give

  35. shenaz

    N let me tell u jab koi aisa karta hai tho I really feal bad for d person who wrote that os or ff

  36. akhil

    Convo between me, sanyukta and others is just for fun. Nothing serious matter in that. I supported sanyukta just bcos it was funny convo and also increased the cmnts in our show

  37. Haha dat was funny I couldn’t stop laughing yesterday wen sana commented dat akhil was not replying because he was busy dreaming abt his sanyu lol

  38. shenaz

    Guys nai topic tum log dhundo mei 15 min baad aaj ke TU par milti hu extremely sorry guys have to go. Bye.

  39. shenaz

    I tho read from here n then see at night at around 12:30. So I can’t day anything except 1 I think aaj ke episode mei parth said to vids tum aister she baat karne ke lia mujhe bhaga rahi ho or something like that.

  40. shenaz

    Guys precap mei vivek is throwing a challenge for DT to prove themself n vd he says if u guys lose den I will think dat vd was no more dan an ordinary prof.n he leave DT says ye hamari zid dekhna chahta hai tho thik hai ab hum isse dikhaigai ki hum kitne zidi hai.

  41. shenaz

    Haad hai yaar ye tho heights hai laparwahi ki abhi tak no update lagta hair raat mei videos hi dekne padega.

  42. shenaz

    Guys don’t worry agar 1:30 tak upload nahi hua tho I will write it for all of u n upload for u guys by 3:30 it will be in 4 morning mei u guys can chk d comment list .it will be there.

  43. shenaz

    Urmi don’t worry I will do it by n8 u just chk d comment list on morning u will definitely find d epi.

  44. shenaz

    Vids n sahil outside vd cabin take their place parth tries to talk to vivek says came to complain or to increase ur marks he says nothing like that actually him students aur aapka initial attraction achha nahi hua some how I thinhk there is a communication gap so I thought ki aapse baat karke students aapko shayad acche se samajne lage . till then sandhir enters n start searching for answer sheets .rd finds it n says sanyu yeh dekho azaan ka answer sheet issne pehle keep 3?’s answer nahi kia, sanyu says I also didn’t answer4-5?’s, rd says even mine 2-3?’s answers r wrong but it really doesn’t matters jab paper rahega tabhi tho marks bataige na he burns all of them vivek says to parth if u want to understand me then just be a good participant only the nu can understand me better.n he walks away parth tries toΒ stop him but he leave parth says shit n runs behind him sahil says to vids he is coming vids cough sanyu udrestands that some1 is conning she says to rd let’s leave he says if v leave den the papers will not burn fully sanyu says it will burn on it own but if v stay here v will have to face a big troublem dey try to escape from d window vids n sahil acts as if dey r studying vivek comes in n sees sandhir near d window n burning answer paper on d floor he says good u both burnt itwas useless red says wt den y u conducted d test.sanyu says agar ?’s evaluate nahi karna tha tho phir aapne test kyu lia. Vivek says I have already chked all d papers n I know kiska kya result hai. Tum log genewnlly team ka hissa banana chahte ho dats y I m giving u guys another chance. He comes out with sandhir where whole team was there he said to parth I hope humare beech ka communication gap clear ho gaya hoga. He leaves d whole team comes to d notice board where an mol n adeet r already there dey give smile to dem n leave. Rd says y r dey smiling so much part chk d results he does DAT n says on top azaan is der. Rd says wt he says yes.2 is u.3 is adeet.4is anmol 5 is sanyu, 10is I 13is vids n 15th is sahil.sahil saysi failed. Vids leaves in anger sanyu send parth behind her n she starts claming d crying sahil.

    • zara

      Is it full.?
      u r a bettr update is better than TU, u knw.,
      u update in more detai

  45. shenaz

    Sahil says I m out of d comepition now I failed.rd says shutup u did not fail some1 manipulated d results sanyu says wt rd says remember I showed u azaans answer sheet he didn’t attempt 3?’s so how can he be 1st he comes to deans cabin n starts arguing with him till den vivek also comes n says who told u this. Rd says I saw azaans answer sheet just coz of u 2 vids n sahil r out of d compitition . deans says wt did u just say u saw azaans answer sheet but some1 told me dat d sheets were burnt . he says I don’t have any proof but u also now wt I m saying it is DT competition not some jobs vacancy where u will choose ur favaourate student. Dean gets angry n says so now should I learn from u. Rd says no sir but d competition needs to be fair na. Now vivek gets irritated n asked red to leave. He leaves. Vivek says I don’t now dean I did r8 or wrong I favoured azaan just coz of u told me dats good for teams strategy otherwise I wouldn’t have done dat. Dean says don’t worry u have done r8 . v r doing it for d betterment of d team n fite. Till den parth finds vids she was talking to aister parth says I wanted to talk to u vids says I m talking to aister I will talk to u later parth says tum aister se baat Karne k lia mujhe bhaga rahi ho. Alister says parth its really important parth in mind chal kya raha hai phehle tho kabhi Dono ko shaath me nahi dekha n he leaves vids to aister tumhe pasta hai na kya karna hai aister haa par mujhe yeh thik nahi lag raha . vids I know but tumhe yeh karna hoga DT k lia. Rd in his room punching d bag n says in mind agar Aisa hi chata raga tho DT nahi bachaigi or fite apni position kho dega . till den azaan enters he also starts hitting d punching bag turn by turn n atlast bag only falls down rd to azaan at do u think by manipulating people u will get place inDT azaan says I don’t need any1’s favour n don’t need to manipulate dem I will come in DT by my capability. Vids in library she sees a guy n says tho yeh hair rank 12th aaja beta ab batai ho tujhe vids collieds with d guy n falls down guys sorry sorry did u got hurt. She says no I m sorry I didn’t pay attention its my mistake she acts as if she has got her ankle sprained d guy says take my hand n get up I will drop u to d medical room they come out of d library nvids sits on a nearby beanch she says I can’t walk plz chk my ankle he does so n says I can’t find anything till den aister comes vids shout at d guy DAT wt he was doing. Alister says wt r u up to ha. Guy says nothing n y did u scream. Aister says don’t act too smart I saw wt u was doing n my cell too. Vids says I was sitting on d beanch n was busy in my cell n suddenly I felt some1 is touching my legs .

  46. shenaz

    Guy says y r u lieing she had got here ankle spained so I was just helping her.vids says dis only I know athourities don’t now . guy says plz don’t do dis let’s finish d matter here only. Vids says only if u agree to withdraw ur name from DT competition guy says I can’t do that vids says think 1 more time if this video gets uploaded den u will be in d jail.aister says yeh tho hamari sarafat hai ki tum he last chance warna tho u should be in jail. D guy agrees .in classroom rd comes where already parth sahil yoyo nsanyu r present yoyo says wt happened y r u angry. Rd says I will break azaans head.sanyu says hurting him will not bring any solution to ur problems. Yoyo says exactly it will increase ur problem. Rd says so wt should I do he keeps on irritating me. Sanyu says we will answer him feild by making ur team.Parth says but how v will make team without vids n sahil.vids comes n says who told u I m not there in d team according to d new uploaded results I m on 12th rank. Dey say but how vids shows dem d video.parth says he was trying to touch u did he something wrong with u vids says chill nothing like dat happened parth says wait a sec dis video is so perfect u did it r8 vids smiles parth says y r u smiling u did wrong u cheated. Vids says cheating a cheater is not called cheating. Parth says whatever it is u did it wrong. Rd says even dey did wrong. Parth says she came back about sahil.sahil comes n says do ur best guys aur team apni hi banni really doesn’t matters who is there in d team. Just do ur best.rd hugs him n says don’t try to hurt ur self .sahil says I m much stronger dan before n won’t try this stupid things.dey were chatting when peon was passing by by mistakenly vd’s stick falled down which drew their attention. Sahil says it was vd things na. They all run behind d peon to stop him he stops rd says where r u taking all this. He says to d store room .sanyu says don’t even try humare hote hua vd sir ki itni disrespect hum nahi hone dege dey say him to handle d belongings to them he says I can’t do dis its colleagues property sanyu says its not collages property its vd give it to us. He says I cant do it I have got orders from dean n vivek to put dese things in d storeroom. Vids says put these things down r8 now red says I m tell u for d last time leave it here its our vd sirs belongings not some scrap DAT u will put it in d storeroom. Sahilsays just leave n go sanyu says atlest did much respect u should have for him. He leaves wtever he was carrying there only n plz don’t say dat I left his belongings here vids says OK we will say dat v robed from d store room dey start seeing wt things r there in d box.dey see some maxhies ,files vd name plate etc etc dey get emotional n rd says he wants his room clean na now we will clean his room.

  47. shenaz

    Guys with dis I completed yesterdays episode aur preacp Maine bhaught phele upload kar diya tha.

  48. shenaz

    Sorry for late update guys mai kal raat mei hi update kar rahi thi aur typing bhi almost puri ho gai thi lekin mujhse galti se post comment dab gaya aur data connection bhi off tha tho Jo bhi Maine likha tha vo sab chala gaya. Tho ye sab mujhe abhi post karna pada. I hope u guys understood wt I said .

  49. shenaz

    Sayukta akhil urmi gugu alia Alisha jo bhi log written update ka wait kar rahe thai wo log update pad lo .

  50. shenaz

    Pasta nahi kyu update nahi kiya updator ne aisa pheli baar hua hai pichle5mahine mei abhi tak inhone update nahi kiya kya.

  51. gugu

    Han i gave boards last year…
    N m watching d show since beginning…
    N sorry i have to go rite nw…
    See u guys at today’s update

  52. gugu

    Hey evry1… shehnaz m a girl… n was nt running frm ur ques board… had some work… n alia thnku for adb

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