Sadda Haq 16th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Sadda Haq 16th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu says to anju, i dont like to wait. What if randhir doesn’t come. sanyu says he will come. dont be so strict with him. anju says dont tell me what do i have to do. Randhir comes in, sanyu says why so late? he says i was looking for a shirt. Randhir touches anju’s feet. he gives her a bouqet. Anju says neither am i ill nor its my birthday. randhir says everyone likes roses, anju says i dont. sanyu takes it and says i love it. sanyu says lets go. anju says let me get ready. Sanyu asks radhir have you done reservation? randhir says yes.anju comes after some time and says lets go. Sanyu says you look really good.
They sit in the car. anuju says i will sit with you. Anju says wear your seatbelts. do you have lisence? randhir says yes.

They come to the restaurant.

anju says this is a chinese restaurant. i thought it would be indian. i like chinese but of my own hand only. randhir says sorry aunty. anuju says you didn’t ask me, randhir says lets go somewhere else. anju says no lets stay here. randhir orders dishes. anju says now you will decide what we will eat? randhir says we can go somewhere else if you want. anju says no go ahead order it. She says i am goin to wash hands.

Anjuu says its really hot here, Randhir says let me get the AC switched on, sanyu says to anju what are you doing maa? don’t you like chinese? anju says i do but i am not i mood to.
Vidushi is dancing alone. parth comes and holds her they dance together, ranawt comes in and says why did you stop? go dance. Lets all dance together.
sanyu says are you happy now maa? anju says this place is even hotter. The waiter serves the food. anju pulls the handkerchief that walls spills from waiter’s hand. randhir says can’t you see? Randir says i mean do please watch out. Randhir asks the waiter to apologize anju. waiter says what if i don’t? Randhir says I will drop them and then i will come back to you. the waiter apologizes anju. anju recalls she bribed waiter to do all this.

They come back home, anju says let me bring ice cream. sanyu says i dont want to eat it. anju says i will bring it for myself. Randhir says why are you rude? anju says i dont know why is she behaving this way? Randhir says she supports you she is really loving and caring. There is something in sanyu’s eye, she cleans it. anju watches them and smiles.

Anju says you ruined her engagement, you broke her heart but i know you love her so much, this is what i wanted to see. I wanted to know what you can do for her. i am glad you did as i expected. that is why i am ready for this. Sanyu says thank you maa and hugs her. randhir hugs her too. She says bless you. she says to sanyu now eat the ice cream.

next morning, sanyu is goin to college, sanyu says take your medicines on time. she leaves, anju’s head hurts. Se says sanyu i dont have much time.
The team comes in sanyu’s room and they celebrate for randhir and sanyu. yoyo says finally you have settled. Why did it take time? randhir says she took so much time. Viduhsi says your mom is ready now, you should set your career first. parth says look who is adivising. Vidushi says why he ahs to speak when i speak.
Ranawat says to the team all gf and bf will be apart, now you will focus on your career. i know you wont do this but this is my order.

Precap-ranawat says i wanna make some changes to the team, i wanna see how everyone works. The team starts working, ranawat takes out a remote from his pocket.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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